LATEST UPDATE AS OF SEPTEMBER 28, 2017:  (sent to me via email):

San Bernardino County West Valley Detention Center Rancho …

San Bernardino County West Valley Detention Center is located in Rancho Cucamonga CA, in the 91739-9662 Zipcode. This is in San Bernardino County CA.

Anyone that would like to put $ of any amount on Sean’s “books” while he is being held at West Valley, can do so INSTANTLY  through GTL. The money will help so he can purchase a phone card,so he doesn’t have to call collect, writing supply’s; paper- envelopes, stamps. Hygiene products, and maybe some tea,coffee, a few sweets.
     For a lot of us we are not familiar with jail/prison protocols..what is and isn’t allowed to be sent to him.   I will enclose a link  that explains most questions you might have. I encourage all of you that have listened to Sean over the years, enjoyed his story telling and his humor, to PLEASE reach out to him with a few dollars, if you can. But even more important, I encourage you to write and tell him how you have appreciated his program and his brand of news, myths and magic.

Please DO NOT  believe everything you hear or read on the internet. He might not have had the best legal advice, but that doesn’t make him guilty of everything you might be reading. He needs some encouragement and kind words to get him through this very dark time. Please let him know he is not alone and his listeners, peers & friends , believe he can rise above this and help make whatever time he is there, an uplifting spiritual experience for his fellow inmates and himself. INFORMATION FOR GTL OR MAIL:       Morton Sean David
                   1708 34 2757
                     West Valley Detention Center
                    9500 Etiwanda Ave
                    Rancho Cukamonga, Cal. 91739

                  Morton Melissa
                 1708 30 1081    
                                    <The address is the same ^ until she is transferred
INFO LINK ;              


Hello Kerry,
All the kitties are safe with Melissa’s friend who also breeds NFCs.
I have been speaking with a mutual friend each day.  All kitties were healthy and fine, they enjoyed getting their wet food right away! The lady brought them to her home with her other kitties, Melissa had told the lawyer to contact her about the cats and our friends also contacted her.
These are all wonderful people who really care.
They have been cleaning and putting things in order and he put Melissa’s valuable things in a box in his storage. Melissa has been in the hospital wing and not allowed to receive guests, the lawyer says he can see her Thursday.
That’s all the news I have.
We hope that it will not be too long for Melissa and she can come back to her kitties.”–A FRIEND


Sean and Melissa are now being held in San Bernardino County — see links below to send gifts and contact them.

copy of Sean’s arrest booking info:

Booking number:  1708342757

copy of Melissa Morton’s arrest info:

melissa morton arrest   

Booking number:  1708301081



… in hiding and on the run broadcasting from somewhere in the Universe… Sean talks about his case and the illegal proceedings in the court room. He also talks at length about Trump, the SOLAR ECLIPSE on August 21st and it’s lasting effects going forward for the United States.


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