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Blacklist Trading Superpowers’ Tit For Tat Puzzle –

It appears Russia’ s ban on Americans adopting orphan children from
Russia highlighted, that:

‘Organization and group (body) operations’ undertaken within ‘the
selection process of Russian orphans’ was harmful too.

Those organizational entities and their operations, need to be
publicly looked at much closer by thorough research, which apparently
nobody wishes to fund after America’s propaganda war machine was
kick-started by former U.S. President Barack Obama against Russia
President Vladimir Putin.

The first Russia orphan, Dima Yakovlev, who died at the hands of
“American parental abuse’ by ‘neglect’, caused Russia to begin
reviewing additional horror stories about other American ‘abusers’.

Russia President Vladimir Putin finally put a stop to those orphan
adoption abuses and death by Americans.

“Due to the ban on the adoption of Russian children, by U.S. citizens,
Russia is terminating the Inter-Country Adoptions Treaty signed with
the United States in Washington, D.C. on July 13, 2011.”

“… Furthermore, the federal law prohibits the adoption of Russian
children by U.S. citizens and ‘operation of bodies and organizations
selecting Russian children for adoption’ by U.S. citizens in the
Russian territory…”


America’s issue of The “Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability
Act” also known as the ‘Magnitsky Act’ was lobbied by William Browder
co-founder of HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT doing business in Russia.

What many do not understand is that the Magnitsky Act has been long
linked to the America Trade Bill with Russia.

“… The linkage of the two bills was passed with overwhelming
bipartisan support in both the House of Representatives and the U.S.
Senate despite repeated warnings from Russia’s Foreign Ministry that
the bill would “negatively affect prospects of bilateral

Try Explaining Complex Trade Issues To John Q. Public

With U.S. President Donald Trump’s desire to improve international
Trade relationships for even more prosperability with Russia,
undoubtedly discovered his predecessor Barack Obama having signed the
Magnitsky Bill linked inextracably to a Trade Bill too.


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A few more interesting details pop up with regard to William Browder


HERMITAGE, FIRESTONE Ordered To Pay Libel Compensation To Magnitsky
Case Detective

June 4, 2015

“… On July 11, 2013, the Tverskoi Court in Moscow sentenced Browder
in absentia to 9-years in prison for evasion of taxes totaling more
than 522,000,000 million rubles ($9.3 million) through “forging tax
declarations and schemes’ with ‘reduced taxes for disabled’. The
court, posthumously, charged Sergei Magnitsky with the same type of
crime …”


– –


“… According to the prosecutor, as an auditor Magnitsky invented a
scheme to evade taxes following Browder’s instructions, and the latter
was aware of the ‘tax breaks the firm had been granted unlawfully’ and
‘signed fake documents’ …”


– –


“… William Browder, in addition to being Sergei Magnitsky’s former
boss, is the driving force behind the notorious Magnitsky Act adopted
by U.S. Congress at the end of last year. In the case, Russia law
enforcement officials allege that HERMITAGE CAPITAL, an “investment
fund’ owned by William Browder, used ‘illegal schemes’ designed by
Sergei Magnitsky to evade $16.8 million in Russia taxes.”

“… ‘One of the tax evasion tools’ involved ‘creating sham investment


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“… Instead of carelessly watching Browder’s relentless lobbying of
the Act in U.S. Congress, Russia should have become equally relentless
in publicizing evidence of Magnitsky’s and Browder’s illegal acts…”

“… Now, unfortunately, the Magnitsky trial looks more like a
desperate attempt at revenge [ on Russia ], a sequel of sorts to the
‘Dima Yakovlev Law’ hastily adopted by the Russia Parliament, in
response to the Magnitsly Act…”


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Thanks, Kerry.







Magnitsky also worked for HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Group and was charged with “tax fraud” too – just like William Browder was too!

Here ( below ) is ‘why’ Putin stopped Russian kids from being adopted in America:

“… Russia’s “Dima Yakovlev Law” barring Americans from adopting Russian orphans. The Bill was named after a ‘Russian boy who died because of his adoptive [ American ] parents negligence’. The Russia ‘Blacklist’ mainly comprises U.S. adopters-abusers …”

SOURCE: The Voice Of Russia

Magnitsky List Release: Severe Blow On Moscow-US Ties

April 12, 2013

“… The U.S. imposed sanctions after the HERMITAGE [HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT ] GROUP lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, accused of ‘tax fraud’, died in [ Russia ] jail in 2009.

The death triggered public outrage, and a number of penitentiary changes in Russia.

At the same time, the case played a part in a big political game.

A number of U.S. Congressmen, led by Sen. Ben Cardin (Democrat Party), proposed to punish Russian officials accused of involvement in Magnitsky’s death.

Russia tried to make a point that this case is ‘purely domestic’, is ‘already being investigated’, and warned Washington [ D.C. ] of counter-measures.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the “Dima Yakovlev law” barring Americans from adopting Russian orphans. The bill was named after a ‘Russian boy who died because of his adoptive parents negligence’.

The Russian blacklist mainly comprises U.S. adopters – abusers and those officials linked to both Guantanamo and other secret U.S. prisons [ Black Sites ] in Iraq, Afghanistan [ and elsewhere ] …”

“… Magnitsky Act sanctions target not only Russian citizens but those of Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan as well…”



“… According to the sources, 16 officials on the U.S. Blacklist are directly linked to the case of the Hermitage Group lawyer Sergey Magnitsky who died in jail in 2009 while 2 others are involved in human rights abuses across Russia…”

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LOS ANGELES – August 1, 2017 – A U.S. Department Of Justice ‘official witness’ named William Browder who claimed to be an American businessman ‘managing foreign fund portfolio investments in Russia ‘energy sector’ business giant GAZPROM ( petroleum and natural gas ) plus others, as the Chief Executive Officer of HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT operating in Russia.

William Browder recently testified to much more, in front of U.S. Senators within a U.S. Judiciary hearing surrounding “lobbyists” operating in America; specifically, those whom failed to report themselves as “foreign agents” ‘representing interests of foreign nations’.

Criminally-Fanciful Testimony Tales

William Browder provided testimony claiming far more involving those associates of President Donald Trump, as well as contacts and meetings with a lawyer ( Natalia Veselnitskaya, connected with U.S. lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin ) inside Trump Tower during June 2016 ( for approximately 20-minutes ) where Browder claims the U.S. “Magnitsky Act” ( formerly known as the “Russia and Moldova Jackson – Vanik Repeal” and “Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012;” a bipartisan bill passed by the U.S. Congress and signed in November – December 2012 by U.S. President Obama who intended punishing Russia officials ) was, according to Browder, the ‘only issue being discussed’. Browder, however, was ‘not in Trump Tower to ever hear anything being discussed first-hand’. Instead, he relies solely on ‘hearsay claims delivered within his ‘official testimony’.

Witness Fugitive Testimony Unravelling Superpower Leaderships Toward War

William Browder’s curious testimony affixation specifically points-to Russia, Putin, corruption, and one ( 1 ) foreign agent lobbyist and lawyer in the U.S. having met with ‘associates’ of President Donald Trump surrounding what Browder claims was only ‘one ( 1 )’ aspect – of two ( 2 ) issues – surrounding “The Magnitsky Act” background, however Browder fails to identify further facts surrounding what led up to Russia having established its embargo ‘preventing certain U.S. government officials from entering Russia’ that also ’embargoed Russian children leaving Russia to enter the U.S. for adoption’ in response to the U.S. implementation of the Magnitsky Act. Very little is published on ‘all Russia aspects’ thereof, which begs the questions:

“Where are the details about what happened in Russia” identifying certain members of the U.S. government and officials listed by Russia as embargoees?”

The fact is that not since the Cold War were sanctions ever put in place, as what the U.S. Obama Administration and Russia Putin Administration established.

“What prompted such vehement behaviors from two ( 2 ) Superpower nations where by 2013 the U.S.government, Main Stream Media news reports and Western broadcasts ‘solely pointed only to Russian children being prevented from being taken to America for adoption’ that now again sees pointing to in 2017?”

“Is there another far darker picture involving cross-border Russian child abuse or child stealing in America that the public is not being told anything about?”

Criminally-Rationalizing Crimes By A Fugitive?

Browder begins his testimony without any evidence and only by his rationalizing ‘how’ he supposedly got into ‘criminal’ trouble with the Russia government, and claims about all he did to manipulate foreign investor monies identifying only his propaganda as having been responsible for being able to single-handedly manipulate the Russia government by his also being able to circumnavigate (on behalf of his investors) what he only verbally identify as long-standing corruption by Russia oligarch families controlling all businesses in Russia and President Putin too.

Criminally Evading Taxes Charge In Russia?

William Browder, claimed that his investor’s portfolio of investments in Russia businesses had ‘tax monies’ ( due the Russia government ) that ‘disappeared’, that he notified the highest authorities ( of the Russia government ) of such, that he had no idea ‘where those Russia tax monies vanished to’, after which ‘he’ ( Bill Browder ) became a ‘criminal suspect’ in that Russia ‘tax evasion scheme’, citing results of which causing him to ‘fear for his life’, he forced himself to ‘flee away-from Russia’, and in doing so ‘took up residency in the United Kingdom ( UK )’ outside the jurisdiction of the court in Russia.

Criminally-Wanted Fugitive Witness Protection From Russia?

Browder claimed Russia secured a “Stop And Detain” order, issued by INTERPOL, for foreign law enforcement authorities to return him to face justice in a Russia government court of law, and that he continues to ‘avoid prosecution’.

At the behest of U.S. Department Of Justice ( DOJ ) officials, with great cost to America tax payer hard-earned monies, William ( “Bill” ) Browder was flown from the UK to America where he received U.S. government ‘official witness protection’ and for the ‘purposes of testifying’ before the U.S. Judiciary hearing conducted by U.S. Senators.

That ‘hearing’ was convened to investigate ‘violations’ of the U.S. Foreign Agent Registration Act ( FARA ), requiring all registered U.S. Congressional Lobbyists – notify the U.S. Congress – ‘if they represent any foreign government interests’ during their course of ‘lobbying activities, either ‘for’ or ‘against’ any legal measure presented as either a U.S. Senate ‘Bill’ or U.S. House of Representatives ‘Resolution’ ( “H.R.” ) to-be or being considered for ‘legislation into U.S. law’ albeit either as ‘amendments’ to any ‘existing U.S. laws’ or ‘adoption’ of any ‘newly enacted U.S. law’.

Within the hearing, Browder discusses his claims:

1. Russia national financial oligarch family’s corrupt practices;

2. Russia corruption and bribery practices;

3. Russia government intelligence;

4. Russia government agents in America as lawyers and lobbyists;

5. Russia President Vladimir Putin;

6. President Putin $200 Billion Wealth;

7. 2016 U.S. Presidential Election;

8. America President Donald Trump;

9. Trump Campaign Associate’s Meeting ‘Russia Lawyer / Lobbyist’ Who Did ‘Not Report Her Foreign Agent Status As Required by FARA; and

10. Trump Associate’s Meeting Where Russia Lawyer Lobbyist Mentions U.S. “Magnitsky Act,” A Little Known About Global Financial Obstacle For Russia Interests, Also Contains The Provision For Russia Child Adoptions To America’.

Failure to pay U.S. taxes becomes a U.S. federal ‘criminal offense’ especially upon fleeing the geographic territory of U.S. jurisdictions, just as it does in Russia and elsewhere.

Tax evasion, however, is ‘not always an extraditable criminal offense’.

International Extradition Technicalities

When a ‘tax evasion criminal suspect’ no longer remains within a ‘national jurisdictional or territorial boundary’ of a legal court prosecuting law from where that ‘criminal suspect or felon’ decides to ‘evade prosecution’ by ‘fleeing to another country’ having ‘no mutually cooperative legal extradition arrangement’ or “Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty” ( MLAT ), which ‘specifically lists the same crime’ and ‘provides lawful arrangements for the safe return to the jurisdictional court that the ‘suspect’ or court ‘sentenced felon’ is fleeing away-from one national jurisdiction to another, then a defacto or dejure “safehaven” is witnessed.

International case instances of criminal suspects fleeing prosecution and successfully evading prosecution where they never land in prison, are more numerous than is ever publicized.

For the most part, only highly publicized cases may be recalled:

– Marc Rich ( fled America on charges of criminal ‘tax evasion’ and secured asylum in Brazil );

– I.R.A. / Irish Republican Army members ( only a few fled Ireland, and elsewhere ) on UK charges of ‘murder’ ( terrorism ) and secured asylum in America );

– Julian Assange ( fled Sweden criminal rape charges and in UK secured asylum within the Ecuador embassy territory );

Edward Joseph Snowden ( fled HongKong on America spying charges and secured asylum in Russia ); and,


The criminal case against William Browder ‘evading taxes’ and his ‘international flight to avoid prosecution’ in Russia is suspicious, whether or not Browder ever had any ‘black and white hardcopy proof’ that required taxes were even paid to the Russia government, and to-date ‘no evidence’ has ever been published supporting his claims.

Was Browder, cooperating with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) acting in an undercover capacity as a ‘Non-Offiicial Cover’ ( NOC ) government intelligence operative in Russia while employed by HERMITAGE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT?

How did Browder escape after being stopped and detained at an international border overseas, as his ‘testimony’ lightly mentions during those U.S. Senate hearings in latter July 2017?

Too many issues do ‘not’ add up to William Browder being as squeaky clean as he claims to be.

Was Browder’s ‘testimony’ part of a secret plan designed to change public opinion ‘against’ President Trump?

The ten ( 10 ) items ( listed above ) and more, within Browder’s recent ‘official testimony’ appears to support an ‘upcoming radical change’ in current U.S. Foreign Policy toward Russia under the current U.S. Presidential Administration.

At a time when America is bolstering N.A.T.O. amassing in Ukraine along Russia borders, where warfighting has also escalated in Donetsk North Korea ( DPNK ) test firing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ( ICBM ) multiple rockets, as East Damascus, Syria is being laid siege to, while Lebanon, Palestine and Israel see border battles raging, and the U.S. eyes Iran as yet another target consideration, Russia plays a pivotal role as does China in retaining a good relationship with America rife with strain ( inside and outside ).

The testimony of William Browder appears cleverly orchestrated by either ‘The Deep State’ interalia ‘Secret Parallel Government’ manipulating U.S. intelligence factions seeking a way forward to overthrow the current U.S. Presidential Administration.

International information surrounding Superpowers intelligence and assets, although keenly familiar with ‘both’ based on my education, training and experiences with the U.S. Intelligence Community since 1971, are subjects I do not enjoy observing and reporting about from my own personal knowledgeability because I find such hazardous to human health and safety I more than likely just threw out my own window from my mobile home-office. I could be wrong, but that is only my opinion.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

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