This is a wild show! Not to be missed!

I talk with the well known Producer/Writer, Robert Kiviat who was Executive Producer and writer on the ALIEN AUTOPSY documentary as well as Producer/Writer/Director of the ALIENS ON THE MOON documentary. We talk about his struggle to get his shows made in Hollywood and the hidden controls behind the scenes. This is a far-reaching discussion that becomes highly contentious epitomizing the battle between Hollywood and the internet culture.

Short bio:
Biography: Robert Kiviat is a television writer and producer specializing in paranormal phenomenon. He has produced 11 specials for 20th Century Fox Television, most notably Alien Autopsy. Robert has also often appeared as a guest expert on numerous television news shows, such as MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and on popular radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell, and The Jeff and Mike Show. He has been featured on Entertainment Tonight multiple times, Access Hollywood, and CNN’s Show Biz Tonight. For more go to wikipedia