By Paul Collin, Unwanted Publicity Guy

TUCSON – March 13, 2017 – Still in Tucson but unfortunately got tied

up on personal issues including vehicular and medical, both of which –

along with arranging a place ( out here ) to set up a base of

operations for myself – is taking longer than I originally planned.

Chances are, I may have to return to southern California to finalize

some other affairs so, who knows where I may be able to call home

soon. For now, it’s southwestern Arizona.

I’ve been off-the-grid in Arizona unable to juggle what I was doing

researching and reporting ) out-of southern California for my blog. I

do, however, have ears on the ground out here and my eyes

near-sighted as they may be, and now experiencing blurred vision from

some bad penicillin I was being treated-for because of teeth

infections ) still ( on good days when I ‘can see properly’ ) trained

on the heavens above ( at night ) where it’s perfectly clear ( no smog

and no city lights ) skies now exist.

Upon arrival, in a ‘far northwest’ area of Tucson ( near Pinal Air

Park ), I spotted so many ‘nightly hovering UFO lights’ shaped like

‘large triangle aerial crafts’ where several appear with a dark

triangle hole inside a lit-up triangular shaped aerial craft as though

one can see the black sky straight through the center of the craft;

much like some I had been reporting about since 2009 – 2016.

Even more-so are ‘other’ extremely ‘odd shaped lighted aerial crafts’

bearing ‘dual arc’ or ‘dual arched’ series of ‘stringed lights’

stretching out from the aerial crafts, specifically in areas

surrounding “Avra Valley” ( near Pinal Air Park and Marana Airport ),

“Picacho Peak” ( extending north toward Casa Grande, Arizona ) that

surround “Picture Rocks” ( northwest Tucson, Arizona ) that are very

mind boggling; providing at-least two ( 2 ) such aerial craft displays

‘every single night’ – some curved like arcs or partial shaped

‘lighted butterflies’.

I made contact with an elderly gentleman who still works out at the

CIA aircraft facility nicknamed, “EVERGREEN AIR INC., now known as:


clandestine airport facility where huge airplanes have been operated

on for decades under contract with or for the U.S. Central

Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) – World’s largest clandestine aircraft

facility ( also known as ) EVERGREEN TRADE; now, all owned by a firm





24641 East Pinal Air Park Road

Marana, Arizona 85653-9504


Since I am in the area surrounding the Evergreen Air facilities ( many

‘international name’ passenger aircraft appear here for “repairs” –

more likely ‘retrofittings’ of CIA design ), I plan on having a

‘careful heart-to-heart discussion’ with this elderly gentleman on the

matter ( ‘odd-shaped lighted aerial craft’ hoverings and slow

movements with ‘no noise’ ) of what I’ve been witnessing since I

arrived out here in February 2017.

Have done some cursory research online about Pinal Air Park and its

adjacent U.S. Army Reserve Training facility and have not only found

enough UFO reports but alien beings and other claims surrounding the

City of Marana ( northwest Tucson, Arizona ) as far north up and along

both sides of Interstate 10 ( I-10 ) to Picacho Peak and Casa Grande,

Arizona as hot beds of extraterrestrial activity claims that local

mainstream news media claims are either ‘radio station antenna lights’

or ‘distant traffic lights’ and “high intensity crosswalk lights”

blinking in the distance. No media reports about how their own light

claims are hovering and moving around at 10,000 feet altitudes down to

a few hundred feet off the ground.

The lights I’ve been witnessing often appear as ‘draped ribbon

arrangements’ ( arcs and curves ) of dotted white lights on ‘hovering

aerial crafts’ and ‘extremely slow moving aerial crafts’, plus ‘large

triangle shaped aerial crafts’. Weird !!!

Basic Research

My  cursory search did not find many new reports on UFOs or E.T.

aliens in the Avra Valley area so, because I have ‘personally seen’ so

much activity – within just the few weeks I’ve been out here – I am

going to make it a point to delve into this mystery of the current

hovering light arrays; way too large to be military drones or even the

new “advanced stealth” dirigible crafts.

Something out here is going on especially when there’s ‘no public news

coverage’ on this because a lot of people in Avra Valley are

witnessing these same large light arrays hovering for extended periods

of time and then losing altitude until they blink out over baren

wasteland areas of the Sonoran desert; that situation begs for public

disclosure – in my estimation.

“While UFO reports are predictably more common in higher population

areas, big cities like New York and Los Angeles [ surprisingly ] ‘do

not make the Top 10′!

Phoenix had the most reports ( 42 ), followed closely by Las Vegas at 41.

Tucson, Arizona ( 25 ), Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois round

out the ‘Top 5’ [ UFO hot spot areas ] with around 25 reports ‘each’.

Orlando, Florida; Boise, Idaho; Albuquerque, New Mexico; San Diego,

California and Seattle, Washington complete the ‘Top 10’ areas,” per a

highly specialized mapping website known as BatchGeo.


BatchGeo not only maps UFO sightings for NUFORC but also maps “UFO

shapes” and more, which is quite handy for ‘research’ purposes plus

narrowing-down concentrations of UFO sightings rarely reported by

print media anywhere.

I have personally seen and even personally tracked UFO sightings above

and just off the U.S. Pacific Ocean coastline of the Greater Los

Angeles Area as well as in Los Angeles over land extending from South

Bay to the Victorville Valley of the High Desert.

In 2013 and 2014, while on another assignment in Nevada near Area 51

and earlier sightings between 1998 – 2000 above Blue Lake ( just north

of Taos, New Mexico ) as well as just outside Charlottesville,

Virginia adjacent to the new headquarters for the U.S. National Ground

Intelligence Center ( NGIC ) where I initially began reporting on

strange aerial craft lights as my sideline hobby.

My close encounters began in 1972 while in U.S. Air Force ‘air

intelligence operations’ in southern California and again on November

11, 2011 in Harbor City, California; the latter of which I did ‘not

report’ for 1-year after a U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General

‘contacted me’ within hours of my close encounter. Finally, in 2012, I

publicized my latter encounter only by recording it online.

As soon as I learn something more concrete on the subject of these

‘strange light crafts’ ( out here near Tucson, Arizona ), a story from

me shall be forthcoming in the Project Camelot column ‘Unwanted

Publicity Intelligence Guy ( UPI ) Blog.

Thanks for remaining tuned-in and I thank everone for their patience

amidst my ‘only temporary absence’ away-from Project Camelot.

Keep up the great work, Kerry and company!


Paul Collin

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( UPI Guy )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com/




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