by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – December 13, 2016 – Antarctica visiting dignitaries spurred controversy that either ‘extraterrestrial’ ( E.T. ) celestial based biological alien entities and / or ‘archeo-archaic terrestrial’ “Inner Earth” ( Lemuria, etc. ) based alien entities engaged since at-least World War II with ‘human biological entities’ involving ‘mutual treaties’ with not only the former Nazi political party military Third Reich of der Faterland ( Germany ) but also the United States of America ( USA ).

Treaties, between ‘ruling nation powers’ and ‘alien entities’ are ‘not new notions’, and as-such controversies appear only whispered according to rumors surrounding secret societies ( e.g. Vril, et. al. ) to-date where so-far no hard-copy evidence appears without at-least some flaws forcing forensic document experts ( including myself ) to cancel the remaining document set legitimacies ( e.g. MJ-12 documents, etc. ) lumped in-to fraud.

I must state, that knowing what I do, and what must be truthfully presented to the public, such documentations must not contain any indications of forgery, counterfeiting of stampings, seals, signatures or production marks whatsoever if ‘the real truth’ is ever to be known publicly.

Being a retired intelligence analyst, operations specialist, document expert and global information private consultant, I am plagued with also having personally experienced ( on far too many occasions ) not only clandestine foreign and domestic government intelligence studies and observations and handled enquiries as well as personally having experienced but not publicly elaborated upon what governments and other entities sought to keep away-from public knowledge.

Torn between faithful duty to national security for the sake of the preservation of humankind versus the inherent liberty for humanitarian rights of people to know what governments prohibit information release of, is not so easy a conscionable life to lead. Others believe weighing such releases of information cannot be properly balanced by one ( lone ) human being. If not, then by whom makes planetary choices for Earth inhabitants? I would defer to some one or other entity that might know more on this subject than myself.

Knowing both sides of the fence, having experienced both arenas, I have come to weigh just where and when to draw my own line in the sand, which since I left the Intelligence Community ( IC ) has weighed over the past decade ( 10-years ) now, in-favor with ‘people’ rather than bureaucracies, and while my only saying-so is not usually enough to convince sceptics, there are some on both sides of the fence whom know me well enough to say, “If he vocalizes vociferously on a subject he’s telling the truth while if he remains silent on a subject it is because he will not say because of a secret knowledge of humanitarian conviction or he simply is not well-versed enough and says what he knows and does not know.” This, is a fair assessment of my being who I am. I do not lie to the bad guys nor do I lie to the good guys.

I, just as most members of an audience do, weight correct from incorrect, and depending on which side of the proverbial “fence” one conducts themself through life as, much may be left open for opinion through close review. The trouble is, a lynch-mob reviews nothing that close. Hence, knee-jerk reactions and swift executions usually ensue.

There has, however, been a recent growing explosion ignited by interviews with a fellow named William Mills Tompkins who I personally spoke with about ‘things in-general’ as-to sensitive information releases he expressed knowledgeability ( during November 2016 ) of, which I respectfully deferred away-from discussing any details about nor would I “talk around” because I was not security-cleared to do-so. Such conduct is a respect that most former intelligence officers are keen to detect arrival of and immediately back-away from simply so-as not to encourage information released within a non-secured environment plus the fact I had ‘no official’ “need to know” from him.

William M. Tompkins is guardedly coming forward perhaps, because we share the same internal struggles; an uncomfortable burden most intelligence professionals learn to routinely handle – when two or more ‘know’ but cannot speak of certain matters it is best left to avoid discussing it. The only stories I shared with him were a couple of UFO close encounters ( 1972 and 2011 ) I’ve never publicly detailed that the U.S. government knows nothing about. Hence, harmless “unclassified” hearsay to him.

Particularly, in the arena of what some nicknamed “The Secret Space Program,” we both have had our share of certain degrees and types of ‘close encounters’ within a cornucopia of life changing events, programs and / or projects.

I have my own opinion on the subject of the so-called “Secret Space Program” that I only briefly scratched the surface on surrounding 5-years of my own research on coupled with two ( 2 ) encounters with what I believe to be eventual Earth escape survival and exoplanetary recolonization spacecraft returning to ‘their past’ ( at that time, our 11NOV11 ) that was communicated to me on November 11, 2011 at approximately 8:25 p.m. ( PST ), which to-date I have never publicly detailed but plan to eventually do-so in a separate far more comprehensive report that is long past due for general public audience review. I wrote a ‘knowledgeability brief’ surrounding several topics discussed ( herein ) back in 2011 that the U.S. government erased from internet archives so all I have left of that report is published at my other website today.


Now to update audiences as-to more current affairs, there has been a long-standing history of and continuing claims surrounding a variety of suppositions, theories and experiences pertaining-to classified Cosmic or above with varying levels of certain classified operations taking place on the subject of Antarctica ( South Pole ) and interrelated matters.

What was recently nicknamed the “New Berlin Base,” believed by some, is an ongoing co-operative alien Earth human agenda underway, wherein upon speculation begs the recent growing public question as-to “Why are so many international dignataries ( and other famous individuals ) being flown down there ( near The Falkland Islands ) and being shipped in-to and out-of Antarctica?”

Some speculate such dignitary trips are for the purposes of clandestine meetings with alien leadership council members, although reasons speculated upon for such meetings range from ‘interplanetary war plans’ up through and including eventual public “Disclosure” that Earthlings are “Not Alone,” however even-more is being speculated as-to yet ‘other Earth event horizons’.

I would recommend audience review of the Project Camelot Production interview by Kerry Cassidy with William M. Tompkins recently ( December 2016 ).


While certain religious leadership visits have sparked a huge controversy, weighing-in also is the Vatican Papal Authority edict in 1999 secretly deciding to “baptize aliens” and credence nay only further be demonstrated by the fact that the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) observatory ( positioned high atop Mt. Graham in southern Arizona, USA ) tied itself to what made VATT infamous; the University of Arizona sophisticated “L.U.C.I.F.E.R.” technology ‘dual horned lens’ employed therein. What few know is the fact remains VATT is sharing extragalactic observations being monitored alongside the U.S. government Stewart Observatory only a few hundred feet away from the VATT of Rome; each having embarked on a mutual subject interest for ‘publicly unknown reasons’.

Some, such as myself, speculate that the flurry of South Pole visitations may be attributable to what some believe may be an Extinction Level Event ( ELE ) coming to Earth.

Are certain dignataries being given a private view to what is headed toward just above Earth’s solar system? If so, what’s coming?

Upon years of my own specialty research into the “Centaurus A” Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) properties of ‘astroparticle combinatorics’ involving “Multi-Messengers” ( sub-atomic and atomic intertwinings ) coupled with the fact I know the South Pole and Argentina based Pierre Auger Del Sud observatory platforms have been and continue observing hadronic ( glancing angular ) strikes across Earth, ‘there is far more’ to the subject matter of ‘invisible to the naked-eye’ Cherenkov muon light radiation neutrino penetrations originating from the “Cen-A” gamma-ray burst whole-jet beam, which both the Vatican and the U.S. government has been tracking since its satellite constellation “Vela” waa first launched and what Rome recorded dating back to the 16th century when the first Pope began studying ‘astrology’ before ‘astronomy’ with Galileo, and yet for far more than simple stargazing, this Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) continues being closely monitored. Why?

In short, the negative effect aspects, consist of an extremely quick ELE for this Cen-A GRB; known as a “Planetary Atmosphere Killer” – quite simply and ‘instantly destroying all oxygen molecules both above and below planets’ according to what the Harvard Astrophysics Database System ( ADBS ), CERN, and other scientific database sources have been indicating before and during my own private research over the past 5-years into this subject.

The key being, the South Pole observatories will be able to better view this object coming. The question I have, is: “Is this the same extragalactic object that the C.I.A. hid from Russians during America’s global positioning of these Vela satellites?”

Many have their opinion such as a Neutron Star explosion “Superwave” and resultant gravity wave energy bursts.

There is The Club Of Rome organization consultant ( formerly assigned to the U.S. National Laboratory in Sandia, New Mexico, USA ) named Dr. Paul A. LaViolette whom deserves considerable respect for his having solved missile problems there for the U.S. government military long ago, plus more.

Dr. LaViolette is one of the foremost authorities on extragalactic “gravity waves” and energy forces from Magnetars emitting strong pulse bursts of Ultra-High Energy wave across the cosmos.


Second-Party Speed-Edited ‘Shortened Video Clip’ ( shortened Project Camelot interview ):

Complete ‘Full Video Clip’ ( Project Camelot Production full interview ):

StarBurst Or Ice Age Cometh?

The most current alternative news media indications have been recently broadcasted online over the internet from “BP Earth Watch” recently glimpsed on their YouTube.Com channel video clip dated in December 2016. Let’s briefly review these two ( 2 ) short video clips ( below ):



Ice Age?

While the ‘BP Earth Watch’ host usually provides good reporting, some times research appears skewed because of certain unfamiliarities with details that can lead to conflicting understandings.

Another extragalactic event is a highly unique Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) originating out-of the ‘Virgo A’ constellation of ‘Centaurus A’ where two ( 2 ) galaxies collided in what’s called a “Supernovae” eons ago forming a Supermassive Black-Hole ( SmBH ) from where at its center ( AGN ) streams from out-of its ‘Whole-Jet’ the universe’s longest lasting most powerful of all GRBs; and, its ‘still coming’ – now with recently recorded “Superluminal” ( moving up-to 45 times faster than the speed of light ) “Multi-Messenger” astroparticles within a constant Cherenkov-muon light radiation beam as ‘thick as our solar system is wide’.

Cen-A GRB Major Strikes Cause Atmospheric, Oceanographic and Geologic Earth Event Disruptions Including Changing Climatology Behavior And Temperatures During Modern-Man Times Of Recorded History Could Spell Sudden Ice Age Or Global Warming

The Adaman-Sumatra earthquake on December 27, 2004 ( also known as ) the “Boxer Day” earthquake ( while America, called it “The Indonesia Tsunami” ) struck more than 11 countries resulting in a ‘1-day event’ death toll of 350,000 people whom left planet Earth. This global news story was killed by the Western mainstream news media shortly after this devastating event occurred; in-fact, the earthquake in Fukashima and later the earthquake in Haiti news story broadcasts lasted ‘longer’ in America.

Additionally, important is the fact this event was actually attributable to the early scout astroparticles of the Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) from ‘Centaurus A’ and not a gravity wave energy burst from some Magnetar as many once believed until June 2012.

What ‘I’ was ‘not aware of’ was this so-called elusive “when date” I began researching in early February 2011, which BP Earth Watch pencils-in as to now occur around middle to late December 2016 or early “2017;” the latter date of which, appears to correspond to something discussed amidst a Project Camelot interview with Dr. Paul A. LaViolette as far back as 2009 when Project Camelot prefaced a question to him regarding their own insider source named Jake Simpson who in October 2008 cited a ”wave” coming ( through the cosmos ) that would on possibly arrive on Earth as early as “2017” so, there appears to be at-least one ( 1 ) “when date” resonating in that regard.


Second-Party Speed-Edited ‘Shortened Video Clip’ ( shortened Project Camelot interview ):


Complete ‘Full Video Clip’ ( Project Camelot Production full interview ):

My own 2011 legacy reports ( first published, March 19, 2011: “Global Environmental Intelligence” and first published June 8, 2011: “Vatican Observatory Intelligence” ) saw mentioned in both those report 2012 updates after July 2012 when I learned the ‘real cause’ of the Indonesia ( Andaman – Sumatra ) area earthquake and resultant devastating tsunami killing nearly 350,000 ( at last count in 2016 ) affected solely by the Cen-A Gamma-Ray Burst ‘early scout multi-messenger astroparticle neutrino muons within the Cherenkov muon radiation light penetrating through the Earth’s atmosphere all the way down to ‘over-excite’ Earth’s core ultra-superconducting liquid magmatic engine powering Earth’s protective Magnetosphere and magmatic lava tubes closest to the point of atmospheric penetration from which in such cases there is no escape from these ‘over-excited energetic astroparticles’ that are invisible to the naked-eye and only detectable using lightwave sensitive measurement ( ground-based, sea-based and space-based ) platform arrays.



I only personally learned in July 2012 that the ‘largest hole in Earth’s ozone layer’ occured specifically over the “Coral Sea” and was specifically attributable to the “Centaurus A” GRB hadronic ( glancing ) strike less than 48-hours earlier, which precipitated the Adaman-Sumatra quake resulting in the tsunami aftermath.

The ‘2017’ “When Date” Yet Again?

BP Earth Watch indicates the Earth’s “Magnetosphere” severely collapsing from an exploding Magnetron Star ‘super energy wave’ possibly ushering in a new Earth Ice Age. If so, then all these YouTube video clips really beg for audience’s further review.

I conclude my report leaving to audiences these modern day clusters of thought in hopes more of the pieces of the puzzle palace on Earth may be assembled by more feedback, which we all welcome.

What have ‘you’ heard? Let us know!

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

E-MAIL: [email protected]





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