by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – October 21, 2016 – Having an abundant opportunity of time with which to review other people’s revelations and/or suppositions on a wide variety of issues that many ( including, ‘myself’ ) may be interested in, is something most remain remiss on keeping up with on a daily basis.

Ancient Cult Of Intelligence

The ‘cure’ for ‘peace’ on Earth is practicing the ‘intelligence of humanitarian wisdom’, unfound on numbed tongues of diplomats and politicians of today, however people may eventually come to emulate and knowingly trust one another if they ever learn such wisdom.

Without ‘this’ core genome of properly taught ‘well-measured knowledgeability’ we are unconscionably destined to be led astray from that type of ‘strength’ of humanitarianism inherent in us all, which today sees us all so unbridled from. Hence, and consequently growing modern-man populations of people only ‘abnormally’ without the ‘proper ancestral guidance’; save only for but a few having been properly instructed in the arts of such intelligence tradecrafts of long ago.

Historically, the father of Pythagoras knew that his son – during early age childhood – genetically possessed one of the highest intelligence quotients ( I.Q.s ), and so he was guided to conduct certain travel experiences in furtherance of his ‘ability to learn’ such heightening of his own intelligence level.

Pythagoras began secretly teaching an ‘ancient cult of intelligence’ eventually destroyed by government interventionists, which ‘today’ we refer-to as “State actors” – terrorist mercenaries trained by a recognized government organization ( e.g. United States Central Intelligence Agency, et. al. ) ‘funded by a giant labor workforce of unknowing national population citizens of unwitting people’.

Whose ‘fault’ is it? Ours, our forefathers, our government, or our private businesses? In all actuality, it’s been kept secret for so long that ‘finger-pointing’ isn’t even in such an equation any more.

Some dispel “intelligence” as being solely designed to negatively impact people’s life contrary to ‘peace’ or attack ‘adversarials’ ( enemies of the State / Nation ), however ancient teachings of Pythagoras did not support today’s self-centered blind ambition, avarice and greed, but rather ‘working cooperations’ amongst people set on ‘positive goals’.

We may still be able to work together, as a world of people, aimed collectively for a ‘new long lasting peace’ without disruptive outside human interferences. I am convinced common people may accomplish this through proper guidance only because ‘elitists’ have ‘not yet’ cornered the ‘knowledgeability marketplace’.

Let’s see what’s occurring with one ( 1 ) international country leader who many despise and yet on the other hand many hold in high regard.

Tyrant Or Peacemaker?

Focusing within my own smaller mundane world of research, I recently began translating, reviewing and analyzing Bulgaria, Russia, Germany and India filmed videos prompting me to then locate English spoken language versions allowing me to understand ‘why’ Vladimir Putin is being viewed more and more as a “Peacemaker.”

New Hidden Discoveries

What I discovered were extremely recent ( October 20, 2016 ) ‘agreements’ Russia ‘has’ now entered into with certain countries ( Ukraine and Syria ) for cessations of hostilities by implementation of what I see as ‘fetal stages for peace’; not war nor capitulation.

Even more amazing was I found absolutely ‘no’ Western nation or Eastern nation mainstream news media organizations broadcasting any information about these current developments out-of Berlin, Germany ( See Link Above ).

Old Hidden Discoveries

Far more enlightening was what I discovered along my isolated path process of ‘lone wolf researching’ current foreign affairs whereupon along and dogging down within ‘those rabbitholes’ I stumbled across some matters actually minimizing those aforementioned current accords Russia mutually made with other governments to usher in ‘peace’ rather than ‘war’ continuing to escalate in Ukraine, Crimea, Syria and Yemen regardless of America’s C.I.A. influencing Turkey against Greece, Turkey against Syria, Saudi Arabia against Yemen and Syria too, which continues escalating.


Always in the back of my mind was this C.I.A. global jihad madness continuing to be carried-out, while Vladimir Putin is working in the background for peaceful solutions amidst this other insanity, forced me to look back in time even further to try and determine the origin of the war core having been spawned by the C.I.A. Where did this all come from, which was thrust onto populations of people around the world?

That ‘Oh S-h-i-t’ Moment

What I found was a ‘legacy era video clip’ of ‘Hillary Clinton’ ( of all people! ) explaining how this C.I.A. jihadi war ball got rolling, and I became amazed because I never reviewed this video clip before so, believing that others missed this, I decided to share it ( herein ).

Struggling Patriot Or Revolutionary Discoverer?

Keep in-mind, my background having been employed full-time by the United States federal government to become a well-trained U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) military attache specializing in, amongst other matters, Sino-Soviet ( China – Russia ) ‘War Plans Operations’. Hence, it became very important ‘to me’ to understanding how the ‘recent nickname’ of “Peacemaker” came-about for Vladimir Putin.

The very recent fact of the New York Manhattan bridge displayed an incredibly ‘giant poster’ of Vladimir Putin with his nickname “Peacemaker” printed thereon below, made me ponder such.

Now, after having reviewed many foreign language videos, I was ‘finally’ able to locate, for my report ( herein ), ‘English language transcribed videos’ I now provide ( below ) as research reference previously obscured from America because of the sheer volume of videos within YouTube’s public database ( See Below ).

– –


2014 – Russia President Vladimir Putin exposes manipulative global government intelligence plans controlling populations of people while destroying foreign nation infrastructures as slaves rebuild a new world for multinational corporate supply profiteers ( Courtesy, of the: Valdai International Discussion Club meeting in Solchi, Bulgaria ):


2016 – Vladimir Putin explains imbalanced powers between America N.S.A. ( A.M.B. ) surveillance ‘disobeying U.S. Congress against American citizens’ versus Russia FSB intelligence surveillance ‘obeying Russia Parliament for Russian citizens’:


2016 – Vladimir Putin explains his views on America’s Presidential election candidates ‘Donald Trump’ versus ‘Hillary Clinton’, both ‘America’ and ‘Russia’ clandestine ‘election intelligence practices’, plus America and Russia foreign relations:


2016 – Hillary Clinton personally explains how Democrat politicians supported Republican politicians funneling American citizen taxpayer monies supporting the U.S. Congressional plan for U.S. government C.I.A. creation of the Islamic State califate ( IS / ISIS / ISIL / DAESH ) groups conducting jihad ( Islamic holy war terror ) using mercenary jihadis ( contracted Islamic holy warrior terrorists ) forming The Free Syrian Army ( now known as ) Jabhat Al Nusra Mujahideen ( Al-Nusra ) deploying ‘terrorist splinter groups’ comprised of ‘multi-national mercenaries’ designed for ‘violently overthrowing foreign nation governments’ resulting in ‘mass murders of men, women, children and infants’ solely to carry-out a hidden purpose; a multinational corporate intelligence oligarchy rebalancing ‘global natural resources’ to support of a new global socio-economic future sustainability of ‘transhumans’ ( e.g. ”Russia 2045′, ‘Agenda 21’, and ‘Club Of Rome’ ):

– –

Global Revolutionary Referendum

To ‘simple know the background’, see the ‘millions of lost lives and injuries with emotional distress’, witness ‘multiple national infrastructures decimated’ by ‘C.I.A. driven global conflicts paid-for by America population citizen’s hard-earned tax dollars used for such horrific damages on innocent people’, justifies ‘more than just an international revolution’. Such calls-for the ‘extermination of such diseased thought processes generation inhumane plannings and destructive implementations on people’ at-least until an irreversible cure can be forced upon decisionmakers on these conflicts.

This ‘warfaring disease’ has now been identified and requires isolation before spreading any further.

Insanity is defined as one banging their head against a wall hoping their pain will disappear by continuing the same activity over their lifetime. My how good people will begin feeling by simply changing the insane ways of the past.

Peacefully Overthrowing An Out-Of-Control Government

Send your final message to stop insane governing officials from over-ruling national populations of people. Dismiss ‘attempting’ to ‘remove your registration to vote’ from ‘voter registration records’. Simply ‘do not vote for any politician ever again’. At-least it will be ‘your very own campaign movement’ and you might just enjoy sending that same message around the world to others similarly situated.

When no politicians or their parliamentary office bodies and international diplomatic office bodies no longer exist.

‘We The People’ can transform our nations of people into a ‘positive humanitarian power’ we all can one day soon be proud of belonging to.

For now, ‘let all politicians and diplomats eat cake’!

As Donald Trump remarked, “What have you got to lose?”

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: [email protected]

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