by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – October 13, 2016 – U.S. President Barack Obama and former U.S. Department of State Secretary Hillary Clinton coordinated for C.I.A. logistics shipments of former Muammar Gaddafi stockpiles of weapons in Libya to ‘Qatar’ that then freight forwarded a portion of those same weapons to a U.S. Air Force military base in Turkey.

Those laundered weapons from Libya to Qatar to Turkey were then distributed by C.I.A. through U.S. military attaches to C.I.A. Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) foreign intelligence Saudi Arabia field operatives acting as commanders of the Free Syrian Army terrorist group now named Al-Nusra actually sub-recruiting foreign Iraqi and Syrian mercenaries – financially supported through these clandestine C.I.A. Saudi Arabia NOC field agents – to fight against the established Syria government and its military in locations in northern Syria gradually decimated down to a southern sweep of Syria.


In an effort to conceal and thereby cloak America’s secret war plans operations hosted through Qatar and Turkey into Syria, recently revealed the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) foundation computer server e-mail network – located within The Clinton Family residence basement ‘facility’ – was indeed designated, according to Hillary Clinton’s reply testimony (  before a U.S. Congressional Subcommittee ) as-to whether or not her personal and work-related e-mails used a “SCIF” ( also known as ) ‘Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility’, she admitted “yes.”

Later, the same U.S. Congressional Committee found that this same Clinton shared ‘computer server network system’ was actually regulated for ‘technical service’ and ‘network administration oversight’ under C.I.A. contracts with at-least the following two ( 2 ) private companies:

– “DATO;” and,


Bryan Pagliano, and three ( 3 ) other individuals involved with the aforementioned two ( 2 ) companies as they related to Hillary Clinton e-mails ( classified ‘secret-sensitive’ and more ) were subpoenaed to ‘personally appear before’ and ‘answer questions to’ the same U.S. Congressional Committee as directed.

With the exception of Bryan Pagliano who wilfully and wantonly ‘failed to appear’ in accordance with that U.S. Congressional Committee subpoena, the remaining three ( 3 ) men ‘wilfully refused to answer any U.S. Congressional questions’.

This U.S. Congressional Committee is the only controlled mouthpiece for U.S. citizens of America, therefore:

Refusal to answer questions, of the American people’s Representatives searching for answers to ‘all relative elements of possible criminal wrongdoings’, is tantamount to what may within a U.S. federal criminal court  case be considered as ‘treasonous acts’ of ‘sedition’, which can be punishable by sentences up-to and including ‘death by execution’.

It is important for all American citizens to realize the serious nature of certain consequences leading up-to and including secret war crimes against fellow innocent citizens of Americans abroad ( foreign ) and at home ( domestic ) where anyone exercising ‘acts of subversion’ for any government ( foreign or domestic ) or ‘failing to act’ in the ‘best interest of the people of the United States of America’ are to be held ‘imprisoned’ until ‘proven innocent’ under such serious crimes against an entire nation of people.


Russia joined the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) for 19-years within global economic working contracts between Eastern European independent States ( Nations ) and Western nation cooperatives, however the United States Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) decided to undermine working cooperatives by establishing secret “backdoor” pretexts undermining a then-current Ukraine government by disruption leading to a regime change in Ukraine and a one billion ( $1,000,000,000 ) U.S. dollar bribe to the new C.I.A. puppet regime of Ukraine for a secret deal bartering Ukraine’s natural energy reserves of shale oil and shale gas supplies that would negatively impact Russia contractual energy supply obligations to most all of Western Europe. Hence, the war between U.S. backed Western Ukraine against Eastern Ukraine predominantly resident loyal Russians demanding Russia step in to support their interests.

To-date, aggressive U.S. military expansionism within Ukraine closing-in on border conflicts with Russia military posturing interventionism is at an all-time-high state of war readiness.

This case was prompted upon the U.S. installation of advanced PAVE PAWS long-range radar installations and Anti-Ballistic Missile ( ABM ) defense system batteries in Poland and Romania aimed to sweep over Russia, in-addition to a U.S. programmable ABM defense system now in Germany able to easily switched into nuclear capable missiles aimed at Russia.

These ‘combined current tensions’ created by a secretive American government multiple “backdoor policy” against former Russia State ( Nations ) has invited a nuclear war showdown with Russia, which Vladimir Putin has clearly outlined in detail to Western mainstream news media journalists whom continue refusing to publish any news about publicly to populations of people for whom it concerns.

Seeing this mistake as seriously grave, Vladimir Putin called another conference with Western journalists reiterating this strain on global affairs where the Russia government has now recently considered even-more seriously inching Superpowers into a nuclear war against America and allied N.A.T.O. member States ( Nations ).

The current situation is at an untenable level, expecting to fall into an all-out world war as the current American Presidential Administration of Barack Obama spearheaded both rifts previously with former U.S. Department of State Secretary Hillary Clinton continued with her replacement John Kerry in Ukraine and Syria too.

Current clear and present ‘grave dangers’ to large segments of world populations of people need to become quickly awakened to the facts at-hand, which continues being ignored by all Western government mainstream news media press outlets.

Someone needs to convey to more people what is actually occurring, and that is precisely ‘why’ this report provides the scope of information it so ‘briefly’ does, however minimal as precautionaries herein provide while to a vaster extent far more voluminous information should be reviewed, but is ‘not all contained herein’ because of constraints on this author.


2014 Russia Putin’s Warning:

2016 Russia Putin’s Warning:

2016 America Obama’s Administration Warnings:

2016 American & Russia Threats:

As a direct and proximate cause of all the aforementioned global war activities continuing to promulgate the current state of world affairs into war like States ( Nations ), mandated is the following alert warning for humankind:

People, worldwide, must ‘now’ become prepared for a ‘war-time national emergency’ of ‘grave danger’; specifically, a ‘man-made’ event.


America’s EMP Warnings:


CIA: ‘PowerWall’ Batteries From TESLA For Protection Against EMP Strikes

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency recently advised the U.S. Department of Defense to move the North American Air Defense Command ( N.O.R.A.D. ) back into its ‘former’ underground location beneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, where it will then be positioned nearer to the ‘new fully operational’ U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) underground command Headquarters located under what long ago was called the town of “Bush, Colorado” in the United States just outside Denver International Airport ( D.I.A. ) and the nearby C.I.A. installation code-named “STELLAR WIND” at Camp Williams in Bluffdale, Utah; a HIPAA Data Fusion Center for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( D.H.S. ) C.O.O.P. subterranean command posts, which began being manned in 2012, in case of a “National Emergency” where “grave danger” from a ‘natural’ or ‘man-made’ event is imminent.

In 2011, a U.S. Presidential Executive Order, signed by Barack Obama, expressly ‘forbids any early warning to U.S. citizens in either of such aforementioned case events ( 2 ), including:

– Planetary Hazardous Objects, i.e. asteroids, solar flares, gravity waves, geological eruptions and rifts, tsunamis, or any other cataclysmic ‘natural’ events occurring on Earth or its satellite ( moon ); and,

– Nuclear explosions ( atmospheric, Electro-Magnetic Pulse / EMP bursts ), or any other ‘man-made’ Weapon of Mass Destruction ( hazardous to human health radiologic, biologic, or chemical attacks ), including any subsonic, High-Energy laser, or Kinetic Pulse Plasma Technology ( PPT ) rail-gun type ground-based, mobile, or space-based Directed Energy Weapons ( DEW ) that all Superpower nations ( including, Israel )currently possess and deploy various versions of; Star Wars type weapons.

In ‘reality’, Americans can ‘shield’ their own ‘batteries’, ‘other electronic devices’, and ‘their own personal selves’ even-better ‘without’ increasing “TESLA” company profits from ‘panic buying’ on ‘nonsense gadgets’ by the C.I.A. convincing people otherwise to believe.

EMP ( only ) protective documentation was recently provided, in the following report:


Nuclear War and Kinetic High-Energy Weapons Use

There needs no further explanation as-to the ratcheting-up of tensions between Superpowers other than what is clearly a major sign to all people of the world that such a war is now imminently being planned to become effectuated extremely soon.

Whether it be instituted from within the borders of Syria onto Israel followed by a counter-strike from Iran, followed by an Arab State counter-strike on Russia and China military soldiers and warships in Syria followed by an American counter-strike on Russia and Russia counter-strike on America, with the distinct highly likely first matchstick igniting America aggression would be North Korea launching its first ballistic nuclear missile test explosion at apogee releasing an Electro-Magnetic Pulse ( EMP ) over the entire western region of the United States and its Pacific Ocean territories would likely see North Korea receiving the ‘first counter-strike’ from America ‘if’ South Korea or Japan with its newly American installed and supplied T.H.A.A.D. and T.H.E.D. Directed High-Energy Weapon Kinetics system didn’t stop that type of flight attack early-on.

The fact is, the United States THAAD radar in South Korea is currently sweeping over mainland China above North Korea.

It is not like America has no clue this attack is coming soon because the U.S. military predicted this ‘first strike distraction’ years ago.


October 6, 2016 Russia version of U.S. FEMA evacuates 40,000,000 million Russians:

– –

Thanks for your concerned review of the material provided in this report.

Prepare yourselves for war now.

Submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: [email protected]

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