by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )


October 10, 2016 – LOS ANGELES – Nearly 500,000 people have been killed in the Aleppo, Syria area.

In 1971, while employed full-time during the Viet Nam War as a C.I.A. attache, one of my primary intelligence specialties was War Plans Operations with its secondary specialty focusing on Sino-Soviet war plans operations.

In addition to studies and observations, intelligence war planning analysis reigns supreme insofaras knowing one’s enemies plans and reactions in-advance, has always been an extremely fine science for all Superpowers for decades.

In late 1971, one ( 1 ) of my intelligence mission assignments was war planning a ‘dual nuclear strike’, i.e. code-named ‘Operation Sunrise’ and ‘Operation Sunset’, on the city of Hanoi.

Having been intensely trained in studying Sino-Soviet war planning mindsets for such foreign battlespace war arenas within Third World developing, I am particularly sensitive to predictive analytics on these types of affairs surrounding “national grave dangers.”

Since before August 15, 2016, a certain foreign intelligence fusion center saw their group of professionals come to understand that at-least one ( 1 ) ‘tactical nuclear weapon’ was transported out-of Turkey for  placement near Damascus, Syria.

Currently, a secret multi-national Superpower search is still underway while the United States of America withdrew interest in assisting Russia and in-turn China on that enterprise.

To-date, there remains rumors of war escalation throughout Middle East nations with the notion that eight-hundred ( 800 ) N.A.T.O. military aircraft bombers, within several nations surrounding Syria, were readied last week with cruisemissile armaments.

Yesterday, it was believed those same N.A.T.O. military aircraft were outfitted with “mockingboard” electronic network system counter-signature radar transponders; designed to confuse ground-based, mobile, sea radar similar to “PAVE PAWS” arrays, and long-range aerial surveillance systems similar to “AWACS” to believe the ‘falsely identified flying objects’ are ‘their own’, ‘their allies’, and ‘civilian aircraft’ airborne traffic.

The NATO allied military aircraft underwent a special “painting” so-as to color Russia and China defense.



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The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

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