by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )


LOS ANGELES – September 30, 2016 – “There will be rumors of war,” and just as that venerable biblical prophecy prescribes, today there are certainly a plethora of “World War III” scenarios being religiously presented day and night all over the internet.

I do not ascribe to “rumors” nor do I ‘spread’ such. What I perform is “high-risk research” and more.

Digging down deep, into multiple global rabbitholes, where either most fear to tread for themself, or as most audiences discover, there is not enough time to perform or, how to learn precisely that, which has taken-up over 45-years of my life doing for others.

I don’t ‘charge’ for my little reports, which are typically small public information announcements with video links filling-in blanks to more, which people can easier consume or simply refuse to digest. The fact that I even ‘wrote a report’ is a clue for some that there is actually ‘more’ to the subject, which I can only hope some will further research to discover what I learned that I really cannot detail ‘publicly’ any further about.

Most people understand they have as much of a ‘free will’ for such as do I; the latter being held ( because of my background ) ‘within certain tolerances’.

As a result of my special expertise followed by intense research, most of the time I find myself revealing something beyond what I basically intended for public audiences.

This ‘problem’ of ‘mine’ ( and mine, alone ) is termed revealing “Unevaluated Intelligence,” which unfortunately I have come to know more about and consequently have to ‘tune-down nowadays’ because, such is now consIdered by the U.S. federal government as being a ‘criminal offense against laws pertaining to U.S. National Security’.

In other words, publicly revealing some information that ‘later becomes securitized with a national security classification’, is violative of America federal law, and ‘this fact’ is not widely broadcasted to the public so everyone knows.

Over several decades of specialty research and other work-relateds, within the Intelligence Community ( IC ), I’ve ‘learned the hard way’ how-to convey information in a uniquely different format other than the clear and concise manner that most, e.g. public officials, organizational spokespersons, scholarly broadcasters, and even a high school newspaper journalist drafting a “Class Prophecy” conveyed to graduating Seniors.

How-to walk a most-difficult thin line, revealing information not commonly known by the public, without being prosecuted, means having to employ novel pretexts throughout report conveyances of certain studies, observations, and predictive analytics without spelling out ‘finite details’ or ‘information road maps’ surrounding certain conclusions, which audiences ( private individuals, organizations, and governments have – over decades – come to review.

I no longer ‘work-for’ or ‘work-with’ any governments, organizations or individuals connected directly or indirectly with either types of such entities.

Being a ‘freelance researcher’, is one thing, and being an ‘extremely poor writer’ is another.

Enjoyable is, bringing certain information to people for enhancing their knowledgeability beyond what is commonly available; a passion of mine.

The public will ‘not find’ my particular skill-set for-hire anywhere, nor privately advertised, and certainly not listed in the ‘Yellow Pages’ either.

Alternative Intelligence News

There are places in time where ancient history, deleted by secrecy, becomes resurrected through my reports. This one is somewhat different because it provides matters of the past with matters of current day activities only to clear-up one’s skepticism by opening one’s mind for their future.

Information sets I convey in reports, at-times, may appear quite disheveled or disjointed and there are purposeful reasons for such giving a lot of headaches to many. Most simply give-up reading my reports. There are, however, only but a few whom don’t and grind through it all. Typically the latter are those familiar with complexities within certain topic ranges I convey for review so, in-case anyone’s wondering – ‘yes’, I still receive ‘government e-mail cautionaries’ on-occasion – I know ‘where the line is drawn’ by ‘Big Brother’.

This report rides that line where the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) secretly operated until September 18, 2016 amongst what is called the Dead Cities of Syria dating back to the 1st century ( likely even earlier ); once long forgotten places – no more.

My report intentions are simply trying to heighten awareness levels on a variety of educationally stimulating subjects surrounding some points of  human interest not easily discovered by population masses glued to only their cable television sets, laptop computers, or smartphones; providing broadcasts albeit from multinational corporate mainstream media or seemingly independent alternative forms of entertainment.

‘Dead Cities’ are difficult to reach without a guide so, your adventure now begins.

Knowledgeability Briefs ( KBs ) –

September 10, 2016:

Russia TU 214 military Communication Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft was deployed near the Sam’an Mountain ( also known as “Mount Simeon” etc. ) region outside NorthWest Aleppo, Syria whereupon it detected a subterranean signals intelligence ( SIGINT ) remote communications operation command post bunker of the Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) occupied with nearly ‘250’ multinational intelligence officers, from:




United Kingdom;

Saudi Arabia;


Turkey; and,

Other Nations.

On September 17, 2016 the United States led France and Australia military fighter-bombers to strike eleven ( 11 ) United Nations ( UN ) food relief supply trucks earmarked for arrival at a food distribution warehouse for the people of Aleppo, whereafter several Syria Army encampments holding Russia military soldiers were also bombed and killed.

On September 18, 2016, Russia led a retaliatory military strike against the aforementioned America CIA underground C4I operations command post bunker, in the Sa’man mountains ( also known as ) Samaan mountains ( aka ) Sam’an mountains ( aka ) Mount Simeon, Mount Simon or ‘Mount Nebo’, which was consequently bombed, completely destroyed the hidden communications bunker while simultaneously killing all Western intelligence officers inside.

That strike, from at-least four ( 4 ) bunker-busting cruisemissle type surface-to-surface missiles known as their KALIBR ( Caliber ) missiles, were fired from an offshore Syria position where a Russia military warship discovered that C.I.A. bunker had been directing Al-Nusra Army ( ANA ) Saudi Arabia commanders leading terrorist strikes against Syria, Russia and China allied military positionings in Syria:

It was this latter Russia strike on the aforementioned Western Intelligence command post bunker, which actually caused America to break off its early September 2016 ceasefire agreement with Russia.

War Between Superpowers

A long time noted philosopher and member of the Russia Kremlin, Alexander Dugin, reported on the serious nature of a seriously escalating but secret war brewing between the United States and Russia over Syria.

September 27, 2016, a believed Saudi Arabia intelligence officer is viewed acting as a ‘Free Syrian Army’ ( ‘FSA’ ) – also known as – ‘Jabhat Al-Nusra’ terrorist commander of al-Qaeda disguised although believed-named Brigadier General Ahmad Khalid Birri at a ‘supposed’ “hideout” in Syria where he was interviewed recently by Germany media contributing reporter named Jürgen Todenhöfer:  ( ‘partial video clip’, in English )  ( ‘more complete video’, in English with German subtitles )

Here is a non-disguised video clip, believed to be of General Ahmad Khalid Birr ( name is likely a Saudi Arabia intelligence alias ), in early 2016:

Qatar Petro-Chemical Gas Pipeline Via Syria For Western Europe

Without a way to feed fuel through a pipeline from a Qatar petro-chemical secret reserve supply – supported by Saudi Arabia – the war in Syria ensues because it will never allow the U.S. to supply Western Europe with fuel after the U.S. sees Ukraine supply of shale oil and gas to Western Europe thereby throwing Russia into default on its contract with Western Europe

This war, and ‘larger more intense wars’ ( nuclear, particle beam, flocculator sonic and photonic types ), to-come – as in the past – are attributable to the never-ending insatiable thirst amongst elitist’s festering greed, wild-eyed ambitions, and avarice to control others.

Governments Show Only Two ( 2 ) Choices But, Which ‘Truth’ Is ‘Correct’ For You?

People are ‘too accustomed’ to being given two ( 2 ) “choices,” however only a very few are knowledgeable enough to know ‘both are incorrect and a third ( 3rd ) choice is the ‘correct choice’; this latter knowledge is ‘always kept secretly away-from you’.

Important not to consume ‘either poisons’ presented. Simply ‘consume only what you have created for your self and loved ones’.

If you have no idea ‘how-to survive the will of others whom are secretly planning your demise behind your back, you had better learn fast ‘how-to survive on your own’ while simultaneously distancing yourself away-from the masses whom won’t; for ‘it will be they whom you shall otherwise find standing in the way of your survival’.

Survival depends only on you’ and ‘your foresight preparing for the worst’.

Better to be looked upon by masses as an ‘odd bird’ than to become one of those laying alongside them.

I, for one, am confident that all people have a third ( 3rd ) choice.

What’s your’s?

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy


I am currently engaged in capturing a copy of the ‘C.I.A. intelligence command post audio communication transmission’ surrounding the C.I.A. intelligence bunker in Syria strikes, which Russia aerial intelligence surveillance confirmed proving the C.I.A. called-in the Turkey military air strike bombing on UN food supplies delivered by 11 supply trucks to the civilian distribution warehouse of humanitarian relief for more than 265,000 people without food, water, medicine, hospitals, electricity and other basic human necessities.

The following information captures the U.S. Department of State spokesperson threatening Russia with “sending more Russians home in body-bags,” plus attacks from C.I.A. led Al-Nusra Free Syrian Army “attacks on Russian cities,” plus more ( below ), including nuclear war preparations in Moscow today.

– –


On September 17, 2016, after a ceasefire agreement had been agreed-to earlier on September 9, 2016, between America and Russia, a U.S. C.I.A. secret intelligence command bunker decidedly called-in military fighter-bomber strikes from Turkey to destroy 11 trucks delivering UN humanitarian food aid supplies in Syria.

The following day on September 18, 2016 a Russia warship launched KALIBR cruisemissiles striking a secret CIA intelligence communications command and control center bunker located northwest of Aleppo, Syria within the mountains of St. Simeon where Syria’s ancient historical sites are located and used to cover-up the 250 multinational Western intelligence staff insIde the CIA bunker that was completely destroyed killing all US, UK, Saudi, Qatari, and others within.


– –

Subsequent to the destruction of that C.I.A. command post in Syria,

America called for the United Nations to convene a ‘special session’

of its ‘Security Council’ where the United States formally broke its

previous agreement on Syria with Russia. No mention at all as-to ‘why’

such occurred nor were any details publicly discussed at that time.

Subsequent to the aforementioned having occurred, a U.S. Department of

State video on September 28, 2016 its ‘Daily Press Briefing’ was led

by U.S. federal government spokesperson John Kirby who in the course

of answering press questions as-to what will happen after Secretary

John Kerry’s “threat” directed to Russia for bringing about an

immediate cessation to hostilities in Syria, particularly the City of



JOHN KIRBY: “The consequences are, that the:

– Civil War will continue in Syria;

– That extremists and extremists groups will continue to exploit the

“vacuums that are there’ in Syria, to expand their operations, which

will include:

– ‘No-question attacks’ against Russian interests, perhaps even

Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send troops home in body

bags; and,

– They [ Russians ] will continue to lose resources; even, perhaps,

more aircraft.”

Transcript Reference

The following official video ( link beliw ) , of the aforementioned

situation, was on YouTube but pulled off the internet, but does remain

at the U.S. Department of State. website:


[ NOTE: review the video ( below ) beginning from the 00:19:55 minute

mark through 00:25:00 minute mark. ]

– –

On September 30, 2016, Russia began preparing for nuclear attacks long

ago, but now ( again ):

Moscow Prepared For Possible Nuclear Attack


– –

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com




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