by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – September 14, 2016 – When America’s citizenry lost its need-to-know, such became self-evident that secret truths shall never set you free.

Secrets Of A New Nationalized Statehood

And so was born a secretly nationalized government state of unknown figureheads controlling America’s population whom neither elected members of their new shadow  government now no longer controlled ‘by Representatives of the people’ nor ‘for the people’ underwhich what once stood to be traditionally held rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Subverting National Trust For Another

Subtle signs of this, many failed to recognize, as citizens begin seeing themselves overthrown by interests other than by what was once believed under one Nation’s guarantee to its entire citizenry.

How could so many people not have seen such blatant writings within the four walls of the United States Congress where Representatives of The People were belligerently disregarded when closed-circuit televised C-SPAN network filmed matters of concerned citizens trampled.

No Science-Fiction

A defacto or dejure National Statehood caught within what remains left of United States of America people’s ideological crosshairs; now, all but shot and left for dead – these revelations hold self-evident proof such as having already taken control.

No Science-Fiction

What you’re about to review will rivet you into your seat far more than any science-fiction film has ever done before simply because it is absolute ‘current reality’ you are about to witness take place.

For The Sake Of E-Mails A Nation Was Lost

Within only a few outlined alphabetical recitations ( short video clips below ), demonstrated is what appears to be the last vestiges of America’s revolutionary political Representatives in the throws of what spotlights an unbelievable recalcitrant behavior buried within a ‘secret parallel government’ that will shock you with their replies:

A. – U.S. Congress Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz to FBI:

B. – Jason Chaffetz to FBI Special Agent Herring:

C. – U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan to S.A. Herring:

D. – U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy to S.A. Herring:

E. – U.S. Congressman John Mica to S.A. Herring:

F. Congressman Hice re: FBI redaction of “Hillary Clinton’s birthday” ( plus more ) to Congress, Congressman DeSantis re: Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities ( SCIF ), and ‘moreover’ Congressman Russell re: T.S. and Special Access Programs SCIF information transfers to the private computer server of The Clinton’s held within their residence basement directed to FBI Herring and CIA Higgins, and Congressman Grothman re: Clinton e-mails never returned to the U.S. Department of State as required by its Administrative Review Board policies:

G. Congress Oversight Chairman Chaffetz to Clinton tech Cooper:

H. Congressman John Mica to Cooper:

I. – Congress Oversight Chairman Chaffetz re: 1ST Failure To Appear on 1ST Subpoena by Bryan Michael Pagliano:

J. Congressman Trey Gowdy re: 2ND Failure To Appear on 2ND Subpoena by Bryan Michael Pagliano:

K. – Bryan Michael Pagliano deposition ( June 22, 2016 ):

Secret Nation Intelligence Parallelling Public-Private Partnerships

A novel contention presents that the Central Intelligence Group ( C.I.G. ) ECONIC Bureau X-2 was placed decades ago within the U.S. Department Of State, and may serve the Office of Central Intelligence White House ( O.C.I.W.H. ) especially when a former U.S. President ( Bill Clinton ) privately-held foundation business nay be tasked as a highly classified ‘intelligence tool’ for foreign affairs and during times of continued campaigns of the United States in its warfaring against terrorist activities posing foreign and domestic grave dangers to America national security interests.

It would be incorrigible of me to claim the Clinton Global Initiative ( CGI ) foundation was or is still being used as a public-private sector instrument of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) Directorate for the purpose of establishing, amongst other things, foundation donation contributors and/or their assigns as defacto or dejure “agents in-place” providing secret information on a variety of  “Special Access Programs” all hiding access of such away-from the U.S. Congress, however such appears to support such a theory based on accumulated curious occurrences left unanswered to ‘Congressional requests’ for the production of not only documentary full disclosures plus blatant failures of a key witness ( Bryan Pagliano ) to appear before this U.S. Congressional Oversight Committee hearing as late as September 2016.

Research References:

See ITEM F. ( above );

AND ( for extended lengthy background research ),

An interesting question remains, amongst many, which is:

“Was the Clinton foundation e-mail computer internet server terminal located within a specially designated SCIF within any Clinton residence since former U.S. President Bill Clinton continued to maintain his U.S. Presidential files on it as was revealed during Congressional testimony provided, or were claimed ‘shared computer internet e-mail data server terminals’ being “routed” through the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ), which Bryan Pagliano may have been assisting; a ‘possible reason’ as-to why he refused to appear before Congress and why he and his attorney answered earlier deposition questions according to the evidence presented within this report?”

State Of The Union In-Question

The apparent statehood of America’s population has become abundantly evidenced as pushed ‘outside the scope of permissible discovery’ by members of an unknown enterprise controlling over 300,000,000 million people whom enjoy a version of fantasy over importance of realities threatening our way of life today.

Constitutional Protections Within Congress As Last Line Of Defense For American Citizenry

A 1940 era film-short simply conveys the importance of the U.S. Congress for how citizens ‘were’ supposed to  survive within a non-subverted system of “checks and balances” government for America.

What is the status of America today and why is its population being herded away-from Congress to the federal court system where Judges legislate from their bench separating citizens away-from their voting political Representatives into Congress?

Why was the U.S. Supreme Court ‘bench’ ensconced with ‘bulletproof glass’, and why were Justice ‘chairs and flooring’ then ‘bomb-proofed’? What ‘threat’ was perceived requiring such?

Has the U.S. Supreme Court overtaken the U.S. Congress?

Is the U.S. Supreme Court ruling America and its citizens contrary to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees?

We all need to be vigilant about what is occurring today.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com




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