by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – September 8, 2016 -An extremely valuable mineral formula processing technique unleashed a new technology that could have only been imagined as science-fiction, however there has ‘never existed such a concept to even write-about’ much less produce into motion picture films.

Since at least the late-1980s, the scientific community was hushed-up by many governments around the world concerning a secret technology process altering the quantity of valuable minerals found in common rocks, which already became known about.

Converting small quantities of base metals, found inside rocks, into much larger quantities of gold, platinum, and other materials using a new type of cold-fusion technique applied during the process also produced low-yield nuclear reactions during experimentation, but that is ‘not’ why the U.S. government stepped-in – to put a lid on it – for reasons nobody would imagine because such ‘defies human imagination’.

During the early-1990s, Texas A&M University publicized a research discovery surrounding experimentations altering atoms within mercury, and a few other types of base metals, which produced significantly produced larger amounts of gold. Sound like something out of an Alchemist cookbook?

History on this secret technique began in Asia transferred to South Africa eventually landing in United States possession, however new evidence surfacing may actually indicate something else began from within the bowels of a U.S. Department of Defense contract program decades ago.

Global Economic Brinkmanship Report Series

No longer on the world wide web is one of several websites of mine “disassembled” by the U.S. federal government in 2004.

Upon information received from a foreign national Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) intelligence agent in the U.S. media who The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ), United Press International ( UPI ), plus other international news and wire services obtained crux of certain news reports from later publicly read worldwide, as usual the left-hand of America federal government intelligence organizations have no idea what its right-hand is doing, and within ‘this’ murky area and in-between is where I found work with supposed ‘good-guys’ and what only general public audiences could ever perceive from mainstream news media identifying so-called ‘bad-guys’ many whom also worked for various national government intelligence organizations.

My mission in life was to ascertain the ‘truth’ by bringing ‘clarity’ to the surface for public benefit, which is ‘not’ what ‘government service’ is all about.

After being sold out by my own country, I relinquished my native citizenship in America and officially adopted another citizenship from my European lineage birthright.

As a “freelance foreign intelligence asset” I worked for what became ( for me ) a foreign government with many intelligence organizations where I was their ‘private secret’.

Before my assignment in Eastern Europe, I established a private intelligence network, and was recruited to work as a “foreign information asset” unbound by any ‘government’ “business agreement” ( i.e. ‘no written contract’ ).

No protection was provided, while intelligence freelancing, on my own ‘obtaining truth’ and began reporting portions of discoveries. Here’s just one real world rabbit-hole many never became aware-of.

– –

COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research

SOURCE: The Offshore Informant ( now-legacy website )

Global Economic Brinkmanship 3

Segment 1

Global PMC Agents & Nuclear Gold Secrets

by, Paul Collin

April 9, 2003

EXCERPT ( Revised by, original Author ) BELOW:


Between 1994 and 2002, several odd events occurred with regard to metals transmutation formulization process experimentations affecting other far more secretly controlled scientific discoveries and about the way individuals worldwide will eventually come to perceive their future.

Had it not been for William Telander having first funded the Texas A&M University grant for experimental research on a new cold-fusion process with chemical isotope combinatorics for at least one (1) technology application of metal transmutation processing, another off-shoot technology might never have been discovered later by Bockris and Champion.

That second ( 2nd ) new technology discovery might have forever remained a secret for it became even more valuable than metals transmutation, which has also yet to be brought publicly to the surface.

Although Telander later confessed to the bank that he had brought “legal troubles” on his former friend, i.e. Joe E. Champion, but that was to perhaps get even on what how he perceived Champion betraying his confidential information he had shared on the gold formula. Telander, seeing and learning that Champion had gone off to Mexico and was scheduled to meet the press to announce and demonstrate the gold process publicly was perhaps the final straw that broke the camels back.

In 2003, Champion teamed-up with Dr. Bockris, who Telander originally funded. Bockris and Champion then began their own collective partnership on the new phase of the gold transmutation process project, as Telander became fused-out in the cold.

It should be noted that for well over 1-year now ( by 2003 ), the founders and researchers of this still ‘secret transdimensional technology’, have seemingly gone ‘underground’ with no further public information releases.

Back in the early-1990s metals transmutation processing was hard for Dr. Bockris’ colleagues to accept; he had been scoffed-at about such cold-fusion and alchemy like experiments, which eventually stopped – when he won the Nobel Prize.

In 1998, Champion was arrested again, for apparently having violated the terms of probation from his former criminal charge and with having to finish what remained of his original 10-year federal prison term sentence, his ‘secret transdimensional technology’ was taken over by those he entrusted that to.

Although those others began developing Champion’s gold formulas, with some help from a new influx of alchemists, Bockris still hung on until at least mid-2001, when something happened to routed themselves all into an ‘underground society’ due to the nature of their work, which no longer remained a matter of public record from what initially came out-of the gold formulas being developed even further.

A high-level government scientist claims their experiments led to a secret technology supposedly focusing on a ‘physical biological phenomena’ involving an ‘uncharted transdimensional phase shiftings during their low-level cold-fusion nuclear reactions amidst metal transmutation experiments.

While the phrase, “Beam me up, Scotty!” ( from the American science-fiction television show ‘Star Trek’ ) comes to mind, such might actually be what is secretly rumored the U.S. government has clamped a lid on; claiming it involves dangerous ‘high-energy physics’ it ( alone ) has been involved with for several decades.

While what appears as sheer absurdity of such notions surrounding an unknown ‘other dimension’ and ‘spatial rifts’ that may affect human beings continues to grow even quieter today, but may just have something to do with that decades-old U.S. government classified program nicknamed “The Philadelphia Experiment” upon which another American movie was based on its theory.

The same experiment that many were led to believe had absolutely nothing to do with Telander’s original “Philadelphia Project” from where the original concept for his idea to fund the Texas A&M project led to metals transmutation experiments suggests ‘Telander might have known something far-more secret’ he was only sharing with Dr. Bockris and/or Dr. Champion.

This revelation, coupled with the fact of no further information being made available to the public, leaves the subject of metals transmutation and the nuclear processed enhancement of gold plus its ‘reactive force of dimensional enhanced transformation processes’ becomes mysteriously difficult to study. There is, however, an explanation to what happened and why this has been kept quiet for so many years now.

Ten ( 10 )years ago, Dr. Champion and Nancy Meachum used prominent lawyers from Texas and Washington D.C. to court senior aides of U.S. Senator Dole and Senator Kassenbaum on Capitol Hill whereupon later and quite suddenly turned deaf ears toward the gold transmutation technology presentation, but now may have become clearer as to ‘why’ these politicians did-so.

Although the story now being written ( 2003 ), certain other details of the physics and other applications of it continue to remain classified by the U.S. Department of Energy ( DOE ).

Background Of Material Transmutations

Bockris mixed potassium nitrate with carbon and salts, heated his formula to ‘certain precise temperatures’ using cold-fusion-style transmutations driven by radio waves and high temperatures that resulted in producing ‘increased levels and amounts’ of gold, silver and other precious metals out of materials found in ‘highly specific types’ of seemingly ordinary rocks.

Joe E. Champion, later became involved in experiments surrounding the mineral to metals transmutation processing, but was arrested in Mexico just before he was about to publicly release details of his experiments to the press.

It was reported, Mexico federal law enforcement officials were notified by the U.S. federal government to arrest Champion before he could leak his information to the public.

Reports of Champion being handled, according to this plan, where he was subsequently turned over to U.S. federal custody at the border occurred.

Champion was consequently arrested for temporarily leaving America without permission from his U.S. Probation officer’ and sentenced to serve only 1-year in prison, instead-of an originally greater sentence he initially faced for an unrelated charge of ‘felony theft’ as reported by Sharon Begley of Newsweek Magazine on 1/10/94.

According to Dr. Bockris, “My first telephone calls with Joe [Champion] occurred in August of 1996. I had heard his name from Dan York, a Dallas, Texas-based engineer/chemist/alchemist who told me that Joe was converting mercury to gold.The mystery surrounding Champion’s arrest was explained, as follows:

“On December 11th 1992, I was preparing for an interview with media representatives in Mexico City. Unfortunately, I missed the meeting with the press because I was picked up and taken to Arizona by a combined group of FBI agents, Mexican Federales, and Interpol. As I was led into the Phoenix airline terminal, I was arrested by Arizona police and taken to the Maricopa County Jail.”

Champion supposedly learned ( enroute to jail ) from one of his FBI escorts and later from a retired U.S. Navy Captain ( i.e. Roger Briggs ), that Champion’s former business friend ( i.e. William Telander ) had somehow betrayed him by issuing the story about Champion having been about to release nuclear secrets; a story accepted-by and acted-upon by U.S. federal agents to capturing Champion.

Champion states it was Telander who provided the U.S. federal government with information Champion was about to perform some sort of traitorous act in passing nuclear secrets to certain third world leaders ( i.e. Libya leader Muammar Qaddafi and Cuba leader Fidel Castro ).

Simultaneous to Champion’s federal abduction out of Mexico, his personal effects and 20-years of computerized notes, files, experiments, data with all his experimental history was either secretly confiscated or stolen from out-of his personal storage in Mexico by, William Telander and his female acquaintances ( i.e. Miss Mateo, and Nancy Meacham ) who Dr. Champion claims leaked much information about his scientific experiments to Telander after having worked with Champion for over 8-years.


EXCERPT ( Revised by, original Author ) ABOVE:

– –

After $1,000,000 ( USD ) had been spent by the bank investment on the Phoenix Project laboratory experiments and a secretly stolen formula from Englehard in South Africa by Dr. Guang H. Lin, all the equipment and thousands of hours spent by numerous individuals, they were only missing one ( 1 ) equation that personally took me 4-years to find in Russia where the key to documented sucessful returns would have resulted, however to-date none of the individuals involved ever discovered that answer to their wild quest, and that key was strategically hidden by the U.S. National Security Agency ( N.S.A. ) so ‘nobody’ would ever be able to suceed in any such experiments; not even Englehard-CLAL. That mystery is quite interesting although no mystery to ‘me’.

In 2013 and 2014, I made several trips to a Nevada ranch near a U.S. federal government Range Test Site ( RTS ) known as Area 51. Locked inside a 53-foot long steel shipping container were the ‘thousands of missing files’ that no government, organization, busines or individual could have ever found for they had been removed from what later became known as “The Howard Hughes Vault” containing many-many secrets I spent months pouring over until I was able to retrieve. It took me 14-yyearsto locate all the answers and more for yet ‘other global government financial banking commodities of precious metals.

All needs to be publicly revealed, and since there is quite a bit more information to the aforementioned ( including the excerpt above ), voluminous documentation exists of private research notes, formula image documents, photographs, foreign and domestic information communications, abandoned foreign company research files and documents, laboratory experiment reports, independent laboratory analysis reports, foreign and domestic university studies and white papers on ‘precise temperature coefficients effectuating positive results’, national and international standards of testing ‘designed to purposely net negative laboratory material results’, U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) precious metals recovery program projects and facility operations information, and much more than could be listed herein ) supporting this report, which cannot all be currently accomodated within this report or on any standardized non-secure website platform offering no protection from unwarranted outside influences seeking to subvert displays of ‘original documentary evidence’ for public information consideration deemed sensitive by governments due to undocumented claims of material that nay be later classified within definitions and/or categories under national security interest provisions, however there ‘are’ alternatively secure ways and means by which such can and will provide such to and for the public so, in such interest, donations are only being passively sought at this time.

Those interested in learning more are invited to contact the original author ( below ) in determining the status of Unique Disclosure Project Broadcasts undergoing further development for a greater public knowledgeability upon securely platforming these private intelligence files to enable easier comprehension upon review understanding that in order to speed progress receipt of donations is of considerable importance making far more possible and sooner now.

Thank you for your interest.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com





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