by, Paul Collin

July 9, 2016 / 19:00 p.m. PST ( UPDATED )

LOS ANGELES – July 9, 2016 – George Soros studied ‘publicly-presented globally trending abnormalities’ seeing matters leaving traditional sensibilities behind – he ‘focused’ on epochs and reflexes ushering in radical decisionmaking edicts consequently bringing about drastic changes negatively impacting Western philosophies within geo-political and socio-economic belief system landscapes worldwide.

Soros did far more perhaps, ‘for America’s enemy’ than ever realized by the public.

My report is not to provide what has been long alluded-to by those whom some categorize as “conspiracy theorists,” nor do I intend on boring anyone reviewing this report by extolling any virtuosities either, or what mainstream news has long attempted to document about George Soros or scraps of information cast off the bottom of his shoes that reporters may have picked-up off the street while trying to follow him or his thoughts; the latter of which few have come to understand to-date – until now.

What my report ( herein ) will be most difficult to digest is being publicly presented as an incredibly odd and disjointed series of speculative notions leading to the belief that Russia government intelligence was able to harness mastery of a new counterintelligence tradecraft aimed toward clandestinely applying a covert psychological operation ( PsyOp ) injecting ‘comfortably convincing elements of understandings’ ) in-to the mind of George Soros to be seen effectuating outcomes by financially tempting unwitting prey however, equipped they were with more than ample greed and avarice, these ‘easily moldable targets’ consisted of ‘powerfully ambitious people in-place’; those having ‘certain degrees of influence over United States Foreign Policy global command authority’; enough to see the clandestine systematic weakening of Western ideologies worldwide resulting in the eventual collapse of America as once it had become favorably known by the world.

Turmoil Driven Superpower Now A Nation Of Rebellious Reflex Driven People Mistrustful Of Positioned Decisionmakers

Placed on a platter under the incredibly perceptive radar screen of George Soros were epoch events he dealt-with by pouring huge amounts of money in-to groups designed to ‘somewhat’ “openly” crushing public sentiment surrounding official edicts netting population compliances with little to no reflexivity in opposition to the rule of law.

Soros’ Criteria For Targeting

Soros identified unusual public adoptions of epoch-changing edicts, and religiously searched for patterns to identify the weakest links, which his groups were dispatched to target followed by his controllers’ delusion as being ‘his additional belief” claiming to be able to identify or envision ( with great accuracy ) ‘patterns of periodic self-reversals occurring every 10-years or so’.

Who’s Entraining Whom Inside America?

Soros, as did others, held him out as a wanna-be Nostrodamus for the 21st century, whereas he was more likely under the remote viewing control of highly-trained Russia counterintelligence agents having mastered their tradecraft of ‘Conceptual Power’ ( CP ) thoroughly having convinced Soros to carry-out their operational plan to turn America into a Third World Nation in need of ‘redevelopment’ from ‘outside foreign government guidance; the latter of which might better explain seeing a variety of ‘foreign government military troops training inside America’ for more than 4-years now.

Turning Mercury Into Gold Alchemy Of Junk Into Treasure

Just prior to that tapering anniversary date, if Soros detected ‘steady signs of tiring growth of whatever that edict established, he would commence hedging his investments toward what and where had been and what would grow from out-of those ashes, and from within those dregs ( not worth much prior to a big ‘change’, ‘reversal’ or ‘collapse’ ) he would buy-up considerable amounts of seemingly worth-less scraps soon to be worth far more ‘only within a not-too-distant future’ perhaps, 1-year no more than 2-years, and keeping within one’s lifetime where he could remain alive long enough to ‘see a new world reality’ playing before his tired eyes, the ultimately final ‘global reality show’; at-least “Part 1”!


Understanding that, to a limited amount of time during one’s lifespan this can somewhat be accomplished, one must rely on in-depth studies and observations, one’s power of perceptive analytics, and tempered with extreme patience where the secret relationship from afar first begins.

Predictive Target Reflexes To Stimuli

More-so than what a game of chess may have to offer a master player, the operational activity would be better associated with a predator considering moreover its own success of survivability by carefully studying its prey to better determine its reactive patterns to any stimulus before taking extremely decisive and swift action ‘before the target begins to decides to ‘move-on’.

Burdens Of Consciousness

In search of whether “Empirical Truth” ‘openness’ could even exist within society, after having gone down many-many rabbit-holes of studies and observations versus eventual realities that shockingly came into being, there comes a point where academics enter periodic states of “Conceptual Power” whereupon their ‘human mind’ enters a somewhat different space and time unlike usual comprehension, and after exhaustion from such exhilaration rest eventually becomes required by the human body, unfortunately – upon awakening from one’s hours of restful slumber – upon later review of the academic’s research material notes much of that academic’s previously intense ‘focus’ ( “Conceptual Power” ) is difficult to comprehend.

Thinking Outside The Box

Work-related minds transcending typical levels of human thought processing, may only whimsically be compared to today’s phrase “What were they thinking?”

While humor may come to most minds, do not be misled, for in ‘these particular rare case instances’ of in-depth academic transcendentals, such is ‘no laughing matter’ whatsoever, for what typically fails most normal comprehension is actually ‘the clearest point secretly being conveyed to those inexperienced in such activity’ so, you just might want to pay a little more attention to such an academic.

The biggest secret hidden within George Soros is that although as such an academic, he was never able to identify what had happened to him by who I suspect was one or more specially trained Russian counter-intelligence agents who mastered the art of “Conceptual Power” intelligence applied to Soros who then secretly went off on his own as a ‘willingly convinced’ “agent” who returned to his previous studies involving an even-newer development of “Empirical Truth” ‘forcibly injected by considerable sums of money’ into an “Open Society” by means of the Russia government leading their subtly brainwashed Soros into creating multiple groups of people designed to destroy the traditional Western ‘belief system’ into a shambles by ‘changing people’s views from within’.

Some of us old America guards recall the former guards of the ‘Soviet government leadership promise’ to “destroy America from within.”

This should never be discounted, but seriously considered as a relentless pursuit lasting decades from the ‘mentors’ of current Russia President Vladimir Putin through these modern days.

And, such nay be quite easily recognized as having been magnified by the growth and global spanse within the Western world today and by the swiftness of such actions toppling long-standing traditional governments worldwide.

Most populations are more and more pointing the blame for ‘all serious national problems negatively impacting law and order undermining human life and human societal values, proving the rise of activity and expansion of these Soros’ “groups” heralding-in revolution and rebellion against government riddled and rigged by what only is ever described as attributable to “corruption” whereas ‘never has the origin’ of such ‘widespread corruption’ – labelled “conspiracy theoreticals” – ever been explained by governments to any of its population, and when governments do not lay their cards down in any ‘genuine fashion of openness’, this ( alone ) ‘wholly fuels’ “public mistrust” while ‘simultaneously emboldening further demonstrations of malcontents’ escalated even-more by their improper labelling as “misunderstoods” rather than ‘Reflexionists” who are more inclined to ‘naturally oppose’ any ‘boorish and boring officially presented’ injection of any government-needle for any reason.

Russia’s Favorite Son, Capitalist Spy Soros

Some unknowledgeables quickly equate such lofty ideals with “eccentrism” or “temporary insanity,” however others more well-versed in the intelligence tradecraft art of “CP” ( ‘Conceptual Power’ ) equate such with attaining levels of ‘thinking beyond’ to be able to ‘change perceptions within secretly targeted others’.

Application of CP can and has been compared to what some consider ‘supernatural’ powers to influence others by ‘changing their perceptions through newly given understandings’ that are so ‘incredibly quickly convincing’ that targets adopt such secret entrainments that are swiftly acted upon while otherwise making absolutely no sense at all to mostly knowledgeable people in positions holding direction over government offices.

Socio-Economic Geo-Political CounterIntelligence War

Russia used the greed and avarice harbored in most Western capitalists with the carrot of power to secrets gaining more than all the money Soros could possess. In-fact, money was only important to him for fueling what these Russian agents gave him the gift to do in spreading Russia’s’s agenda conquering America from within by simply launching groups to change the public perception into whatever necessary to turn everything America had come to know, believe, and fight for into things we cannot believe we’re seeing transpire within the last couple of decades.

The Awakening

I do not cast George Soros as anything other than what he already knows himself to have already been steered further by perhaps, his having found attractive; a clandestinely injected Russia counterintelligence operation he may have assumed was only by coincidence – albeit chance or circumstance he considered as his own “purpose in life.” Soros was, however, secretly convinced through this clandestine pretext developed through a ‘secret-sensitive order’ involving “Conceptual Power Intelligence” ( ‘CP’ ) tactical operations perhaps, unbeknownst to him.

On Successfully ‘Countering CP Operationals: A ‘Counter Pretext’ Proffering ‘Intent To Assist’ The ‘CP Operational Agents’ ( Usually A Team Of 3 ). Wholly Dependent Upon The ‘Counter CP Actor’ Having ‘No-Knowledge’ Of Any ‘Counter CP Operation’ Existence Anywhere Within The Psyche Of The ‘Counter CP Actor’

Compartmenting operational knowledgeability layers by planning new levels of clandestine strategies, while difficult ( at best ), is doable with a sophisticated directorate over ‘counter CP operation’ missioning with properly layered levels, which remain key-critical, are held steadfastly in-place for a successful outcome. There is no “wiggle room” once such a mission commences where even ‘contingency mission planning’ will see quantities of loyalty being tested within the counter CP actor and his 2 CP control agents remotely viewed by the CP agent and his/her control agents too.

So as not to turn this report into a field operations manual, enough has been prefaced.

When encountering an ‘unknown attack’, there may later be ‘no prosecution or rendering’, however ‘countering’ the ‘enemy CP operation’ can be cleverly drawn in-to a ‘counter CP operational world’ by furtherance of an ‘even-more convincing message’ that, by ‘joining forces’ an ‘equally beneficial outcome’ may more-likely hasten that otherwise longer period of time necessary to “accomplish one’s enemy’s goals” without exposure.

With ‘State-actor enemy CP foreign counter-intelligence recruitment fixes’ in on America’, and with no United States intelligence counter-countermeasures in-place, Russia may likely have already won Nikita Kruschev’s secret global war; ‘without ever having fired a missile’ – and so these threats of ‘foreign embedding CP targets’ ( e.g. George Soros, the now-late Thomas James Perkins, et. al. ) pose a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States Of America because there additionally appears no limits to the extent within official government office branches this may reach; if, such has not already been perfected by an enemy of the State.

I submit that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) may have in all likelihood turned Russia’s’s Soros; providing the C.I.A. ‘knew’ what ‘Conceptual Power Intelligence’ means by now.

Evidence points to that “joining” of at-least these two ( 2 ) Superpowers by my having studied the “Russia 2045 Plan,” and from its inception, precisely how far advanced their collective “Global Initiative” has come to-date to at-least, amongst others, include:

– The Bill And Diana Gates Foundation offspring “Common Core”;

– Ray Kurzweil offspring “New Singularity”;

– Clinton Foundation offspring “Clinton Global Initiative” ( ‘CGI’ ); and,

– Other national and international ‘Teaming Division’ worldwide operations today.

Life’s A Dream Unless No Furthers Exist Outside The Box Of Current Thinking

Bottomline perceptions today for humanity to survive in its ‘original state of frailties’, we may only save those from what was studied and observed ( see “Research References,” below ) with the possibility of only a ‘man-made’ or ‘natural’ ‘globally significant epoch event’ cutting-short wanton goals of “Transhumanism” where certain human beings continue developing “man’s artificial entity – ‘transferring human internal essences of self’ – incarnate” where by 2045 a ‘non-human copy’ may only remain roaming planet Earth’s future.

Submitted for review and commentary by,


Paul Collin

E-MAIL: [email protected]

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