by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – June 6, 2016 – We are entering a tumultuous time where history is undergoing radical ‘change’ where it’s now a matter of ‘time’ before another epochal event takes place, however there ‘is now’ a chance most of the population will ‘not see it’ while others are believed ‘experiencing ‘time dilation flux’ energetics; a notion I know little to nothing about in any great details.

Earth event ‘timeline’ changes are speculated within a wide spectrum blanketing such revolutionary arenas such as ‘politics’ ( international leaderships and upheavals ), ‘socio-economics’ ( underdeveloped and developed population survivability surrounding natural resource supplies and corporate workplace industrial manufacturing production technologies and services  ), ‘geophysicals’ ( volcanoes, earthquakes, methane hydrate gas ventings and core magnetic shift / tilt ), ‘astrophysicals’ ( inbound or near-Earth planetary objects ), ‘geoastrophysicals’ ( interstellar gamma-ray bursts and extragravetic waves ), thermonuclear ( Electro-Magnetic Pulse – EMP ), biological virulents ( variant mutant viruses ), atmospheric climatologies ( tornadoes, hurricanes and jet-stream polar ice melt ), extraterrestrial biosynthetic aerialbornes and spaceborne energetic entities, up-to and now even our ‘time matrix’ presents dangers we all need to be concerned about.

Today’s Inability To ‘Focus’

‘Living in fear’, for most, upsets the status quo of our focus on humanitarianism and charity. Hence, ushered-in sees the phrase, “It’s a dog eat dog world we live in today,” which is so important for people to realize ‘why they are the way they are toward others’ both ‘before’ and ‘after’ disasters occur.

If one lumps-in on-top-of that aforementioned ominous list of epoch disastrous events the additional bomb threats, mass public executions, serial killers, sink-holes, floods, tsunamis and the ‘pebble’ from that cement truck pitched through your windshield while driving on the interstate, then ‘road rage’ and the guy that just cut in front of you on the street pales by comparison. ‘School or workplace problems? Why, heck, that’s ‘no problem you cannot handle on your own’.

Forget about those fuel and food price hikes, right? No, because that is precisely why all those mainstream news broadcasts are feeding people with fear surrounding the ‘more-epoch distractions’.


Our Embedded Fears

Assuredly, after politics and a lack of food and water from a lack of better education and job availability, the mater of volcanoes, earthquakes, meteors and comets came as no shocking surprise, until ‘the rest of the aforementioned in that list’ was heaped on top of everything else.

Okay, so now we all see what we’re up-against so, here we go.

New “Timeless” TV Series Or ‘Reality’ Lifeline?

You decide ‘which is real’ or ‘only an illusion’ this Fall ( 2016 ) on Monday nights when America’s NBC television production aires “Timeless” produced by the producer of the NBC series “Blacklist” ( my favorite <grin> ).

Just so you know, ‘Timeless’ focuses on a U.S. government secret ‘time’control project’, which interestingly enough, my Washington D.C. intelligence mentor ( in all ‘reality’ ) alerted me to back in February 2011.


Time-Tank Institutes And Jump Facilities

Dr. David Lewis Anderson was one who publicly outlined pumped laser and Tesla like physics in what he described his experiments entailed envisioning what was believed tantamount to a “time machine.”

Audio-Video Reference

Great Escape Or Time Disappearance?

While the “Anderson Institute” may still be around as well as an internet website presence, the fact now remains that since 2013 Dr. David Lewis Anderson dropped out-of sight from public view, allowing a variety of rumors and speculation abounding with overtones that he went into hiding because of either disgruntled investors, illness, or revelations involving U.S. government secrets – the latter of-which I have been researching because of my experiences with ‘both’.


What A “Time Slip” ‘Feels’ Like

After my having personally experienced ( December 9, 2015 ) while travelling across an America interstate highway what was described for me as a “time slip” event, I wrote about, an then wrote another report ( September 22, 2015 ) surrounding factual modern-day usages of various “Time Projection Chambers” ( TPC ) currently underway.

‘Time Foolery’ ( Published, September 30, 2015, Project Camelot Productions, UPI Blog ):


‘Time Slip’ Or ‘Transdimensional Flip’?

Experiencing ‘time dilation slippage’ makes one feel ‘anxious’ and periodically ‘nauseous’, and they can forget about ‘headaches’ because it will be all on can do to try and maintain their sanity after such an episodic trauma as such.

In the midst of one’s world being flipped from one side to the opposite side, after one tries sorting-out ‘what precipitated their anxious feeling’ and then one draws only a ‘complete and total blank reply for themself’ ( in your own mind ), such eventually causes one to begin ‘doubting their own sanity about what is happening all around them whereupon just at that very moment they’re then slapped in the faced with stark raving ‘internal fright’ over a “fear” they’re so deathly afraid-of that they fear giving-in to consider the thought of becoming caught outside the reality they once were accustomed-to they cannot fathom how to recover from such an event should it be ‘real’. And so, these internal emotional cyclic thoughts start to consume one’s attention as an extreme distraction from being able to function, which concludes based on only one ( 1 ) of two ( 2 ) experiences, either:

A. Total ‘loss of emotional control’; or,

B. Absolute ‘focus on accepting the illusion of reality as total reality until the fear leaves, however replaced by a repetitive series of trying to dial-back one’s previous reality at which point one trains their own ‘new mind cells’ to simply ‘accept the new reality’ and begin considering one’s own personal needs. Nothing helps more than performing an “it’s all about ‘me’ feeling” at which point one begins adjusting to their new reality.

Whether a “life after death” experience is akin to experiencing a “time slip” event is unknown.

My ‘time slip’ or “transdimensional travel” experience was the ‘fourth’ ( 4th ) ‘most riveting experience of my life’; and, one that I shall never forget or dismiss as being wholly delusional or that my mind simply had nothing better to do than fall asleep.


‘U.S. Time Warp Interstate?’ ( Published, January 6, 2016, Project Camelot Productions, UPI Blog ):

As an aside, my ‘next closest traumatization’ was the third ( 3rd ), a ‘light-beam abduction’ ( 2010 ); the second ( 2nd ) was an ‘up close encounter with a nighttime aerial craft’ ( 2011 ), and the first ( 1st ) was an earlier ‘distant close encounter with a nighttime aerial craft’ ( 1972 ).

There is no more time left, like ‘the present’, until one should get their ‘house in order’ because ‘tomorrow is upon us today’; whether we are cognizant of this fact or not – most will never recognize ‘when’ our time changed around us.

A look at all our ‘distant past’ realities, when next trying to compare them with what we eventually experienced in our ‘close past’ ( future ), may discover puzzling inconsistencies.

One may also recognize how ‘radically different’ our ‘perceptions’ came-about when radical differences appear between what we believed had changed according to our perceptions ( alone ) versus ‘change in perceptions of the people around us we knew before now versus currently’.

All, having become ‘radically case-hardened’ by highly unusual events during one’s own lifetime, many never talk about because they ‘fear’ being shunned by their peers. Personally? I don’t care what it is that people assume about me because I ‘know’ ( as a federal government intelligence trained observer ) and deep within my heart, that what I experienced was ‘not a figment of imagination’ nor was it a ‘nightmare’ because I ‘diligently and instantaneously performed multiple reality tests for details amidst such occurrences’; all of which passed muster.

While some heads may begin spinning, most all seem to know how to reply ( to all such experiences ) with only a, “WTF?” or some lame ‘denial’ so they lead themself to believe they never left the government controlled version of their Disneyland-like theme park of life.

There is more than just a flimsy ‘theory’ as-to what government intelligence ‘knows’ and is ‘not revealing publicly’ just so ‘you’ will never know.

Dr. David Lewis Anderson pointed historically to other worldly brilliant beliefs, theories and even scientific claims surrounding the ‘human mind being a centerpiece for ‘time control’ and more.


For those beginner’s having entered within the field intelligence tradecraft of ‘Conceptual Power’ ( “CP” ), and for those few, whom are dabbling in tradecrafts of ‘cognizant learning’ to technologically breed ‘man’ with ‘machine’, the government has a big surprise waiting for ‘them all’ eventually becoming ‘field laboratory vermin’ likely later dreading the day schooling began for field assignments that ‘will’ have them eventually doubting all their so-called ‘wisdom’ to “get in on the ground floor,” or more-precisely ‘gurney’, which is likely where they land once having awakened to the fact they were ‘used’, and like an orange having had its youthfully valuablilities squeezed-out from inside, they will casually be tossed into a heap of garbage where so very-many dedicated patriotic loyalists were buried. It is with confidence from the standpoint of over 40-years of experience that I see them all looking back upon their precious life’s work hearing them recite that oh-so familiar epitaph, “What was I ‘thinking’!?”

The honorable shall become dishonored by those, whom they served proudly, shall realize that all corporate government’s Dr. Frankenstein creates is ‘monsters amongst men’.

On May 18, 2016 my report “Conceptual Power Intelligence” introduced what the Russia intelligence service is secretly teaching within one of their institutes where a professor teaches an introductory mentioning “CP” ( “Conceptual Power” ) for ‘certain’ ( a select few ) foreign secret agent spies of the FSB / SVR, formerly known as KGB and GRU intelligence elements of those apparatuses, utilizing certain new techniques in mastering mind-control over ‘targeted human minds’.


Divergent Mind Defense

Raymond Kurzweil, having fathered the principle of “Transhumanism” sees his new corporate position at GOOGLE and his new book “How To Create A Mind” catches the notion inside the brains of most all ‘Divergent people’ ( “Divergents” ) on the brink of a “New America Revolutionary War” that will be fought for the survival of the human race ‘sooner than 2045’.

Certain ‘beings’ exercise ‘instinctual behaviors’. Just imagine if ‘those beings’ learned “Conceptual Powers” ( CP ).


Secrets Mastering ‘Conceptual Power Intelligence’

I researched this subject further and discovered ancient Vedic writings covering a variety of “siddhe” ( also spelled “siddhi’ ( and other variations of those English language spellings ), which entails a ‘secret doctrine of understandings’ on how-to ‘attain’ one’s ‘goals’, and no matter how unbelievable this may sound to most of us common mortals today, the principles set forth ( below ) likely border on what some say goes many paces beyond ‘clairvoyant’.

New Age ‘enlightened masters’ may likely recognize these principles more-so than others. What’s important is that ‘all people’ begin to recognize that what many of their peers once believed as nothing more than ‘a lot of hocus-pokus nonsense’ is far beyond the scope of ‘traditional understandings’ of what has been ‘caveman-like thoughts’ still in existence ‘today’ within ‘modern-man’ more-so than ‘not’ what most of us ‘think like today’.

This Conceptual Thinking is ‘not easily bridled’. Risked, is something far worse than isolated incidents of sporadic ‘rogue agents’, however and moreover, should such ever attach even-more power aligning “revolutionary thought” alongside “survival instincts” within national citizenry of mass population centers, the hierarchy of intelligence within Superpower governments will exercise drastic measures to keep that away from general reading audiences.

How do I ‘know’ that certain members of the Intelligence Community ( IC ) do ‘not’ want any of this “revealed on a public platform”?

On May 28, 2016 I received a ‘curiously friendly warning’ from a currently seated U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) Counter-Intelligence Chief Information Officer who personally informed me ‘not’ to go “open” ( public ) with such information on any internet “platform.”

As far as I was concerned, at that time ( 28MAY 2016 ) I ‘already went public’ on Project Camelot Productions website with my report “Conceptual Power Intelligence,” which was only an ‘introduction’ to that topic.

The current report you’re reviewing is my ‘preliminary introduction sequel’, which is sure to upset those within the U.S. government Intelligence Community whom ‘really know’ what I’m revealing. The fact of my having been an ‘active’ full-time member of that Intelligence Community too, may likely see me eventually riveted to one of their dungeon walls even though I am not a trained master in the tradecraft of “CP” ( Conceptual Power Intelligence ) operations nor do I hold an instructor professorship in this art.

All I wish to return to people was an archeo-archaic understanding that we all possess the ‘inner ability to attain’.

I do, however, understand the CO dynamics, especially when operationalized by the criminally insane, which is viewed by some as being tantamount to a non-fiction version of a steroidized Superman vs. Batman motion picture film in real-life so, dangers ‘do’ exist if not exercised with good intent according to what U.S. government intelligence ‘thinks’ but may ‘not fully comprehend’.

Afterall, how could one master such ‘supernatural attainment’ without “maintaining a well-principled belief fervor,” unless U.S. government intelligence is aware of such ‘mispractices’ of “Conceptual Powers”? Not good.

Key Intelligence Element ‘Focus’

Ancient East Indian Vedic text of ‘siddhe’ ( Sanskrit for ‘attainment’ ) identifies an ‘inner human power’ known as “Vashita-Siddhe” or ‘ability from within’ to ‘control outsiders’.

Before Christ, these Vedic texts describe eighteen ( 18 ) ‘siddhe’ ( powers of attainment ) including eight ( 8 ) ‘primaries’ and ten ( 10 ) ‘secondaries’ as ‘core principles of attainment powers’, amongst a myriad of unlimited others, ‘making a being believe anything’ as suggested by those powers ( abilities ) targeting another being ( outsider ).

Quantum physics describes basic ‘siddhe’ operations.

Acts of ‘observing something’ changes it.

The eight ( 8 ) ‘primary’ abilities, are understood as:

1. Anima Siddhe – ‘reduce size to sub-atomic particle’ ( neutrino ) ‘passing through solid objects’;

2. Laghima Siddhe – ‘become lighter than air’ at-will ‘levitation or flying’;

3. Prapti Siddhe – teleportation touching the moon;

4. Praakamya Siddhe – ‘perfect mental focus’ and ‘irresistible willpower’ to attain goals;

5. Ishita Siddhe – ‘change material elements’;

6. Vashita Siddhe – ‘control thoughts of outsiders’;

7. Kamavasyita Siddhe – ‘materialization of objects from anywhere’;

8. Mahima Siddhe – practical knowledge of ‘remote viewing’, ‘clairvoyance’, ‘comprehension of arrangements of objects at great distances’, and understanding ‘all celestial object interconnections and interactions’.

Key Short-Cut Quickens ‘Focus’

The chanting of “mantras” for in-tune alignment of one’s inner-self may sound like an old wive’s tale, however further research into such practices proves being far different, and so to ‘speed-up’ one’s attaining not only “Conceptual Power” ( ‘CP’ ) but far-more supernatural abilities, one must first “open the doorway’ ( or, ‘gateway’ ) to that ‘state of being’ by attaining the foundational ability of “focusing” one’s ‘attention’ that is ‘naturally held within their inner-being’.

While such ‘mantra’ recitals are typically a time-consuming effort for modern-man living amidst today’s societal ‘distractions’ where entry in-to such ‘states of being’ is rarely practiced because such practice is so ‘non-traditional’ in the Western world, it becomes understood that one must prepare ’emotionally’, ‘physically’ and ‘mentally’ synchronize all three ( 3 ) ‘states of being’ prior to exercising the recitation of mantras that must be additionally ‘understood’. In short, taking the aforementioned steps to ‘prepare’ for recitals that must be understood as well becomes for ‘outsiders’ difficult to even ‘comprehend’ the nature-of let-alone ‘performing’ such with any acuity.

Like anything human beings first learn, such as being able to ride a bicycle for the first time, such consists of first ( 1st ) ’emotional acceptance’ formed within one’s inner-self confidence of ‘forming an actuality’ of one’s ‘positive ability’ to ‘perform’ in such a way so as-to ‘proceed’ even further toward ‘accomplishment’ ( i.e. “siddhe” ) of one’s first ( 1st ) ‘goal’ wherein all of the immediately aforementioned ‘foundational principles’ allowing ‘anyone’ being ‘able to practice’ not only the tradecraft of “Conceptual Power” that Russia intelligence agents are taught at their designated institute but also ‘far more abilities’ Russia intelligence ‘knows’ but ‘does not teach’.

America’s intelligence apparatus heirarchy ‘knows’ some of this, however much of this is not disseminated to its agents.

Moreover, ‘all human beings walking on Earth today’ inherited more supernatural-like powers that have been ‘repressed’ are ‘naturally gifted’ so, providing this information to ‘everyone’ is perceived by ruling international leaders of government goes contrary to our caste system that would be put out-of existence. Hence, the ‘threat’ targets both the populace of ‘people’ versus ‘corporate government regimes’.

While performing my research on the topic of CP ( “Conceptual Power” ), I found the information ( immediately below ) believed to be a ‘short-cut’ step toward “attainment” process whereby a ‘certain recitation’ referred-to as “Khadgamala” aides in shortening recitation of otherwise lengthy ‘mantra’ recitals.

– –

Reciting Khadgamala –

According to Sri Bhasurananda Natha, an accomplished Srividya Upasakas as well as a member-of and advisor-to this group: “All of the sadhana of Srividya can be achieved by the recitation of the ‘Khadgamala’, instead of spending hours long ritualizing whereby now such is compressed to only ‘less than 30-minutes’ of ‘intense meditation’ that will give one a ticket on the same “plane” ( level ) of being as the great Srividya Upasakas; no matter what your developmental stage – this is ‘it’.”


The Khadgamala Recitation ( with English language text translation subtitles ), below:

Audio-Video References

– –

Having reviewed the aforementioned, please keep in-mind that I am not a “master” or “instructor” for the purpose of ‘teaching’ this particular ‘intelligence tradecraft’, and am only presenting this information as an ‘extended preliminary report’ as a highly-qualified researcher of a vast spectrum of topics on subjects ranging from beneath planet Earth and its intradimensional realms to beyond the stars above and interdimensional realms the entire purpose of which is the ‘enlightenment of living species’ so that ‘all can become even-better stewards of every thing in the cosmos.

Covert Philanthropy Secret Projects

An interesting concept on how to hide secrets in plain sight and fund raising through investments to fuel an Enterprise Empire indoctrinating populations today for people’s ‘individually unwanted tomorrows’ where multinational corporate success ‘depends on the public message pretext theme ( e.g. humanitarianism ) embedded for ‘dynamic delivery’ ( e.g. Help Veterans, Help Children, Help Elderly, etc. ) garnering worldwide public support from a convincing corporation.

Public donations flow in and the ‘subject matter’ is eventually forgotten about; until the ‘next fund raising event’ simply because people ( like you and I ) become ‘distracted’ by our ‘every day taskings” and hopefully a sense of ‘good citizenship’ with our ‘call of duty’.

Welcome To ‘Timeline Changes’

Attaining one’s goals have always been extremely ‘limited’.

Imagine if a corporation employed autistic people, whom possess ‘supernatural-like powers’ as ‘master teachers’, incorporated within a conceived Enterprise transitioning ‘ordinary people cognitive minds’ into an ‘extremely durable biomechanical entity’. Could this be attained ‘globally’ for the year ‘2045’?


According to the existing legitimacy of such a global plan, operating under the ‘public radar screen’ of most of the world’s population for the past few years, there is such a plan underway.

Welcome To The New Children Timeline

One ( 1 ) of the most significant indicators came straight out-of the “Bill And Diana Gates Foundation” where a ‘new way for children to perform mathematical calculations’ was implemented throughout America mandated through the U.S. federal government ‘ordering each state’ to implement this ‘new programmable way’ to attain ‘basic’ “human mind calculative thought’computing’ as the foundational ‘biointerface’ referred to ‘simply’ as “Common Core.”

‘Common Core’ has now been ‘fully implemented’ in every and all ‘public schools’, ‘private schools’, and ‘home schooling’ “curriculum” throughout the United States of America today where ‘no longer can most parents assist their children in homework assignments’ because ‘it makes no logical sense’ to the parents of most all ‘Kindergarten’ through ‘High School Senior education levels “K-12” today as more and more ‘parents’ ( mothers, fathers and legal guardians too ) are ‘rebelling’ against ‘government forced educational school curriculum learning’.

Boxed-In ‘Common Core’ Versus ‘Divergent Independence’

Slipping from America is what U.S. citizens have fought for, Independence, and to exemplify the “Common Core” ‘threat’ from Bill Gates ( of MICROSOFT ) to Ray Kurzweil and their related ‘habit forming’ high technology Enterprise “Commercial Off-The-Shelf” ( C.O.T.S. ) products being sold throughout school systems nationwide supporting the “Common Core” ‘agendas’ today, unfortunately it is ‘now too late’ because once again too much “time has slipped away” from all peoples throughout populations.


Non-Transhumanoids Whom ‘Blinked’, Naturally!

While the largest volcano of people still remain bubbling up as discussions continue rumbling beneath everyone’s feet as to ‘how’ this ‘new path’ propagates through the school system singling-out “Divergent” ‘student threat objections to such insidious mind-control programming, there only remains excellent historical bone chilling examples of the ‘elimination of individualistic naturally creative thought processing’ by corporate government implemented “Thinking Inside The Box” for masses of ‘controlled and programmed dunderheads’ no longer permitting unfettered free “Thinking Outside The Box” because students as well as their parents ( or, guardians ) whom ‘object’ are ‘now’ “guilty of committing a crime against the State.” If ‘that’ isn’t ‘Orwellian’ enough then you had better read the ‘book’ “1984” by George Orwell.


Covert Development Of Autistic Biofutures

Near Palo Alto, California, XEROX PARC was a U.S. Private Military Corporation ( PMC ) federally funded to provide an exclusive safehaven for ExtraTerrestrial advanced materials research and analysis that saw certain technological breakthroughs within Black Projects of highly-developed “demonstrators” I wrote an introductory report about in 2007, which was later republished.


‘Secret ET Technologies’:

Besides XEROX PARC and ROCKWELL SCIENCE CENTER PALO ALTO LABORATORY there were other facilities within California’s Silicon Valley and South Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, however elsewhere too, there are ‘today’ more portions of ‘The Enterprise’ scattered worldwide where today we now see technocrats of yesteryear, now billionaires leading workplaces changing ‘global population thought’ through ”cleverbut insidious schemes of device technologies linked to social media platforms’ they now ‘control’ by ‘engineering’ aimed specifically at ‘androidizing’ our ‘all humanbeings’ in a maniacal rush toward “Transhumanism.” And, these particular ‘elitists of the worst kind’ are not talking ‘science-fiction, although you might ‘think that’s all they’re referring-to’, however this is ‘very real’ and you will be witnessing this very soon; from those of XEROX PARC to GOOGLE today.

Video Clip Reference

Under the control of SPC INTERNATIONAL, a holding company for U.S. government secret Black Project Programs, assigned-out to thousands of ‘private-sector’ companies worldwide come ‘federal tax collected monies’ for research, development and manufactoring contracts upon actual but secret recommendations of SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION ( SPC ) whose ‘clients’ include, amongst a myriad of others, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ), NSA, DOD, DHS, FBI and a plethora of others plus a whole plethora of private-sector contractors ( e.g. MITRE CORPORATION, BELL LABORATORIES, BOSTON DYNAMICS, RAYTHEON CORPORATION, etc., etc. ), which former U.S. President Dwight D.Eisenhower – within his ‘Farewell To The Nation’ speech – generally referred-to as “The Military Industrial Complex” being the single most dangerous threat from ‘within’ America. And, decades later – during a U.S. Senate Hearing investigation into America’s Iran-Contra scandal dealing with “State actor” terrorist nations, when the American people saw the sworn testimony of Oliver North, now Retired USMC Brigadier General, expose what he identified as “The Enterprise” “government within a government” ‘militarized industrial complex’ plan to “re-write The Constitution of the United States” to remove American civil rights and liberties that were originally granted to U.S. citizens.

[ NOTE: An early co-partner entity TRIDATA CORPORATION was instrumental for SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION or SPC ( see futher below for more on SPC ) forming what became the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ). ]

Video Clip References

‘Enterprise’ is defined as, a “dangerous undertaking,” which for the United States ‘military industrial complex’ would be an understatement should anyone ever ‘out the truth’ of it ‘all’.

The SPC ‘Teaming Division’ employed a relative of Edward Snowden as a ‘Network Administrator’ bridging the DOD Defense Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) telecomputing and telecommunications gateway so the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) could securely serve interactions of all other U.S. federal government agencies with SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION controlling “mission directives” with all federal contractors within the military and space Science & Technologies ( S&T ) Division of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ).

DARPA Mind Mapping

DARPA has already ‘mapped human brain genes’ to determine people’s ‘behaviors’ and are able to identify ‘religious fanatics’ by scanning their heads, and coordinating human body transformations for federally contracted private-sector manufacture of ‘humanoid cyborg clones incorporating ‘spiritual behavorisms’.


In order to ‘attain’ goals appearing to outsiders as ‘insurmountable’, for ‘any problem’ or ‘remedy’, America’s federal government survivability reliance depends on SPC.

How does the U.S. government, along with other nations ‘already aligned with’ the “Russia 2045 Plan” intend to execute such a global plan?

There are a variety of workable concepts SPC, along with others, have in-mind.

One must never believe that Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil are the only ‘masterminds’ to Russia 2045 do you? I would hope you recognize more.

And, were one were to ask whether ‘The Club Of Rome’ ‘committee’ of ‘consultants’ are additionally involved, then an affirmation ‘would’ point at that collective too.

It is a global behemoth with many child prodigies tasking many multiple projects coordinated by SPC knowing no bounds after all is said and done.

Here ( below ) is an enterprising entity worthy of closer review:

SOURCE: Wikipedia.Com

Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung ( System Analysis and Program Development – SAPD ) became known as System Analysis Program GmBH or ‘SAP GmBH’ today.


In 1975, when America’s XEROX aimed to exit the computer industry in 1975, they asked IBM to ‘migrate their business systems to IBM technology’.

As part of IBM compensation for that migration, IBM was given rights to the Scientific Data Systems ( SDS ) / SAPE software, reportedly for a ‘contract credit’…

Five ( 5 ) IBM engineers, from the Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) Department, Herr Dietmar Hopp, Klaus Tschira, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner and Claus Wellenreuther ( all from Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg ) were working in an Enterprise wide system based on this software, only to be told it would no longer be necessary.

In June 1970, rather than abandon ‘the project’, they decided to leave IBM Tech and ‘start another company’ by founding Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung ( ‘System Analysis and Program Development’ ) as a ‘private partnership’ company.

Today, ‘SAP GmBH’ is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, with regional offices in 130 countries.[2] The company has over 293,500 customers in 190 countries.

More …


“SAP is funding a project to assess and educate autistic children. It has also launched an initiative to hire employees with autism and Asperger syndrome, citing their intelligence in the IT field and attention to detail; SAP aims to compose 1% of its workforce with autistic people by the year 2020. In May 2013, 6 people had been employed.”

More …



EXCERPT ( above )

While there is no evidence proving ‘SAP’ is devising such an Enterprise for such as what’s alluded-to ( above ), the ‘concept’ having been put forward now ‘does exist’ for further review.

The matter of “When is time” may only continue to remain elusive for some but no longer for others having reviewed all herein.

Learning how-to “focus” one’s attention for the ‘attainment’ of one’s ‘goals’ to ‘control their future’ is the greatest leap forward that mankind can be today, for those otherwise ‘refusing to accept and then begin exercising their naturally inherent powerful abilities’ will become destined future victims by the year 2045.

About The Author

If you enjoyed reviewing my report let me know, and if you’d like to support my research for furthering my effortings, please review how to help my situation, which I explain a little more about, within the link ( below ):

Thank you for your time.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

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