by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

May 18, 2016

LOS ANGELES – Fascinated by a ‘mind control’ technique ( “Psi” ) Russians began employing by the 1960s to remotely control United States Ballistic Missile Defense ( BMD ) systems.

‘Psi’, by the early 1970s – while on active duty status as an intelligence specialist ( in ’51’ areas ) – I came to be aware that ‘inside’ America missile silo remote location control-rooms employed a ‘Psi countermeasure’ designed to defeat what I later learned was “remote viewing,” and while that United States government intelligence countermeasure bordered on the macabre – a specially sealed glass jar containing blood mixed with human hair – I also learned ‘when’ and ‘how’ to deploy the jar on the floor of the controlroom adjacent its two ( 2 ) control operators for nuclear missile launching. I did ‘not know’ whether ‘certain missile site control-rooms’ possessed that “nonreferenceable” secret countermeasure or whether all nuclear missile control-rooms elsewhere ( i.e. land, sea, air, or space-based ) did too. In 1971, I worked inside an underground U.S. government ‘intelligence library’ in Colorado where later I was ‘verbally reprimanded’ for performing “too much reading.”

The Matrix

Today, I learned that the Russia government intelligence services are performing some relatively ‘new field intelligence techniques’, which for U.S. citizens present a ‘clear and present danger’ that apparently no one is talking about, which needs to be exposed.

While I am unfamiliar with all aspects of this ‘national security threat’, I have earlier mentioned something termed “entrainment” technology deployed through certain America government-embedded mainstream news media broadcasters whom are likely foreign government Counter-Intelligence agents in-place, and ‘that issue’ when combined with new Russia intelligence techniques ‘is’ now cause for considerable alarm.

Little did I realize, until recently, that what Russia government intelligence is lecturing their Counter-Intelligence officers about in secret training sessions is a ‘technique’ that makes the book ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ ( by, Maxwell M. Maltz ) tantamount to a nursery book for children about Play-Dough.

How-To Rule The World

The Russians call this new field intelligence technique “CP” or “Conceptual Power,” an all-powerful concept difficult to understand for most people of reasonable intelligence.

‘Conceptual Powers’ or ‘CP’ differs from all other abilities in the way they function.

Essentially, while ‘various skills’ and ‘supernatural abilities’ require the user to ‘direct their own effort and attention’, in order to achieve the desired result, applying CP ‘acts directly through their associated concept’.

The user merely needs to ‘guide the concept’ to ‘function as they desire’, and ‘it will provide the effects’; if ‘they’ are ‘within its scope’.

As a consequence, CP abilities tend to be incredibly powerful and versatile.

Within the scope of ‘their concepts’, they are ‘almost limitless’ in ‘their potential’.

Having almost no cost as’to their use, CP can be employed so long as, ‘the one possessing the power’ exercises ‘their will’ with ‘mental clarity’ to ‘direct the ability’.

And, those developing full mastery over ‘their abilities’ may even ‘control them on an unconscious level’; having ‘the world automatically rearrange itself’ to ‘suit their will’.

The following video is of an FSB ( formerly known as the “KGB” ) “World Management” classroom session held in St. Petersburg, Russia where the lecture is provided by professor Efimov Victor Alekseyevich ( rector of St. Petersburg State Agrarian University / SPbSAU holding a doctorate in science and economics ) introducing the very ‘basics’ of “CP” ( Conceptual Powers ); below.

I have only performed cursory searches on the subject of “Conceptual Powers” interalia “CP” and netted only the following “Research References” ( further listed below ).

The English subtitles are difficult to see within this video lecture ‘partial’, however you may find some portions containing information that will surprise you, and then make you wonder how “entrainment” takes place through America’s mainstream media broadcasts.


Translated with English sub-titles is this Partial Lecture, here:


Russian language Full Lecture, here:

Research References:

The professors presentation makes one wonder what the “two ( 2 ) lies” are that ‘most of the American population’ have come to believe, and what elitists know is the ‘real’ “truth” today.

It would appear entering “The Matrix” via our own ‘government intelligence’ propaganda machine ( e.g. radio, television, and the internet ) was easier than than we once thought.

The question now, is: “How-to deal with our programmed illusory belief system?”

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

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