by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – May 20, 2016 – The U.S. Department of the Army, in cooperation with 20th Century Fox motion picture studios have jointly designed, produced and is now deploying America public release of a series of ‘devious’ state-of-the-art Psychological Operations ( Psy-Ops ) space-age military entrainment recruiting commmercials employing video game like and video spot advertisements targeting attentions of parents and moreover inexperienced minds of sons and daughters within the ‘American family circle’.

Nationwide Alert Now Underway

Unwittingly, American families are u dergoing a barraged of devious state-of-the-art U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects ( DARPA ) military specialist recruitment tactic effortings through public television commercials being aired up and down the eastern seaboard coastline of the United States, which began hitting the State of Vermont last night ( May 17, 2016 ) and is expected to spread across American television nationwide very soon.

Government Programming Populations

And, by “devious,” is meant that this joint clever Psy-Ops venture intrinscally links a ‘private-sector’ Big Corporate America motion picture industry film company ( 20th Century Fox ) into bed with the U.S. federal government ‘militarization of civilian population minds’ has been ‘strategically marketed’ for “Generation-X” parents whom quickly recall ( and ‘relate-to’ ) their own earlier “1996” American film indoctrination of “Independence Day: July 4th” ( also known as ) “ID4” – predecessor for their “Millennial” children’s militarized indoctrination – just ahead of July 4th ( on June 24, 2016 ) with their very own “Independence Day: Resurgence” film.

U.S. President Hillary Clinton Future-Speak?

Curiously, the ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ film depicts not only a ‘female’ U.S. President but one whose voice ( when addressing the American Nation ) provides ‘succinct air gaps between her words’ somewhat akin to how Hillary Clinton addresses the public during her recent campaign for President of the United States. Interestingly, in the upcoming film the female U.S. President address to the Nation is extremely design reminescent of the “swearing-in platforms” of most all U.S. Presidents; however, ‘you be the judge’.

Can you recognize the difference between these two ( 2 ) commercial videos ( immediately below )?

20th Century Fox ( official ):


U.S. Army ( official ):

What ‘Is’ Science-Fiction, Which Is Really ‘No Illusion’?

One cannot so easily dismiss the U.S. Army military upon reviewing their Millennial children’s ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ movie advertisements on television, which is currently being mixed-right-into U.S. Army military recruitment commercials today in America where subliminal programming of both ‘adults’ and ‘children’ are being caught-up with the high-tech manner they do not easily recognize, which is ‘why’ this report is so important to everyone young and old too.

Dangerous New Beginnings

A foundational basis and more factual showing of this U.S. military Psy-Ops on the American public ( and its youth ) is further provided by this brief introductory ‘official speech’ recently and formally presented by the U.S. Department of the Army Chief-of-Staff General Mark Milley warning ROTC graduates of what they “will be fighting interalia “Hybrid Armies” and “Little Green Men” seen in the following very-brief video clip:

E.T. Aliens To Attack Earth?

Now, we can see just where the U.S. military is taking the ‘American Family Unit’ with public government indoctrination videos seen within this ‘official’ presentation where the U.S. Army terms its “Earth Space Defense” ( ESD ) lies by subliminal command and control Psy-Ops showing ‘former military parental support’ by recitations of a father speaking about ‘his 1996 experience fighting them ( Aliens ) and his ‘female child’ ( an active duty member of the military ) when the film camera pans-over to a wall displaying the ‘front page of a newspaper headline’ entitled, “Victory – Aliens Defeated” and even-further parental comments as-to ‘his confidence about his daughter’ “defending the Planet” as seen in the following ‘official’ “U.S. Army” military recruitment video:

Kicking this U.S. government military Psy-Ops commercial message up a notch, the U.S. Army “Earth Space Defense” ( ‘ESD’ ) goes even-further by presenting the following video commercial advertisement mentioning “U.S. Army” ‘job positions’ itemizing “ExtraTerrestrial BioGeneticist” and “MicroBiologist” in the following military recruitment video:

Here’s a little more:

U.S. Army Cryptaris To Astronauts

Upon the advent of the U.S. Army entry into the Geospatial Intelligence Community, America’s military – through the brainchild of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) ‘high school student recruiting program’ – designed to prepare their young soldiers for an entirely different “battlespace” by first attracting the attention of computer video game “gamers” whom many American familes witnessed sprouting-up from within their homes, however the U.S. military decidedly began ‘cashing-in’ on their ‘corporate’ psychological “Conceptual Powers” ( “CP” ) to ‘capture the minds of American youth’ and ‘militarize adolesent mind talents’ applicable for adult “warfaring” jobs indicated by these ‘official’ U.S. Army video commercials:–OT3eiPJI

In cooperation with the U.S. National Aeroautics and Space Administration ( NASA ), the U.S. Army has gone more than just ‘one step beyond’ and now ‘physically’ into ‘outer space’ preparing U.S. Army soldiers as ‘astronauts’ indicated by this ‘official’ U.S. Department of Defense ( DOD ) video commercial:

It is important to note progressive, however clandestine national defense is emerging, steps taken by the U.S. federal government preparing more and more of its citizenry for what lies ahead.

Crucial to the survivability of human beings way-of-life is, that we as a race of Earth’s planetary beings grow commensurately intelligently-tolerable of all life’s and in understanding frailties, whether amidst our ‘inner space’, ‘outer space’, or that of another’s space and time dimensional way-of-life, it is ‘not enough’ to focis on self-enhancements without proffering other species what we would want for our children too.

And if threats be upon any, it is foremost we not only ‘know’ but also ‘how we prepare’ to act in-keeping with appropriately exemplary good stewardship.

In response to the U.S. Army “Earth Space Defense” and its sloganeering to “Defend Tommorrow” I submit that if American ‘families’ wait until “tommorrow” to “defend” themself and their loved-ones against the aforementioned encroachments by the U.S. Intelligence Community and the ‘militarized private sector’ that a revolutionary plan by citizens of its population may already be ‘too late’.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com/




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