by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – May 16, 2016 – A series of articles where history reconstruction and democratic revolution considered as a KGB project is bringing considerable world attention bearing review not only from the standpoint of populations struggling with so much radical change in their socio-economic life but also from within aspects of their survivability as members of the human race as people face international political uproar from a host of countries threatening them; including, ‘their own’.

While we read propaganda as-to such struggles it is important to discern facts from fictional accountings that many people are more apt to believe from mainstream news media broadcasts, and coupled with the information mix presented by alternative media people are found swimming somewhere in-between searching for answers to their lives; attempting to sort-out the truth as-to where their future may rest.

I’ve been preaching about multinational corporate conglomerates using governments as their highly paid foreign and domestic “security guards” while others focus on a few individuals ( e.g. Rothschild, Soros, et. al. ) or ‘secret societies’ ( e.g. P-2, Illuminati ), or ‘clandestine agenda organizations’ ( e.g. The Club Of Rome, Committee of 300, RAND CORORATION, BASF, MONSANTO, etc. ). Narrowing all this down may seem possible to some, until you delve into more, and ‘this’ is ‘more’; much of what’s never come to light – until now.

Without presenting a myriad of global intelligence information details ( herein ) about what I just stumbled upon, I believe it’s important enough to share. An interesting source where one can go at their own pace down plenty of rabbit-hole intrigues unlike any spans I’ve ever personally encountered as a former member of the government intelligence community and later as a global information asset who ‘thought’ he ‘knew the whole picture’ according to Sino-Soviet war plans operations training and other related experiences during the course of more than 40-years.

It was ‘this’, and other information ( see, e.g. “Table Of Contents,” further below), which caught my old Cold War era ( Russia government of the Soviet Union versus America U.S. government ) eye recently:

“Putin is going to create a semblance of the Soviet Union” ( see, e.g. May 9, 2006 Vladimir Bukovsky questions interviewing Elena Cojocaru in Brasov, Romania ).

And so, how could this possibly be effectuated ‘after’ the ‘Cold War’?

From terrorist factions of yesteryear up-through and including today ( and into the future ), the information I recently discovered was only written in the ‘Russian’ language, however because it is so voluminous, I only translated ( for this brief report of my own – herein ) its “Table Of Contents” prefaced by only one ( 1 ) excerpt ( see below ) for public review ‘after’ I personally traversed several portions of the intelligence data provided, which I found extremely ‘enlightening’ to say the ‘very least’ warranting far more review than I could present.

Material, I left for public translation and further review was the near purchase by Soros of Dresden, Germany that many might find more interesting so, I provide only the webpage link ( immediately below ) for ‘that’ information involving mentions of Arabs, Mossad, The Clintons and others; complex – ‘read between the lines’ and ‘research exercise’:




Upon my own adventures with this information, I thought about the current ‘proposed’ “changing of the guard” in America now underway within the ‘electoral’ “process” viewing the two ( 2 ) super power candidates of the Clinton and Trump camps, causing me to reflect on what I had just reviewed; information going on in the world behind the scenes few ever realized; where ‘Global Capital Intelligence Mafia Clans’ reign supreme over foreign and domestic good stewardship actually being led to steer different courses by yet ‘other navigators’ the public never knew; until now.

Here, immediately ( below ), is a ‘brief excerpt’ exemplifying only some of the material that the “Table Of Contents” ( further below ) provides within ‘behind the scenes’ histories:

– –

COURTESY ( Google Translation ): Kentron Intellect Research

SOURCE: Oleg Grechenevsky Journalism [ [email protected] ]

The Origins of Our Democratic Regime

by, Oleg Grechenevsky

[ EXCERPT ( below ) ]

Clan Affiliation – Heads Of Governments Of Land

We’ll start with East Germany – that is, with the five ( 5 ) federal lands, which were restored in 1990 in the former German Democratic Republic ( GDR ), through the merger of fifteen ( 15 ) previous smaller districts. It Thuringia, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt.

We had initially strong impulse without a detailed record of the proceedings all the eastern lands in family asset KGB clan. Since, as we have previously found in the united Germany have long remained virtually the only one of our KGB mafia clan, who first seized control of the leadership of the GDR, and then began to dominate almost the whole of Germany, moreover, long before the official reunification of the country.

And, all the secret CIA agents operating in the GDR, was from the outset identified and recruited by the Stasi counterintelligence. Moreover, some researchers have reported that ninety percent ( 90% ) of large and secret agents of the West German BND intelligence in the GDR, too, suffered this fate.

But on the other hand, after the reunification of Germany led by the governments of some of the eastern lands West German citizens were delivered – and thousands of officials were sent from West Germany in the city of the former GDR, to help it to establish democracy and to build capitalism.

Of course, that among these figures could well be the Mafia and the CIA representatives. Especially in the first years after the reunification of Germany in this mafia it was still very strong friendship with the family clan of KGB.

After the first signs of cooling of relations between the two ( 2 ) mafia groups we registered in Russia only since the summer of 1997 ( the conflict over the privatization of “Svyazinvest” group ).

So, now we have the opportunity to find out how far came this friendship between the two mafias during the 1990s in Germany.

In general, we should all just in case look the same, and to the heads of governments of the five East German lands. Especially that some of these figures have been very interesting and instructive biography …


1. Manfred Stolpe ( Manfred Stolpe ) – Prime Minister of Brandenburg on 1 November 1990 to 26 June 2002. The party of the SPD. He was Federal Minister of Transport from 2002 until 2005. KGB family clan.

2. Matthias Platzeck ( Matthias Platzeck ) – Prime Minister of Brandenburg from June 26, 2002 to August 28, 2013. The party of the SPD. A former physician, hygiene specialist from the GDR. From February to April 1990 Matthias Platzeck was part of the last GDR government Green Party, as minister without portfolio.

In November 1990, Platzeck came from “green” to the government of Brandenburg, where he received the post of Minister of the Environment.

In 1994, he joined the SPD in order to save his ministerial post in the new government, Manfred Stolpe.

And, when Manfred Stolpe in June 2002 was appointed by the federal minister, he conveyed his longtime ally Platzeck Prime Minister of Brandenburg.

Another step on the summit of power Platzeck made in November 2005, when he was elected Chairman of the SPD.

This meant that at the 2009 parliamentary elections for the post of Chancellor of Germany might well have to fight among themselves two ( 2 ) former gedeerovtsa, Matthias Platzeck of the SPD, and CDU of Angela Merkel.

But this still did not happen, because in April 2006, Platzeck resigned as chairman of the SPD, as he then was diagnosed with cancer.

In August 2013, he resigned for health reasons, and with the post of head of government of Brandenburg.

Matthias Platzeck, most likely belongs to a mafia with unmasked Stasi agent Manfred Stolpe – that is, to the family clan of KGB.

Since the German analysts believe Platzeck of Brandenburg protege of Prime Minister Stolpe, in which he played the role of “Crown Prince” ( Message for 22.06.2002: , Message for 2.12.2009: ).

Even a bar to illustrate. Report for November 19, 2014 as follows:

“According to German media reports, the head of the German-Russian forum Matthias Platzeck called on the West to show flexibility and accept the Crimea Russian territory, settling its accession to international legal terms after the fact” ( ).

Naturally, this statement Platzeck has caused outrage in the West. But Manfred Stolpe then stood up for his friend:

December 23, 2014, he gave an interview where said Matthias Platzeck supposedly “misunderstood” ( ). Yes, it is correct then it is actually realized …

But, as we have said, the German politicians from the family clan of KGB configured on the Ukraine question is somewhat more conciliatory than war-like tsereushniki Germany.

Some indications of the clan affiliation Platzeck can also learn in his classes of business. However, while he was an active politician, he was a member of the management of some companies only in his office, that does not count. After resigning as head of the state government, he was obviously unable to properly engage in the business of disease. Nevertheless, in July 2014 it was reported that Matthias Platzeck became a member of the Supervisory Board of the Potsdam film studio, Studio Babelsberg.

So, the company’s Supervisory Board consists of only three ( 3 ) people. And it is headed by Roland Folz ( Roland Folz ) who in 2011 took a major position on the Board of DEUTSCHE BANK. ( )

We recall, just in case, that DEUTSCHE BANK ranks fourth ( 4th ) on our list of “standard” ‘family companies KGB clan’. ( So now Platzeck certainly will get in their good company “salary,” and he will have the money for expensive treatment of cancer ).

[ EXCERPT ( above ) ]

More …


– –

While the majority of the material ( above ) appears biased, the cruxt of intelligence details is not so much and thereby others far more intelligence ‘insights’ and ‘clues’ to far more – for analysis.

Upon iinitiating morw in-depth review, one must be continually reminded this material is ‘real World’ more-so than mindless ramblings of some fictionally historic high finance terrorist spy novel. Factual accountings, together with the Author’s ‘research references’ nails critiquing quite well while adding a decent dose of your own ‘reading between the lines’ of information certainly spells-out far more hidden; and, to be recognized by intelligence academics whom will be riveted by so many revelations presented that may only be described by some as stemming from the more secret side of what perhaps may be the last vestige of Russia’s ( President Gorbachev’s ) Kremlin ‘old guard’ or offspring thereof.

The material compiled and condensed is comprehensive within its extensive production, which to-date has not been revised into English except by reasonable facsimile brief references herein my report.

– –

COURTESY ( Google Translation ): Kentron Intellect Research

SOURCE: Oleg Grechenevsky Journalism [ [email protected] ]

The Origins of Our Democratic Regime

by, Oleg Grechenevsky


Part 1 ( Read ): How it all began. What are power “agencies.” KGB in forefront of struggle for restructuring. Victory of forces of democracy. A few words about Comrade Kryuchkov. Soldiers of the invisible front. Phenomenon of Sobchak. August 1991, who won and who lost. Boris Yeltsin mirror of Russia democracy. Our great leader and teacher, comrade Putin. Methods of Russia special services amidst conditions of freedom and democracy. 

Part 2: Yeltsin and Korzhakov. Gangster State’s not so bad. 

Part 3: Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov. Andropov and Gorbachev. 1982, a crucial year. Too late. Gorbachev and Romanov. Chebrikov and hooks. Kryuchkov and the August coup. Secrets of the Foreign Intelligence Service. Who really rules the country. Note to Part 3 Read –>

Part 4: Foreign intelligence at Cherbrikov. The rear base of foreign intelligence. Within some “mafia” intelligence entered Kryuchkov? August 1991, a new version of events. Andropov as the founder of the “European mafia.” The victory of democracy. Europe has always overcome Asia! 

Part 5: Summary. Unbreakable union of free republics. Secret Agent. Great way of heroin. As KGB mafia divides the stolen money. Noble community. Money should grow and push!

Part 6: New look at combating KGB clans. The struggle for power after the death of Andropov. Who was the father of democracy? Phenomenon Stepashin. Unity and enmity of the two mafias. 

Part 7: “European mafia” foreign intelligence. 

Part 8: “European mafia” foreign intelligence – addition. “Asian mafia” foreign intelligence.

SECTION 9: “European mafia” – addition “Asian mafia” foreign intelligence addition 

Part 10: New look at combating KGB faction within the ruling mafia. Gaidar and his team. The first split in the ruling mafia, October 1993. Independent Ichkeria. 

Part 11: Fight against terrorism. Further disintegration of “Asian mafia.” Top of democracy, loans auctions. Oligarchs. 

Part 12: Oligarchs, continued. Hot summer 1996. President Administration with Chubais. The second government Chernomyrdin. Landscape after the battle. 

Part 13: 1997, lull between storms. Administration of the President in 1997. Third ( 3rd ) government Chernomyrdin. Chubais battle with Berezovsky. 1998, the year of default. Kiriyenko Government. The Primakov government. Administration of the President in Autumn 1998. 

Part 14: Intensification of the struggle within the ruling elite at the end of 1998. The Stepashin government. Putin and RDX. Putin government and the Presidential Administration. Black September. 

Part 15: Presidential Administration in 2000. Mikhail Kasyanov’s Cabinet. Power structures under Putin. 2002, year of the “Nord-Ost”. 2003, Presidential Administration. 2004, government and Administration of the President. 

Part 16: “Young Economists” Gaidar-Chubais. All-Union Scientific Research Institute for System Studies. “The Political Bureau of the Commission.” International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Central Economics and Mathematics Institute 

Part 17: Chubais and his team. Worshop Snake Jam. International professional club “Perestroika” “Synthesis” Discussion Club. Institute of Economics and Forecasting of scientific and technical progress 

Part 18: Spring 2004, Chebrikov Kryuchkov and Yeltsin and Luzhkov Iosif Kobzon 

Part 19: 1990s Gangster War in Moscow ( Movska ). Vladimir Filin drug mafia. 

Part 20: Why is European police not fighting our Mafia? KGB ( continued ) “Moscow clan.” Shabtai Kalmanovich. Boris Birstein. Grigory Luchansky. Semyon Mogilevich. Read the Author’s appeal.

Part 21: “Owl Gang again in battle”… to put drug dealers out of the Mafia’s foreign intelligence is now quite impossible – neither in Russia, nor even in the West,” Berezovsky Clan Arkady Gaydamak Lev Leviev…. To Read – Appendix №1 to 21 parts – To read – Appendix №2 to 21 parts

Part 22: Reshuffle in November 2005. The KGB and the CIA. Secret KGB institutions. Collapse of Soviet Empire or sweet Misha. Letter VK Bukovsky

Part 23: Role of the USSR State Committee for the establishment of democracy in Russia. “Parallel Center” KGB prepare for economic reform. Grigory Yavlinsky or Taming of the Shrew. Team USSR State Committee 

PART 24: The one actually running the Owl gang? New look at combating KGB groups. Doom 1999. In service of world capital. Terrorist attack September 11, 2001 ( 9/11 ). Business and mutually beneficial cooperation between CIA and KGB. Annex to part 24 -To read ->

Part 25: Correspondence with the Author of the book characters. President Yeltsin and his “family”. 

1994, the first split within the KGB mafia. Appendix 25 to Read ->

Part 26: KGB wolves in sheep’s clothing. Export of weapons and KGB clans. Overthrow of General Korzhakov. 1997, second ( 2nd ) largest split in Kremlin geometry. Chekist “triangle”. 

Part 27: New Putin will be Sergei Ivanov. Which mafia operates Kasyanov? Kiriyenko Government or Kremlin theater of the absurd. Primakov government. Annex to 27 – To read ->

Part 28: Fall of Primakov government. Stepashin’s government and the Kremlin has taken a pause. Putin government. Annex to 28 – To read ->

Part 29: International Relations Of Our KGB mafia. A new look at the US ruling clans. Enduring friendships: the CIA and the KGB – brothers forever! Chekist mafia in United States. Appendix № 1 to 29 – To read -> Appendix № 2 to 29 – To read -> 

Part 30: al-Qaida and CIA. What kind of secret service now runs al-Qaeda? The fight with terrorists during reign of Nicholas II. The fight against Islamic terrorism, the America special services. Appendix № 1 to 30 – To read -> Appendix № 2 to 30 – To read -> 

Part 31: Submarine journey in the steppes of Ukraine. Yanukovych clan. Clan Yushchenko. Clan Tymoshenko. Ukraine “power triangle” similar to Russian Orange Revolution. 

Part 32: Mafia clans Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev clan James Giffen – … or feat of America intelligence Timur Kulibayev – Yubimy in-law of President CREDIT AGRICOLE INDOSUEZ – Favorite Bank President Nazarbayev. 

Part 33: Moscow clan in Kazakhstan. Grouping of former Prime Minister Tereshchenko Rakhat Aliyev -. Former President Nazarbayev’s son-in “Family” clan mafia KGB-CIA Kazakhstan grouping of former Prime Minister Kazhegeldin Grouping oligarch Mashkevich. Fighting Mafia clans KGB in Kazakhstan. A new look at birth of Putin regime in Russia. Kazakhstan oil and big politics. 

Part 34: Fight KGB clans in Georgia in the early 1990s. A new look at collapse of Soviet Empire in 1991. Overthrow of President Gamsakhurdia. Calling Edward Shevardnadze kingdom. The war in Abkhazia. 

Part 35: Freddy Woodruff, or America resident bug. As Edward Shevardnadze became real ruler of Georgia. President Shevardnadze’s overthrow. The new Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili. 

Part 36: Poland and democracy. Polish revolution of 1980 – 1981 years. Lech Walesa, father of Polish democracy. Restructuring in Poland. First attempt of lustration in Poland. 

Part 37: Vladimir Alganov, or our people in Warsaw Revelation Chekist Alganov Statstika mortality acting Deputies of the Sejm …

Part 38: “Prague Spring” in 1968. Czechoslovakia after the “normalization”. Story of a good collective farm in Moravia. Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Part 39: Vaclav Havel, the father chehoslovatskoy democracy. Vaclav Klaus – the second President of Czech Republic. Fighting between clans in the Czech Republic.

Part 40: Activities of mafia secret services in Germany. “Plutonium scam”. History of the main cleric of the German Democratic Republic ( GDR ). Erich Mielke – the dinosaur era of Stalinism.

Part 41: Markus Wolf, chief of best intelligence in world. Chancellor Brandt. Chancellor Kohl. Vice Chancellor Geshner. Chancellor Schroeder and Vice-Chancellor Fischer. Chancellor Merkel. Chekist business in GDR. Billionaire from the Stasi. George Soros almost bought Dresden.

Part 42: New Look at America clans ruling world. How it all began in America. Calculation of the security services of the American Mafia clans.

Part 43: America President Bill Clinton Administration.

Part 44: America President George Bush Administration

Part 45: America President Barrack Obama’s Cabinet

Part 46: New look at America clan of Mafia security services. Activities of Mafia Secret Services in the UK. As in Russia, the first ( 1st ) security officers appeared.

Part 47: Mafia foreign intelligence, how it all began. The last Stalin years. “Ordered to survive.” Andropov and Hungary events of 1956. Rise of Andropov.

Part 48: KGB mafia source found! Finland, as homeland of our foreign intelligence mafia. East Germany, as a bulwark KGB mafia. India, a country of KGB miracles. How to seize intelligence leadership of Counter-Intelligence ( C-I ).

Part 49: Brezhnev, KGB mafia frontman. From Andropov to Gorbachev: ideological differences within the KGB mafia.

Part 50: The first ( 1st ) government Silaeva.

Part 51: The second ( 2nd ) government Silaeva. The Government of the Yeltsin – Gaidar.

Part 52: The first ( 1st ) government Chernomyrdin.

Part 53: Resignations and appointments in the first ( 1st ) Chernomyrdin government. A new look at splitting the pro-America clan of KGB. The second ( 2nd ) government Chernomyrdin.

Part 54: New look at inter-clan war in 1997. Kiriyenko Government. The Primakov government.

Part 55: The Stepashin government. First ( 1st ) government of Putin.

Part 56: Mikhail Kasyanov’s Cabinet. The first ( 1st ) government of Fradkov.

Part 57: Second ( 2nd ) government of Fradkov. Zubkov. Putin second ( 2nd ) government. Medvedev Government …

Part 58: 1992 – 1998, leaders of federal government …

Part 59: 1998 until 2012, heads of federal authorities.

Part 60: Capitals Chekist clan from 1997 to 2005.

Part 61: Capitals Chekist clan from 2006 to 2012.

Part 62: Heads of Russian regions clan affiliation in 1992.

Part 63: Russian clan-heads of the regions c 1992 to 1994.

Part 64: Clan membership of heads of regions of Russia from 1995 until 1998.

Part 65: Clan membership of heads of regions of Russia from 1999 until 2005.

Part 66: Clan membership of heads of Russian regions from 2006 to 2010.

Part 67: Clan membership of heads of regions of Russia from 2011 until 2013.  Russia’s ruling elite – a summary for the years 1992 – 2013.

Part 68: President Kravchuk Board. President Kuchma Board. President Yushchenko Board. President Yanukovych board. Capitals KGB clans of Ukraine.

Part 69: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.  Chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan. Capitals KGB clans Kazakhstan.

Part 70: Board President Gamsakhurdia. Board President Shevardnadze. President Saakashvili Board. The capital of Georgia KGB clans.

Part 71: Board Prime Minister Kebich. Board President Lukashenko. Vladimir Peftiev, the only Belarusia billionaire.

SECTION 72: Board President Ter-Petrosian. President Kocharian Board. President Sargsyan Board.

Part 73: Board President Mutalibov. President Elchibey Board. President of the Heydar Aliyev Board. President Ilham Aliyev Board. Fight KGB clans in the first half of the 1980s.

Part 74: Uzbekistan. President Karimov. Vice President Mirsaidov. The Prime Ministers of Uzbekistan. Chairmen of the National Security Service of Uzbekistan. Tajikistan. Presidents of Tajikistan. Prime Minister of Tajikistan. Heads of special services of Tajikistan.

Part 75: May, Turkmenistan. The presidents of Turkmenistan. Heads of State Security of Turkmenistan. Kyrgyzstan. Pravlenie President Akayev. President Bakiyev Board. President Otunbayeva Board. President Atambayev Board.

Part 76: KGB capitals of the West. Capitals KGB clans for all countries ( Summary Table ).

Part 77: Board of Prime Ministers and Vagnoryusa Abishaly. Board of Presidents Brazauskas, Adamkus and Paksas Grybauskaite. St. Petersburg group of volunteers in Lithuania

SECTION 78: July, Latvia. Estonia.

Part 79: Moldova. Summing over all the former Soviet republics.

Part 80: Poland. Board President Lech Walesa, Aleksander Kwasniewski, Lech Kaczynski and Bronislaw Komorowski. KGB capital of Poland.

Part 1: August, Poland. Secret Agent security Lech Walesa.

Part 2: August, Czechoslovakia. Czech Republic. Slovakia.

Part 3: August, Hungary. Bulgaria.

Part 4: August, Romania. Summing up the results of the former socialist countries of Europe.

Part 8: May, German companies closely associated with the KGB mafia.

Part 6: August, NEW Board of Chancellor Kohl. Chancellor Schroeder Board.

Part 7: August, NEW Board of Chancellor Merkel. German presidents.

Part 8: August, NEW FRG. Clan membership of heads of state governments.

Part 8: September, NEW Distribution German capital by mafia clans.


About the Author – Petersburger:

Born in 1952. Was a street book salesman. Education: incomplete, higher education ( Department of Physics and History Faculty of the Leningrad State University ). He took part in the informal movement ( Leningrad People’s Front, “the Committee in support of the Baltic States”, the Committee “Hands off Chechnya” ). The picketers, who held the “Anti-War Committee” every Sunday at 14:00 hours in front of the Kazan Cathedral.


– –


Submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: [email protected]


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