by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

LOS ANGELES – April 23, 2016 – A prominent U.S. Department of Defense

fellow named Dr. Steven R. Pieczenik is reported still working for DoD

and still sharing information with Alex Jones who has a cadre of yet

‘other insiders’; one mutually shared with Donald Trump – and I am

thinking Pieczenik could be the individual Trump bases his claims on (

about 9/11 ).

We also saw recently a mouthpiece for Hillary Clinton claiming ‘inside

knowledge’ about Extraterrestrial Biological Entities ( EBE ) as well

as UFO matters too.

It’s as though these two ( 2 ) U.S. Presidential candidates are trying

to not only ‘capture belief-groups of people’ they’re additionally

‘targeting attentions’ now from “conspiracy theory” people too.

Disclose.TV jumped in-to a ‘2002 era’ information release RE: Bin

Laden having already died, according to Pieczenik.

Interestingly, Wikipedia ‘has’ recently written-out DoD Dr.

Pieczenik’s claims of this by re-writing what Wikipedia once had in

print online about Pieczenik who now sees a blanket-edited stating

only his “believing in a number of conspiracy theories” without giving

any ‘specifics’ as to ‘what’ they are.

Facts about this Bin Laden claim of Pieczenik’s was one thing, not

included in my UPI Guy report: “CIA Wanted Publicity Entrainment – Bin

Laden’s Real Death” claiming Bin Laden died of ‘natural causes’ in

“2001” – ‘not’ just the “2006” date ‘only 1 video claimed’ therein

where I cited both an ‘active duty’ U.S. general in the military, an

assassinated former leader of Pakistan, plus a few supportive reluable

sources other than Pieczenik.

Does Pieczenik’s claim coincide with the U.S. general? Maybe, but if

Pieczenik’s did it came ‘later’ in “2002,” ‘not’ “2001.”

Since DiscloseTV resurrected this, plus ‘one of your own roving

columnists’ ( me ), it nay make sense to interview Dr. Pieczenik

perhaps to set ‘your listening audience’ straight on this form ‘his

own mouth’.

One ‘angle’ might be to ask Pieczenik:

“Why do you think Wikipedia ‘edited-out your claims – regarding Bin

Laden’s death date’ – by generalizing your claims as only that of

‘conspiracy theories’?”

Additionally, this interview might make a good foundation for a story

as-to “Does CIA Alter Wikipedia?”

As an aside, the Wikipedia historical information ‘translation’

feature is jaded perhaps, by the CIA as well. One language, case in

point, would be:

German language Wikipedia has ‘data’ on ‘historical Third Reich

scientific experiments on children’ by a man ( Wilhelm Carl Heraeus )

who performed early in-depth studies on “Niobium;” seen briefly

referenced in a Project Camelot ‘download link’ within my UPI Guy Blog

report “HFSE Magnetic Secrets (Parts 1-3).”


Niobium is more profoundly interesting than most think, especially

when it comes to its ‘elemental properties’ for studies surrounding

‘UFO propulsion’.

The temperature stability of niobium, contained within Super-Alloys,

is important for its use in jet and rocket engines.

Niobium is used in various superconducting materials too, however its

“element properties” are far beyond what is ‘publicly known’, and may

very likely be harvested by ‘all’ UFO crafts used for jumping the

space-time continuum strictly for ‘propulsion’ charging abilities from

its ‘root molten state’ “purity” producing ‘extra-superconducting

magnetic elemental property fields’ we know very little ( publicly )

about that may also be driving Earth’s inner-core engine producing our


Initially, I detailed this and more in several of my reports,

including legacy study facts that the Wilhelm Carl Heraeus company

also became part of some of Germany’s high-technology businesses


The ‘reason’ I wrote about this Third Reich man ( Wilhelm Carl Heraeus) with his ‘Third Reich dental gold melting’ business ( approved by

the Third Reich! ), spurring defense business applications, and

‘scientific experiments’; primarily I focused on the topic of

“Niobium” after I began suspecting in 2010 it may very well be the

‘molten substance’ seen dripping from beneath UFO / USO craft so,

Earth may actually be an interplanetary propulsion refueling outpost

where such nay be harvested from within the ‘sealed bases’ of

“deep-sea volcanoes” ( or “lava tubes” ), and there are official

videos displaying UFOs hovering over tge Pacific Ocean off America’s

westcoast near Long Beach, also adjacent Terminal Island ( near San

Pedro, California ), Santa Monica, California, and elsewhere nearby.


Although I ‘purposely never spell facts out completely in print’ for

‘most of my online reports’, ‘another report’ about “NonReferenceable

Objects” pulled several report facts together however, ‘never

clearly’, and all were ‘extremely lengthy reports’ few bothered to

fully read to discern. My primary reasoning for elusivity was a

round-about manner to avoid too much government interest because most

of the time ‘they are too lazy to read my reports fully’ nor are they

capable of ‘reading between the lines’ of what all I report anyway.

There ‘are’, however, ‘exceptions’ where my websites have been totally

dismantled by U.S. federal government contractor interventionists.

Hence, most of my webpage links are now from remnants of ‘internet




In this case, as for the CIA Wikipedia article issue only available in

the ‘GERMAN’ language ( it was ‘never’ available in ENGLISH ) on

Wilhelm Carl Heraeus , the ‘vast majority of it too has now been

‘edited-out’ as well; especially the ‘historical Third Reich photos’


Reference [ edit-downgrade by Wikipedia ]

The only place you can read the ‘formerly complete’ Wikipedia ‘German

article’ is now only within ‘my 2010 report’ “HFSE Magnetic Secrets

Part 2″ where I translated much of it, and left the latter part in the

German language toward the end of my report.

New discoveries are not always “new” as I have known ‘archeo-archaic

technologies’ to be, which for quite some time the U.S. federal

government nicknamed “The Old Technology” that is plenty capable of

leading to other ‘disclosures’ on Project Camelot if someone only had

the ‘time’.

Much of what I still hold in my plethora of rabbit-hole files,

pertaining to these subjects and far more, is still available if I can

reopen a stable base of operations for platforming this and other

disclosures too, which is the only thing holding me up now.

One may ponder, why Libya was ‘destabilized’ by America for a “regime

change.” One may additionally ponder the U.S. State Department order

for the Benghazi “Stand Down” – given by the C.I.A. to its BLACKWATER

contract agents – as being a ‘publicly unknown but perhaps, primary

reason’. Was it for a U.S. secret-sensitive need to ‘augment specialty

mineral elements’ to hasten the U.S. Department of Energy ( DOE ) “Hot

Rock” project in Los Alamos, New Mexico that is running out of the

University of California Alumini Board Member superfund because it has

not made sufficient progress since “1998” yet is ‘still being funded

like a black-hole high-yield investment program ( HYPE ) hedge fund?

Classified Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy

The reason why this projwct is “classified” ( now termed “HGR-EDS” )

today is because it’s another form of “fracking” into ‘lava’ beneath

the surface of the Earth to supply ‘unlimited clean energy’ pumped

into special processing stations, one of which is located in

‘California’ ( north of Los Angeles ).

The ‘research’, however is ‘still ongoing underground’ at Los Alamos

National Laboratory ( LANL ).

In 1998, I was tipped-off by an insider ( one of the top geophysicists

at LANL ) involved with the super secret LANL “Hot Rock”

geothermaldynamic project, however the ‘real reason ‘why’ he was flown

to meet a geologist named George Mason ( in Australia ) was because of

an even-tighter secret; an entirely different “hot rock” study, having

nothing to do with ‘Earth geothermal lava harvesting’ at all because

it involved “extraterrestrial rocks” natural heating ability, which

native Aborignees had been using to cook their ‘lizards forvm food’

for ‘centuries’ and ‘still do today’.

Fracking Is Fracking But Why So Secret?

Interestingly, ‘Australia’ has a location like that of ‘California’

where these “processing stations” are located, and the question


“Are they only harvesting ‘lava for energy’, or “Niobium” for a

different type of ‘energy propulsion’? If not, why is all this so

“secret”? Seismic issues they don’t want to worry large populations

with? Could it be that “residential heating oil” is going to be

replaced and they don’t want to worry petroleum stockholder prices?

Why? International political problems?

Niobium Secrets

Besides volcanoes and ‘active’ “lava tubes” ( stretching thousands of

miles under the seafloor ) there also rests the subject of the

“Tibesti Mountain” range rich in “Niobium” and other ‘sensitive

defense materials’ located around ‘Libya’.

Tibesti, means “place where the mountain people live;” the domain of

the Toubou people whom first surfaced from that mountain range during

the 5th century B.C. Could their ancesters go back thousands of years

when it is said extraterrestrial beings made slaves mine gold and

other valuable minerals ( niobium ? ) deep underground for them?


Submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com/



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