by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – April 16, 2016 – In 2012, reports circulated that an

incredibly huge quantity of multiple millions of rounds of ammunition

for guns were purchased for use by employees of U.S. Post Offices,

Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security, and

multiple other government employees too, which no one could make sense


People across America are just now beginning to learn that their

Constitutional right to vote is being negatively manipulated away-from

millions of American citizens whom are just now beginning to react by

nationwide incidents of protests leading to civil disobedience because

the people cannot vote for whom they wish to elect as the new U.S.

President for 2016.

The following organization is only one ( 1 ) group attempting to

demonstrate voter disenfranchisement and displeasure with the

clandestine means by which the American people are having their voting

rights surrepticiously removed by the U.S. government in not just one

( 1 ) instance but through a number of means subverting the public

election process that is not being fully broadcasted over American

mainstream news media television or radio.

What Americans have recently learned, is that not only U.S.

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is objecting, but Ted Cruz,

Bernie Sanders, and now even more recently Hillary Rodham Clinton too.

What the candidates are objecting-to, and filing civil court lawsuits

over, are ‘not all that is going wrong’ with the election process in

the United States of America, but ‘only what is negatively impacting

them individually’ so, there is a wide disparity of voter problems

surfacing of which the American general public only hears little bits

and pieces about.

Nothing at all is being broadcasted as to the ‘high-tech computer

glitches’ within ‘each and every one of the voting tabulation

machines’ manufactured by the DIEBOLD CORPORATION that also produces

multiple different bank debit and credit card Automatic Teller

Machines ( ATM ) too.

DIEBOLD is overseen by the CIA in Charlottesville, Virginia where

their CIA-DIEBOLD facility is secretly hidden, and I know precisely

‘where’ it is. The ‘voting machines’ are made by DIEBOLD.

Here, now below, is the April 2016 voter fraud count machine ‘test’ in action:


DIEBOLD ‘sensitive locations’, throughout America, remain a closely

guarded U.S. national secret security project supervised in buildings

shared by contracts with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and

other high-tech services too.

In 2008, I stumbled across such a complex in Charlottesville, Virginia

where within a very large one ( 1 ) story sprawling complex that

appeared to be abandonded, DIEBOLD existed within along with many

other clandestine service companies too.

While DIEBOLD and the C.I.A. have numerous problems, the bottomline is

so do ‘all American voters’ now just before they elect their President

this year so, it’s easy to see both ‘how’ and ‘why’ nationwide civil

unrest will erupt in-lieu of the wanton government subversion over the

‘voting rights’ of United States citizens.

Here ( below ) is the second ( 2nd ) wave of protests conducted by a

group not fully prepared to address ‘all voting problems’ today:

SOURCE: Colorado Voters Matter ( website )

PROTEST LOCATION: The West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol

Building, 200 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203, USA.

BRIEF: On April 9th, 2016 three-thousand nine-hundred ( 3,900 )

Republicans inside a closed convention voted in the State of Colorado

national caucas selection process. We believe thirty-four ( 34 ) State

of Colorado national delegates selected on that day do not accurately

represent the people of Colorado.

More …


I have conducted a fair cross-section of ‘all voting problems in

America’, and my ‘short list of video clips’ consisting of ‘all’ are

now presented for your review:


The fact of the matter is, this is ‘not an isolated incident with

DIEBOLD’ because in 2008 DIEBOLD machines were transferred out-of the

State of California once it was leaked that anyone ‘pressing (

multiple times ) the yellow reset button at the rear of the machine’

could increase the number of votes for any particular candidate!

Here now ( below ) is a comedy spoof on DIEBOLD:

Unfortunately, DIEBOLD then ‘moved their faulty machines into other

U.S. states for voter use again’, and ‘no one did anything to stop


The only “right” U.S. Citizen voters were ‘never guaranteed’ was the

‘right to violently overthrow’ what they ‘cannot peacefully change

through voting’; or, can they?!

Americans take their right to vote very seriously, just like most

foreign nations, but just ‘how serious’ is what U.S. law enforcement

may soon realize.

Now, do they have enough ammunition? You betcha!

Submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: [email protected] Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress Com




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