Unwanted Publicity Guy Paul Collin is an ex-CIA NOC who was left out in the cold many years ago after completing an above-top-secret job to uncover financial fraud.  This man has bravely been supplying excellent reports to Project Camelot for years.  Please HELP!

LATEST EMAIL:  and see below for one of his reports (on Nibiru…)

From: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence <[email protected]>

Subject: Help For UPI Guy

Date: March 14, 2016 at 7:06:54 PM PDT

To: kerry <[email protected]>

Hi Kerry,

If all was good, I’d love to attend the event, however I’ll be lucky

to even survive on the streets if I lose my van.

My van I live in and work out of had its water pump break 2-days ago,

which parts and labor for repairs will cost $399.

I have no gasoline to travel very far ( $40 ), and my phone and

internet ( $60 ) gets disconnected tommorrow.

I don’t know if anyone can help me because I’m out of options and need

some pretty special help now. I’m without any public or private

resources and do not qualify for any government help.

My van encountered 3 serious breakdowns just this past week, which

took every cent I had plus help from 16 other really poor people whom

all contributed just to fix my van ( engine starter, solenoid, plus 2

transmission fluid cooling lines vandalized by street thugs ), which

was bad enough, until the water pump broke 2-days ago.

I need my van fixed right away, my phone and internet kept on with my

same work number, some gasoline, and if I’m lucky money to buy some

food so-as to prevent me from eating out-of rubbish bins like I’ve

been doing for the past 2-years and getting sick more frequently.

I am ‘no longer able to receive’ MoneyGrams or Western Unions because

my driver’s license became ‘expired’ after it was ‘secretly’

“suspended” because of a ‘vehicle registration glitch’ involving a

2008 ‘vehicle I owned in Virginia when I transferred my ownership

title certificate to California back in 2008 when California officials

did ‘not’ properly send my ownership title I was required to surrender

to California officials responsible for sending my Virginia title

certificate back to Virginia so, now Virginia demands I pay a  $600

penalty for the ‘official California mistake’ of its failing to submit

my former Virginia paperwork back to Virginia so, in that interim

Virginia secretly issued a “nationwide suspension” on my driver’s

license; preventing any state from issuing me any drivers license

until Virginia receives its wrongful $600 blood-money out of me first.

To make matters even worse, if I can somehow pay that, I’ll then need

a doctor’s ‘eye exam’ and ‘prescription eyeglasses’ because I’ve

become ‘near-sighted’ after using my smartphone for my research work

16-hours a day, 7-days a week, over the past 4-years and that

eyestrain has rendered me unable to pass any DMV driver’s ‘vision

test’ now too.

Without everything paid in-advance, I have now been rendered helpless

as a crippled old veteran stranded on the streets of Los Angeles,

California fearing my van ( my only home, workplace, storage, and

transportation for the past 8-years ) soon to be taken away from me by

Police who forcibly tow and impound vehicles unable to be used when

just left on a street.

All I have left is an ‘overdrawn Checking account’ ( used to fix the

van just last week ), before the water pump broke 2-days ago that is

‘still not fixed’ because repair is $399 ( parts and labor ).

I ‘do’ have an ‘active Savings account’ ( with a $3 balance ), however

at Bank of America ( BofA ), which anyone can make a deposit in-to

across the counter of any BofA nationwide when only presenting a ‘BofA

Savings Deposit’ slip filled out with ‘my information’ on it, as







HARBOR CITY CA 90710-9998




– –







TEL: +1 (951) 681-8258 ( BRANCH OFFICE )


TEL: +1 (951) 360-4860 ( BOFA BRANCH OFFICE )



ABA ( ROUTING NUMBER ): 026009593




HARBOR CITY CA 90710-9998


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 002632577170 ( SAVINGS )

– –

This is really terrible, and it has really taken a toll on my

emotionally and physically after being beaten into the ground by so

much adversity I have fought for nearly a decade to try to survive and

hang on for the purpose of helping others.

All I can do is keep trying, however the light at the end of this long

distance tunnel of living like this is growing dimmer by the days.

For considering any donations ( as above ), please e-mail me ( below )

for any further information.

Thank you.


Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

E-MAIL: [email protected]





Planetary Truth Insurrections

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – October 27, 2015 – With our world in transition it was recently rumored Google Sky “unblocked a section of space / sky not seen updated with any real resolution enhancements” since 1958 with something from “2002,” which has some believing the now-late Zecharia Sitchin was correct all along and might have dearly celebrated an even-better close-up of Nibiru as might all other “Planet X” ( Nibiru / Nemesis ) aficionados; were they only ‘now viewing the truth today’ that now appears to have sparked even-newer controversy abounding.

While many remain affixed within their firm convictions that the only “conspiracy theory” is being directed from corporate-led media giants driving people further away-from the truth by global socio-economic distractions maddening populations led only to national insurrections around the globe maddened by so much lying nonsense that the truth becomes obscured from reality at which point the general consensus is left uncaring what really happens turning life into a “dog eat dog” society the government steps-in and simply sweeps-away into FEMA interment camps solving only the problem of “sustainability” for the so-called “elitists.”

It is important that hu-man beings not lose sight no matter the amount of ‘smoke and mirror deceptions’ portrayed through captivating broadcasts designed to titalate by lowering ( ‘boring’ one to death ) or raising ( heating-up ) one’s perceptive temperature levels. Staying in-control of your inner self controls your world destiny, which today is quite easily led astray so, just because you ‘think’ some topic is simply ‘old news’, look again because you just might be surprised.

The controversy over “Planet X,” is a ‘general term’ given to ‘all’ “unknown planetary objects,” however one ( 1 )1spaceborne object, nicknamed “Nibiru,” which I thought was long now buried on most all “conspiracy theory” websites, was just ‘recently’ resurrected.

Very Brief History

Nibiru, or by what other names assigned thereto, is believed by some to have been discovered sometime during the 1950s, and then ‘this Planet X’ reached what everyone thought was ‘the fever pitch’ by 2012, until where it’s now headed; off the charts – perhaps, as some may wish – never to hear of this hype-to-hoax ever again.

DISCOVERY THEORY ( Circa: 1958 thru 2011 ) –


Reluctantly, I was drug ( kicking and screaming ) into this well beaten-up controversy so, I have grabbed a few very brief video clips ( posted below ) to document most ( not all ) the jabberwocky from ‘both sides’ as it pertains to my brief interim report on this topic.

GOVERNMENT THEORY ( Circa: 2011 ) –


GOVERNMENT THEORY ( Circa: 2012 & 2014 ) –



REVELATION ( Circa: 2015 ):



There’s a ‘newly uncoded date of arrival’ for Nibiru, that’s right, Planet X is back on the scene … Yawn … However, strictly based on The Holy Roman Catholic Church Vatican Observatories Papal authority adopting a “geocentric” solar system planetary orbit pattern, which the Illuminati makes sure remains being taught where on a single plane all planets revolve around our Sun.

And, so thereon, one ( 1 ) particularly patterned ‘crop circle’ layout grouping of discs has been decyphered to now provide a December 6, 2015 arrival date for our new doom.


CONSPIRACY ( Circa: 2015 ):


If one adopts the notional theory of “heliocentric” planetary orbits with our Sun dragging us within its vortex toward our Local Interstellar Cloud ( LIC ) whisp of highly energetic magnetic astroparticles that are extremely fiery ( 6,000 Centigrade ), an event we shall not experience in our lifetime, I lean toward another fact being we ‘are’ more likely to experience some ‘other object visitor(s)’ sooner; and, hope I am wrong.

I pondered what this ‘crop circle message’ might mean ‘if’ the draftsperson’s perspective was from ‘another star angle’. Could those ‘orb objects’ be representative of other Stars / Suns within its ‘spiral’ ( ancient petroglyphs defining the symbol as “water” or “sustainer of life” ) referencing ‘our immediate star system’ of the “Milky Way” galaxy?

Too, if the planetary alignment calculations used the ‘true’ nature of our “heliocentric” solar system planetary orbits rather than the ‘incorrect’ 2D solar system ‘geocentric’ orbits we’re led to believe in school?

Frankly, if the individual producing that video used our true solar system ‘helix’ pattern of orbits there may be a grander different message for all.

Being an “odd bird,” subscribing to the understanding we have helix planetary orbits within our solar system, based on the fully recognized ( NASA ) fact of there being an InterStellar Medium ( ISM ) with a very ‘fiery’ “Local Interstellar Cloud” ( LIC ) our Sun is hurling through space toward we too are dragged smack dab into the middle of is rather obvious conclusion way down the road of our journey through space and time

The ‘true science’, even ‘NASA verifies’, is also then convoluted by NASA contradicting its added assertion of us somehow amidst “geocentric” planetary orbits within our solar system:

How Do We Like Our ‘Toast’?

We are headed into a very fiery ( hot ) LIC ( Local Interstellar Cloud ), which one ( 1 ) of the Voyager spacecraft ran into and very likely got ‘fried like a piece of toast’ within, however NASA lies saying it just ran into an “extremely powerful electromagnetic field” ( static loss of communications ). Hence, the “toast” ( if anything is left of it at all ) is all we’re likely tracking carbon remnants of by now ( if that ).

Many do not know the true purpose of the 2 Voyager spacecraft went into, the:

1. Future, ahead of our Sun and hit the LIC where it burned-up; and,

2. Past, headed for the Big Bang area ‘behind our solar system’.

Therefore, anyone utilizing geocentric planetary calculations will never get anything correct because geocentric was developed based on ‘2-dimensional thinking’, which only Dark Age mentality people once thought.

Science has progressed but the Vatican wants the little people thinking the way its Illuminati teaches.

Will it be ‘Planet X’, ‘Apophus’, an ExtraGravetic Wave ( Neutron star ), an ExtraGalactic Gamma-Ray Burst ( Cherenkov muon radiation multimessenger ), Asteroid, Supervolcano, Tectonic Rift ( ground uplift pop-up ), Great Earthquake ( ground shaker ), Methane Hydrate Atmospheric Ignition ( explosion ), or ‘man-made’ other scourge on Earth has yet to be fully understood by ‘us’ ( Hu-Man ) to-date.

One thing is for sure, no one comprehends or calculates in the astroparticle multimessengers as being the ‘chief causal factor’ to what is occurring on Earth; and, ‘this’ is the ‘scientific tragedy’ we shall all pay the price for not bothering to understand.

Our Igots2no Syndrome

For now, “doom” appears back ‘on’ within that venerable “Fear Porn” list we all dread but stay-tuned to with our insatiable enquiring minds.

Christmastime sees three wise men bearing gifts for many. What will be in your manger on December 6, 2015?

How about March 2016? This is yet another ‘curious date’ recently provided:

While we live in fear of ‘doom’ some will die sooner in despair from the sheer emotional level stresses that do not appear going away anytime soon.

As a now-late actor ( Leonard Nimoy ) once quipped, “Live long and prosper.”

Cordially submitted for review by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



– – – –



Not many but a few research references ( below ) about my personal,

private, public, and living my entire life on the edge as a spy turned

whistleblower trying to hang on to life as it is now for me.

Offline References –

SOURCE: Google Books

The Twisted Badge ( First Edition )

by, George P. Wright, Mike Madigan ( Integrity Publications, 1989 –

True Crime Drama – Political Corruption – 243 pages )

– Chapter: The College Professor ( Page 83 – ); and,

– Chapter: The Judge ( Page 131 )

[ NOTE: On May 25, 1985, a federal civil court case deposition was

administered by a group of attorneys to Paul Collin, a political

intelligence operative engaged with eight ( 8 ) law enforcement

intelligence departments from 1974 – 1980. I was keenly aware of

electronic surveillance “bugging equipment” involving equipment

borrowed from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office

Intelligence Unit used by members of the Criminal Activity Unit ( CAU

/ OCCAS ) of the Orange County Sheriffs Department used specifically

in a ‘political race’ by the incumbent Orange County Sheriff ( Bradley

Lorison Gates ) targeting an Orange County Municipal Court ‘judge’ (

Bobby D. Youngblood ), a ‘Rancho Santiago Santa Ana College professor’

( George P. Wright, a former U.S. Treasury agent ), and Chief of

Police ( City of Westminster ) vieing to become elected as

Sheriff-Coroner over the ‘richest county’ in America.

I was asked to conduct surveillance alongside members of the CAU /

OCCAS who, amongst other things, passed themselves off as ‘C.I.A.

agents’ with CIA I.D. cards, and I was driven by these imposter Deputy

Sheriff CAU / OCCAS investigators to a hospital for the purpose of

strong-arming a now-deceased judge ( Bobby D. Youngblood ) who just

suffered a heart attack and was on his hospital bed, which I refused

to do.

Surveillance activities targeted not only those running for that

public office but also their ‘largest campaign contributors’ too.

I was, at that time, straight out of the U.S. Intelligence Community,

attending Chapman University ( Orange, California ), serving a

political internship at the Orange County Republican Headquarters, was

Assistant Campaign Manager for a then-retired CIA agent ( John Lynch

of Tustin, California vieing for a State Senatorial District office ),

and had just become an active member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the

Southern California Counter-Intelligence Association ( SCCIA ).

Only very little of what I did was ever included in the book, The

Twisted Badge, however I was the source of the tip on the electronic

eavesdropping equipment of the City of Westminster Chief Walter Scott

political campaign headquarters. ]




– –

SOURCE: The Los Angeles Times

Orange County Section ( Front Page )

Left Hand of Law Fails to Recognize Its Right / Informant Vs. Informant

by, Tracy Wood

March 21, 1979

Things like this never happen to Starsky and Hutch–just to real-life cops.

More …

[ NOTE: This report was truly a ‘Spy versus Spy’ operation involving

my arrest by the Orange County Sheriff CAU intelligence detectives who

learned I was working for the two ( 2 ) U.S. federal government law

enforcement offices ( the F.B.I. Civil Rights Division and the U.S.

Treasury Department Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Bombs )

where while in the course of their intelligence operations I was

collecting intelligence files on the Orange County Sheriff and also

buying a silenced automatic weapon from one of their informants, a

now-deceased private investigator ( Marvin K. Royster of Santa Ana,

California ) who worked at the U.S. Marine Corps base in El Toro,

California where I was working for the U.S. Navy Naval Intelligence

Service ( NAS ) on recovering the electronic schematics of nuclear

weapons onboard the Trident series of submarines manual stolen from

the U.S. Army Intelligence Library at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

While electronically wired, by one law enforcement agency of the State

of California ( standing-in on behalf of the U.S. Treasury Department

BATFB ), I was buying the silenced automatic weapon, when at the same

time I was arrested by Orange County Sheriff CAU detectives. Agents I

was working with drew their guns on the Sheriffs investigators in a

night scene that almost turned out like the old wild west American

shoot-out at the O.K. Corral, and so documented in an article by The

Los Angeles Times Orange County Section newspaper during the middle


The fact was, Orange County CAU / OCCAS intelligence investigators

seized Collin’s federal intelligence files out of the trunk of his

car, arrested him, and then released him 3-days later because Collin

was working with U.S. federal law enforcement at the time of his

arrest. Interestingly, after they threatened Collin for working with

the F.B.I. Civil Rights Division investigation against the Orange

County Sheriff Brad Gates, detectives found an ‘active’ electronic

‘remote-controlled bugging device’ hidden on Collin, which the State

Department of Justice investigators were recording ‘all conversations

in Collin’s presence’ ( at the time ) on behalf of the U.S. Treasury

Department. ]

See The Los Angeles Times Newspaper Archives

– –

SOURCE: The Orange County Register

Religious Belief, Court Divide Father, Daughter

by, Carol Lachnit

December 18, 1989

In recent months, such TV programs as “48 Hours” and “Geraldo” have

raised questions about the Arizona-based group, which has more than

600 churches worldwide.

On the programs, anti-cult groups have alleged that Potter’s House is

a cult that practices mind control. Luttrull and the church’s national

leaders deny those charges.

Collin began to amass information about Potter’s House, sending it to

Cori’s social worker, the county juvenile Justice Commission, the Cult

Awareness Network and others.

More …

Online References –

SOURCE: IndyMedia.Org

Washington D.C., United States Of America

September 18, 2008 18:30 GMT

Microsoft Halts Intelligence Website

by, Unwanted Publicity ( Paul Collin )

Microsoft recently halted one of its publicly hosted controversial

private intelligence websites after 10-years designed to fight online

what later amounted to clandestine undercover frauds targeting wealthy

global investors. A Microsoft intelligence entailing and entrailing

the old spy versus spy game. More …


– –

In 2004, the U.S. government went after one of my now-legacy websites

‘The Offshore Informant’ because of, this ‘2002’ report:

Subcommittee Debunks Kroll Priorities

U.S.A., Washington, D.C. September 27, 2002: The world’s most renown

investigation firm, i.e. Kroll Associates, Inc., which maintains

offices from Moscow to Washington, D.C. and about 50 other countries,

may have flawed in their report issued concerning U.S. National

Security background investigation checks for staff members of the U.S.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to an official,

but well hidden, U.S. government report. More …

In September 2008, the U.S. government went after the Unwanted

Publicity website primarily because of, this report:


Four years ( 4-years ) later ( November 15, 2012 ), it happened

‘again’, and the U.S. government  didn’t just shutdown one ( 1 )

website; instead it shutdown six ( 6 ) websites ( of mine ) dealing

with intelligence affairs the government doesn’t want the public to

know about.

In Febryary 2016, a lawsuit was filed to shut down the Unwanted

Publicity Intelligence website ‘once again’ brought by an undercover

U.S. government foreign intelligence operative running a global

financial investment trading fraud on behalf of the C.I.A. being

conducted in Pakistan and Africa out-of Utah, Nevada and California

within the United States of America.

Lawyers, recently ( late February 2016 ), threatened to sue ‘The

Critical Post Chicago’ by forcing their website to remove one of its

public reports I ( Unwanted Publicity Intelligence host, Paul Collin )

tipped that broadcast off about.

So, the U.S. government continues carrying on its battle to

economically harm the global public by keeping people uninformed.

That is all.








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