by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES – March 7, 2016 – Today, far more can be understood correctly by researching history that governments have hidden for centuries.

Secret American Bank Robbery

How the “North” ‘really’ won the Civil War was ‘not’ according to battles you read about in U.S. History classroom books.

Today Proves You  ‘Lost’ The U.S. Civil War

It takes lots of ‘money’ to win modern-man wars, and all the great wars of our era were only won based on ‘which side’ stole the opposition’s ‘gold treasury’ first, which determined who ‘won’ and who ‘lost’ the U.S. Civil War.

In wars of ancient times, it was about “battles” and how many soldiers could be cleaved to death on battlefields and then prying open kingdom gates where the ‘gold’ treasury laid buried.

U.S. History of the Civil War hid the fact that a select group of “highwaymen” ‘robbed’ the ‘transport’ of ‘gold’ secreted out of Richmond, Virginia.

The further secret to ‘that’ “highway robbery” was the fact of ‘who’ stole that “gold” and what ‘he’ ( Junius Spencer Morgan ) did with it, and just how ‘he’ hostaged the United States government treasury for ‘centuries’ based on “interest” the U.S. government is ‘still paying’ on the loan ‘he’ provided to have the City of New York ‘sewer system built’.

The real dirty historical secrets, we’re still paying, began with The Morgan Family moguls (below) secret swindle of U.S. citizens.

The trouble is, the following was never drafted for public consumption and after reviewing the links is so complex that few will be able to digest what it means for today.

Can you?

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COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

J.P. Morgan Financial Agents U.S. Civil War Gold Peru Bond

by, Paul Collin ( [email protected] )

June 25, 2010 16:01:09 p.m. ( PST ) [ Updated ]


“… U.S. financial history records from a Civil War era business deal involving a significant amount of U.S. gold coins – believed stolen from the ‘Confederate States Of America’ Central Bank in Richmond, Virginia – that was moved out of America by Junius Spencer Morgan (aka) J.S. Morgan and his partner William R. Grace ( W.R. GRACE & COMPANY ) whom negatively impacted the market price of U.S. gold when deposited into the BANK OF ENGLAND, but when those gold coins were returned to the United States Junius Spencer Morgan (aka) J.S. Morgan and his investment partner William R. Grace ( W.R. GRACE & COMPANY ) made hundreds of millions of dollars and then began manipulating a foreign trade investment deal between America and Peru through their own New York based international financial trading investment merchant agents DABNEY MORGAN & CO., HOBSON HURTADO & CO., a contractor PERUVIAN CORPORATION LIMITED, and consignee UNITED STATES GUANO CO. that saw to the international distribution of thousands of $1,000 in U.S. gold coins promised ‘Certificate Of Indebtedness Of Peru’ bearer bonds plus interest sold to thousands of private investors whom became involved with Peru guano export trade with the United States …”




COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

J.P. Morgan Financial Agents U.S. Civil War Gold Peru Bond

by, Paul Collin ( [email protected] )

June 25, 2010 16:01:09 p.m. ( PST ) [ Updated ]


” … Prominent international financial trading merchant houses conducted a wide variety of contract related business activities ‘in-house’ where that close knit privacy served to keep competitors outside and uninformed as to the extent and scope of each individual business activity serving to support each contract held by a ‘House’ ( ‘Company’ ).

Interestingly, as a House ( ‘Company’ ) may continue holding contracts by serving-up effective privacy blinds to its competitors, another House anti-competitor blind came unexpectedly via print media companies contacted by friends of competitors whom complained about certain Houses ( ‘Companies’ ) monopolizing international free trade and labor contracts.

Running true to course, creatively written news stories began flairing reports that gave House ‘activity and work capacity titles’ nick-names that confused readers and politicians whom became blurred as to which House ( ‘Company’ ) was doing what, where, when, and to whom.

Nick-naming House ‘activity and work capacity titles’, during the 19th Century, served making it difficult to ascertain ‘what kind of company’ – capable of what type of work activity – was actually being mentioned in news articles where one ( 1 ) Company ( ‘House’ ) would eventually be read as being six ( 6 ) companies – all which were never named by the print media.

Although many Houses appeared and claimed to be performing a variety of contract services ‘in-house’, the fact is a variety of services were sent to differently named subsidiary companies inside Holding companies never identified to the public.

International financial trading merchant house ‘activity and work capacity titles’ became generically known as:

– Merchant Houses ( ‘House of …’ );

– Consignees;

– Private Banks;

– Financial Agents;

– Securities Houses; and,

– Agents.

International financial trading merchant houses, working in their capacity as a ‘private bank’, may handle payments to various companies involved in contract support costs ( i.e. import-export fees, ships, crews, skippers, schedulers, traders, merchants, brokers, agents, sales, etc.) for each contract.

International financial trading merchant houses, working in their capacity as a ‘securities house’, may handle company stock issuance, stock trading, stock dealers, stock certificate traders, etc.

In 1875, international financial trading merchant house ( ‘House’ ) company named ‘HOBSON, HURTADO & CO.’ ( New York City, New York, USA ) sold its stock certificates promising repayment in ‘United States Gold Coins’ in addition to ‘7% interest’ for anyone holding ( bearer ) such certificates ( bonds ) paid for by money, goods, and/or services for such securities.

At the time these U.S. Gold private securities were sold, transferred, and/or promised, the Company ( ‘House’ ) of HOBSON, HURTADO & COMPANY ( New York City, New York, USA ) signed, guaranteeing repayment of these bearer bonds, claiming they were the ‘Financial Agents of Peru’ contracted by the Peru government issuing its ‘exclusive Peru export license’ naming ‘guano’ ( sea bird dung, used as fertilizer ) as the Peru product for ‘export only to the United States of America import market’.

These foreign individual investors became known as ‘Peru BondHolders’, and these private company House securities became known as ‘Peru Bonds’.

Before HOBSON, HURTADO & COMPANY ( City Of New York, New York, USA ) went out-of business, all of its financial assets and obligations were turned over to another New York City, New York, USA international financial trading merchant house named ‘MORTON, BLISS & COMPANY’.

When MORTON, BLISS & COMPANY was acquired by merger, all of its financial assets and obligations were turned over to its own established private financial institution named ‘MORTON TRUST COMPANY’.

When the MORTON TRUST COMPANY was acquired by merger, all of its assets and obligations were transferred over to and through a series of yet other periodic Mergers and Acquisitions ( M&As ) with numerous other financial institutions in New York City, New York, USA that eventually became known ( 2004 ) as the J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION ( see brief below ):

New York City Bank Historical Brief –




26JAN1910 acquired by merger: MORTON TRUST COMPANY;

26JAN1910 acquired by merger: FIFTH AVENUE TRUST COMPANY;

16OCT1912 acquired by merger: STANDARD TRUST COMPANY;

04MAY1929 acquired by merger: BANK OF COMMERCE IN NEW YORK ( APR 1929 – MAY 1929 );

24APR1959 acquired by merger: J. P. MORGAN & COMPANY INCORPORATED ( 1940 – 1959 );




01JUN1996 acquired by merger: J. P. MORGAN DELAWARE;

10NOV01 After 9/11, merged by state, as: J. P. MORGAN CHASE BANK;

13NOV04 converted to federal, as: J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION.


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Fooled By Your Own People

Few will bother thoroughly reviewing or researching further the aforementioned two ( 2 ) reports I wrote in 2010 to fully understand ‘why’ the people of America are working themselves to death for all these centuries while being kept in the dark.

This government should have been overhauled centuries ago, which is what the Southern Confederacy had planned in the U.S. Civil War, but that didn’t turn out right so, you are all stuck where you are because you’re complacent sheep whom prefer to keep on living in a fantasy world rather than the world you could have been had history been otherwise.

For a few awakening to the facts of just how bad they had been convinced by U.S. government education history teaching lies in order to propagate the unjustices we see running rampant today.

George Washington Intelligence

How many remember anything the first ( 1st ) President of America said? None of you! Not a one ( 1 ). And, the reason I know is because you’re still belly-aching about the State of the Nation and your politicians.

There is one ( 1 ) place on the internet where everyone can begin learning the ‘true’ “intent” for The People’s “liberty” initiated by the founders of this great Nation we call “America” today in the absolutely profound words of George Washington, here:

Is ‘that’ all? No. Now, ‘do’ “something” about it!

Cordially submitted for your closer review and your commentaries by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: [email protected]




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