by The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

January 26, 2016

1. The coming assault on ‘debunking’ ( via X-Files ‘reprise ) and – in
the upcoming conclusion of the X-Files reprise ( not aired ‘yet’ but I
am already aware-of what’s coming! ) the ‘depopularization’ of ‘all
UFO matters and anything in-connection therewith’; and,

2. Former X-Files ( legacy airing the 9/11 ‘before 9/11’ ) having been
used to promulgate what was to occur in reality 6-months ‘later’; and,

3. Alex Jones is only an ‘online Mocking bird’ who only broadcasts
repetitions of ‘domestic unrest topics’ already seen belched out-of
anti-tax protesters, wannabie soldier of unfortunates ( losers like
Drake Bailey ), and other nutter babbling sheer jaberwocky. In short,
Jones hasn’t had an ‘original thought’ since the U.S. federal
government propped-up his network.

And, ‘those’ were my points, is all.

I have seen 2 spacecraft – ‘both’ up-close and personal’ – in 1972 and
2011, and I can assure you that ‘neither’ were from ‘this realm of our
world’. Cases in-point were:

In 1972, over 50 witnesses – parked and ‘standing outside their
vehicles’, were alongside ‘me’ ( I was a full’time U.S. intelligence
officer at that time ) – along Interstate 40 ( I-40 ) at night in the
southern California desert 30-miles east of Barstow, California ( I
was enroute in my 1-year old Porsche to Las Vegas, Nevada that evening
afterwhich I turned aound and submitted my report to the Barstow,
California Highway Patrol plus my Intelligence Section Station Chief (
USAF colonel Sumner R. Woods ) in Victorville, California; and,

2. In 2011, 1 witness ( besides myself ), and I was snapping-off color
photos on my Blackberry cellphone at night ( while balancing myself on
my cane with the other hand ) in Harbor City, California ( South Bay
area of Los Angeles ). I watched it glide ( at a 1,000 to 1,500 foot
altitude ) directly over and through “Restricted” air space above the
“U.S. Defense Petroleum Reserve Center” complex in southeastern San
Pedro, California ), all through which it had its ‘belly lights on’
even while it was coming in off the Pacific Ocean. When it reached me
and my witness ( at the same altitude ) it had ‘no sound’ and ‘no
flashing lights’ but a huge assortment of different shaped blue-white
soft glowing lights. It did ‘not bank’ as it was vectoring a course
correction ( directly above my head ) as it ‘physically’ could not due
ti its ‘length’ being 8-blocks ‘long’ with its tail ‘width’ of
4-blocks wide.

Now, in 1972 my security clearance was fairly high up the rung because
I was in-charge of single handedly drafting U.S. foreign war plans
operations to deliver a nuclear strike on Hanoi in Viet Nam, which
never became activated, and during the conclusion I was additionally
stationed at Edwards Air Force Base.

I was ‘active’ government, familiar with quite a few types of U.S.
federal government ‘terrestrial’ and ‘extraterrestrial’ spacecraft by
1972, and my ‘encounter’ ( if you will ) was of a craft so ‘large’ (
the one ‘hovering’ oin the ‘desert’ with ‘no lights’ ) it could have
easily covered the entire 7th Fleet of U.S. Navy ships ( all grouped
together in 1 place ) where it ‘nearly’ blotted-out a great portion of
our southeastern hemispheric starlight as we all were looking ‘up’
from the ground.

When one, in the know of U.S. 1st Generation stealth coatings ( made
by DuPont chemical ) and the ‘rose quartz crystal’ used to manufacture
the windscreen ( windshield ) plates on the YB-68 ( maiden flight in
1968, later to be revised in a strip-down version that became the
SR-71 BlackBird ) and the ‘actual classified speed’ ( Mach 7 ), plus
the KH-1 ( Killer HUGHES ) ‘anti-satellite weapon spacecraft’ all
during my active status in 1972, while ‘not knowing everything’ I
would say that what I saw right above me in the desert was ‘not of our
current realm’.

Could I have seen Secret Space Program craft in 1972 and 2011? If so,
they were ‘very small’ by comparison to the photos I’ve seen of the
spacecraft hanging around in Deep-Space that dwarf what I’ve
personally seen here above the surface of the Earth.

If what I saw hovering and gliding right above me, wouldn’t the pilots
of those spacecraft have not been so public as to hover over an
incredibly busy interstate highway ( in 1972 ) or at-least ‘turned-off
their underbelly lights’ ( in 2011 ) if they were ‘from Earth’?

I have seen the ‘sprite’ spacecraft depicted on YouTube video clips.

I have also debunked the YouTube video clip ‘cleverly depicting’ a
‘night trailer-truck’ carrying a supposed “UFO” in California, when it
was ‘actually’ a ‘semi-tarped electrical transformer’ manufactured by
“ABB” ( in Switzerland ) being transported at night on Garden Grove
Boulevard through the City of Garden Grove, California to a Southern
California Edison substation.

I am kernly aware of a few things, including the acclaimed MJ-12
documents; In 1968, I personally knew The Twining Family who lived in
the Huntington Harbor ( an upscale residential section ) area of
Huntington Beach, California. Their ‘daughter’ ( Nancy Twinning ) had
a crush on me at our high school, and my sister was her best friend.
Dr. Twining saw his wealth originate from “Twining Tea,” and opened in
Long Beach, California opened up “Twinning Laboratories” where the
only thing he ever worked on was manufacturing long-range laser
scanners used by ‘construction companies’ on the ‘ground’ for ‘testing
steel beam structural integrity’ on high-rise buildings. In 2008, I
was presented with ‘more than 75-pages’ of the so-called MJ-12 report,
of which ‘each and every page’ I analyzed ‘very carefully’ whereon I
applied a few of my intelligence tradecrafts, latter-day document
forensic patterning analysis, and even did some field research on
several pages ( within that set ), which consisted of ‘legacy
fraudulent workmanship’ ( old “cut ‘n paste” techniqued ), ‘defective
character type’sets’ ( typed text content ), and ‘typing patterns’.
What I found on several pages therein were so blatantly flawed and
latently riddled on so many ‘basic fundamental yet official
standards’, that the overall 75-page + ‘document set’ could ‘not be
relied-upon with any official accuracy’, leaving it as a ‘cleverly
templated’ “false-flag” ‘instrument set’; in and of itself.

Did “MAJESTIC 12” ‘exist’? MJ-12 existed, however ‘not as documents
suggest’ that I reviewed.

Was there a Dr. Twining? Yes. Was Nate Twining ( Nathaniel Twining ) 1
of those involved with MAJ12? I do not believe so. Could Dr. Twining
have been an ‘early consultant’ for what later became SYSTEM PLANNING
CORPORATION through its ‘parent’ “holding” ‘entity’ ( SPC
INTERNATIONAL ) overseas in-keeping with consultants for THE CLUB OF
ROME organization? I might agree, based on what I know, but only if
black and white hard-copies revealed some links I could verify through
who I personally know.

Has anyone contracted me since 2008 to study MJ-12 any further than my
forensic review of that ‘document set? No.

What incentive, pro or contrary, to my digging in-to MJ-12 any
further? To-date, ‘none’ that I know.

Thank you for your time.






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