by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – January 16, 2016 – According to U.S. federal government officials and indoctrinations, America’s future sees Information Warfare ( IW ) constituting a ‘new’ fourth ( 4th ) Weapon of Mass Destruction ( WMD ), which you just might want to pay closer attention to.

StarTrek’s “Spock” claimed “logic” – considered ‘off the charts’ insofaras “neural connectivities” go so, such may be better-defined as an individual being having mastered “Sequential Thought” as opposed to yesteryear mediocre “Parallel Computing” type ‘pattern recognition’ without much more today being the case for most normal human beings having not been indoctrinated for anything more, however there are a few working today to “raise awareness levels” amongst population audiences glued-to Alternative Media so folks may do well to remain tuned-in for growing their “conscious” rather than becoming “dumbed-down” by Mainstream Media owned by tremendously powerful multinational corporations profits per-brain gained from the masses.

Based on a “U.S. Department Of Defense” ‘research project’, begun nearly 20-years ago ( 1996 ), it was first ‘templated’ on June 22, 2000 for several subsequent publishings revised several times until eventual public review in 2013 when a very ‘unprofessionally drafted’ and ‘presented’ ( February 23, 2004 ) internet Microsoft Power Point by ‘someone else’ ( ” Bill Stryker ” ).

And, based upon a wide variety of individuals claiming it’s a ‘U.S. federal government publication’ based on ‘who it was additionally claimed ‘presented-for’ or ‘on-behalf-of’ yet another person “Dennis M. Bushnell” entitled as “Chief Scientist” for “Langley Research Center” of “NASA.”

After a thorough search was performed, the only publication found provided, the following:

“Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare, Circa 2025” ( August 10, 2001 slides ) by, Dennis M. Bushnell ( scientist ), U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks.

Here ( below ) is a ‘partial facsimile text sampling’ of portions contained within the contents of the so-called “NASA” presentation:


– –

Langley Research Center ( Virginia )
Chief Scientist: Dennis M. Bushnell

Farther Term Warfare Capabilities of the Enemy After Next & Blue
Presentation By, William ( ” Bill ” ) Stryker

Future Warfare ( 2025 + Projections )

Watches and Warnings for the Intelligence Community

FUTURES work-for and / or FUTURES work-with, these entities:

CIA STIC ( Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committee ) L-M;
ONI ( Office of Naval Intelligence ) FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigations ) AWC SSI;
DARPA ( Defense Advanced Research Orojects Agency ) SBCCOM;
DIA ( Defense Intelligence Agency ) AFSOC EB;

USAF ( U.S. Air Force )NWV;
USAF 2025;
Army After Next;
ACOM Joint Futures;
SSG of the CNO;
Australia DOD;
National Research Council.

Warfare Technologies of Humankind Ages:

– Hunter Group Technology and Killer Group Technology ( Nature Provided ) 1,000,000 years B.C. through 10,000 years B.C.;

– Agriculture Technology ( Nature Controlled ) from 10,000 B.C. through 1800 A.D.;

– Industrial Technology ( Mechanized ) from 1800 A.D. through 1950 A.D.;

– Information Technology ( Automation ) 1950 A.D. through 2020 A.D.;

– Biological Technology and Nano Technology [ Naturation ] 2020 A.D. through ?;

– Virtual Technology ? – ?


– –


Beyond Human Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. )?

Just 3-Years Ago We Learned Of This?

Were they really ‘openly’ discussing “nano technology” at the “Army War College” in the year “2001”? and if ‘so’, for what purpose? “Red Team” versus Blue Team” ‘training’? Come-on now …

Since its now 2016, 15-years later, have “training slides” been modified to pethaps, include:

– Virtual A.I. ( Bio-Multisensor Cybermation, Bio-Nanostruction, Bio-Cyber-Agrimation ) 2030 A.D. through 2045 A.L. ( After Life ); and,

– BioImmersive Cybernetic Nanostructures ( CyberBioIntelligence Platformation ) 2045 A.L. through ( ? )

Indoctrination Of Bait And Hook Delivery System Weapons

The future of Social Media appears as an inexpensive asynchronous web based motivational psychoenablement tool purposely designed to replace conventional education for entrapped populations on not to distant horizons.

Free-Fall Pitfall

Social Media interactions are well proven by clinical psychologists as addictive interruptions on almost all human interpersonal communication behavior. Whether such becomes regulated will be left up to either corporations seeking greater power profitabilities or radical vigilante fundamentalists.

Their Objective

It comes as no surprise why the internet world wide web is ‘free’ to people and a very likely reason why the United States Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) is selectively purchasing social media adjunct companies that developed certain human “cyber entrainment” internet software application modules designed to ‘capture human psyche’ made clandestinely profitable.

Pay Any Price?

Social Media internet is ‘free’, free to ‘use’ or free to ‘refuse’, until you end-up paying the ultimate price.

Their Plan

What the CIA does with all software is study it for capturing specific ‘human psychological engineering’ concepts either already incorporated therein or by spending alot of hard earned taxpayer money to employ “target modifications” shortening time for purposely furthering advancements in ‘directed human evolution’ through “mind entrainment technologies” clandestinely introduced and strategically positioned within ‘federal contract corporations’ – following government politically mandated guidelines ‘ for publicly releasing certain “new products” or “existing products exercising new feature upgrades.”

Your Wake Up Call

It is most important for people to be awakened to pathways cleverly laid by corporate-led government impositions ‘before our future’, which ordinary humankind rarely envisions ahead of today.

How You’ll Be Ensnared

What could possibly be even-more technologically titillating for our future, although suppressed today?

Your Warfare “FUTURES”

Human beings can either be led ‘gently’ by basic indoctrination through corporations for these certain “new products” or even by way of a ‘sensor upgrade’ “new feature” claiming it can “tell you what your local environmental Air Quality Management level is.” Whether your ambient ‘mixed air oxygen’ holds ‘low’, ‘mild’, or ‘strong’ contaminants for  your “breatheability” and so it won’t be too long before ‘next generation’ ( ” NextGen ” ) smartphone wristwatches will introduce your corporation “Food Security Meters.”

What Forces You?

Just imagine the aforementioned entities of government ( corporate security ) – comprising only the ‘short list’ – of those preparing ( since ‘before’ 2004 ) to ‘counter’ ( albeit by imprisonment or disablement ), ‘control’ ( recruit ), and/or ‘rendering’ ( killing ) ‘anyone seeking to interrupt corporate empowerment economic profitabilities’ in the United States of America or internationally through any of the now myriad of foreign allies of “Public-Private Partnerships.”

How Will You Know?

Very soon televisions will likely flood with sporadic “Breaking News” events about people being poisoned by foods served at some familiar restaurants, and consequently later people will have large multinational corporations introduce a ‘new product’ through upgraded versions of wristwatch-like “designer smartphones” incorporating U.S. government approved software application programs ” apps ” ) that actually have ‘already been purposely designed’ to “sniff” ( detector sensors ) ‘poison’ and/or ‘tainted’ restaurants food service meals ‘just prior to human consumption’.

One Example

One large multinational corporate conglomerate ( NOKIA Morf ) has already incorporated this poison detecting sensor ‘hard-wired’ into smartphones due to be released soon.

What Are Your Chances?

When enemy’s weapon system characteristics becomes an adversarial’s knowledge, countermeasures may begin developing for deployment.

How To Decide

It is ‘currently your choice’ as-to ‘whatever you decide to do to protect yourself and loved ones’, the alternative of which is ‘whatever you allow corporate-led politicians to do to you and your loved ones’.

What To Expect

Corporations are expected to follow taxpayer funded government intelligence predictive analytics of human behavior and combat it by implementing its joint future  countermeasures.

What To Do

Today, ‘your job to continue life’ is not so difficult, because you can still turn to your expert internet advisors on most all government systems.

Positive Provings

How soon your freedom of choice vanishes tomorrow is revealed ‘only upon your reviewing all material’ within the “Research References” provided ( below ) to establish whether such exists.

Research References:


Submitted for review and commentary by,
The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )
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