by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – December 15, 2015 – Just because you did ‘not see it or hear it’, soon enough, you will definitely be dealing with the aftermath and side effects of ‘methane gas poisoning’ once realizing what that is.

Here now ( below ) is what has been occurring and continues right under everyone’s nose, which may determine whether you survive this decade or next so, you might just want to read what millions are totally unaware of now.

The U.S. government for more than one ( 1 ) month and a one-half ( 1/2 ) months ( 7-weeks ) continues keeping secret from the public a ‘severe hazardous to Earth planetary life’ that continues streaming across the County of Los Angeles; blowing invisibly up-to as high an altitude as hundreds of feet into our air.

For many whom are unaware, methane gas is not only ‘invisible’ ( to the naked human eye ) it is also ‘odorless’.

Blanketing invisible clouds of natural methane gas is what the public has been left in the dark about plus the fact natural methane gas vents are ‘already out-of-control hazardous to human health epidemics’ that governments worldwide keep sweeping under the public rug of ignorance.

Atmospheric Transient Plasma Ignition Weapon?

I believe there is a weapon that both America and Russia have developed surrounding what is called, “Streamer Discharge Physics,” involving airborne atmospheric discharges of pulsed-plasma ( PPP ) fired within a ‘methane gas’ rich oxygenated atmosphere, and producing such ignition explosions can be easily made “highly-directional” through both narrow waveguide focusing to wide-array patterns akin to releasing aerosols from a gigantic spray can that is not very big at all, and with “methane” being a ‘key ingredient’ and Earth’s Northern Hemisphere atmosphere being heavily laden with enormous quantities of ‘naturally venting’ methane gas, we live in a much more volatile world than ever imagined before.



On Project Camelot, I wrote about this ‘global natural disaster’ problem, we began facing almost 90-days ago ( September 15, 2015 ), which few paid any serious attention to.


“Arctic 50 GigaTon Methane Bomb ‘Activated'”


What Secretly Struck Los Angeles!

Just last month ( November 8, 2015 ), I wrote another report and surprisingly enough I found Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot also writing on the same subject ( published the same day – November 9, 2015 ) surrounding a different topic, involving Los Angeles International Airport all aircraft traffic routes being diverted away-from ‘low-level flight landings and take-offs’ over the Pacific Ocean. We both believed there was more to the mainstream news reports on this topic because of multiple other strange occurrences in the same regional area so, suspect was a possible cover-up by the U.S. federal government was left remaining top secret so-as to not totally alarm the public. I kept searching for answers, and now believe it could have been ‘multiple public distractions’ used as a clever way to keep even-more alarming information away-from the public at-large.


“Multi-Spectral UFOs”



“Secret Military Op To Divert LAX Planes”


I am now going on-record by releasing this new report ( herein ) of mine based both on further intelligence and analysis I developed plus new information just released this morning from a little known reference source ( R.S.O.E. – based out-of Hungary ) some access for intelligence ( see, e.g. “Research Reference” – further below ).

Government Secret Invisible Bombs Threatening All Life

It is now believed the Southern California Pacific Ocean area has been completely subjected to and atmosphere saturated with a secret methane gas cloud blanketing all living things.

It was just learned that hundreds of secret efforts to stop the methane gas from venting into the air for now over more than 10-years saw the America government only consider the deadly release a short term priority, however ‘methane gas’ is a far more powerful climate-warming gas than poisonous carbon dioxide ( smog ).

It is now understood that airplane pilots flying low in and out-of The Greater Los Angeles Area were redirected by Los Angeles International Airport traffic control pattern routes for airplane landings and take-offs under secret instructions the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) received from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) to reroute all aircraft clear of certain atmospheric secret methane gas plumes that could surround aircraft and helicopter engines causing such to ignite, cause mid-air explosion,and crash landings resulting in killing many-many people both in the air and on the ground.

The U.S. Department Of Defense issued a mainstream news cover story pointing to the U.S. Navy “conducting secret maneuvers off the Pacific Ocean westcoast of California” near El Segundo, California where Los Angeles International Airport is located.

Kept even further secret from the public was the fact that thousands of people, from more than 1,800 families, were relocated due to the nauseating methane gas vapors while the U.S. federal government instructed area utility firm SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANY officials to represent that the methane gas will be months before it can be stopped when in actuality it will be years or even much longer, with no area wide mainstream news broadcasts bothering to alert or warn people in Southern California as to the actual and more specific imminent dangers to life throughout The Greater Los Angeles Area as a whole.

Only if asked, did utility gas company officials claim the methane gas pouring out was coming from the “ground near a damaged well used to inject gas into an old sandstone oil field for storage.” which was ‘not completely true’, but by design the information released served to bypass the more complete fact that more and more methane gas cloud plumes have been undergoing throughout not only the State of California ‘naturally from underground undersea, and even throughout North Pole arctic ice vents’ spewing methane clouds blanketing the entire atmosphere that has secretly covered more than the entire Northern Hemisphere of Earth and is now so extensive that methane gas clouds has now grown so far ‘south’ that it now extends down beyond Earth’s Equator where it continues going even further south.

– –

SOURCE: RSOE / EDIS ( Hungary )

“I think what we are seeing is ‘probably’ one ( 1 ) of the single largest releases of methane in California history,” said Tim O’Connor, who formerly inspected major facilities like refineries for the Los Angeles South Bay Area Air Quality Management District but now works on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund.

“People I speak with, who are experts in the field, say this is the biggest most complex leak that they have ever seen.”

Authorities estimate the methane gas vent, well drilled more than 1-mile deep, continues sending more than 100,000 pounds per hour of methane gas into the air of Los Angeles County throughout many-many cities of The Greater Los Angeles Area; from Malibu beyond Beverly Hills to beyond downtown Los Angeles out to Azusa and western coastal areas.

Methane gas, traps heat even more powerfully than carbon dioxide, during its approximately 20-year stay in the atmosphere making such potency a primary role in ‘rising sea levels’ and ‘disruptive weather’.

The Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Field, which is inundated by well bore holes, is owned by Southern California Gas Co., a subsidiary of SEMPRA ENERGY, based in San Diego, California.

“We have never had an escape this large,” said Southern California Gas ( SCG ) vice president for customer services Ms. Gillian Wright . “I have to really emphasize this is an extremely rare event. The extent and the difficulty of resolving this leak are highly, highly unusual.”

All methods Southern California Gas has tried so far to kill the well have failed.

Now experts, who fought the Kuwait oil field fires, have joined the effort where the safety of one-hundred ( 100 ) workers on the site is also a concern.

[ UPI NOTE: Because most ground vehicles, use batteries to create electrical power creating a ‘spark’ for gasoline engine distributors to coils to spark plugs or diesel engine magnetos to glow plugs to start engine motors, the fear of exploding equipment and loss of life is at stake. ]

Gillian Wright said that is why on some days, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS cannot perform certain work because if the wind is blowing methane gas over certain equipment, crews cannot start that equipment, she said.

As of the December 11, 2015 weekend, thousands of medically ill and frightened people ( suffering from the nauseating smell of sulfur from methane gas in the area of Porter Ranch have been relocated away-from the area where SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANY claims it paid for such relocation expenses.

However, additional thousands of people from yet another 1,433 families have asked to be moved, with some still deciding, said SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANY spokesperson Melissa Bailey.

Among those who have left are George Chang and Susan Gorman Chang.

Susan Chang said the first time she felt the full impact of the unfolding events was midway through her habitual 5-mile run jogging, when she felt the strong smell of sulphur, an additive intended to give an odor to the otherwise ‘odorless methane gas’.

With no alternative, she ran through it until she reached home.

“I was really, really dizzy the next morning.” Susan Chang said.

On November 22, 2015 before attending Sunday religious service, Susan Gorman-Chang indicated opening the back door to let her dog out and was sickened by a sulpherous gas smell.

The Chang Family now reside in a hotel ( for extended stays ) with a mini kitchen, but no oven.

Some of Susan Chang’s fellow neighbor refugees are considering getting air filters, but Susan has mixed feelings.

Several lawsuits have been filed. MARQUEE environmental litigators are partnering in the effort.

MARQUEE likens the methane gas release to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.

At a gathering December 9, 2015 organized by lawyers, they struck at residents’ deepest fears:

“Everyone here has suffered a huge property loss,” said trial attorney R. Rex Parris. “The secret is out. There is a bomb [ Methane Gas ] underneath you.”

He invited those in attendance to sign-up to be represented by counsel.

Mr. R. Rex Parris announced adding co-counsel, including lawyers whom represented the plaintiffs against the BRITISH PETROLEUM ( BP ) oil case and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who in his remarks called the CALIFORNIA DIVISION OF OIL, GAS AND GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES a “sock puppet.”

Steve Bohlen, the scientist heading up the CALIFORNIA DIVISION OF OIL, GAS AND GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES agency, said making sure that SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANY seals the well quickly and appropriately has “consumed the attention” of his division.

“We [ CALIFORNIA DIVISION OF OIL, GAS AND GEOTHERMAL RESOURCES ] have directed them [ SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANY ] to build a relief well. We have directed them to prepare a second ( 2nd ) relief well,” said Steven Bohlen.

But the oil and gas Chief said if the state is too directive, it risks assuming liability for the consequences.

“This is the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANY problem to fix,” Steve Bohlen stressed.

Some researchers say, not enough attention has been paid to to underground gas storage fields, a mainstay of the natural gas distribution system, if little known to the average gas customer.

In the western United States these storage areas often consist of older oil fields where the original production wells have been converted to injection wells for gas.

Sometimes new injection wells are drilled. The natural gas is gathered from remote areas, in this case Texas, New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains or Canada and Natural Gas Pipelines bring it to places like Aliso Canyon where it is compressed and pushed into formations until it is withdrawn when Southern Californians fire up their heaters in winter.

Aliso Canyon is the largest such facility on the West Coast of America, according to Ms. Gillian Wright.

Withdrawals continue as the methane gas escapes, in-fact SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS COMPANY is withdrawing gas as quickly as possible to diminish the pressure that is forcing the methane gas to escape.

Aliso Canyon can hold 86,000,000,000 billion cubic feet of gas. “It is the heart of our ‘system’ in terms of supplying and managing demand,” Ms. Gillian Wright said.

Officials who have focused on reducing methane gas emissions, because of the impact on Earth’s atmosphere, have paid more attention to regulations on pipelines and wells and the other places from which methane escapes.

Tim O’Connor, of the Environmental Defense Fund said the methane gas, gushing from Aliso Canyon, is roughly equal to such amounts emitted by six (6) coal-fired power plants or 7,000,000 million extra vehicles in California (alone).

“I think we have found a regulatory gap,” said Tim O’Connor.

Officials at both U.S. federal and California state levels are formulating new rules for reducing methane gas emissions where ‘underground natural gas storage’ may be likely to receive more scrutiny while vast numbers of people in the general public remain oblivious.

SOURCE: RSOE / EDIS ( Hungary )


Non-Categorized Event In USA

Date: December 14, 2015 ( Monday ) at 14:06 ( 02:06 PM ) UTC

EDIS Number: UEV-20151214-51249-USA

Event type: Non-Categorized Event

Date/Time: Monday, December 14, 2015 at 14:06 (02:06 PM) UT

Cause of event: Methane Gas Leak Exposure

Damage Level: Severe


Continent: North America

Country: United States Of America ( USA )

State: State of California

County: Los Angeles County

City / Cities: All

GEOREF Coordinates: N 34 3.134, W 118 14.620

Number Of Affected People / Humanities Loss ( To-Date ): Undetermined

Foreign People: Undetermined

Affected: Undetermined

Dead person(s): Undetermined

Injured person(s): Undetermined

Missing person(s): Undetermined

Evacuated person(s): Undetermined

Affected person(s): Undetermined

Infected person(s): Undetermined



– –

I hope more people will begin paying more attention to what is being truthfully reported in detail with analysis rather than mainstream news broadcast sensationalism that snows people rather than show them facts people really want to know more about how it truly affects them and what imminent greater triggers earthquakes and tsunamis that kill without warning.

Since the government has chosen to ‘not alert the public to any imminent grave danger’ since 2012 when the U.S. Presidential Executive Order changed public warning notifications to ‘none’, it might be important for you to know just what the ‘natural waning signs’ are so-as to ‘expect a national emergency’ before it occurs.

As the U.S. federal government ‘now says’: “It’s not a question of ‘if a great natural disaster will occur’ but rather ‘when it will occur’.

Many people are not good researchers or not good with comparative analysis on multiple scientific and technical complexities so, to those people I only have one ( 1 ) question:

If you have become overwhelmed by this or any other reports that may have gotten your mind cluttered and convoluted in a quagmire of confusion and / or fear, ask yourself how well are you physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared to survive a disaster that others most certainly will because they took the time to prepare?

Remember, it’s no longer a matter of “if” but “when” so, I cordially invite everyone to be sure and thoroughly review the material additionally contained within all the pertinent reference links, and even more-so the numerous ‘official webpages’ containing much of the ‘background research reference links’ earlier provided in my initial September 21, 2015 report entitled, “Arctic 50 GigaTon Methane Bomb ‘Activated’.”

Submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

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