by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – September 22, 2015 – Ever hear the expression, “If only

we could turn-back the hands of time”?

What if we wanted to go ‘back’ or ‘forward’ in our own “Time

Projection Chamber” ( TPC ); like some of us have seen on the

television series program “Dr. Who” – whimsically jumping into his

Time Projection Chamber, which is only a black colored British

telephone booth?

Even though manipulating time has been occuring for years now, Time

Projection Chambers ( TPC ) are not yet as small as Dr. Who’s ‘phone


Today, however, there is a special TPC that appears ‘already small

enough’ to fit ‘inside’ the aft section of a ‘large space truck’ (

shuttle ) or ‘large cargo airplane’ like the one flown from

Switzerland to America carrying “Baby CERN” ( also known as ) the

AMS-02 ( Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer ) later carried by the U.S. Space

Shuttle Endevour STS-134 mission mounting it up ‘outboard’ of the

International Space Station ( ISS ).

Foundational information contained in the report “AntiMatter

Technology Problems” released complex information, much of which still

remains unread today by many people so, here ( below ) is a tiny



“If people think they get real serious about ‘what they know’, as told

on television news broadcasts, imagine how much more serious they will

become when they learn about what they ‘were not told’?

Think about it.

How Fast Is Technology Growing?

Just beginning to grasp something ‘new’? Now think about something

even newer than the Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) at CERN.

The “Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider” ( RHIC ) that added its

“Solenoidal Tracker At RHIC” ( STAR ) claims to ‘reverse time’ by

ultra supercomputers [ the “QCDOC” collective from “QCDSP” ]

reconstructing sub-atomic particle interactions producing particles –

emerging from each collision – whereby STAR is believed to be able to

‘run time backward’ through a process equated-to: examining final

products ( coming out-of a factory that scientists and physicists have

no idea ’what kinds of machines produced the products’.

Basically, they are developing items so fast, they do not know how

they were formed, much less what the capabilities are.

Fact is, ’they could easily produce a monster’ and ‘not know what it

is until after they are eaten by it’.

Scary, really, like kids being given matches to play with.

They are being educated beyond their own intelligence, so much so and

to the point by which scientists and physicists ’cannot even grasp

what ‘it’ is they’re looking at – much less know what they are trying

to manipulate to ‘see what it does next’ – nevertheless they are

conducting experiments like children playing with dynamite.

Think this is science fiction?

Think they are mad scientists at play?

Think antimatter technology has advanced alot since you began reading

this report?

Calculate ‘more’ because the public does not even know half of it.


Early Mapping For CERN ‘God-Particles’

Quantum ChromoDynamics ( QCD ) on a chip – capable of handling the

complex calculations of QCD ( Quantum ChromoDynamics ); the theory

describing the nature and interactions of ‘the basic building blocks

of the universe’.

In 1998, it was the QCDSP supercomputer, and then in 2005, the ultra

supercomputers included “QCDOC” specifically designed with programming

modules to use ‘lattice gauge theory’ begun with only approximate

theoretical positions of ‘quarks’ and ‘gluons’ as the fundamental

constituents on the lattice of space-time that was then dynamically

computed until they saw time begin to reverse.

How did the matter of recorded methods and procedures for ‘reversing

time’ disappear?

In 2011, they simply ‘disassembled the QCDOC supercomputer’ after

‘removing all program modules’.


Dr. Who’s Telephone Booth Grew

Batavia National Laboratories ( BNL ) RIHC STAR “Forward Time

Projection Chamber” ( Forward TPC ) is larger and more complex that

Dr. Who’s time travelling telephone booth.

In fact, several TPC versions were built around the world, one ( 1 )

of which ( according to a full color picture I have retained in my

files ) was apparently designed to fit just inside the ‘rear portion

of the cargo bay’ of what apears to be a ‘super size’ “Space Shuttle,”

which might be easy to understand if one wanted to move Earth out of

an extragalactic pathway ‘object’; through a CERN-created ‘accidental’

( ? ) “micro-Black-Hole” ( mBH ).

Could this explain significant increase in numbers of earthquakes

alongside magnitudinal strengths too? Perhaps, but only if one were

watching for such patterns; over – let us say – the past 5-years. But

is anyone ‘really watching’?

Was Dr. Who left behind to answer any questions? Well, fortunately,

America’s ‘Dr. Who’ had partnering ‘other Dr. Whos’ – even in

Edinburgh too.

( See additional References within the References – Below )

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

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