by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – September 30, 2015 – Unwitting and uninformed citizens are about to witness one of the World’s largest gathering of James Bond 007-like “Black Tie” events take place.

On October 3, 2015 at 6:00 p.m., not in Monte Carlo ( ala James Bond 007 ), but from within an unsuspecting old Washington, D.C. hotel is where enemies ( e.g. IS / ISIS / ISIL plus, ‘others worldwide ) of the American government would not instantly recognize this place as being the place for a ‘new’ CIA transformation birthday party.

A gathering of hundreds of key critical members of both American government ‘offense’ and ‘defense’ global Intelligence Community ( IC ) capabilities involved in ‘recruiting private citizens’ to work in-field ( USA ) as CIA “remote freelancer support” for the ‘U.S. military industrial complex’ is being celebrated right under everyone’s nose.

Monster Size Populations Captured By New CIA Technique

Event ‘staunch member attendees’ will easily pay for their luxury hotel accomodations ( $690 per night ) out-of U.S. citizen tax paid dollars secretly funding the growth of this U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) event hosted by its ‘private-sector U.S. federal contract sponsors’ building up their own profit picture by expanding the American global war machine system now creatively designed to ‘sell’ this to U.S. taxpayers.

CIA Sales Pitch To America

How-to more economically overthrow small independent noncooperative foreign nations, topple governments by extorting foreign decisionmakers, and simultaneously kill more innocent people caught in the cross-fire of armament trades worldwide.


Who’s Who Spy Event Without Public Accountability

To get an idea of the ‘sponsors’ ( alone ) representing many of these attendees, a ‘partial list’ from their corporate heirarchy of ‘new’ private-sector paramilitary intelligence defense complex’ technical interests are listed.

Admission ( alone ) costs anywhere from $150 ( USD ) upwards to as much as $6,000 ( USD ) ‘per person’.


Event Horizon

Not far over the intelligence rainbow, anyone can be there ( wisely ) or be square ( uninformed ) to envision this spectacular, which the world will only learn about later as-to where this too place.


Altitude Ballroom & Back Bar

515 15th Street, North West ( between 14th St. & 15th St. )

Washington, D.C. 20004

United States of America

TEL: + 1 (202) 661-2462


“BRITE” Undercover CIA Event Or ‘Terrorists Tea Party’?

This ‘is a publicly open show’, if one only has simply purchased event reservations to attend within a hotel requiring absolutely ‘NO Security Clearance’ and NO RFID ( ( embedded chip ) Identification’ to gain access to these other intelligence community attendees.

This hotel ( part of the Starwood Hotel and Resorts chain ), will have absolutely ‘NO Chemical, Explosive or Radiation Sniffing Detection’ security equipment anywhere within the hotel or outside in nearby parking areas.

There ‘will’, however, be ‘routine security measures in-place’ ( e.g. cameras, hidden but fixed metal detectors, hand-held metal detector wands, and typical property-roaming undercover security staff ( i.e. both ‘males’ and ‘females’ ) casually circulating inside and outside on hotel grounds and parking areas.

Adjacent locations, hotel vendors and delivery schedules are likely classified packages easily researched by the public.

Anyone wishing to attend is required to make ‘online reservations’ in-time so, access getting ‘in” and ‘out’ of this top level event can be easily accomplished by presenting themself as men ‘well shaven’, ‘without prayer caps’, and multi-pocketed vests ( for emergency flares, of course! ) left elsewhere.


CIA Operation “BRITE”

This “bright’ idea event is hosted by none other than Lieutenant General Michael Flynn whose civilian-related organization “The Intelligence Community” ( IC ) consists of more than 43,000 former and active members of the U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ) global intelligence command infrastructure, e.g. U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. National Security Agency, The Pentagon, and more, plus U.S. federal Private Military Contractors ( PMC ) whom will be in attendance.




How Important Is This CIA Event?

Was big corporate media mainstream news networks purposely kept away-from broadcasting anything about this event?

Could details of this event ( as aforementioned ) hold secret-sensitive ‘national security’ implications that would otherwise alert the American people and other populations around the world?

Agenda 21

On January 30, 2011 all U.S. Ambassadors were recalled away-from their foreign country post assignments by then U.S. State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton for the purpose of an immediate ‘top secret briefing’. That event went ‘uncovered’ by any broadcast from corporate media networks, even though they were invited to attend. Why?

The explanation behind such a unique news blackout was decided-upon my big corporate media, which did ‘not wish to inform the American people or, for that matter, the rest of the world either.

The meeting, was later acclaimed by U.S. State Department officials, entailed details surrounding something called America’s “Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review” ( QDDR ), which only appears to have begun being forged in 2010.


Also dating back to 2010 when this bizarre “Quadrennial” terminology directive began being meted out, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), and all other U.S. government organizations were somehow mysteriously determined by someone or some entity requiring that ‘all’ should be brought into some ‘new compliance effort’ under what was termed the new “Quadrennial Review Board” ( QDR ) of which and to-date sees ‘no women on that board’.


[ SPECIAL NOTE: ‘Wikipedia’ does not even attempt to define the “Quadrennial Review Board” or “QDR” for better knowledgeability of the American people forced to rely on Google for researching only what amounts to a very small portion of what QDR involves within the United States. ]

Details of the ‘secret portion of the briefing’ conducted in America during January 2011 provided to all U.S. Ambassadors was never publicly released.


Another newly implemented practice, that former U.S. State Department Secretary Clinton called “Public-Private Partnershipping” was additionally implemented.

Public-Private Partnerships ( PPP ) actually served to ‘grow’ national secretes kept away-from American people, by placing U.S. government organization heirarchy involvement out-of these private businesses while simultaneously still spending U.S. federal tax payer monies to fund these corporations that were as a matter if convenience to the ‘U.S. government’ who in-return secretly gave preferential treatments to certain corporations by awarding them even-more voluminous high paying “federal contracts” for the ‘production of goods and services’ for ‘exclusive use by the U.S. government that would occasionally turn right around on the American people and ‘resell’ those items to other international corporations or even foreign governments ( e.g. Israel, United Kingdom, etc. ).


CIA Corporation Modelled PPP Slave Induction Business

Begun as a newly fabricated ‘extra layer of security protection’ over ‘public information releases’ eventually killed people’s rights away-from obtaining any further Court Orders for the “production of information evidence” was cleverly curtailed when U.S. government lawyers of the CIA found a loop-hole in American law and then proceeded to ‘use it against the knowledge of the American people, their own private business enterprises, private and public university schools of higher learning, and even right down to recruiting students as unwitting slaves too’; a shear abomination that the Brad and Melinda Gates Foundation ( BMGF ) successfully funded into every school – from Kindergarten upwards through the 12th grade of high school – in what became adopted in every U.S. government ( U.S. Department of Education ) state sponsored ‘public school’, ‘private school’ and ‘home school’ curriculum guidelines to mandatorily follow in what now recently ( November 2014 ) became ‘law’ referenced as “K-12” of the Gates foundational “Common Core” principles of curriculum to ‘categorize human being abilities’ beginning with every child’s ‘most basic fundamental learning’ whereon a ‘mystical formula’ removes each individual child’s human right to be “free to answer their own occupational callings” as they ( the ‘children’ ) see fit to do for themself later on in life, however instead now each child’s early test scores are ‘matched with what the U.S. ‘government calculates future human abilities will be applied for their occupation within Public-Private Partnerships of something officials refer to as “The Enterprise” scopes of ‘future profitability in-keeping with planetary sustainability’ given facts presented by the “Club Of Rome” organization for”The White House” to ‘secretly issue’ ( since at-least 1968 for ‘each sitting President’ claiming to have adopted as ‘their’ new “U.S. Foreign Policy” directives then presented worldwide as America’s ‘position’ for all ‘foreign nation governments to come into compliance with.

Common Core And Cybernetic Mortality For Human Beings

It is understood that ‘Common Core’ was a critical part of “Agenda 21” foundationally formulating human beings in-to global fruition for what is believed contained within the tenets of what is the “2045 Initiative” ( also known as ) the “Russia 2045 Plan” organizational development of various Avatar Projects now ( as of this writing ) appearing within ‘serious’ but rather frightening ‘developmental’ working stages of “cybernetic immortality” preparations worldwide. Hence, and contrary to rumors that such is only a simple “hoax” is in all factual actually ‘very real business’ today.



Former United States Director of Central Intelligence ( DCI ), George Tenet, operating under U.S. Presidential Executive Order ( E.O. ) directives successfully gained a secret U.S. Congressional Mandate approving his implementation of that legal loop-hole against the personal knowledge of the American people whom were ‘never publicly notified’ that CIA director Tenet was given the “green light” to begin having the ‘CIA incorporate its own private corporations’.

Tenet saw multiple Big Corporation executives appointed to the Board of Directors for a brand new publicly announced ‘CIA corporation’ ( within the ‘private-sector’ ) cleverly named “IN-Q-TEL CORPORATION” ( IQT ) just prior to the end of the 20th century.

IN-Q-Tel was initially based out-of the County of Santa Clara, California area of what was known as “Silicon Valley” where high-technology companies like XEROX PARC, IBM, INTEL, MICROSOFT, and a whole host of other private-sector corporations placed some of their best ‘Research and Development’ ( R&D ) businesses and sub-contractor entities ‘outside vendors’ thereto establish or relocate their U.S. federal contract related operations facilities nearby.

Being a privately held corporate entity with ‘shareholders’ meant IN-Q-TEL was “not required to release any information to the public” while allowing it to hide everything under what is known as their “corporate veil” that all American based companies are protected-by for the sake of “non-disclosures” to ‘any outside member of the general public’; keeping business secrets ‘legally secret’.

Consequently, CIA “partnershipping” with a “private-sector” ‘business’ then meant information would be ‘protected’ not only from even ‘court orders’, plus ‘no longer held accountable to the people of America by guidelines established for release of information under the U.S. government “Freedom Of Information Act” ( FOIA ) either.


Interviewing Lt. Gen. M. Flynn of The Intelligence Community


ISIS or ISUS Would Never Target This CIA Event

What’s to ‘prevent’ or ward-off the Islamic State of Al-Qaeda in America ( ISUS ) from ‘not targeting this CIA-led “Black Tie” event’? The simple answer’ is targeting it would be like the Frankenstein monster targeting its ‘creator’ ( Dr. Frankenstein ) who in ‘this instance’ sees the demented CIA ‘attending doctor’ as none other than former U.S. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn whose civilian organization ( The Intelligence Community LLC ) is the CIA ‘proxy’ “handler” in America having U.S. tax paying citizens finance much of what actual CIA logistics teams supplied field operations support armament and explosives for ISIS to destroy many irreplaceable ancient artifacts and monuments around the world, and ‘those’ “intelligence reports,” include some of those same reports that the same Lt. Gen. Flynn purposely confirmed before an ‘Al Jazeera’ television news interview at their studios in America during August 2015.

This CIA corporate game has been so ‘over’ the heads of the American public; until ‘now’.





What are your thoughts? Feel a little hoodwinked and taken advantage of by the politicians you elected to run you and your country’s government?

If the American people do not revolt against government by failing to boycott big corporation products and services, then this population is doomed to suffering and anguish for what lies before everyone today; albeit via a weapon of mass destruction ( WMD ) called the “failing to act” bombshell that ‘will’ destroy the very fabric of individuality.

Personally, in my humble opinion ( IMHO ), I would venture an educated guess that they’re all doing quite successfully well at developing methods of dumbing-down by stupification of most people on planet Earth seeing the chopping down of our future human being population levels.

I’m not leaving it ( America ) because I don’t like it. Moreover, I returned to America where I could do at-least ‘something’ to swiftly kick everyone’s ‘awareness levels’ ( on Earth ) up a notch or two.

Thank you for your attention spent reviewing this report. Please know I realize my writings are ‘nit easy reads’, however if you liked any part of it please share it by e-mailing this webpage link to a friend, colleague, or loved one.

Thank you.

Submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com




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