by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – September 2, 2015 – Mainstream news is beginning to

eek-out information surrounding – once again – California earthquakes,

claiming recently a ‘national impact disaster’ affecting what could

mushroom into a global commodity shortage of food exports worldwide.

While Middle West America Central Plains is well-known as being the

“bread basket of the World” the fact of that geographic area indicate

stricken by ‘drought’ over recent years does not appear changing but

growing worse because of globally shifting climates, I believe have

more to do with Earth undergoing a shifting inner magnetic core or

“pole shift” or “magnetic reversal” that actually ‘never stopped’ but

instead has been ‘speeding up’ where facts clearly indicate such,

however there has been no mainstream news releases since 2012 about

this, nor have officials cared to comment on the global impacts of

such should it continue, which it ‘did’.


Earth Movements

In August 2002, Earth’s Magnetic North Pole ‘was’ located in northern Canada.


Within 10-years, 2012, Earth’s inner Magnetic North Pole ‘moved

thousands of miles’ and ‘was’ located in Siberia of northern Russia.


Magnetic Sudden Impact

In 2012, mainstream news media began broadcasting that Florida, USA

passenger airline departures needed course corrections on the ‘ground’

before take off.


The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) as

well as the U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ) services have been

reporting significant increases in the strength of certain global

climactic changes, which the U.S. military has been gearing up for to

protect itself from, including the fact that with Earth’s inner

magnetic pole shift comes a domino effect of the recent Arctic Sea

melt clearing the way for Russia to take the global lead on navigating

it for petroleum from NorthEast China to the rest of the World faster

than from any of the twenty-two ( 22 ) member Nations of OPEC in the

Middle East to Europe and North America so, there are underlying

reasons why financial markets are shifting upside down too, moreover

than what populations currently know.


Life And Death Wars Over Water Future

The primary global disaster, although unheard of by most people, is

reportedly coming soon may very likely begin with something as simple

as ‘fresh water’ ( for human consumption ) supplies in-addition to the

fact ‘it’ ( “water” ) impacts ‘crops’ for both ‘grain’ ( breads for

human consumption ), ‘feed’ ( nourishment for animal consumption ) and

consequently ‘poultry’, ‘pork’ and ‘beef’ ( for human consumption ),

plus ‘produce’ ( produce vegatables for human consumption ).

In-essence, people of the World depend on their ability to survive

based on an ‘uninterrupted supply of water’ ( also known as ) “blue

gold” to only but a few visionaries in-the-know since the late 20th



For America the U.S. federal government, knowing in-advance about

this, has for decades left the decision to fix a national problem to

State of California government politicians even though the situation

is one of ‘direct national impact’ affecting hundreds of millions of

people plus billions negatively impacting World populations where the

largest populated country is China.


How much would it cost to fix such a global problem within California

where it originates? $25 billion U.S. dollars, according to a recent

report ( see, e.g., “Reference,” below ).

How long would it take to fix this global problem? We’re already too

late, according to a recent report ( see, e.g., “Reference,” below ).

This upcoming disaster is calculated to occur before it can be fixed,

and will come like a thief in the night, according to experts.

It will sneak up and take people by surprise because it will only be a

‘moderate’ earthquake where few ( if any ) buildings or freeways will

‘not even have to collapse’.

Just a good shaking underneath what has been described as islands

comprised of mud, silt, sand and rocks better known as “levees” used

to keep ‘salty seawater’ away-from ‘freshwater’ ( potable water ) are

already collapsing at an alarming rate in California’s Central Valley

region positioned right on top of the San Andreas Fault line.

Is this the reason why the U.S. DHS ( Department of Homeland Security

), NGB ( National Guard Bureau ), FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management

Agency ), and other California OES ( Office of Emergency Services )

were just ‘recently’ ( August 2015 ) placed on heightened states of


JADE HELM, as well, quite possibly is being positioned to shadow

national preparedness clandestine activation operations for just such

an event.

If ‘salt water’ becomes mixed with or seeps in-to ‘freshwater’ supply

areas, such spells immediate population center relocations in a matter

of only days.

Where people will be forced to continue their lives is currently unclear.

Government force recognition is, however, apparent through only hints

within official statements warning of “climate chaos” due in

“September 2015.”

The “Big Gulp” Global Disaster

According to the recent official reports, all it takes to disrupt

fifty percent ( 50% ) of America’s food ( produce, etc. ) is only a

moderate ( 6.7 ) earthquake within the California Central Valley where

‘already collapsing’ “levees” ( bevels against disruptions like was

ecperienced by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, etc. ) where the

sifting ( filtering ) of Pacific Ocean ‘salt water’ into ‘fresh water’

is then pumped to feed the flow of ‘fresh water’ supply to Northern

California, Southern California, and even more-importantly the

California Central Valley where collapsing “levees” will ( amidst only

a 6.7 + magnitude earthquake ) serve to disrupt the flow of people’s

‘food’ nationwide, plus a global impact on other nations with even

more people at risk.


The report ( see, e.g., “Reference,” immediately below ) is worthy of

closer review containing a few built-in webpage links for more


– –


California’s Katrina Is Coming

by, Nick Stockton

September 1, 2015 09:00 a.m. ( PST )


– –

There are a plethora of disaster indicators circumnavigating the globe

from deep within Earth to beyond the stars above.

The ‘hard questions’ to ask are within us all facing a whole host of

buck-passing reluctant national, state, and local officials skirting

out from under answers no official wants public addressed or to answer

for, however yet there ‘will’ be a day of reckoning.

State officials, up the hierarchy, know far more than they’re saying

to subordinates asking the same questions we would and even during

these most recent emergency sessions ( that began in August 2015 )

being called to get ‘certain job categories’ of State employees

readied, still no answers are forthcoming.

People need to know that ‘official preparedness is being heightened

now amongst key-critical infrastructure personnel’.

‘This’, is ‘not’ some half-cocked silly ‘rumor’ as we the people will

in all likelihood discover this month ( September 2015 ).

Research ( Other )

You might want to begin looking in-to a few things soon ( e.g. the

nearest ‘clay-based bottom’ fresh water lake to you, etc. )

Submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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