by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – July 24, 2015 – Official evidence proves expert

judgments of risk sometimes run counter to judgments by lay people. In

other words, the public is not as informed as federal government


In 2004, “An Emotion-Based Model Of Risk Perception And Stigma

Susceptibility: Cognitive Appraisals Of Emotion, Affective Reactivity,

WorldViews, And Risk Perception In The Generation Of Technological

Stigma,” was written by Ellen M. Peters ( DECISION RESEARCH – Eugene,

OR, USA ), Burt Burraston ( University of Oregon, Department of

Psychology – Eugene, OR, USA ) and C.K. Mertz.

Decyphering Dread Risk And Unknown Risk Shepard Intelligence Formulas

Within Comparative Media Platform Audience Responders

Recently ( July 21, 2015 ), the aforementioned report was used to

explain-away ( ‘brush off’ ) – on behalf of Big Corporate Main Stream

News ( MSN ) MEDIA through a U.S. government-embedded news outlet – a

serious effort to deflate and de-exist an ‘already revently predicted

devastating earthquake and tsunami’. ( See References Below )

Although ‘unrevealing a point of origin’ ( earlier found privately, to

be from within the region of the Alaska Aleutian Islands affecting the

U S. mainland westcoast ), anytime within the next 50-years, according

to a breath-taking report released ( July 20, 2015 ) by The New Yorker

Magazine entitled, “The Really Big One” millions of people will die. (

See References Below )

Interestingly, far more research, details and official webpage links

were already provided on the Project Camelot “UPI Guy” guest column

report “Earthquakes From “Waste Water” Injections?” and “California

Conservation: Fracking Gone Wild !” written August 24, 2014. ( See

References Below )

Entrainment technology is cleverly enforced through U.S.

government-embedded journalists and broadcasters targeting America

population centers to be dumbed-down even-further as-to ‘Earth Event

Alerts’ by ‘keeping people distracted’ through entertainment gossip

labelled “news.”

Especially at this point in time, where individuals have been so

socio-economically devastated – by the global recesion – they’re being

‘forced to work multiple jobs’ just to stay alive so, rather than most

people being normally aware ( as before ), instead people’s noses keep

being pressed further and further into the corporate-working

grindstone so getting ‘blind-sided’ ( by ‘natural catastrophic events’

) is unfortunately now occurring.

The U.S. government already knows what is coming and when the great

quake and tsunami will devastate the westcoast of North America.

The abtract ( beliw ) is taken from the UPI Guy 2014 report:


“After reviewing this report, you may just want to begin considering a

few new options for a longer and safer life for you and your lived

ones; just as many others are now coming to the conclusion of doing as


– Should you sell your U.S. westcoast real estate or business?

– Move ‘inland’ away-from Southern California?

– Stay put and wait to see what happens to everyone else who remained behind?


One might want to ask:

‘Why have all major defense contractors moved their key critical

technology divisions and employee families away-from southern

California since 2013?’

‘Why did WALMART decide to build itself an entire new shipping port in

Mexico, rather than simply continue using the Port of Los Angeles at

Terminal Island in Southern California?’

‘Why is the multi-national multi-modal shipping corporation EVERGREEN

planning on retiring and/or laying-off thousands of its Port of Los

Angeles Terminal Island employees in Southern California by 2015?’

‘Why has BOEING, RAYTHEON, ORBITAL SCIENCES, IBM and so many other

space-based technology corporations moved their key critical

operations, employees and their families all away-from Southern

California so suddenly?’

Some believe these international corporate giants were tipped-off to

information so secret-sensitive it defies everything humanly


‘Why were key critical components of the U.S. Central Intelligence

Agency ( CIA ) headquarters secretly moved to an underground location

near the small abandoned village of Bush, Colorado?’

‘Why were key critical components of the U.S. National Security Agency

( NSA ) headquaters moved into a new Data Fusion Center in the State

of Utah adjacent to Colorado?’

‘Why has CHEVRON only left a ‘skeleton crew’ behind for its refineries

on the westcoast of Southern California?'”


There is more information that people might really want to review a

little more closer now.

Questions Only You Can Answer

What are you going to do?

Rolling dice with life sounds morbid, but unfortunately that’s

precisely what millions of people all up and down the westcoast of

America will end-up doing as they keep right on living ( for as long

as they possibly can ) in Fairy Tale Land; clicking the heels of their

expensive ruby slippers and chanting – “There’s no place like Southern

California, and Big Corporations don’t know anything!”

Now that we’ve all been warned, good luck can only come for those with

vision knowing hindsight is 20/20.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com












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