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Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to assemble and finalize my second ( 2nd ) Disclosure
Project entitled “NonTranscendental Affairs” surrounding the “Howard
Hughes” ‘secret security building ‘private global vault files’, which
I spent over a month copying at a private Mormon ranch just southeast
of Area 51.

Amongst many more packages of never before seen materials , within the vault files collected by me, are 220 + pages of full-color ‘extremely
high-resolution scanned image documents’ evidencing what appears to be crystal clear examples of “Archeo-Archaic Technology Processing”
contained in a ‘custom-crafted’ book from China.

I must get this presented as soon as humanly possible and properly arranged.

Doing this has been rife with delays as a direct and proximate result
of my own personal situation, and primarily because of a terrible bad
streak of my home-office vehicular breakdowns that I need for living

As of now, several personal financial matters coupled with local
environmental problems are placing all my work at-risk of a loss I
cannot replace.

Please allow me to explain what I mean by my “local environmental problems”:

There are ‘ancilliary peripheral personal issues’ relative to my
‘local environment’, which has grown ‘much worse’.

First, the Los Angeles area known specifically as “South Bay” had a
“49% increase” in our ‘local homeless population’ that the local paper
“Daily Breeze” ( Torrance, California ) put a few days ago as its
‘front page story’.

Second, one of my ‘nice’ street-homeless acquaintances was a drug-free
and alcohol-free pleasant ( ‘not’ “overly-friendly” ) was unmercifully
beaten in the face and died. Not far from where I park on the street,
she was found propped-up like a rag-doll sitting on the ground and
leaning against an old tattered abandoned sofa on a sidewalk in
Wilmington, California. I was 1 of 4 people who spoke to her the night
before she was beaten to death.

Around me, elderly men die while sleeping in the vehicles they live in
day in and night out. They are like elderly people that the world
discarded. I meet these men early in the morning for a ‘senior
discounted coffee’ ( $.89 cents ) daily at McDonald’s here. We discuss
our local environmental dilemas ( i.e. the overpowering aroma of
‘methane gas’ building-up under the ground surrounding McDonald’s
where the rodents coming out-of the ground near the sidewalk sewer
covers and inside the bathrooms that make people dry-heave in nausea.
There are ‘oil wells drilling’ in the surrounding area right on the
“Sepulveda Fault Zone” in “South Bay,” and I’m sitting vehicular
homeless right on top of this ‘giant uncontrolled methane gas pocket’
along with everyone else, while few – other than homeless and gang
members walk – these streets while McDonald’s keeps trying to
deodorize their bathrooms after 8:30 p.m. but never reports anything
to the City of Torrance or County of Los Angeles because they fear
being closed-down for costly repairs they are continually avoiding. No
official ‘truly listens’ and replies with, “I’m sure it’s really
nothing,” when what they understand is they “don’t want to cause any
waves with big business revenue and political constituencies” (
McDonald’s ).

Corporate-led government corruption is simpky scratching each other’s
back without regard for health and safety while local law enforcement
cannot keep up with the numbers of problematic people and incidents.
So who remains left to protect the people?

There is yet another problem and that comes with the ‘recent influx of
predatory homeless people’ migrating from the Los Angeles downtown
“Tenderloin District” area now into the “South Bay” area where I live.

The ‘wild drug-crazed homeless lunatics’ have been “acting-out”
whatever non-normal thoughts into violent outbursts ( i.e. yelling and
screaming at people trying to go on about their daily lives, throwing
glass bottles on fast-food retail store property hitting their patrons
and families when getting out-of or in-to their automobiles, recently
released hospital mental patients whom because of ‘not taking their
medicine’, ‘selling it for food’, or ‘taking too much medication or
alcohol’ appear from seemingly out-of nowhere resembling zombie

The volume of gang members ( and new initiation criminally violent
activities ) roam the streets after the sun goes down has increased in
attacks against the ‘elderly homeless’ or ‘other homeless whom are
truly ill and starving’ whom are also beseiged by ‘younger predatory
homeless people’ whom steal anything they can away-from ‘other
homeless people’ too.

And so, while list of daily and nightly street activity is encroaching
on middle-class retail fast-food and discount retail store centers,
this human being grape vine communication network we meet to discuss
whatever ‘we’ can possibly do to curb personal attack crimes because
calling 911 just is ‘not responding quick enough’ in this area of
South Bay Los Angeles

You are constantly ( day & night ) on ‘high alert’ for your own
safety, and this high anxiety keeps growing and growing in intensity
until you become a nervous wreck.

For the past week, I have just begun dealing with these real chaotic
issues around here and I ( 1 of many ) are becoming nervous wrecks;
uncontrollable shaking in my hands, muscle twitches, stomach so
knotted-up you can’t eat even though hungry, and these are only a
‘few’ of the ‘many local issues’ of suffering going on.

Distractions. Fearing an ‘increased mix of street predators’ while
trying to ‘maintain some semblance of personal order’ so-as to be able
to ‘concentrate on surviving’ and hopefully sonehow become relaxed
enough to feel positive about searching out alternatives.

Chronic homelessness and its ever-growing increases while the State of
California ( alone ) discharges from hospitals over 700 mentally ill
patients each day, and more and more gang member initiates take to the
streets every night to steal, beat, maime, and kill the homeless.
That, is ‘The Reality’ out here on the streets of Los Angeles where
any law enforcement officer working shifts through evening hours will
tell you: “It is a ‘war zone’ where you cannot be on the street with
any great degree of safety.”

While it is rougher on the streets in ‘street areas other than where I
live’, these are the facts from where I live.

And, through it all, I write reports, try to complete my Disclosure
Projects to people worldwide.

Foremost importantly some try making this place we call Earth a better
place, filled with more enlightenment, and with understanding a
compassionate world.

Currently, I am at a critical point where I need enough money to carry
on my work or lose everything I’ve dedicated my life to for the
greater good of human enlightenment for what everyone needs to ‘see’ (
visually ) as the ‘proof’ documented within my past 15-years of
research intelligence files.

Please help!

There are but a few of the true “Champions” whom remain throughout
this cause which means so much to us all.

Thank you for considering helping me to help others realize so very
much more by e-mailing me ( [email protected] ) for
instructions on how to send your donation direct.






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