by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )


LOS ANGELES – April 26, 2015 – As thousands ( 2002 – 2015 ) of U.S.
Drone bombings in Yemen led to more this year from a Joint Task Force
involving Saudi Arabia, there are more ‘important secrets on the
ground’ than we think are in the air coming for al-Qaeda in the
Arabian Penninsula ( AQAP ) regional area.

The ‘What We Were Fed Background’ ( 2002 – 2014 ) –

Months after 9/11 ( also known as ) “S11,” U.S. military forces in
Afghanistan bombed the Taliban while hunting Usama bin Laden.

U.S. counterterrorism experts were already calculating “the next
Afghanistan,” i.e. wherever al-Qaeda terrorist safe havens would
carry-on training, weapons testing, and organizing attacks against
U.S. interests.

Under the U.S. Presidential Administration of George W. Bush,
Pan-Sahel Initiative ( PSI ) discussions produced a U.S. National
Security Strategy consisting of double-barrel elements, to:

1. Identify and Eliminate existing terrorist networks.

2. Promote curtailment of new terrorist networks flourishing within
open democratic societies ( at that time ) whom were “less receptive”
to messages and dictates from Al Qaeda.

Yemen, was one ( 1 ) of many  countries identified by CIA as being
potentially problematic terrorist elements within certain nations
where both hard and soft power would be received for what was
eventually brought to bear.

Intelligence analysts fixed their attention on ‘tribal areas’
specifically within ‘remote’, ‘unpopulated’ or ‘ungoverned’
territories of both ‘mainland and island locations’ possessing the
most difficult military challenging access to rugged mountains and
jungles worldwide.

Africa emerged as one ( 1 ) of the greatest areas the Pan-Sahel
Initiative ( PSI ) found ‘ungoverned’ in the Sahara and Sub-Sahara
Africa proving most difficult.

Pan-Sahel Initiative ( PSI ) proved to be a most ingenious U.S.
government ‘Foreign Policy test laboratory’ gauging multinational
reactions to the America “Global War On Terror.”

In 2002, the U.S. State Department started the ‘Pan-Sahel Initiative’
( PSI ), a counterterrorism program involved working with local

In 2005, “PSI” – in partnership with The Pentagon and U.S. Agency for
International Development ( USAID ) – expanded under new names such
as, the:

– Threshold Program ( TPP );

– Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Initiative ( TSCI ); and,

– Other ( dozens-of ) military training programs under maritime U.S.
Navy European Command.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda ( AQ ) established sanctuaries within areas of the
“Pan-Sahel Initiative” ( PSI ).

In 2006, AQ acquired a North Africa franchise. Terrorist attacks in
the region increased in both number and lethality.

Predator drone lethal missles killed militants in Yemen, Pakistan,
Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

Pan-Sahel Initiative’ ( PSI ) counterterrorism officials faced many Al
Qaeda affiliates.

In 2009, President Obama was the first U.S. President authorizing
drone missile strikes in Yemen on less than its core of 300 Al Qaeda
in the ­Arabian Penisula ( AQAP ) members, however it recently grew to
greater than 700 AQAP, according to ‘both’ Tribal leaders and
officials in Yemen.

U.S. Drone Attacks In Yemen ( 2002 – 2012 )


April 2012:

May 2012:

June 2012:

December 2011:

June 2011:


And, so-on and so-forth, all the way back in time to at-least 2002 for
U.S. government military intetests in bombing Yemen again and again.

1st Yemen Secret

Yemen: Arabian Penninsula Of The Inpenetrable –

During 2000, was when Yemen saw old ‘CIA assault tactics’ ( using
helicopter gunships and Special Forces ) fail many times while trying
to access Yemen’s inpenetrable caverns within labrynths of tight entry
holes in the side of high cliffs led to twists and turns inside where
access only came via narrow passageways up steep sides of rugged
mountainous terrain difficult to navigate in reaching terrorist
safehavens successfully perched there for decades.

2nd Yemen Secret –

Why The U.S. Perpetually Sees Yemen Bombed –

It is now understood, that the U.S. military is protecting World Bank
IMF investor interests for ‘ancient artifact sites’ where ‘no money
feeds the same nation’s starving people’, which at-first – as a former
U.S. government foreign intelligence agent – was simply ‘propaganda’
coming from al-Qaeda at the turn of the 21st century.

Just So The Public Knows –

In 2001, ‘before’ the word ‘Taliban’ was ever published by The New
York Times that was only allowed by the U.S. government to even
‘print’ that name, ‘6-months earlier I was already placing my MSN
platformed X-CIA FILES website published reports into archives’ on the
history of the Taliban, identifying the names of al-Qaeda splinter
groups and locations, and Pakistan ISI  intelligence intermediaries
involved with funds going to Afghanistan for the preservation of
ancient historical sites including statuaries and more. I did what I
could to alert the public before mainstream news even received their
‘green light’ from the U.S. government to publish.

How Much Is Still Secret?

According to Internet Archives, a lot of my legacy website reports
published presented a threat to U.S. National Security interests of
big corporate investor interests so, all but a few webpages remain
online today, however I still retained complete copies of all those
webpage reports, which I’m considering released from my archives.

3rd Yemen Secret –

Since 2001, when my own intelligence research began offshore in the
Arabian Sea surrounding Socotra Island where I discovered a U.S.
National Security Agency ( NSA ) surveillance surveillance site
perched high atop some of the Arabian Penninsula’s most rugged
mountainous terrains, I also discovered more there.

When researching Socotra Island ( and a ‘guided tour company’ ), right
across the Arabian Sea on its mainland of Yemen, I discovered a
specific mountainous area in ‘Northern Yemen’, which secretly held an
‘inpenetrable natural fortress’ used as an al-Qaeda ‘back-up safe
haven’ or ‘go-to’ hide-out for various AQAP members escaping
Afghanistan to ‘mid-way pick-up other nation locations’ shortly ‘after
9/11′, which occurred ‘before the U.S. began its bombing campaign only
in South Central Asia mountain regions’ where intelligence reports
initially believed Usama Bin Laden was hiding out.

My legacy website reports ( 3 ), on these subjects of IMF monies
funding ‘ancient artifact historical sites’ in Afghanistan, where U.S.
government financial intelligence ( FININT ) interests had the CIA
inject a  Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) intelligence foreign ( Metchosin,
Canada ) operative ( Robert Earl Palm ) who learned ( from William S.
Sass ) ‘global financial trading fraud deceptions’ he applied on
Russia ‘supply chain’ support for Soviet government military troops
starving in Afghanistan spurring their decision to pull-out.

In April 2015, a little known online group pieced some remarkable
discoveries together on Yemen, which had me recently reviewing
something that could prove even-more significant.

Yemen Ancient Secret Revelations –

In April 2015, I discovered the hint and scintilla of U.S. military
alliances prioritizing global attacks within certain very specific
nations possessing “ancient artifact sites,” which are secretly
receiving huge sums of monies from the World Bank from where IMF
suspect loans are also issued, which I wrote a lengthy reports about
from 2001 – 2002.

Others just might want to review the research a little closer to see
if any of the “Research References” ( below ) hold any more clues to

I think it deserves further study and analysis from a different
perspective than initially few once understood.

Submitted for review and commentary by, The Unwanted Publicity
Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WWW: KentronIntellectResearchIntellectVault.WordPress.Com




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