by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – April 24, 2015 – Disclosure Projects have not ceased.
In-fact, they are still being tasked for assembly so they than be
produced for audience reviews worldwide.

Now, to let Project Camelot audiences know what at-least I have been
doing besides exposing everything else from soup-to-nuts ( so to speak
), here’s a brief update.

Behind the scenes, and amidst my other more important research
arranging for production, as to what I suspected back in 2011 would
occur is right on-track with my much more private research for this
next Disclosure Project to be released shortly, which will fall on the
heels of the American major motion picture film “San Andreas” ecpected
to open for general audiences on May 28, 2015 in the United States.

The motion picture film ‘San Andreas’ has underlying overtones, which
many people around the world will not be able to readily fathom
because much like the movie, it is ‘not alone’ just about the ‘San
Andreas fault zone in California’, but ‘is very much more about
Continental Plates breakaways elsewhere too. After you see the 2015
San Andreas full movie, you may then perhaps, appreciate my report (
herein ) and even more-so my uocoming Disclosure Project report

Disclosure Project Puzzle

More than one could imagine rests in the production of only one ( 1 )
Disclosure Project ( alone ), especially when such holds such combined
worldwide financial, geophysical, technological, and extragalactic
energies of Earth epic proportions involved therein to formulate into
a production for general audiences to academic professionals, all of
whom will become enlightened at-once.

In very early 2011, I received an ‘information tip’ from my top-level
international intelligence source who I’ve personally known for almost
15-years, a source of mine that has ‘never been wrong’; not even once.

What began as a simple “I thought you’d like checking this out,” and
from what initially began as only a ‘feather of a hint’, after I spent
only 90-days due diligence researching whereupon I received
multi-faceted ‘confirmations on all points’, I turned this into an
absolute personal pursuit fixation because of its sheer magnitude
worldwide and for the sake of Earth history of humankind. Needless to
say, this ‘whopper’ bore my full time and attention.

Puzzle Phases

There were many phases within my research on this ‘top priority’, and
simultaneously I had to survive long enough to be able to convey ‘the
story’ with ‘factual and official documents’ assembled ‘properly’ to
let people know I did not just conjure-up the upcoming global events
and had ‘all the proof’ too.

Puzzle Preview

I was waiting to see if ‘certain earthquake magnitude level cluster
averages’ would inclease from 3.8 to 5.0 between ‘2012’ to ‘2015’ and
these specific clusters now have since a few short months ago. Had
they ‘not’, I was going to re-check my inside information surrounding
the ‘two-fold’ only primary purposes CERN was designed for in the late
1950s to produce, which I needed to review ‘happen’ ( with regard to
the ‘specific magnitude averages within certain earthquake levels’ ),
which surrounded only one ( 1 ) of two ( 2 ) parts of these
Secret-Sensitive programs involving a very early RAND CORPORATION
intelligence mission overseas that involved many global businesses
working together from ‘many-many countries’, for which eventually
RAYTHEON CORPORATION was having CERN produce for the one ( 1 ) and
only ‘super secret propulsion system’ that BOEING later had the
ORBITAL SCIENCES company ‘test’ as CERN’s second ( 2nd ) purpose,
after CERN’s first ( 1st ) purpose, which dealt with what surrounded
production of the AMS-02 ( Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer ) now attached
to the International Space Station ( ISS ) as well as what was
installed ‘inside’ the ISS, which is ROBONAUT-2 now complete with arms
and ‘legs’. AMS-01 is still in hiding at CERN, and the culmination of
all these complexities will be sorted-out plus far more information on
other Programs and Projects that have been going on elsewhere for
nearly 75-years, all of which is coming to global purpose very soon.

But, there ‘are many-many more pieces’ to a far grander global puzzle
palace of information before anyone may be able to conclude what ‘it’
is I have been tasking behind the scenes for a few years now.

People only see a few reports written by me, and those are assumed to
be the only subjects I work on behindvthe scenes. I can assure you,
there is a ‘lot’ more going on, which I have not written about
anywhere since 2012, however every once in a while audiences will see
me write on a particular subject they believe has nothing to do with
anything else I have written about, and therein is precisely where I
let my secret updates rest.

What you read is not for naught gingerbread window dressings I have
purposely led many in-to believing. How else do people understand
‘how’ I have been allowed to ‘live’? I can assure everyone, were
anyone knowledgeable of what all my upcoming Disclosure Project
entailed, I would be rendered incommunicado within the time spanse of
only a heartbeat.

And for those wondering about the ‘death threats’ I’ve been receiving
( in the background ), they only pertain to late last year ( 2014 )
and early this year’s ( 2015 ) revelations, of which updates, ‘none
directly pertain to’ my ‘upcoming’ ( new ) Disclosure Project, which I
was forced to speed-up because of the threats.

It has been more difficult than anyone can imagine, for me to
undertake, under-go, and continue while having already been rendered
handicapped and homeless while sleeping on the streets and in the
trunk of my old car every day and night while having to forrage food
from rubbish bins because I am ‘not’ “entitled” as other homeless
people are in America. My story is a long one, which needs no further
addressing within this report update, which must move on now.

Puzzle Updates

The purpose of my report ( herein ) is to draw additional public
attention to something else on planet Earth that many ( not all )
missed this year.

Equator Earthquake 12.2

West of the Gulf of Guinea, due-south of Accra, Ghana is where
offshore beneath the sea holds an unusually ‘large oblong cavernous
hole’ stretching down beneath the surface of even the seabed floor of
Earth’s crust whereupon emminating out-of this hole posses perfectly
lined-up strips of intense blue-white that resembles a pattern of
‘cylnidrical rotary high-intensity light energy beams’ akin to a
‘giant stationary revolver’.

Above the lightbeam energy rotary are ‘cliffs’ whereupon at the
southeast of such is precisely where a 12.2 magnitude earthquake
occurred, which and although the U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS )
website publicly displayed for only a short-time later, was ‘erased’
from public viewing, but that “Earth Event” was noted for a time later
within a “Tsunami Alert” report during the early first quarter of
2015, which many people ( except for a few ) overlooked.

Included in this report are a series of “Google Map” ‘satellite
imagery’ photos, which I have included for audience reviews.

Partial Puzzle Research

Included ( below ) are “Partial Research References” surrounding what
only covers a fraction of 1% of much more material and official
documentation, which audiences may discern fom review as to what is
coming our way, why the global financial crisis occurred, while my
full Disclosure Project will provide tips on how best to survive as
one  my accompanying disclaimer as to how likely it may be that the
vast majority of people on Earth as we all are today may not be able
to accomplish what we might want, when we need to.


Continental Plates Split Continues Elsewhere

Earth Event Alerts

AntiMatter Technology Problems

Vatican Observatory Intelligence

CIA StarShip Speed 1 LightYear In 1 EarthYear

The puzzle, although not yet publicly released, was solved, and is now
being prepared for presentation in its entirety for you to read more
on at Project Camelot.

Audiences may additionally review Project Camelot’s productions on The
Secret Space Program detailed by Captain Mark Richards plus other

Stay-tuned for a whole lot more coming our way.

Submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy
Paul Collin
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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