Billion Dollar 70-Year Old UFO Archive Book

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )


LOS ANGELES – January 22, 2015 – Approximately 130,000 pages

dating-back to the early 1940s ( File No. 2853 date November 1, 1945

from Tom’s River, New Jersey, USA consisted of 5 photographs )

mainstream news media ( see reference below ) reports now has the

public believing twelve thousand ( 12,000 ) sightings of Unidentified

Flying Objects ( UFO ) within U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book, which

the Condon Committee discontinued ( December 17, 1969 ) has now been

released – a broadcast circulating worldwide without any proper


What Was Released? Above Top Secret? Unsanitized? What?

Files analyzed and held by the U.S. Department Of Defense

Documentation Center For Scientific And Technical Information at

Cameron Station located in Alexandria, Virginia – and elsewhere –

designated with legacy national security classifications of

“Confidential” were downgraded on May 1, 1967 to “Unclassified” and

for the most part ‘that’ is primarily what was ‘only released’ from

within the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book for general public


Air Force Blue Book Missing Projects

The fact is, people are a whole lot smarter today, and to such a

degree they would ‘never buy another Project Blue Book from their

government’ since it contained ‘nothing’ on the 1947 UFO near Roswell,

New Mexico.

“The National Archives has been unable to locate any documentation

among the Project BLUE BOOK records which discuss the 1947 incident in

Roswell, New Mexico.” – U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet distributed (

January 1985 ) by Wright-Patterson AFB.

A publication entitled “The Roswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction in the

New Mexico Desert” ( ISBN 0-16- 048023-X ) is, according to the U.S.

National Archives, the ‘only officially recognized public record’ in


Partially Released 70-Yr. Old Book Report

The U.S. government has done a great job using your taxpayer monies

over 70-years doing absolutely nothing more than leaving taxpayers a

billion dollar bill just so they can oggle over an OSI paper archive

foundation museum they’re convinced you might be interested-in when

you’re ‘not’.

“Because of the considerable cost to the Air Force in the past, and

the tight funding of Air Force needs today, there is no likelihood the

Air Force will become involved with UFO investigation again.” – U.S.

Air Force Fact Sheet distributed ( January 1985 ) by Wright-Patterson


Men In Black ( MIB ) Spread Far And Wide

Office of Special Investigations ( OSI ), originally under the U.S.

Secretary of the Air Force, when the U.S. Department Of Homeland

Security ( DHS ) was ‘decentralized’ into ‘sections’ within each and

every U.S. government federal organization where today even DHS has

its own OSI too.

“Sanitized” text records of Project BLUE BOOK ( the documentation

relating to investigations of unidentified flying objects ),

‘excluding names of people involved in the sightings’, are ‘the only

thing now available for research’ in the National Archives Building.

These ‘sanitized records’, include approximately:

– 2 cubic feet of ‘unarranged Project or Administrative files’;

– 37 cubic feet of case files in which individual sightings are

arranged chronologically; and,

– 3 cubic feet of records relating to the Office of Special

Investigations ( OSI ) – portions of which are arranged

chronologically, according to respective OSI districts, and by

overseas command.

Keep in-mind that, one ( 1 ) cubic foot of records equates to about 2,000 pages.

Search aids, for the aforementioned records, include only a:

– File List for the Project files; and an,

– Index List for individual sightings by date and location.

Access to BLUE BOOK text records is by means, of:

– 94 rolls of 35mm microfilm ( T-1206 ) in the National Archives

Microfilm Reading Room.

The first ( 1st ) microfilm roll, includes a List of Contents, for all:

– Microfilm Rolls; and,

– Search Aids.

Amidst text records, ‘photographs were microfilmed separately’ and are

contained on the last two ( 2 ) microfilm rolls.

The Motion Picture & Sound & Video Branch ( NNSM ) and Still Picture

Branch ( NNSP ), maintain:

– Motion Picture Film;

– Sound Recordings; and some,

– Still Photographs.

Where Do ‘We The People’ Go From Here?

People have just witnessed how government took billions of taxpayer

monies ‘after people keep voting U.S. political dunderheads

legislating tax monies straight out-of people’s pocketbooks for

absolute nonsense programs and projects; yet another America national

highway ride to nowhere.

Rabbit-Hole or Black-Hole?

Whistleblowers, producing intelligence disclosures from factually

unimpeachable truthful information banks, are dependent upon support

from people like you.

If no one contributes, nothing worthwhile will ever be made available

for people to rely on because government never provides any ‘real’

“service” for citizens who continue paying for absolutely nothing.

I cannot wait to wrap-up “Disclosure 1” – a critical part of

understanding “Disclosure 2” where revolutionizing understandings will

come into focus as-to ‘why’ your money in government services has been

disappearing for over 70-years, precisely ‘what’ programs and projects

for over 70-years government did with it, and ‘where’ people can

expect something coming from as the threat few know little to nothing


Most awaken to enlightenment of risk-taking impossible missions by a

few for the many of whom would otherwise ever realize future survival

certainties were it not for Whistleblower disclosures.

* Please Support Your Whistleblowers!

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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Whistleblower Needs Your Help –

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin ) is in very

desperate financial straits … He need your help.  All his private

intelligence websites were taken down after government threats.

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy was performing global

financial intelligence investigations overseas involving legacy global

bank asset high-value gold and platinum deposit certificates

‘counterfeited’ then promoted as ‘real’ by international fraudsters

working for government intelligence to extract information from

Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO ) shipping humanitarian supplies

to poor people.

Although now an aging cripple, Mr. Collin remains a unique operations

researcher having collected tons of intelligence on a variety of

subjects over several decades now.

In 2014, his most recent intelligence collection was completed from

closely guarded files deposited in the Howard Hughes vault moved to a

remote desert paradise location in the Nevada near Area 51 where his

four ( 4 ) visits ( between 2013 and 2014 ) generated and cataloged

computer high-resolution color scanned file copies of material (

photographs, official documents, communications, private high-level

transactions involving notable people, plus much-much more ) most of

which he is now in the process of trying to release exclusively

through Project Camelot.

For the past 9-years now, he has been homeless and has been living in

his van home-office that suffered serious vandalism and needs repairs.

In a perfectly normal world, he needs a base of operations to work

out-of. Currently, he needs immediate financial contributions to

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Please help.

How To Help –

If you can even help a little to get him back on his feet please do-so

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Thank you!

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