by, The Unwanted Publicity Guy ( Paul Collin )

UKRAINE, Zaporizhia – January 1, 2015 – In the dead of Winter on

December 3, 2014, Europe’s largest nuclear electricity power plant (

NPP ) of Zaporozhskaya [ ( also known as ) Zaporizhia ( aka )

Zaporozhye (aka) Zaporozh’ye ( formerly known as ) Alexandrovsk ]

along the Dnieper River in southeast Ukraine was quietly shutdown and

underwent repairs, however on December 28, 2014 something went wrong.

It happened again.

This time it was blamed on building ( “bloc” ) number three ( ” 3 ” )

where a nuclear reactor ( 1,000 MegaWatts ) began leaking consequences

forcing electrical power overloads in the other five ( 5 ) ‘reactor

buildings’ resulting in an electricity infrastructure shutdown

throughout the city of Lisichansk, Ukraine’s 2nd largest city.

Surrounding Lisichansk, Ukraine’s Luhansk eastern region territory

suffering from CIA clandestinely backing a domestic terrorist leader

claiming Ukraine’s sitting government supporters ( Russia ) sabotaged

its own power supply, however upon closer scrutiny facts prove


Utilizing a cleverly surreptitious tactic, designed to gain Germany

support calling for N.A.T.O. ( U.S. ) military intervention in Ukraine

( subsequent to the previous failed U.S. offer to buy favor with the

government of Ukraine for an exclusive opportunity to re-write

Ukraine’s electricity power supply to much of Western Europe, the CIA

was actually after Ukraine’s little known about ‘shale oil and gas

reserves’ that the U.S. earlier $1,000,000,000 billion ( USD ) down

payment offered was designed to simultaneously upset Russia

contractual arrangements and Ukraine.

CIA King Herod Mafia Offers

Secret Of Ukraine’s Financial Collapse

U.S. global intelligence community ‘missioned financing clandestine

materiale shipment support’ for domestic terrorist activities within

Ukraine included “radiation bombings” rendering Ukraine shale oil and

gas reserve fields ‘untouchable’.

CIA Pea ‘N Shell Propaganda Films

Now you see it, now you don’t. The only thing publicly seen on

YouTube.Com were plenty of ‘mushroom cloud explosions’ in Ukraine,

plus  CIA backed domestic terrorists in Ukraine filmed while stacking

bags of bio-chem material varieties of what appeared to be improvised

chemicals placed in warheads loaded from staged locations filming

ground-based launches, and then filmed were dark mushroom clouds off

in the distance far from where the rockets were firing, but in-reality

those explosions did ‘not’ come from those filmed ground-based rocket

launches; what was publicly being shown off in the distance were

“radiation bombings” caught exploding.

Balkan War Gold

This tactic was successfully performed in 1999 under the U.S.

President Clinton Administration missioning NATO military U.S.

manufactured Stealth fighter-bomber jet aircraft overflights of the

northern border regional area of ( what is today ) the Republic Of

Montenegro mountains that were indeed strategically “radiation bombed”

with precision striking the southern region of ( what is today ) the

Republic Of Serbia primary national trading precious platinum group

metals commodity ( natural gold reserves ) rendered a “hot zone”

economically collapsing any major international interest in that

particular region of the Balkan War where in-essence Serbia was

economically neutered for life with ‘untouchable gold’.

Freezing To Death In The Dark

Ukraine’s pro-West president in 2014 was overthrown and in retaliation

U.S. CIA advisors are clandestinely destabilizing the heart of

Ukraine’s industrial eastern region so-as to default on its European

electrical heating grid infrastructure contract so as to turn a civil

war in Ukraine to Western Europe, which Russia is trying to avoid.

Oh the games the intelligence agencies play on the little people whom

are the innocent ones caught in the middle being killed, maimed,

starving, and now freezing to death.

Homeless Ultimatum

You heard of “homeless” people, now take a look in the Ukraine where

the U.S. is pumping in money for facist rebel terrorist separatists

‘forcing Ukraine homeless to fight against the Ukraine or get shot’.

This not only needs to stop, it needs to go to the United Nation for

‘humanitarian relief’ against U.S. CIA backed terrorists throughout


Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

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