Disclosure Bravo Introductory


This is my third ( 3rd ) and final brief ‘introductory’ ( Disclosure

Bravo Introductory ) providing the A-B-Cs to only one ( 1 ) of my

Disclosure reports surrounding global financial intelligence and

non-official cover ( NOC ) government intelligence operatives used by

the U.S. government exercising clandestine fraud against a wide

variety of global people targeted; from a billionaire to alternative

media personalities, elderly retirees, veterans, and people throughout

Alternative Media audiences around the world led to believe

information comprised into novel formats as part of social media

engineering to drive audiences back to Mainstream Media for propaganda

delivering propaganda for transborder voting pattern change.

Thank you for publishing.

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Disclosure Bravo Introductory

by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – December 12, 2014 – Delving into multiple arenas of

‘information security’ used to ‘influence masses of people’ undergoing

“Social Engineering” through both “Mainstream ‘Entertainment News’

Media” ‘half-truth report’ broadcasts and ‘now’ filtering down

throughout “Alternative ‘Entertainment News’ Media” reporting labeled

“Conspiracy Theory” broadcasting where most involved see the last

bastion of getting the ‘complete truth’, and nothing ‘but’, delivered

to people whom were sickened of being fed a steady diet of doublespeak

from corporate-led government-embedded ‘journalism’ half-truth report


The primary reason most Alternative News Media audiences drew away

from Mainstream News Media in the first instance was because of

corporate government “Social Engineering” lulling mass audiences into

false beliefs of being ‘fully informed truthfully’ when in all

actuality the omnipotent corporate government information war machine

set about clever “pretexts” designed to turn formerly lost audience

revenue ( monies ) back into corporate media.

Stage One – Act One

Corporate government mainstream media began ‘mixing’ their own news

themes’ into what was “Entertainment News” themes bordering on

“Alternative News Media” so-called “tinfoil hat” early reports

surrounding everything, from:

– Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO ) resembling disc shaped Unmanned

Combat Aerial Vehicles ( UCAV ) ‘killer’ “drones”;

– “Robonaut-2” space robot now operating the International Space

Station ( ISS );

– Extragalactic wave Neutron stars and GRB ( Gamma-Ray Bursts )

threatening Earth’s atmosphere oxygen layer ( “Ozone” layer );

– Innergalactic Solar Flare “Coronal Mass Ejection” ( CME )

ElectroMagnetic Pulse ( EMP ) hazardous effects on National

Infrastructure, e.g. electricity power and water utility grid and


– Wellness principle applications in everyday life ( meditation,

breathing, diets, clean air, environmental care, etc. ); and,


Stage Two – Act One

That social engineering pretext worked using Alternative Media

platforms that ‘selectively reported further’ on news first broken

publicly by Mainstream Media, which cleverly used Alternative Media

conveying to its audiences that Mainstream News Media was reporting

stories akin to Alternative News Media, and in ‘that’ regard

accomplished all the damage necessary to shine a spotlight back onto

Mainstream Entertainment News Media as a ‘secondary alternate’ should

anything ever happen to Alternative Entertainment News audiences down

the not too distant road in the future.

Stage Three – Act One

Battle lines were crossed by corporate government media ‘infiltration’

of public information platforms, inundating moreover Alternative News

Media overwhelmed by so many so-called “Whistleblowers” exposing

“secret” information most all never produced.

Edward Snowden became the chief, cook and bottle-washer of ‘fugitive’

“Whistleblowers” whom never released so much as one ( 1 ) ‘truly

meaningful document’ amounting to as much as a hill of beans, while

‘other’ “Whistleblowers” produced even ‘less’; with the exception of

Bradley Manning who the government caught.

In all actuality many so-called “Whistleblowers” either had ‘no’ black

and white hardcopy evidence’, or they cleverly manufactured portions

mixed with other documentation painted nothing more than a “novel” but

to ‘novices’ unable to tell the differences from ‘typed military

dates’ on MJ-12 packaged documents from ‘official date styles’.

Forward In Reverse

In short, many Whistleblowers were secretly tooting ‘false horns’ for

fringe listening audiences defrauded elsewhere on yet ‘other websites’

asking for support in furtherance of what secretly was Non-Official

Cover ( NOC ) government intelligence operative freelancers of

information deception using counterfeit instruments designed to

ensnare people into ‘personal financial losses’, and ‘eventual

embarrassment’ to scare Alternative News Media audiences put so much

on guard ‘there’ they would go running back to Mainstream

‘Entertainment News’ Media propaganda platforms; ‘not soliciting’

“money” but something even more valuable – the “minds” of people to be

“Socially Engineered” back into “conformity” by reason of being

dumbed-down by fantasy entertainment news easily driving ‘public

opinion poll’ populations back to “Mainstream Political Science”

comprehensions of yore.

Intelligence Tradecraft Of Audience Pretext Deceptives

In the context of ‘information security’, ‘Social Engineering’ refers

to ‘psychological manipulation of people’ – subjected to a variety of

‘pretexts’ – into ‘performing actions’ or ‘divulging confidential

information’ after having been exposed to a variety of tradecrafted

displays of deceptive information practices designed to stimulate a

reaction in targeted people whereby they provide something of great

value they would not have otherwise committed to offering had they

known the ‘full truth’.

Blagging Blogging Bull

Pretexting ( also known in the UK as ) “Blagging” or “Bohoing,” is the

“Confidence” ( ‘Con’ ) person’s ‘fabricated art of scheming deception’

dished out in a cleverly convincing ‘scenario’ ( also known as )

‘pretext’ or ‘storyline’ captivating a ‘targeted victim’ in such a

manner so-as to fraudulently increase the unwitting or unknowing

person or audience into performing an action ( financial investment ),

or.in another arena convince a business audience into putting up

shares of stock, divulging proprietary information, or private

information unlikely to be released under ordinary circumstances were

the ‘complete facts’ known by such victims.

An elaborate lie, most often involves a lot of “set-up” including

researching where such ‘claimed privileged information’ – for

fraudulent purposes – establishing ‘de facto or de jure legitimacy’ in

the ‘mind of the targeted victim or audience’.

Man’s Inhumanity Toward Man

This technique can be used to gather money, holdings, and information

that can be used later to establish even greater legitimacy under

tougher questioning by more who end-up becoming references for even

others whom are eventually defrauded by others sent-in on similar

fraudulent agendas, afterwhich an entire corporate infrastructure

including its affiliates, associates and acquaintances become duped,

disenchanted, and then as ( ‘social scientists’ – consultants of

corporate government ) knows altogether too very well much about )

‘human nature’ takes over consequences automatically as disruption

leading to “dog eat dog” turns people against one another until

everyone involved falls victim.

Pretexting can also be used to impersonate co-workers, police, bank,

tax authorities, clergy, insurance investigators or any other

individual who could have a perceived ‘authority’ or ‘need-to-know’ in

the mind of the targeted victim.

The ‘pretexter’ must simply prepare answers to questions that might be

asked by the victim.

In some cases, all that’s needed is an authoritarian sounding voice

carrying an earnest tone and ability to creatively convey a concocted

‘pretextual’ scenario.



‘Snidely Whiplash’ Styled Social Media Fraud

A type of ‘confidence trick’, exercised for the purpose of

‘information gathering’, ‘financial fraud’, ‘computer access’, or

today’s propaganda war machine differs substantially from old

America’s Wild Wild West clever talking snake-oil elixir fast buck

artists or gypsies stuffing ‘correct weighted rocks’ sealed in

styrofoam packed into a brand-name appliance box sold to unsuspecting

victims ‘trusting’ the ‘demonstrator’ was ‘legitimate inside what they

bought’ rather than a clever ‘fraudulent deception’ of the ‘real


Running traditional “con” ( ‘confidence’ ) game schemes of yesteryear

has become far more sophisticated since the days of Snidely Whiplash

single stage performances before townspeople audiences gathered in

Dodge City, USA.

21st Century Snidely Whiplash Media Performances

Multinational corporate government contractors for decades now have

been hiring teams of what are tantamount to even more convincing

Snidely Whiplash freelance operatives whom earlier were put out-of

business once people caught-on to certain deceptions where today such

have grown more sophisticated by exercising the use of various and

sundry pretexts customized to fit ‘any targeted audience’ gathered

online over the internet where even-larger global groups of people


Audience Whiplash Social Media Internet Wire Fraud Victimization

The term “social engineering,” as an act of ‘psychological

manipulation’, is also associated with the ‘social sciences’, however

such usage has caught-on among computer and ‘information security




You Are The Entertainment News

As everyone laughs at each other, nothing gets done in favor of the

masses whom are only thrown the bone of contention that corporate

government high crimes are only “isolated incidents,” which if ‘true’

wouldn’t have polarized over 1/3rd of the population in the free world

who are antidisestablishmentarianists today.

Social Engineering Studies & Observations

From one extreme to the other plus beyond what we couldn’t gave

imagined possible decades ago is coming to you and your loved ones

unless you get off your lead assets and start navigating a course

capable of turning a sinking social economy around soon because if you

don’t start paying closer attention, we are all going to wake up by

the time it’s too late to even hand out life jackets of ‘real’ “news”

instead of entertaining mentions of curiously times leading to

independent thought paralysis.

Research References


Viewing ‘Real’ “Secrets”

The complete truth revealed in hardcore intelligence documentation

will increase audience appetites revolutionizing the way we all will

perceive living in the future.

Complete information truthfulness is an ugly monster that will leave

you wondering why you were disconnected for as long as some of us

were, however when we wake up to these rude facts, we’ll stand united

once again so nothing like this ever happens again.

Thank you for awakening to the business-end of genuine news no matter

how painfully it may at-first feel to you whom will begin seeing how

the greater good of humanity will be served rather than the few we’ve

all been serving instead for such a long time that we were numbed into

believing we could do nothing when actually we – The People – wield

more power over our controllers.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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