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All that might just save my life and my extensive research for Project

Camelot Productions for the greater good of humanity.

Without some special financial assistance ( fairly soon ) to obtain

vehicular repairs on my van, which has been my home, research site,

storage and transportation for the past 8-years, everything in my life

will abruptly end shortly.

People have it a lot rougher elsewhere in the world, and what

Discovery revelations I bring to Project Camelot is extremely

difficult for me because behind the scenes my life’s survivability in

lieu of my age and ‘internal maladies’ ( trochanteric bursitis in both

hips, numbing neuropathy in almost half of both my hands, cardio

pulmonary disease, and a faulty heart ), unable to walk or sit for any

extended periods of time, unable to qualify for any public assistance

resources because of my citizenship status, fighting roving street

gang member assault and vandalism, inclement cold weather ( no

utilities ), no power generator, no food preservation facilities, and

no money at all while simultaneously trying to complete my research

reports for several ( 8 to 12 ) new Disclosure Projects; one ( 1 ) of

which was recently and briefly announced in the Disclosure Alpha Bravo

Charlie introductory briefs on the UPI Guy Blog at Project Camelot

Productions website.

Currently, ‘very temporary fixes will expire any day, and I do not

want to cause an accident that injures anyone. I should ‘not’ be

driving the vehicle because of at-least one ( 1 ) major ‘highway

safety’ reason the front end suspension is ready to collapse, and I am

being forced ( because of municipal codes threatening issuance of

citations, towing and impounding my vehicle ) to constantly keep

moving my van ( my home I eat, live, sleep, and use a portable toilet

inside ) ‘daily’ away from wherever I park it; akin to a pea ‘n shell

game law enforcement “Parking Enforcement” is the watch dog hounding

vehicular homeless people.

Exemplary of insurmountable issues for me was that just a few days ago

my water pump broke, 1-day before my engine head gaskets blew out,

1-day before that my heater hoses were sliced by a vandal’s knife on

the street, plus to top everything off 1-day later ( on the evening of

my return from a special engagement interview ) my van incurred a law

enforcement citation ( $63 ) for parking between “2:00 p.m. and 4:00

p.m.” on a street where the sign ( completely covered with tree

branches and leafs ) is hidden from vehicular traffic.

I cannot seem to win from losing, and as a vehicular homeless cripple

who has no resources, each time I get hit like this, it takes a

serious toll on my concentration because such throws me into survival

mode because people die from exposure on the street extremely quick. I

am ‘trying’ to at-least stay alive so I can complete several things

here at Project Camelot.

First three ( 3 ) critical items ( below ) needing ( for my personal

health and safety ) to be fixed immediately occurred as a result of

‘street gang vandalism, is:

– engine head gaskets – both – ( $1200 total: labor & parts );

– engine water pump ( $350 total: labor & parts );

– heater core, valves and hoses ( $600 total: labor & parts ); and,

– front end steering suspension ( $1200 total: labor & parts ).

Often it seems to me I cannot easily win for my fellow man so, am I

supposed to give up? I sure hope not, because I refuse to capitulate

to those in power trying to even-more enslave people.

Thank you, Kerry, for keeping audience awareness on champions fighting

for the greater good of humanity.

I try my best but am always encountering quite mysterious

off-the-chart road blocks that have me believing this can’t be

happening to me this many times. There must come a time where negative

energy is diverted away so, if someone can help matters along in a

positive direction so I can complete my Discovery presentations,

please have them send an e-mail with the Subject line “HELP OFFER”

using the following information provided, here:


Thank you, and many blessings to you and your’s,

Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Guy )

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com