Disclosure Charlie Introduction


by, The Unwanted Publicity Guy

LOS ANGELES – December 10, 2014 – “Getting The ‘Truth’ Out … One

‘Whistleblower’ At A Time!” slogan of the Project Camelot production

far-reaching topical entertainment platform produced by its host Kerry

Cassidy, a businesswoman who for years continues carrying the

herculean weight of global conveyances and messages from beyond to

audiences reliably witnessing a phenomenal number of ‘seemingly’

“ordinary people” ( whom are anything but ) exposing extraordinary

mind challenges seen interviewed from all over the world

Based out-of the USA, from the catecombs of Malta to pinnacles of

pyramids in Egypt, and far-far more locations, the magical mystery

tour of Project Camelot reaches across barriers of corporate

government militancy kingdoms of the people.

While novel and certainly creative, much of what people suggest others

be made enlightened about, with alot of equally healthy doses of

contributions to perform more, the only major downside involves

even-more thourough research in-to many acclaimed conveyances from

many people the world over.

Truthers vs. Theatrics

There are others in the world whom sinisterly identified Project

Camelot as an excellent springboard entertainment platform from which

no-gooders ( fraudsters ) cleverly use a seemingly basic video or

audio interview to only later launch a plan targeting yet ‘other

audiences’ with certain ‘other characters’ less knowledgeably and

unwittingly carry scrupulous agendas over on-to other websites where

fraudulent activity are consequently carried-out hurting audiences.

Billionaires Duped

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you ‘think you know’, there are

those human-wolves lurking in the underworld looking for an

opportunity to open up for taking advantage of innocent people.

No One Invites Trouble

When human financial predators ( ‘no-good-niks’ ) – disguised as

‘professional business’ people – carry their charisma onto any stage,

audiences listen and fall victim so, vetting ( separating chaff from

wheat ) fact from fiction becomes incumbent upon production companies

for maintaining global audience reliance where such research costs (

if any ) rest.

Line Drawn In Sand Foundations

Easy to dismiss recordation of fraudulent display existence while not

so easy to rebuild a life savings, and this is what Disclosure Alpha

is about to reveal sscrets of.

Altetnative Media Black-Laundry Laundromat

What better place to air ‘black-laundry’ than right in the ‘laundromat’?

Doing laundry ‘before laying it out for use’ in everyday life or for

latter reflection is ‘healthy maintenance’ few like aired publicly.

Think And Grow Rich

Better to error on the side of using expensive cautionary health

maintenance necessary for endurance than strangle research, error

publucly, lose audience interest, and grow weaker from mainstream

unwanted publicity.

Secrets Gutting Greatness

History records what scandalizes empirical kingdoms quicker is the

“cover-up” ( ‘omission’ ); ‘not’ so-much the ‘act’ or ‘error’.

Recordations of such ‘mistakes’, were they to have been otherwise

‘quickly addressed publicly’, are virtually non-existent.

Were they ‘otherwise’, American opinions ‘against’ those aloft Capitol

Hill would not be so low today.

Foreign and Domestic people and their national opinions would gaze

differently upon political people’s history today.


Bitter public reflections of U.S. Presidents:

– Nixon Administration “Watergate”

– Reagan Administration “Iran – Contra”

– Clinton Administration “Monica Lewinski”

– Obama Administration “Benghazi” and,

– Others, Elsewhere.

This Disclosure Alpha introductory excerpt ( below ) left some pondering:

SOURCE: Project Camelot

UPI Guy Blog

Disclosure Alpha Introduction

December 6, 2014


Mind Danger

The ‘point’ overlooked is by what further treachery corporate media

views the dramatic shift of audiences away-from ho-hum entertaining

but very boring “Mainstream News Media” broadcasts, which in 2004

began dying-off from the web contagen known as “Alternative News

Media” that corporate-led government intelligence agents, motion

picture film obscure actors and operatives began infiltrating, and

this introduces Disclosure Alpha, Disclosure Bravo and ‘Disclosure





Where Do People Turn?

People are creatures of habit and as interestingly reacting as we are,

navigation is important to know where you’re headed. Is it where you

wanted to go? Or, are you being led?

Panic Creates Confusion Leading To Disruption And Scattering

Exposing the one’s own truth is simply good business risk mitigation

performed only if you objectively perform it applicably before others

begin a rumor mill that will surely grind up all the good with the

taint no matter how little ( if any ).

Fraudulent Dracula Staking Good Natureds, Hard Workers And Reputations

Disneyland, booked being “The Greatest Place On Earth,” but was it?

Since the late 1960s, Disneyland is sued more than two-hundred ( 200 )

times every day. How many times is the ‘Greatest Place On Earth’ sued


Anyone ever publicize Disneyland ‘occult’ activity? “Club 33”?

Having gone through its secret entrance and been up inside Club 33, I

likely could not clear the cult-like affluent scrutiny nor afford its

gastly membership financial rigors had I bothered apply. No ghosts or

gobblins flitting about at Club 33 for me; then-again it wasn’t the

‘evening before’ “Halloween.”

Everyone has ‘secrets’ and ‘dirty laundry’, in-addition to natural

facts everyone makes ‘mistakes’; including, the most intelligent

people in the world, another club I’m no member of either.

Most all of us, ahead of events ir circumstance, address what we do

that may possibly serve impacts on others.

What does one ‘do’ when someone ‘uses you to impact others negatively’?

What if that someone is a dear close friend who was conned?

What do “you” ‘do’? Let your friend fall of their own accord, or

defend them? And, what-of impact befalling you, me and all audiences

across the board?

Better to establish a risk mitigation plan in the event of ‘propaganda

fraud’ disaster.

Sensible Informatic Entertainment Vetting ( SIEV )

You do not want to cut off your own nose to spite yoyr face, and you

don’t ruin ‘good reputations’ by accusing others of wrongdoing without

having first and foremost all the facts so, how do you get the ‘truth’

conveyed to audiences about a threat?

Roundtable Discussion Research

People demand ‘quality’ Public Service never providing fully truthful

information paid by taxing hard-earned working citizen members of

nation government led corporations, which drove a good portion of

population audiences away-from “Mainstream Entertainment-News”

audiences no longer take seriously ‘truthful’, and those audiences of

“Truthers” began spilling over in-to what became affectionately known

throughout ‘Conspiracy Theory’ report production broadcasts of the

“Alternative News Media” world for audiences seeking to ‘fill the void

of truth’.

Truth Or Deception – We All Pay

Albeit ‘news’ or ‘entertainment’ where hopefully never both meet

without proper labelling ( fact, fiction, true crime drama,

documentary, speculation, or novel )  ‘which’ reports are exactly

‘what’ so-as to only avert storytelling speculation ‘novels’ ( mixing

fact with fiction ) away-from pure unadulterated properly vetted

individuals with truthful credibility producing true news products.

Better to be a mouse in the mouth of a cat than a audience in the

hands of corporate-led government-embedded charismatic broadcasting

confidence people pointing you and your loved ones.

Think Before Checking Ink.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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