Disclosure Alpha Introduction


by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( UPI ) Guy

LOS ANGELES – December 6, 2014 – Overall pictures of both foreign and

domestic intelligence operations are never ‘fully revealed’; contrary

to what the public has been led to believe – “The U.S. government

cannot keep secrets.”

Kept from public purview are ‘those real dirty secrets’, but moreover

‘those even-dirtier secrets’ – kept from U.S. Congressional Review by

intelligence officials.

And ‘if’ the public thinks for one second that “Sensitive

Compartmented Information” ( SCI ) has ‘sufficient’ “built-in

safeguards” there are a host of former full-time U.S. federal

government intelligence agents and operatives whose extremely

knowledgeable opinions differ away-from such American fantasies.


A series of disclosures are being attempted-revealed, beginning with

“A” ( also known as ) “Alpha” followed by a host of other alphabet

character lettersed reports whereby people will come to know the cold

hard truth; and, the truth is often times difficult to digest –



Truth in ‘public knowledgeability’ is the single most expensive and

time consuming intelligence operation taking decades to accomplish

from creative concept conveyances whereby the minds of people can be

molded to believe anything; and, react accordingly ( ‘Pro’ or ‘Con’ ).

Trading Propaganda Wars

For centuries on Earth civilizations have succumbed to propaganda

conveyed by the very first ( 1st ) professionals. “Traders” trading

animal food, hides, spices, silk, gold and fuels and other commodities

throughout the history of man, and such traders brought information

from the furthest reached of the globe. Traders were indeed the

Earth’s earliest global intelligence agents whose stable of men and

women operatives secretly ruled nations and that worldwide moral

immorality continues circumnavigating the globe today.

Corporate media are the supreme information heads of State for

corporations, first ( 1st ) and foremost, and ‘they’ control people’s

minds and ‘your human reactions’.

Many years ago, corporate media perceived “independent thought” in

people as an ‘insignificant threat’ so, it was ‘tolerated’ until the

dawning of the “World Wide Web” ( WWW ) we quickly identify today as

the “Internet,” and as more and more ‘independent thinking people’

discovered a whole world of similarly situated people sharing their

thoughts, small cyber “communities” formed and grew into large

“groups” whereafter corporate media information sociology scientists

conceived a ‘new intelligence profit picture’ seen today in what

people have been led to believe is “social media,” which is anything

but “humanly social” at all because it in-fact has been put on

corporate media steroids to such a high degree that it began

stagnating “human interpersonal communications.”

Look Up!

Degradation of ‘human personal interaction’ is demonstrated uniquely

for a wide variety of audiences by the following video clip:


Mind Danger

The ‘point’ overlooked is by what further treachery corporate media

views the dramatic shift of audiences away-from ho-hum entertaining

but very boring “Mainstream News Media” broadcasts, which in 2004

began dying-off from the web contagen known as “Alternative News

Media” that corporate-led government intelligence agents, motion

picture film obscure actors and operatives began infiltrating, and

this introduces Disclosure Alpha, Disclosure Bravo and Disclosure


Threat Perceptions

For people to become acquainted with the ‘threat on truth’, disclosure

of intelligence operations must now occur, and knowing no other way to

present one’s self being better acquainted with the murky global

underworld filled with smoke and mirrors, everything needs to come out

in the open so people will finally be able to recognize the good, the

bad, the beast, and the beautiful people who made all this truth

possible for the greater good of humanity ( ‘you’ and ‘your loved

ones’ ).

Alpha – The Beginning

The following information excerpts ( below ) were derived through The

Offshore Informant website host and publisher Paul Collin ( Author of

this immediate report ) who over the course of 15-years created many

website monikers ( i.e. ShoreLines, ECONIC, The UnCommoner,

OffshoreInformant, OI, OI Eye-To-Eye, OI I2I, et. al. ) including but

not limited to the now-defunct ( November 15, 2012 ) Unwanted

Publicity website group while simultaneously operating his

privately-held global intelligence network working in-cooperation with

several national government intelligence agencies until February 2012.

Corporate Targeting

Today, now with greater than 40-years of foreign and domestic

intelligence operational experiences around the world, the primary

call to duty left in retirement is protecting people’s minds from the

greatest threat of all, which.is the insidious spread of corporate-led

government propaganda covering up ‘complete truth’ by introducing a

cleverly mixed concoction of ‘partial historical truths’ with

‘absolute false storytellings’ supported by ‘manufactured counterfeit

instruments’ ( documents and material items ) purposely designed to

‘defraud selectively targeted audiences’ decided upon as being the

greatest threat to global empirical corporatocracies seeking more control

over people and how people’s hard-earned monies are spent.

The Private Intelligence Network

The following information, while research references ( further below )

appear extensive, only consist of a fraction of 1% of what was

conducted by only one ( 1 ) man during an 8-year period for one ( 1 )

private client who wanted to get to the bottom of the truth and be

supplied irrefutable documentary evidence as-to ‘why’ 6,000 people

were left suffering for the rest of their life or dead. Half way

(4-years ) into.that private research contract, that ‘job’ became ‘very

personal’ when the client mysteriously died and out-of more than

$43,000,000 ( USD ) there was the matter of a $5,300,000 completion

contract service fee that went unpaid as a result of the client’s

death, which should ‘not’ have happened because the client’s Last Will

And Testament held that service fee amount protected. Unfortunately,

the “Protector” – supreme designated authority over the Trusts and

Foundations fled to Dubai and then the Philippines.

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Network

Never stiff a good intelligence man because they will call in and

muster up all previous intelligence tradecrafts operationally and form

a single ( 1 ) global miniature intelligence network to recover what

was defrauded or stolen. Better to be a mouse, in the mouth of a cat,

than to try sword-fighting with Zoro.

Hell Hath No Fury

The single most dangerous thing corporate-led government intelligence

can do is to attempt hoodwinking ( tricking ) a well-seasoned

counter-intelligence professional whose capabilities of unleashing

devine retribution from beyond the grave knowing chess pieces move

even after death.

Dinner Bell: The Appetizer

– – – –

COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research ( KIR )

SOURCE: WikiLeaks

Global Intelligence Files


On February 27, 2012 WikiLeaks began publishing “The Global

Intelligence Files” – over 5-million ( 5,000,000 ) e-mails from the

“global intelligence”.company “STRATFOR” ( Texas, USA ).

The e-mails date, between:

– July 2004; and

– December ( late ) 2011.

These emails reveal inner workings of a company fronting as an

‘intelligence publisher’ but providing ‘confidential intelligence

services’, to:

– Large Corporations, e.g. DOW CHEMICAL CO. ( Bhopal, India ),


– Government Agencies, e.g. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (

D.H.S. ), U.S. Marines Corps ( U.S.M.C. ), and U.S. Defense

Intelligence Agency ( D.I.A. ).

The emails show, STRATFOR:

– Web Of Informers;

– Pay-Off Structure;

– Payment Laundering Techniques; and,

– Psychological Methods.


[ Analytical & Intelligence Comments ]

RE: Uganda: Reasons for the U.S. Deployment in Central Africa

Released on 2012-10-12 10:00 GMT


“However, with the end of the Cold War, the US has found itself

fighting a much more difficult and insidious war; the war with Al


This is much less of a war that involves military might and prowess.

It is a war against the spread of drug dealing, illicit diamonds [

‘blood diamonds’ ], ‘illicit gold’, and the sheltering of Salafists (

Islamic militants ) who use these methods to acquire cash which has

sustained the Al Qaida organization throughout the world.

The political dichotomy [ in Africa ], between the Muslim North and

Christian / Animist South, is not only a religious conflict. It is a

conflict between ‘organized international crime’ and ‘[ Foreign Nation

] States’ seeking to ‘maintain their legitimacy’.


February 2011:

[ Uganda President ] Museveni wins another term in the February

elections with 68% of the vote, causing the opposition to declare the

elections unfair after claims of voter bribery. [ xi ]

One of the key actors in the relations between Uganda and the rest of

the world and a good indicator of the role of Museveni is his brother,

General Salim Saleh ( also known as ) Caleb Afande Akandwanaho. Salim

Saleh is a proven money-launderer, drug dealer, resource thief and


General Salim Saleh ( birth name: Caleb Akandwanaho – Date Of Birth:

January 14, 1960 ), is an adviser to the President of Uganda on

military matters.

Formerly, he [ Saleh / Akandwanaho ] was the Uganda Minister of State

for MicroFinance.

Before that, he [ Saleh / Akandwanaho ] was a high ranking military

official of the UPDF; armed forces of Uganda.

He [ Saleh / Akandwanaho ] has been featured in controversies

regarding corruption, including being implicated by the United Nations

( UN ) Security Council for plundering natural resources in the

Democratic Republic of the Congo ( DRC ).

Saleh succeeded Tumwine as [ Uganda ] Army Commander in 1987, and held

the post until 1989 when, following accusations of corruption, he was

sacked [ fired ] from the Army by his brother [ Uganda President

Museveni ].

He [ Saleh / Akandwanaho ] later became:

– Uganda Senior Presidential Advisor on Defense and Security ( 1996

-1998 ); and,

– Commander of the Army’s Reserve Force ( 1990 – 2001 ) – involved in

resettling Army veterans of the bush war.

While still in the Army, Salim Saleh ventured into ‘private business’

and philanthropy, setting up a string of businesses ranging from ‘real

estate’ to ‘aviation’, and becoming one of Uganda’s wealthiest

businessmen, also getting involved in several corruption scandals.

In 1998, Salim Saleh resigned from his post as Presidential Advisor,

following allegations that GREENLAND INVESTMENTS ( a company in which

he was a major stakeholder ) used Malaysia company WESTMONT to

illegally purchase shares in

Uganda’s largest bank; now-defunct UGANDA COMMERCIAL BANK ( UCB ).

His [ Saleh’s / Akandwanaho’s ] brother [ Uganda President Museveni ],

later said he [ Museveni ] had sacked [ fired ] Salim Saleh; not for

his involvement in the scandal but for “indiscipline and drunkenness”

in the Army.

In 1998, Salim Saleh’s company purchased helicopters [ Russian Hind-D

] for the Army, for which he received a commission of $800,000; the

helicopters turned out to be junk.

Salim Saleh was specifically implicated in a UN Security Council

report for being involved in the illegal exploitation of natural

resources from The Congo ( DRC ) during the Second Congo War.

The Uganda government dismissed the report, and no punitive actions

were taken against those involved.

The U.S. Government was fully aware of these crimes, and the

participation of Museveni in these enterprises, just as it ( U.S.

government ] was aware on the barbaric practices engaged-in by its

favorite Africa despot Paul Kagame of Rwanda in the DRC.

General Salim Saleh (aka) Caleb Afande Akandwanaho, who owned 25% of

SARACEN KAMPALA LTD. ( Kampala, Uganda ) with 45% owned by BRANCH

ENERGY, maintained a very close personal financial business

relationship from 1999 – 2004 with an American named Van Arthur Brink

( formerly known until 1998, as Gilbert Allen Ziegler ) who lived in

Uganda until May 28, 2004 when one of General Saleh SARACEN security

force guards was shot to death by Kampala, Uganda Police while the

SARACEN guard was trying to protect Brink at home ( Luzira, Uganda ).

Uganda [ Kampala ] Police stormed the walls of Brink’s multi-million

dollar luxury home to arrest Brink based on an INTERPOL warrant issued

by the U.S. Department Of Justice Federal Bureau Of Investigation (

FBI ).

Brink was taken by Uganda forces to Entebbe Airport and flown with five ( 5 )

F.B.I. agent escorts to Johannesburg, South Africa and later flown to America

to answer criminal charges filed in a Portland, Oregon federal case

citing wire fraud and mail fraud ( involving international

money-laundering of at least $105,000,000 USD – from 1996 – 2000 ),

but for 4-years ( from 2000 – 2004 ) General Saleh had become very

close to Van Brink and his financial business affairs, and although

Brink paid General Saleh plenty of money for ‘special security

protection’ he also did the General favors such as writing a

presentation for Saleh to present before a United Nations Security

Council Committee investigating General Saleh for a multitude of

crimes that dealt with diamonds and precious metals smuggling

operations, money-laundering in foreign bank accounts, associations

with al-Qaeda terrorists in Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO ),

and more.

After presenting Brink’s paper and testifying before the United

Nations Security Council Committee, General Saleh mysteriously no

longer faced being charged with those crimes, which is odd since

General Saleh introduced Van Brink – during an April 2003 meeting in

Africa with an NGO export manager who the U.S. knew had ties to

al-Qaeda and had asked Brink to assist him in arranging financing for

that NGO.

Within 2-years of Brink’s arrest ( in 2004 ), General Saleh was

appointed by his brother President Museveni in 2006 to become the

Uganda government Minister of Microfinance. [ xii ]

Of particular interest was the proposed multi-million dollar LAKE

VICTORIA FREE TRADE ZONE in Sseesamirembe, Rakai, Uganda – a putative

Free Trade Zone [ FTZ ] which turned out to be a giant money

laundering scheme – proposed by Salim Saleh and signed-off by his

brother [ Uganda President Museveni ] in a Uganda Presidential

directive that various government Ministries should finalize a

“Memorandum Of Understanding” ( MOU ) for the establishment of the


On February 25, 2006 Uganda government President Yoweri Kaguta

Museveni “officially approved” the establishment of the LAKE VICTORIA


authorities closed this down.

General Salim Saleh, early this year [ 2011 ], sent two ( 2 )

battalions of mercenaries to Libya to prop-up Muammar Gadaffi.

He [ Saleh / Akandwanaho ] has now become a ‘food products speculator’

to the extent that 90% of middle men are employed by him [ Saleh /

Akandwanaho ].

The food products being speculated, include:

Maize Grain and Flour, Mukene, Fortified Maize Flour, Rice ( Upland

and Super ), Groundnut and Groundnut Powder, Peanut Butter, Ghee,

Coffee, Tea, Beans, etc.

Despite rising prices in Uganda, Salim Saleh is hoarding and

speculating on the food that is sold at very high prices to Southern


Local sources say 80% of land in Luwero ( Sudan ) has been

‘fraudulently acquired’ by the Museveni’s, and donated ‘modern farming

tools’ to Uganda are diverted to those farms ( Luwero, Sudan ).

And, while U.S. lobby groups characterize the Lord’s Resistence Army (

LRA ) leader Joseph Kony as the spoiler who refused to sign a final

peace deal, they fail to acknowledge the Uganda government ( itself )

has not yet signed the agreement.

President Museveni has consistently thwarted peace efforts in 1985,

1994 and 2003 when he sensed they did not serve his interests, which

center primarily on maintaining power.

He [ President Museveni ] has used his close ties to Washington [

Capitol Hill ] to build and maintain a favorable image; hiring the

Washington D.C lobby firm The Whitaker Group ( TWG ) to do his


Between November 2006 and June 2007, [ Uganda President ] Museveni

paid the firm [ The Whitaker Group ( TWG ) ] $75,000 ( USD ) to

publicize the [ Uganda ] government’s commitment to peace.

Ms. Jendayi E. Frazer, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for

African Affairs under [ U.S. President ] Bush [ Administration ], now

works for The Whitaker Group ( TWG ) under a $1,000,000 ( USD )

contract with the Uganda Ministry of Finance.

In an August 2009 Wall Street Journal editorial entitled “Four Ways to

Help Africa” she called on President Obama to galvanize U.S. efforts

to end the militia violence of Rwanda and Uganda rebel groups still

operating in the Congo.

As a paid consultant ( for the Uganda government ), Ms. Frazer is

clearly suggesting Museveni’s preference for a military solution. [

xiii ]


[xii] Uganda General Money-Laundering 2000-2006, The Offshore Informant 06

Aug 2006 22:39 GMT


Research References ( below ):










– – – –

Internet Financial Fraud Hits Alternative News Media

It is unconscionably negligent for those knowing the “news” to sit

idly by while multiple audiemces have their heads buried in sandy

beaches of false information over the world wide web where few people

are warned about ‘internet fraud’ as they’re being force-fed

‘entertainment’ that is actually ‘false news propaganda report

broadcasts’ orchestrated by corporate-led government enlisting ‘motion

picture film actors’ and ‘international fraudsters’ whom are cleverly

designed by intelligence agencies to disrupt certain groups of people

sharing certain fellowships of indoctrinated comradeship; from

‘religious beliefs’ to ‘extragalactic theories’ and, “yes,” – that

includes everyone else in the ‘middle’ ( ‘especially you’ ).

Deceiving people is a ‘global big business’ filled with ‘fancifully

fabricated stories’ and wonderment, including clandestne colluson with

governments worldwide to perform one ( 1 ) thing: Separate ‘you’ from

‘your money’ as quickly as possible albeit via taxes, new consumer

technology products, investments, and ‘insurance’, and it’s vital to

keep ‘scaring’ masses of people by drivng ‘fear’ into every living

soul on this planet who’ll pay ( and, pay ‘dearly’ they ‘do’ ) for

‘more’ and ‘more’ “insurance” based on threats ‘people perceive’ based

on coporate-led government reports sensationalized by

government-embedded mainstrem entertainment news broadcast ‘actors’.

When ‘global master fraudsters’ ( ‘international confidence men’ –

also known as – ‘con men’ ) meet ‘purveyors of counterfeit documents

and support provenances’, the only thing left to formulate a ‘global

fraud’ is to select unwitting but charismatic promoters whom already

have established audiences will become ‘extremely easy financial prey’

( ‘targets’ ).

Swashbuckling treasure hunting profiteer traders using other people’s

money ( OPM ) are being flushed down black-hole fraud schemes for many

decades. Nothing new, ‘until’ these sneaky snake oil salesmen began

slithering onto Alternative News Media platforms captivated by their

storylines that international financial intelligence ( FININT ]

specialists are well acqainted with.

Doing Alot Of Good For Audiences

For the greater good of humanity ‘any and or all information reports’

considered “news” must be held to a set of ‘information vetting

standards for the retention of integrity in broadcasting and

publishing in protecting audience discernment against propaganda.

Saying Recipe’s For Audiences

If information is broadcast or published for audiences as either

‘Documentary’, ‘Commentary’, ‘Discussion’, Opinion, ‘Sport’, or

‘Motion Picture’ those are all “Entertainment” never held as “News.”

There ‘is’ a considerable difference between ‘entertainment’ and

‘news’; ‘latter’ ( “News” ) having always been held to a far ‘higher

standard of excellence’ based on ‘information vetting’ based upon

‘diligent research’ discerning “Facts” away-from “Fiction” where

‘this’ later concocts ( ‘mixes’ ) ‘hear-say information’ accountings

that include: ‘supposition’, ‘speculation’, ‘conjecture’, ‘rumor’,

along with a ‘few facts’ tossed-in as spicy information seasoning.

Poison Recipe’s For Disasters

The correct recipe mix with just enough measured parts are purposely

produced to make audience eyebrows raise or in the case of promoting

what international fraudsters are willing to say to defraud audiences

out-of their hard-earned monies.

Identifying Fraudulent Information Broadcasts

We shall pay no further tribute to corporate media or traitorous

information traders of oxymoronic intelligence services of which are

neither intelligent or serving anything other than corporate

dunderhead delusional States of propaganda for profit today.

Holding “Alternative News Media” to a ‘higher standard’ than

corporate-led “Mainstream Entertainment News Media” is the people’s


Alternative News Media is really the last bastion ( fortress ) of

freedom for The People whose independent information news network will

either live or die with your support.

Alternative News Media is like an ‘information bank account’ for

people with a death grip on truth, and just like any bank account: if

you put little to nothing in it, you won’t be drawing out much,

however if you deposit generously interest returns reward the people.

Alternative News Media – We All Have Our Favorites

We shall protect ‘human independent thought conveyances’ through

‘truth-injected’ “Alternative News Media” delineated from “Alternative

Entertainment Media” of which.there ‘is’ a ‘difference’.

Disclosure character letters will continue reporting only factually

provable news from my desk and those in league bringing the ‘whole

truth’ to the people.

Information fabricators mixing uniquely concocted historical

falsehoods supported only by counterfeit report document broadcasts

shall not be allowed to perpetrate deceitful lies into people’s minds

defrauded along any information vine.

Revolutionary News Media is poised in the background as work in

progress positioning itself to resolve confusing information report

broadcasts for people’s independent discernment free of corporate

fraudulent information agents.

As people review the aforementioned “Research References” it may dawn

on a few that they might want to listen a little closer because I just

might know a litte about what ‘is’ going on – in the background – ‘off






Alternative News Media Is Dying For Truth Be Told

Information websites see some claiming they’ve got access to selling

audiences everything from “The Sky Is Falling” to the “London Bridge”

‘discount’; ( of course ) ‘only’ for a ‘nominal up-front advance-fee’

( of course ).

Investing in ‘information integrity news report publishing broadcasts

promotes preservation of enhancing wisdom benefiting generations.

Smart money is suitable situated with ‘information highways to

nowhere’; fluffy filler and extenders and hearsay espoused from either

some alcoholic blowhard or profusely perspiring wild-looking clown

under other influences sniffling through slurred words producing

nothing but sensationalized nonsense storyline conveyances are simply

‘not worth audience time’ or any overpriced ‘t-shirt’, ‘coffee mug’,

or something far more tangible than a “treasure map” – an ‘impregnated

symbol decal’. One might reap greater rewards splurging 25-cents on a

‘peace symbol decal’ at a local swap meet, flea market, bizarre, yard

sale or garage sale; then again some consider even ‘that’ excessive

financial recklessness.

Information Buyers Beware:

If something sounds too good to be true, there is usually a deceit

buried somewhere within certain clever conveyances. Look closer for

the ‘vig’ ( vigaro ) and you’ll see the song being sung to you.

Vetting Information Becomes News Worthy

Important that ‘news integrity’ be maintained on ‘verifiable facts’

over that of ruses, counterfeit, and/or fraudulent conjecture mixed

into a socio-economic concocted elixir espoused within the world of

“Alternative News Media” needing to be routed out and cleaned up

before audiences are embarrassed back to corporate media mainstream

‘entertainment news propaganda’.

You, the discerning audience, are our last line of defense. You have

the power to ask that “Alternative Media News” be held to a higher

caliber than mainstream media.

Do ‘not’ allow corporate media ‘entertainment news’ to make a mockery

out-of people’s alternative outlet for the ‘whole truth’ and nothing


Question authority and verify authenticity by well-seasoned

professionals whom can really “show” audiences full truths; and, do

‘not’ be deceived by “treasure hunters” that “snow” audiences.

Disclosure Alpha will be revealing more proof of corporate-led

government operative infiltrators within the alternative news media

circuit than many will care to accept, but it is foremost important

that housecleaning begin on alternative news than be rendered a

laughing-stock by corporate media giants.

For what ‘this’ Disclosure will reveal, who will stand in-favor of

seeing the whole truth revealed? Few? Many? I would rather see a few

quality people step up to this challenging plate. Will ‘you’?

Watch what’s coming down the pipeline in the Earthly realm of ‘global

financial intelligence in Alternative News Media’ because it will rock

your whole world of understanding what you’ve only been ‘exposed-to’

by others.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



– – – –

– – – –



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