by, The Unwanted Publicity Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – November 5, 2014 – Ebola virus ‘mutations’ saw The White

House Presidential Administration deploy thousands of American

soldiers of the U.S. military into Central West Africa claiming

“infrastructure support,” but new facts have arisen that Ebola may

‘not’ have been the ‘whole truth’ as ‘multiple back-channel reports’

indicated since mid-October 2014.

COSMIC: “Operation Mop Up” Ebola Land War?

In addition to dead human bodies with ‘no outward signs of Ebola virus

infection’ discovered in gullies, streams, lakes, and water wells by

local area residents of Central West Africa.

Reference ( see, e.g. “DISQUS Comments” section )


Atlantic Ocean Seafloor Explosions

When someone wants to kill-off a large group of human beings, mutating

microbial pathogenics does fairly well. Just ask the U.S. Center for

Disease Control Studies and Prevention ( CDC ) very own “Epidemic

Intelligence Division” that knows more about the histories of

‘man-made’ bioengineered “Variant Viruses” than the Third Reich and

KGB ‘combined’.

If someone wants to kill-off a large group of undersea mammals ( e.g.

dolphins and whales ) they call the American military U.S. Navy ( USN

); then if ‘they’ get ‘caught’ – they call NOAA.

The U.S. Navy Program projects involving “Deep-Sea Ensonification” has

‘truer nicknames’:

“HAARP” ( ground-based energy atmospheric wave propagation ); or,

“Elf” or “Sprite” ‘refocusing’ ( “sTau” ); or,

“Naval Surface Warfare” ( Sea & Land ).



Finneran, J.J., C.E. Schlundt, D.A. Carder, J.A. Clark, J.A. Young,

J.B. Gaspin, and S.H. Ridgway, Auditory and behavioral responses of

bottlenose dolphins ( Tursiopstruncatus ) and a beluga whale (

Delphinapterusleucas ) to impulsive sounds resembling distant

signatures of underwater explosions, Journal of the Acoustical Society

of America, 108 (1), 417-431, 2000.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ), and U. S. Navy (

USN ), Bahamas marine mammal stranding event ov15.16 March 2000, joint

interim report, Silver Spring, MD, 2001.

Noise Exposure Criteria Group, A. Bowles, R. Gentry, W. Ellison,J.

Finneran, C.J. Green, D. Kastak, D.R. Ketten, J. Miller, P.

Nachtigall, B. Southall, W.J. Richardson, J. Thomas, and P. Tyack,

Noise Exposure Criteria, in Second Plenary Meeting of the Advisory

Committee on Acoustic Impacts on Marine Mammals, Arlington, Virginia,


U.S. Or E.T.? You Decide!

There have additionally been ‘no less than two ( 2 )’ far-more

frightening discoveries in the same Central West Africa region of the

globe, but ‘offshore’:


SOURCE: Kentron Intellect Research ( KIR )

GHANA, Accra – October 14, 2014 ( 04:04:49 GMT ) – “Off The Westcoast

Of Central Africa” a 7.4 magnitude earthquake epicenter was positioned

‘south’ of Accra, Ghana beneath the Atlantic Ocean seabed floor

according to RSOE ( Hungary ) global event monitorings ( 24-hours /

7-days ).

The 7.4 epicenter quake was pinpointed on the ‘southeast cliff rim’ of

a very large ‘oval-shaped hole’ within the ‘seafloor’, according to

Google maps ‘satellite image’ even closer view.

Within that sunken oval hole appeared several anomalous elongated

structured objects, emitting intense blue-white colored lights

thereon, stretching from southeast to northwest; and, equally spaced

between each other in a numbered group of at least five ( 5 ) – laying

horizontally from northwest to southeast, according to what Google

maps ‘satellite image’ view provided at maximum magnification publicly


Earthquake ‘depth’ registered “0.0” signifying an ‘extremely shallow’

Earth ‘ground shock’; and, in this case just beneath the ‘seabed floor


Reference [ NOTE: Switch Map Setting, To: “Satellite” ]


[ KIR NOTE: U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ) official records report:

‘no event occurrence’. ]

– –


SOURCE: Kentron Intellect Research

GULF OF GUINEA, Nigeria – October 17, 2014 – A YouTube.Com post by

“DAHBOO77” ( www.undergroundworldnews.com ) video taped the

“Global Incident Map” ( quakes.globalincidentmap.com )

recording a 12.0 magnitude earthquake in the region of Central West

Africa beneath the Atlantic Ocean seabed floor just ‘south’ of


Earthquake ‘depth’ registered “0.0” signifying an ‘extremely shallow’

Earth ‘ground shock’; and, in this case – the ‘seabed floor surface’.

“This anomaly appears in the same region that we caught HAARP Activity

Last Year! They are up to something on These Islands. As far as an

explanation? Yal Tell Me!



[ KIR NOTE: U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ) official records indicate:

‘no event occurrence reported’. ]

– –

Kentron Intellect Research ( KIR ) reports not only having factualized

both aforementioned recordings in both of the two ( 2 ) case instances

of anomalies, plus additional findings, as follows:

– Case Situation #1 ( above ):

Clear evidence, reported by RSOE depicting an earlier Google maps

satellite image view showing the seabed floor hole with five ( 5 )

brightly-lit blue-white color structured objects all spaced similarly

and lined-up within ( as aforementioned ).

Shortly after RSOE provided its report with that Google maps satellite

image view, Google maps satellite view has been ‘altered’ by a

‘paste-over’ ( rectangular non-detailed multicolored image ) covering

up what still exists beneath the Atlantic Ocean seabed floor off the

westcoast of Central Africa.

– Case Situation #2 ( above ):

Clear evidence, as reported on YouTube.Com by DAHBOO77 (

www.undergroundworldnews.com ) video taping the “Global

Incident Map” ( quakes.globalincidentmap.com ) recording a 12.0

magnitude earthquake in the region of Central West Africa beneath the

Atlantic Ocean seabed floor.

Upon later review, not only does the Global Incident Map no longer

provide the data of what was independently video taped, but Internet

Archives has no record of that webpage for October 17, 2014.

Internet Archives ‘does’ however have on October 18, 2014 the Global

Incident Map webpage listing seismic recordings dating back to October

17, 2014 where ‘no such listing appears for any 12.0 magnitude

earthquake or for any other earthquake beneath the Atlantic Ocean

westcoast of central africa.

SOURCE: Internet Archive Wayback Machine ( online )

Global Incident Map ( 17OCT14 ):

[ KIR NOTE: ‘no event occurrence reported’. ]



The aforementioned anomalies, combined with corporate-led government

overseers of later man-made alterations of recordings once made public

is ‘not’ “isolated incidents,” as proven by another ‘recent incident’

perpetrating “altered satellite imaging” – via Google – providing U.S.

government military satellite image data sets to general public

viewing audiences worldwide.



The people must take control over their own hard earned tax monies

perpetrating ‘government frauds’ by establishing a public “referendum”

to abolish such infringements on the people.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com

Research Notes ( Other ):







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