by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – November 7, 2014 – Doomsday scenarios could never have

predicted America growing subterranean populations from coast to


Even more frightening is, it’s now already out-of-control; and there’

no stopping the end of America as it was.

Soylent Green Picture For 2022 Nearer?

Legacy American motion picture science-fiction thriller “Soylent

Green” imagined for America what may occur in 2022 with too many

people in the nation. Coupled with either ‘conspiracy theory’ or

widely unpopular theory on Rosecrucian dogma, one might want to see

how Big Corporate America wrongly took care of just too many multiple

millions of people.

U.S. subculture growth, spawned by ever-greedy corporate-led

overbearing government control over its citizenry, sees absolutely no

humanitarian relief for homeless people; especially not fitting into

any blue chip stock profitability pictures to shareholders.

Corporate America Fight Against Homeless People

Companies are applying financial pressure on local politicians whom

in-return are re-writing local laws known as “ordinances” that write

homeless people right out of society altogether.

If homeless people were an otherwise profitable growth-industry for

businesses across America things might have been different.

Who Shoul We Blame?

Because the numbers of unemployed people directly relate to America’s

growth in homeless people thrown out of their residences and onto the

streets day and nigh America has only one ( 1 ) sector to blame: Big

Corporate America for its global economic frauds striking the global

economic meltdown in 2007.

In Reality Who Do Most Blame?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the American working class and

rich, only blame.”homeless people” whom are struggling to hang on to

“life” where new grassroot urban survival is now being learned.

21st Century Underground Railroad Aggression Building

It’s only a matter of time before corporate-led government leads to

more circumstances taking many others underground too, and who do you

think will win this new revolutionary American war?

Don’t think it won’t happen because casualties of homeless people have

been piling up. It’s just a matter of time before they begin striking

back at the very heart of corporate-led government infrastructure.

The private security company SECURITAS has been secretly briefed by

the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security Intelligence ( DHS – HSI ) to

expect attacks on corporations all across America.

The presence of SECURITAS at banks, Walmart, and every major retail

business has already been reinforced.

AMERICAN BUILDING MAINTENANCE ( also lnown as.) ABM Security received

its HSI secret briefing in 2008, and is now the single largest private

security company in the world guarding American industrial complexes

and U.S. government Private Military Contractor Facilities nationwide.

The new America revolutionary war will be seeing American society

radically changed with far more and more security measures around us

very soon.

Institute For International Studies

The following video clips ( below ) present a nationwide glimpse in-to

current U.S. domestic homeland security affairs proving Russia expert

predictions ( 2006 ) correct: “America will soon become a Third World


Streetsweeping Batons

Right under American society’s turned up global noses, The Police

States Of America is sweeping up everything around; including, what’s

left of humanity.

Man’s Inhumanity Toward Man

November 2014 –

Police Arrest 90-Yr. Old Man For Feeding Homeless –

November 2014 –

Police Arrest 2 Priests For Feeding Homeless –

– –

Punished While Sleeping –

– –

Vanishing Vanquished –

– –

Las Vegas Underground –

– –

New York Underground –

– –

Hazy Sunshine State –

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