by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – November 10, 2014 – Dov S. Zakheim is no stranger to

sitting behind the wheel of SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION ( SYSPLAN )

driving the U.S. military defense industrial complex of Private

Military Contractors ( PMC ) like BOOZ-ALLEN HAMILTION and others

financially dependent upon American’s hard-earned taxpayer funds taken

out-of the U.S. Department Of The U.S. Treasury through the U.S.

Congressional Budget Office ( CBO ) for the U.S. Department Of

Defense, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ), U.S. National

Security Agency ( N.S.A. ), U.S. Department Of State, U.S. Department

Of Justice ( DOJ ), U.S. Department Of Homeland Security ( DHS ) and

every other office, department and bureau of the U.S. government over

a period of several decades now.

U.S. Army Special Operations officer, 2nd Lieutenant Scott Bennett (

Retired ), published his book entitled, “Shell Game: A Military

Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and

Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of

Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton

and U.S. Central Command” that was believed part of the reason behind

former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder having so abruptly abandoned

his White House appointed post in favor of such an early retirement

under the current U.S. Presidential Administration under Barack Obama.

Second Lieutenant Scott Bennett was believed assigned to the U.S.

Army’s 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs

Psychological Operations Command as a global psychological warfare

counterterrorism analyst, and was with the U.S. federal Private

Military Contractor ( PMC ) BOOZ-ALLEN HAMILTON.

He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, held a Sensitive

Compartmentalized Information ( SCI ) Top Secret security clearance,

working in the highest levels of international counterterrorism in

Washington, D.C. and MacDill Air Force Base ( near Tampa, Florida ).

Retired officer Bennett worked at U.S. Special Operations Command,

U.S. Central Command ( USCENTCOM ), the U.S. Department Of State

Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and other government agencies.

From 2003 – 2008, Bennett served under the U.S. Presidential

Administration of George Bush, Jr., and was a Social Science Research

Fellow at the Heritage Foundation where Dov S. Zakheim was.

His writings and lectures seek to enhance global awareness and

understanding of modern psychological warfare, the international



On October 1, 2014 Project Camelot Productions producer Kerry Cassidy

saw her 3-hour video interview with 2nd Lt. Scott Bennett lightly

mention his encounters with Dov S. Zakheim without referencing that

connection with former U.S. Marine Corps ( Retired ) Lieutenant

Colonel Oliver North who during the Iran-Contra scandal testified

before U.S. Senate Hearings identifying “The Enterprise” ( also known

as ) “America’s Secret Parallel Government” driven by the highly

secretive U.S. military industrial complex ( also known as ) SYSTEM

PLANNING CORPORATION ( SYSPLAN ), a company arranging government

classified secret-sensitive programs and projects matchmaking with

Private Military Contractor ( PMC ) specialists worldwide.


– –

COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research ( KIR )

SOURCE: System Plannimg Corporation ( SYSPLAN )

SUBJECT: In RE: Dov S. Zakheim

Background –

Areas of Specialty:

– National Security Policy and Programs;

– International Security Policy and Issues;

– Defense Budget Analysis and Defense Economics;

– Ballistic Missile Defense;

– Hebrew, German and French Languages.

Experience –

( 1987 – Present )


– SYSPLAN Center for Policy Planning: Director; and,


Dr. Zakheim provides corporate level oversight and consultation on

long-range program planning and budget analysis and international

programs and sales in support of SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION ( SPC )


He is an internationally recognized expert in U.S. National Security

Policy and Programs; international security policy and issues,

especially with respect to NATO / European, Middle East and East Asian

affairs; and ‘defense economics’.

He has long been active in the analysis and policy formulation of

BMD-related programs, both while serving as a senior officer in the

Department of Defense and in his private-sector studies.

Dr. Zakheim was originally involved in the programmatic decisions that

established the Strategic Defense Initiative ( SDI also known as the

“Star Wars Program” ) and was Co-Chairman of DoD’s TMD Task Force.

He has provided consulting support to several directors of BMDO as

well as to the deputy for strategic relations.

Dr. Zakheim negotiated a variety of BMD-related arrangements with

several U.S. allies, notably the United Kingdom and Israel.

In 1987 he accompanied then-Senator Dan Quayle on a European trip to

discuss TMD with leading foreign officials.

Both during and since his government tenure, Dr. Zakheim has

interfaced extensively with top foreign officials, including the prime

ministers of Israel and Sweden; the defense ministers of the UK,

France, Germany and Italy; senior-level career and military officials

in Turkey, Japan, and Singapore; and parliamentarians, notably in the

UK, France and Israel.

He has also maintained constant high-level contacts with senior

congressional staff as well as members and has frequently testified on

defense budget and related matters before committees and subcommittees

of both the House and Senate.

Dr. Zakheim has published widely on SDI, BMD and TMD related issues

both domestically and internationally. His articles on these subjects

have appeared in journals, newspapers, and books such as Jane’s

Defence Weekly, National Review, and the Christian Science Monitor;

plus, several newspapers in Mexico, Bolivia, and the Netherlands.

Dr. Zakheim presented a major paper on international cooperation to

the 7th MultiNational SDI Conference and has been asked to present a

follow-on paper to the 8th Conference to be held in London in 1995.

He has been quoted frequently in the British and Israeli press on BMD

related issues and has provided commentary on these matters for Kol

Israel ( Israel radio broadcast ), the BBC World Service, and the

television series Technopolitics.

Dr. Zakheim has published well over 100 op-ed pieces, articles,

reviews, and chapters in books, many of which have been translated

into foreign languages and published worldwide.

His commentaries have appeared in The New York Times,The Washington

Post, and The Los Angeles Times, and in newspapers in Israel and Latin


He is a regular contributor to the weekly Defense News and authored

essays on flexible response and strategic stability for publication in

the International Military and Defense Encyclopedia.

In addition to his aforementioned commentary for the BBC World Service

and Kol Israel.

Dr. Zakheim has appeared on telecasts in Sweden, Japan, Israel, the

U.K., and the BBC Arab Service; on shows such as Larry King Live,

McNeil-Lehrer NewsHour, ABC’s World News Tonight, and CNN Headline

News; and on numerous radio broadcasts. He is a frequent lecturer at

the National War College, where he was adjunct professor in 1992.

Dr. Zakheim is currently adjunct professor of international and public

affairs at Columbia University as well as senior associate of the

Center for Strategic and International Studies, Trustee of the Foreign

Policy Research Institute, and adjunct scholar of the Heritage


He has been a consultant to the U.S. Secretary of Defense and

Under-Secretary of Defense for policy, and has twice ( 2X ) been the

recipient of the Distinguished Public Service Medal, DoD’s highest

civilian award.

In addition to his studies at Columbia and Oxford University, Dr.

Zakheim studied international relations at the London School of


Dr. Zakheim is on the editorial boards of the Round Table ( the

Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs ) and Israel Affairs,

both published in London.

He is also a fellowships reader on national security proposals for the

Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC.

( 1981 – 1987 )

– Office of the Secretary of Defense: Deputy Under Secretary of

Defense for Planning and Resources.

Dr. Zakheim was the senior DoD manager for production of the Defense

Guidance the primary planning document of the department’s Planning,

Programming, and Budgeting System ( PPBS ) and played a leading role

in the department’s system acquisition and strategic planning


He served as the policy office’s representative to the Defense

Acquisition Board and to the Four Powers Armaments Directors meetings

( USA, UK, France and Germany ).

He also was a member of the DoD senior program review group and was

the senior official responsible for policy coordination of all Program

Budget Documents ( PBD ).

Dr. Zakheim was responsible for coordinating DoD positions on

international financial and economic issues and led, or was a member

of, high-level teams that have successfully negotiated agreements with

a number of U.S. allies.

He led three ( 3 ) major U.S. interagency analyses and reviews of the

requirements, technical program evaluation, and costs, of the:

– Israeli LAVI aircraft;

– Alternatives to the LAVI; and,

– Israel Navy Modernization Program.

Dr. Zakheim previously served as special assistant to the assistant

secretary of defense for international security policy, advisor to the

under secretary of defense for policy, and assistant under secretary

of defense for policy / resources.

He had a variety of assignments, including:

– Principal advisor to the under secretary of defense on planning,

programming, budgeting, and acquisition matters;

– Principal DoD member, Interdepartmental Group on International debt;

– Alternate DoD representative to Senior Interdepartmental Group on

International Economic Policy ( debt-related issues );

– Principal negotiator of US – Canada agreement on North Warning

System and US – UK Memorandum Of Understanding on joint use of

Ascension Island;

– Chief technical negotiator for air defense agreements with FRG (

Federal Republic Of Germany ) and the Netherlands;

– Policy coordinator for the secretary of defense’s Annual Report to Congress;

– Director of Secretary Caspar Weinberger’s policy and program

briefings for President Reagan and the National Security Council;

– Chief cost negotiator for US – FRG agreement of host nation support;

– Chief technical negotiator for US – UK agreement on Trident missile;

– First executive secretary, US – Turkey high-level defense group; and,

– Chairman, DoD Falkland Islands Working Group.

( 1975 – 1981 )

– U.S. Congress, Congressional Budget Office ( CBO ): Principal Analyst.

Dr. Zakheim produced seven ( 7 ) major CBO analyses and reports on

defense budget issues. He cosponsored, organized, and chaired a

conference on projection forces and was senior and team leader analyst

for maritime and projection force issues.

( 1974 – 1975 )

– International Credit Bank ( Geneva, Switzerland ), London ( UK )

Branch: Assistant to the Managing Director.

Dr. Zakheim monitored UK lending activities and prepared reports of

international financial trends.


University of Oxford, St. Antony’s College: Research Fellow.

Dr. Zakheim lectured and wrote on comparative politics, the economics

and politics of the European economic community, and the politics of

the Atlantic Alliance.

Education –

( 1974 )

School: Oxford University

Major: Economics and Politics

Degree: Ph.D.; and,

( 1970 )

School: Columbia University

Major: Government

Degree: B.A. ( summa cum laude ).

Honors & Awards –

– U.S. Commission on Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad:

Appointed Member ( appointed August 1991 by, U.S. President George W.

Bush, Sr. ).

– DoD Medal for Distinguished Public Service, with bronze palm;

– Director’s Award for Outstanding Service, Congressional Budget Office;

– Phi Beta Kappa;

– National Science Foundation Fellow;

– Columbia College Kellett Fellow;

– Columbia College Scholarship;

– New York State Regents Scholarship;

– Columbia College Scholarship to the London School of Economics;

– Columbia College Guttmann Prize for Excellence in Humanities Studies;

– Who’s Who in America;

– Who’s Who in the East;

– Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders of America.


– –

Research ( below ) –

SOURCE: Project Camelot Productions ( online )

The UPI Guy Blog –

UFO Hovers Nightly Over L.A. South Bay

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

November 14, 2013

… ‘I initially considered the UFO sentinel starlight craft to be

under development by SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION ( SYSPLAN ) under a

U.S. Department of Defense ( DOD ) Defense Adanced Research Projects

Agency ( DARPA ) Advanced Programs Office ( APO ) development and

testing by

the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office ( NRO ) for eventual U.S.

Department of Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ) Early Warning (

EW ) coastline intrusion monitoring of all U.S. waterways, and I was

privy to the early 2012 secret deployment of ‘long-range underwater

passive arrays’ installed to guard Port of Los Angeles  entrances.”


– –

SOURCE: Project Camelot Productions ( online )

The UPI Guy Blog –

CIA Global Economic Collapse Secrets Of Assets – Part 1

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

April 30, 2014

… “The U.S. government is no stranger to “YouTube.Com,” which is

specifically being used ‘this time’ where its “Privacy Policy” was

shoved aside by the U.S. government military industrial complex ( e.g.

SYSPLAN, LOCKHEED, BOEING, et. al. ) using a ‘new weapon tactic’

against whistleblowers supporting “Disclosure” of ‘global

influencesagainst the public’.” …


– –

SOURCE: Project Camelot Productions ( online )

The UPI Guy Blog –

Black Hat Intelligence Today

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

July 28, 2014

… “Understanding ‘The Enterprise’ SysPlan Black Hat CIA Arm Black

Hat was established in 1997 at the same time SYSTEM PLANNING

CORPORATION ( SYSPLAN ) took the covert role as “The Enterprise”

managing the now infamous ‘military industrial complex’, which decades

earlier, former U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower ‘eerily warned

the American public about the dangers thereof, which later in January

2012 sprang a U.S. Department of State announcement about Public

Private Partnerships worldwide involving the ‘private-sector’ of

humanity.” …


– – – –

Why are so many shy when it comes to SPC ( SYSPLAN )?


Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com





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