by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – October 31, 2014 – There remains much controversy, up to

this Halloween, as to whether any Ebola virus – or for that matter –

any of its many ‘natural Ebola mutations’ coupled with “bioengineered”

( ‘man-made’ ) “variant viruses” people will ever see any

‘long-lasting cure’ and not just a ‘temporary fix’ put in-play, which

this report hopes you will discover as you learn more now.

Why Conspiracy Theories Continue Thriving

Facts Or Fantasies – Science-Fiction Or Conspiracy Theories

If you picked “Fantasies,” as most do whom believe everything the

government tells them, before reading ( if ever ) all the “Facts,”

which – by the way – people rarely ( if ever ) see ‘fully revealed’,

then you missed why others pick “Science-Fiction” movies for their

entertainment and education rather than those dry and boring

documentaries on cable television, which – oddly enough – is where

“Facts” and “Fact-Seekers” land – oddly enough ‘both’ of the ‘latter

groups of people’ ( i.e. “Science:Fiction” aficionados ‘and’ ‘Fact

Seekers’ ( “Factsters” ) eventually ‘merge’ and ‘congregate’ around

“Conspiracy Theories” where yet ‘another cross-section of people

landed in 2010; enter the wild mix of ‘tax protesters’ and

‘paramilitary militia persons’ ( ‘yes’, guys, there’s even “women

radicals” there too – just don’t ever cross them! ).

And with ‘that mix of four ( 4 )’ added, you may depend on seeing

votes at the polls change just as radically as “Annie Get Your Gun”

revolutionizing worldviews right from within the NSA monitored safety

net all homes have on their internet screens unfolding fabulously

entertaining gobal mysteries:

From Viruses and ChemTrails to Ancient Gold Treasuries and Federal

Reserve control over the Secret Parallel Government Deep Underground

Military Bases.( D.U.M.B. ) and ExtraTerrestrial Alien UFO Undersea

Bases harvesting Hot Liquid Niobium from Volcano Lava for UFO fuel but

causing Earthquakes and Tsunamis in that process.

And, let’s not forget InterStellar Dimensional Travel to where

everyone gets a ‘Second ( 2nd ) Chance On Life’ before Earth is

destroyed by an incoming Asteroid NASA detection missed or an

ExtraGalactic Propagation Energy Wave capable of sizzling everyone’s


In short, a place where more mysterious activities and events filled

with more twists and turns that would keep even Sherlock Holmes (

himself ) baffled for centuries can only be experienced from beyond

rote ‘normal routines’.

There is ‘no shortage’ of knowledgeable intelligence, titillating

excitement, mysterious adventures and interesting comradery providing

a far wider scope of amusing attractions beautifully presenting

brilliant personal discoveries to ‘you’, more-so than most can ever

hope to find elsewhere at typical entertainment theatres or sporting

events; unable to match nor compare to only what a unique ‘Conspiracy

Theory’ website uniquely provides ‘global people’ receiving healthy

doses of ‘more factually “helpful knowledge entertainment;” the ‘most

popular key’ to it all – benefiting you ( and those around you ) long

‘after you’ve returned to your normal routine.

Too many times, “Conspiracy Theories” are proven ‘correct’ by

“Whistleblowers” – ‘something like but not exactly’ “Edward Joseph

Snowden” who some believe ‘is still working as a newly bred technical

counterintelligence agent’ for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (

C.I.A. ); because of his ‘secret training’ in Switzerland rather than

“The Farm” in Virginia – since today’s CIA is ‘nothing like your

greatgrandfather’s Oldsmobile. What’s an “Oldsmobile”? Go back to your

video games! ( lol ) !

Visiting a “Conspiracy Website “Forum” heightens even-more personal

adventure because they are often filled by those ‘Whistleblowers’ and

even ‘real government intelligence agents’; some of whom are maligned

or misunderstood and frustrated by the secrets they really ‘do know’

and will invariably and occasionally purposely drop top-level

classified information – and there will also be a fair mix of

government agents online trying to monitor those ‘secret leaks’ too.

Why, you might even begin feeling that ‘adrenaline rush’ where

government may watching you ( and perhaps, your every move )

simply because you’ve just entered into “The Zone” of the ‘new’ “Wild

Wild West” world of “Conspiracy Theories” from where there may be ‘no


No longer will you be a “Rebel Without A Cause” since you’ll have

plenty of ’causes’ to choose marching as you realize the ‘vast

majority of the world secretly believes UFOs exist’; OMG – Don’t


For those whom haven’t ‘yet’ boarded their brooms and flown away from

this report, may I recommend your sticking around to review more but

remain a safe distance away from those hunched-over wearing

wide-brimmed pointy black hats; you’ll ‘not’ want to be alongside when

the house comes crashing down – via remote-control from those aloft in

their cement and glass towers overlooking the “Wonderful World Of

Disney” in the land of “Oz” ( USA ).

Difficult To Chew, Good To Digest

Now, Just The Facts, Please!

Virus Nutshell – First

Deadly Virus Early Symptoms And What To Do

If you’re experiencing ‘high fever’ ( running ‘high temperatures’,

‘needing a fan’, or ‘less and less clothing’ ), ‘chills’ ( feeling

‘cold when others are not’, ‘needing extra clothing or blankets’ ),

muscle aches ( ‘pain in your arms, legs, trunk’ ), ‘nausea’ ( sick to

your stomach, vomiting ) and possible ‘headache pain’, your chances of

having contracted ( “caught” ) an influenza “Flu” virus, “Common Cold”

virus, or ‘maybe’ even the “Ebola” virus is likely, and the only way

you can have your life properly ( without infecting those around you!

) is by ‘immediately isolating yourself’ ( chances are many will not

want to come into ‘close contact’ with you to catch your virus disease

) and ‘then’ “telephone call” the nearest ‘hospital’ and specifically

ask to speak with a “Triage Nurse” because ‘you do not want to sit in

a crowded Emergency Room’ where other people may catch your virus, be

sure to explain all your ‘symptoms’ and ‘any odd details ( a good

idea, if you have several problematic symptoms, is to ‘write them

down, first’ and then refer to your notes ) carefully over the phone,

be sure to also write-down the ‘name of the Triage Nurse’ providing

you with instructions, and – above all else – be sure to ‘listen

carefully’ to that nurse’s suggestions and ‘follow her instructions’.

If you are unclear on anything you’re being told over the phone by the

Triage Nurse, ask questions until you fully understand, do not assume

any course of action – contrary to that nurse’s recommendation – on

your own accord. If you’re told to call back tomorrow, refuse, and ask

to speak to some other hospital’s Triage Nurse. Viruses are ‘not going

away, and ‘neither should you be delayed in being seen by a healthcare

professional. Use ‘common sense’!

Are we clear now on at-least ‘all of the aforementioned ‘factual

medical points’? If not, start your broom because you’ll want to fly

away from this report after you read the other ‘facts’ too that others

‘will learn’, and I can guarantee you this:

Disclaimer & Notifications

Although this report is filled with high-quality support referenced

factual information, it should ‘not be considered medically

comprehensive’ by any stretch of the imagination. You will, however,

learn more ‘globally comprehensive news information’ here than


Clearing ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ Of Confusion

To-date there is ‘no known 100% lifetime cure anywhere in the entire

world’ for the “Ebola virus.” Anything contrary ‘thereto’ ( i.e.

“therapeutic treatments’, :experimental vaccines’, etc. ) are only

‘untested temporary fixes’ so, if you hear any.corporate-led

government official saying anything to the contrary, ‘beware’ because

this highly detailed report ( herein ) was specifically researched and

written to ‘provide only factual information based strictly upon

numerous highly qualified linked references as supports just so people

examining all this material will finally be able to ‘clearly first

understand’ ‘fact’ versus ‘fiction’ thereby allowing them to draw only

‘sound conclusions’ about what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’ “conspiracy


Because we’re referencing a deadly global threat to population

centers, you’re only going to have this one ( 1 ) chance to ‘get the

facts straight’ and ‘why the worldview is as it really is’.

Alot of you are going to “freak-out” at alot of what you’re about to

review, and so all I can professionally recommend ( from the

standpoint of personally having more than 42-years in global

intelligence information – from soupy silver-tongued bureaucrats to

foreign operation nuts – analysis ), is:

“Go ahead and ‘freak-out’, run around and do alot of it ‘really good’,

then sit your lead assets back down and review this report even-better

after you’ve already quickly read through it by, then clicking on all

the “References” and reviewing ‘those’, you’ll ‘then’ begin

‘realizing’ just how all the puzzle pieces fit easily together for


The Ebola and associated mutant variants are only growing ‘worse’ –

not ‘better’ – so, if you are one of those Munchkins living in “Oz “

listening to the “Wizard of Oz” while you’re travelling down your

“Yellow Brick Road” of life, then ‘good luck’ for you are in for a big

awakening that will eventually drop next to you alongside the “Wicked

Witch Of The West” ( USA ) and elsewhere.

Reviewing this educational research report filled with information

you’ll never learn about elsewhere in just one ( 1 ) area will be like

looking ahead into your future world. Don’t believe me, but ‘do check

every reference link provided’ in this report. You will not be sorry

because ‘at the very least’ – on ‘these’ – you may depend.

Got A Cold Or Flu, Right? Think Carefully!

“Ah-Choo!” You Could Be Dead.

Emerging, ReEmerging and Variant viral microbial pathogenic

communicable diseases have begun increased spreading a ‘new wave’ of

‘multiple virus outbreaks’ throughout the United States Of America by,

U.S. federal government authorities continuing to allow ‘unrestricted

international crossborder travel’ by people ( e.g. military soldiers,

medical health caregivers, laboratory technicians, janitors of such

facilities, and other people ) whom are ‘high-risk virus contactees’

now circulating ‘without proper screening’ amongst ‘non-infected


Not Only Is The Military “Airborne” Spraying ChemTrail “Vapor Droplets”

Clinical Professionals Say ‘Virus Sneezes’ Are “Dropletborne” In Air

So, What’s In ‘Your’ “Sneeze”?

“When someone coughs, sneezes or, in the case of Ebola, vomits, he

releases a spray of secretions into the air. This makes the infection

droplet-borne. Some hospital procedures, like placing a breathing tube

down a patient’s air passage to help him breathe, may do the same

thing. Droplet-borne germs can travel in these secretions to infect

someone a few feet away, often through the eyes, nose or mouth. This

may not seem like an important difference, but it has a big impact on

how easily a germ spreads.”


Ebola Virus 91-Days Active In Sperm, Lactation Milk, And Tears

Insufficient isolation periods promote ‘male patients’ spreading Ebola

deadly viruses killing women through sex from ‘still infected’ “semen”

( ‘sperm’ ), plus ‘female patients’ killing infant babies through

breast feeding from ‘still infected’ “lactation milk.”

– –

SOURCE: World Health Organization ( WHO )

Fact Sheets –

Fact Sheet Number: 103

Disease: Ebola Virus

Date: September 2014 ( updated )


“Men ‘who have recovered’ from the disease [ Ebola ] ‘can still

transmit the virus [ Ebola ]’ through their ‘semen’ [ sperm ] for up

to 7-Weeks [ 49-Days ] ‘after recovery’ from illness [ Ebola Virus ].”



– –

Quarantine isolations worldwide must be lengthened because ‘both’

“men” and “women” whom retain deadly viruses elsewhere – ‘not’ in

“blood” – in their bodies remain latent unwitting hosts carrying this

spread further to others.

Another huge problem with current guidelines of quarantine and

isolation applied to U.S. military soldier troops – deployed in-to and

out-of foreign countries infected with deadly viruses, is the

‘incubation period’ capped by government officials ordering ‘only’

“21-Days” that are ‘insufficient’ for ‘certain viruses’ ( e.g. Ebola

Virus, Marburg Virus, etc. ) ‘continuing to thrive’ in ‘sperm’ (

“semen” ) for nearly 84-days ( 12-weeks / 3-Months ) and longer in

other bodily fluids ( e.g. breast milk, tears ).

– –

SOURCE: U.S. Center For Disease Control And Prevention ( CDC )

Who This Is For: CDC Partner Organizations

The Ebola Virus –

Recommendations For Breastfeeding / Infant Feeding In The Context of Ebola


“Although Ebola virus has been detected in breast milk (1), it is ‘not

known’ whether Ebola virus can be transmitted from mothers to their

infants through breastfeeding. However, given what ‘is known about

transmission of Ebola virus’ – regardless of breastfeeding status –

infants whose mothers are infected with Ebola virus ‘are already at

high risk of acquiring Ebola virus infection through close contact

with the mother’, and are at high risk of death overall (2).”



– –

Just “How Safe Are People” From Deadly Viruses Now?

“When a soldier returns home to America ( or elsewhere ) from the

Republic Of Liberia ( and ‘other Africa nations’ ), and is only

quarantined for ’21-Days’ ( 3-weeks ), is the U.S. Department Of

Defense ( DOD ) informing these same military troops ( and their

‘families’ ) they should ‘abstain from any sexual intercourse’ for

‘another 67-Days ( 9-weeks ) more’?”

How Many Are Bringing Ebola To Others?

Currently, there are absolutely ‘no such lengthened quarantines’ nor

are there any health and safety warnings given to families of U.S.


Is the U.S. government ‘really doing all it can’ to ‘prevent the

spread of deadly infectious diseases to women’ throughout America?

The American government has not ‘yet’ ordered the “12-Week Quarantine”

to ensure male sperm carries no Ebola virus through soldiers

throughout the United States Of America or to ‘every foreign country



Oxford University:

Government Increasing Deadly Virus Spread Into America

Exponential rapid spreading infectious viruses throughout America and

elsewhere is currently underway.

Unfortunately, ‘people are not being informed properly by the U.S.

federal government’ on ‘what people should know about their chances

for survival’ and so, consequently, ‘people are left unknowledgeable

and unable to ask correct new qualifier questions’.

People can demand ‘new types of answers’ for ‘new health and safety

issues’ unless people are abandoned with news blackouts.

People being better informed means wiser precautions and preparedness

can be applied for ‘treatable early signs of infection’ promoting

better health and safety endurance and longevity amongst so many

infected people re-entering America from abroad, people currently

residing in America, plus all other people both groups of people are

coming in contact with.

At first glance you will not believe what this detailed research

report found hidden, which applies to government allowing the spread

of highly communicable ( easily transmitted and received ) deadly

infectious viruses now circulating throughout America.

Is The U.S. Government Now Making Hitler Look Like A Choir Boy? You Decide!

Secretly, and for many decades now, infectious microbial pathogenic

studies have been targeting human being genetic make-up in biowarfare

laboratories dating back to 1900, and viral variants from these labs

see documented proof as having been unleashed over at-least one ( 1 )

if not more-secret major population centers within the United States.

When you read this report, and discover what Big Corporate-led U.S.

government did over San Francisco, California, you’re going to begin

asking an awful lot of questions.

The only trouble, is: Will ‘you’ have enough time left to focus on the

most important questions surrounding ‘your immediate environment’?

“Ah-Choo”” Virus Genetic Roulette

Some of America’s ‘top infectious disease experts’ worry ‘this deadly

virus could mutate and be transmitted just by a cough or a sneeze’

because ‘everytime a new person contracts Ebola, it gets another

chance to ‘mutate and develop new capabilities’.

On October 1, 2014 there have been more than 7,100 cases of Ebola,

with 3,330 deaths, according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ),

which has said the ‘Ebola virus is spreading at a much faster rate’

than earlier in the outbreak.

In 1989, an outbreak of Ebola Reston, which was transmitted among

monkeys by breathing.

In 2012, Canada researchers found Ebola Zaire, which ‘is involved in

the current Ebol virus outbreak, was passed from pigs to monkeys in

the air.

Dr. James Le Duc, the director of the Galveston National Laboratory at

the University of Texas, said the problem is that no one is keeping

track of the mutations happening across West Africa, so no one really

knows what the virus has become. One group of researchers looked at

how Ebola changed over a short period of time in just one area in

Sierra Leone early on in the outbreak, before it was spreading as fast

as it is now. They found ‘more than 300 genetic changes in the virus:.

“It’s frightening to look at how much this virus mutated within just

3-weeks,” said Dr. Pardis Sabeti, an associate professor at Harvard

and senior associate member of the Broad Institute, where the research

was done.



After reading these ‘unusual questions’ ( see immediately below ) and

reviewing the remainder of this report ( herein ) and its References

and Research website links, you will understand ‘why’ people might

just want to ‘first’ ask ‘these types of questions’ because they may

very likely develop the “need to know” ‘real fast’ because the entire

world had seen far too many ‘official mistakes’, ‘official

mis-statements’ ( lies ), and a whole host of ‘official mixed


1. “What ‘types’ of deadly infectious communicable virus diseased

carriers did government permit in the United States to circulate (

from January 2013 – Present ) with or without travel restrictions

throughout our homeland environment?”

2. “How can I know if I am both ‘genetically and  nutritiously

balanced’ to withstand infectious viruses if I am lucky enough to be

administered an vaccine should any even be available at a cost I can

afford to save myself or lived ones?”

3. “Will ‘m102.4’ protect me if I’m balanced ( as above ) for basic

qualifiers for being.a likely candidate patient to survive a virulent


Unfortunately, people worldwide still cannot obtain any ‘completely

truthful official government fully detailed straight answers’, while

for more than six months ( 6-months ) the closest ‘officially uttered

reply’, has been:

“Public [ government ] healthcare officials are unable to reveal any

further details at this time.”

Government Multi-Naming Deadly Viral Infectious Diseases

The primary virus group named “FiloVirus” pertains to a ‘family’ of ‘5

deadly viruses’ including, the:

– “Marburg Virus”; and,

– “Ebola Virus.”

Who Cares If You ‘Die’ From A “Virus”?

Let us suppose there is “no difference” in ‘dying’ ( albeit, ‘now’ or

‘later’ ) for you, which is ‘not likely’ “okay” with perhaps, others.

The Small Matter Of ‘Timing’ Being ‘Everything’

The government pea ‘n shell name game begins here, because ‘both’ (

i.e. Marburg & Ebola ) are then segregated and additionally given a

‘secondary family virus category name’ by pharmaceutical corporate-led

government scientists whom continue even-more confusing pretexts

additionally including names of ‘fevers’ and on top-of those,

‘man-made bioengineered variant type strains’ confusing already

worried people whom have absolutely “no clue’ as-to ‘why’ this pea ‘n

shell name game is being played on them with their lives.

What’s In A ‘Virus Name’?

These ( below ) all start out affecting the human body just as the

“Common Cold” or influenza “Flu” ‘virus symptoms’ all do.


– “Green Monkey Fever” ( same as “AGM Fever” a deadly ‘influenza’ type

virus infection );

– “AGM Fever” ( also known as ) “African Green Monkey Fever” ( same as

“Green Monkey Fever,” a deadly ‘influenza’ type virus infection );

– “Haemorrhagic Fever” ( aka ) “Hemorrhagic Fever” ( a deadly

‘influenza’ type virus infection );

– “Marburg Virus” ( aka ) “MARV” ( an “Ebola” like “Haemorrhagic

Fever” a deadly ‘influenza’ type virus infection );

– “Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever” ( a “Haemorrhagic Fever” deadly

‘influenza’ type virus infection );

– “Ebola Virus” ( aka ) “EBOV” ( a “Marburg” like deadly ‘influenza’

type virus );

– “EbolaPox Virus” ( a nickname describing a man-made bioengineered

swift-spreading microbial combinant virus genetically splicing “Ebola”

and “Smallpox” into an even-more deadly ‘influenza’ type virus

combining high-speed transmission properties also );

– “BlackPox Virus” ( same as “EbolaPox” deadly ‘influenza’ type virus );

– “Variant U Virus” ( same as “EbolaPox” and “BlackPox” deadly

‘influenza’ type viruses ); and / or,

– “EnteroVirus D68 Virus” ( aka ) “EV-D68” ( an ‘influenza’ like

deadly ‘respiratory’ virus ).


Man-Made Antidote Resistant Deadly Viruses To Withstanding The Test Of Time

Government “Variant U” (aka) “EbolaPox” (aka) “”BlackPox” Viruses

Combinatoric microbial viral offsprings, mimicking Ebola, includes the

nicknamed “EbolaPox” ( also known as ) “BlackPox,” which was

bioengineered and biosynthetically grown during the 1960s to provide

the worst of the worst virus imaginable; designed to mimic both

grotesquely painful fatality properties of the Ebola virus combined

with rapid deployment communicable properties mimicking the great

speed of contagiousness of “SmallPox” that killed 500,000,000 million

people during the 20th century.

Government News Feeds Orwellian “DoubleSpeak” To Mass Audiences

From cleverly designed government catch-phrases like “Public Service”

( ‘Government Control’ ) to “War Is Peace” or today’s “Security Is

Safety” ( ‘Safe Surveillance’ ), people will never know ‘what deadly

virus is coming’ or ‘when it will eventually kill them’, simply

because there is ‘no uniformity within virus terminology’ within any

‘corporate-led government’ or ‘government-embedded’ news reports

viewed through the mainstream media for the people watching

broadcasters convey only what they are ‘officially allowed to say

under government authority’ so, most people will only know what

government approves people’s knowledge to be about at any given moment

of the day or night.

When the U.S. government adds ‘new’ ‘virus nicknames’, such is

purposely planted with specific design to ‘unfamiliarize’ and

‘confuse’ mass open viewing audiences on topics of virulent spreading

of deadly viruses that if not camouflaged will lead to ‘civil unrest’

amongst the people so, these ‘new names’ are really ‘not new viruses

at all.

Why This Report Was Written And Published For People

People are being cleverly-misled by government through a wide variety

of information spokespersons, much to the confusing information

detriment of people abandoned because of befuddlement through


Without any thorough research, analysis, and open presentation sorting

information details out for people’s best interests, someone had to

at-least take a creative stab at setting straight the ‘crooked – as a

dog’s hind leg – U.S. government record’ by ‘doing something positive

for the benefit of people left with ‘no genuine government to rely on’

with ‘no real’ “public service” for populations.

Case Reference? Thomas Duncan in Dallas, Texas, USA


Socio-Economic ‘Money Game’ On Your Life

People do ‘not have ‘time’ to just simply understand the full breadth

and scope of what is really occurring in the world around them because

of ‘corporate-led government distractions’ so, consequently, ordinary

people are unable to accurately follow global news reports and go

further by devoting even-more of their time by researching complex

detail; varying according to respective foreign and domestic national

news policies for information broadcasting to mass audiences of people

whom would ( if the knew the ‘real’ “truth” ) otherwise become part of

the economic problem civil unrest begins.

U.S. government-embedded mainstream news reports are even ‘lying about

the Ebola virus in America’, declaring ‘none’.

Case Reference? MSN NBC News report ‘source’ “National Journal” on

October 27, 2014

… [ Edited Out For Brevity ] …

“Fortunately, there hasn’t been an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., and

your chances of catching it – even without the kit – are virtually


… [ Edited Out For Brevity ] …


‘Population Balance Management’ Controlled By Corporate-Led Governments

For the sake of Big Corporate America, the real ‘service’ ( ‘purpose’

) of the U.S. government is to ‘say and do whatever it takes to keep

people calm enough to go back to work for Big Corporate America to

turn even-more profits coming in from more people worldwide’. One

supply that business will never run too short on, is “employees”

because of so many people. And, just as ‘soon’ as their are ‘too many

people and not enough jobs’, there will be two ( 2 ) “outbreaks”:

#1. War, which does nothing more than ‘stimulate big business profits

by increasing the quantity of products sold’; or,

#2. Pandemic ( global viruses ), which does nothing more than ‘reduce

population levels of people consuming too much food and fresh water

required by workers’.

America Past Due For A Strong Virus Outbreak

History proves ‘high unemployment levels’ bring ‘wars 1st’ followed by

‘deadly virus outbreaks 2nd’. Now ask yourself, “How long has America

been at the Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia?

How many ‘foreign immigrants’ ( ‘documented’ versus ‘undocumented’ )

have been flooding in-to America?

Corporate-Led Government Population Reduction Routine

America is overdue for a deadly viral spread, and if you don’t believe

this, look at the lackadaisical way the U.S. government allowed

infectious diseases in-to America plus – if that wasn’t bad enough –

look at how fast the U.S. military started recycling American soldiers

in-to foreign areas, brought them back in-to America, and sent

thousands more new American soldiers back out to those same virus

infected nations.

– –

SOURCE: Reuters News Wire Service

CDC Says Returning Ebola Medical Workers Should Not Be Quarantined

October 27, 2014

… [ Edited Out For Brevity ] …

U.S. Major General Isolated

The Pentagon move went well beyond previously established military

protocols. The U.S. Army has already isolated about a twelve ( 12 )

soldiers at part of a U.S. base in Vicenza, Italy, including U.S. Army

Major General Darryl Williams who oversaw the initial [ U.S. President

Barack Obama ] response to the Ebola outbreak; the worst on record –

with nearly 5,000 [ people ] dead.

… [ Edited Out For Brevity ] …


In just 2-Days, even-more U.S. military quarantined after being

deployed into the Republic Of Liberia where Ebola virus has now become

outbreak in West Africa.

More American Troops Ordered Into “Supervised Isolation”

SOURCE: Associated Press

Hagel Approves 21-Day Ebola Quarantine For Troops

… [ Edited Out For Brevity ] …

U.S. Pentagon spokesman, colonel Steve Warren, says that group of

twelve ( 12 ) soldiers has ‘now grown’ from twelve ( 12 ) to forty-two

( 42 ) soldiers; all are now in “supervised isolation” at a military

base in Vicenza, Italy.

… [ Edited Out For Brevity ] …


– –

American people are dying of imported communicable deadly disease

viruses, which at first glance, rings of ‘foreign terrorist’ design;

until people finally read the terrorists spreading it ‘is indeed’ U.S.

government decisionmaking authorities under current U.S. Presidential

Administration supreme authority.over the people of the United States

Of America.


What Should People Do? Is It Too Late For Americans?

Revolutionary Remedial Actions

If only global news would be allowed by government to better-clarify

report information with details, rather than ushering in even-more

government confusing multiple names for viruses possessing similar

symptoms, people could otherwise follow the spread of deadly viruses

that would swiftly kill-off entire population centers. Does the

government really want to be transparent?

Government Confusion = People Confusion

One case in-point is “EbolaPox” ( also known as ) “BlackPox” actually

named “Variant U” where the “U” represent the only the ‘initial of the

name’ of the EbolaPox virus bioengineer who accidentally died while

working with it at the former Soviet Union’s Stepnagorsk biological

weapons ( BW ) research laboratory facility.

“Variant U” ( aka) “BlackPox” (aka) “EbolaPox” is more than just

double-trouble for global population centers today because there is

‘no known cure’; just like the “Ebola virus” today, which the U.S.

government claims an “experimental treatment” exists; but, only for an

‘undisclosed’ and ‘untested’ period of time.

Down deep in the shadowy hallways of certain intelligence division

bureaus it is believed publicized so-called “Ebola virus patient

cures” will be short-lived, according to experts.

Although “Variant U” was tested on ‘monkeys’, proving the nicknamed

“EbolaPox” extremely lethal, Kenneth Alibek stated “Variant U” never

became a permanent part of Russia’s Soviet government biological

weapons arsenal ( Preston 1998: 56 ).

In 1992, when Mr. Kanatjan Alikbekov ( also known as )  Kenneth Alibek

defected from the Kazakhstan Republic of the Russia Soviet government

bioweapons research facility he knew work was underway ‘recombining

genes’ ( early “genome” research ) of both the “SmallPox” and “Ebola”

viruses. Hence, where the U.S. government intelligence nickname

“EbolaPox” originated, however still to this very day ‘no official

confirmation exists’ as to this particular highly contagious viral

pathogen bioweapon; now the U.S. government claims ( 20-years later )

that the Soviet viral agent variant splicing “experiment was


ChemTrail Viruses: The San Francisco Experiment –

The U.S. Government And MERCK LABORATORIES: They Did It Before – They

Can Do It Again!

America’s Dr. Frankenstein Rockefeller Monster: Dr. Cornelius Rhoads

Despite U.S. corporate-led government embedded journalism propaganda

blinders focusing only on Russia’s now defunct Soviet government

“Biopreparat” ( i.e. bioweapons research facility ), a greater number

of atrocities are seen within U.S. biological tests conducted on

‘unknowing’ or ‘unwitting’ people throughout the recent 20th century

and since 1900.

In the late 1930s, intelligence agencies warned American government

decisionmakers that Japan and Germany had bioweapons so, the U.S.

government positioned itself against biowarfare attacks in 1942.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt publicly denounced biowarfare

plans of American enemies, while preparing to retaliate with similar


George W. MERCK, president of pharmaceutical company MERCK & COMPANY,

was placed in charge of the new project.

The U.S. Army post at Fort Detrick, Maryland was the leading U.S.

government military bioweapons research laboratory location where

America’s biowarfare studies began, and ‘today’ it has now become an

immense U.S. bioweapons center.

Within the Republic Of The Philippines, U.S. doctors infected five ( 5

) prisoners with the “Plague,” plus twenty-nine ( 29 ) other people

with “Beriberi;” two ( 2 ) ending-up as the only ‘known casualties’

reported – as usual with ‘other case patient experimentations’ more

usually go ‘unreported’.

In 1915, another doctor produced “Pellagra” – within ‘live human

bodies’ of twelve ( 12 ) people in the State of Mississippi prison

inmates – supposedly for a cure against the disease ( Sky Highway 2008


One ( 1 ) of the most significant personalities in U.S. government

secret programs was Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, a scientist working for the


purposely planted cancer within live human beings ( from Puerto Rico


Another even more infamous U.S. government experiment conducted, was

on an ‘entire major metropolitan area city’ where U.S. government

scientists from MERCK LABORATORIES secretly sprayed infectious deadly

viral microbial variant pathogens agents ( i.e. “Sarratia Marcescens”

) throughout the City of San Francisco, California where once ‘again’

– within ‘unsuspecting people’ – abilities of infectious virals were

breathed into ‘live human beings’ throughout this urban population


San Francisco, California viruses were believed harmless by other U.S.

decisionmakers whom were made aware in-advance of the airborne

chemtrails to be laid atop the city, however, they were ‘not harmless’

as eleven ( 11 ) patients were admitted to Standard University

Hospital with infectious “Sarratia” and one ( 1 ) unwitting innocent

patient ( Edward J. Nevin ) died.

U.S. doctors were so shocked by this totally infectious ‘rare disease

outbreak’ that they wrote the case incident up in a medical journal.

In 1981, the government denied any responsibility, and the judge

eventually dismissed the lawsuit brought before the court over this

unconscionable government misbehavior without approval or knowledge of

its own people.


Clouds of Secrecy ( pp. 52-54, 75-104 ) by, Cole.

England’s BoWarfare On America –

British Genocide On Foreigners: Native American Indians –

Smallpox was first ( 1st ) brought to America by England conducting

its own “genocidal war;” giving ‘smallpox infected blankets’ as

“gifts” to decimate Native American Indian populations on U.S. soil

during the 18th century.

Ebola “Cousin Viruses” ( 5 )

There are five ( 5 ) ‘known’ “species” ( “types” ) of Ebola stirring

within the FiloVirus family.

“Common Cold” Symptoms In Deadly Virus Symptoms

Most prevalent in Ebola’s ‘Cousin Virus’, the “Marburg Virus,” are

symptoms of the “Common Cold,” which may have been misreported very

recently throughout the United States as this ‘new wave’ of ‘similar

onset respiratory symptoms’ government health officials named as the

“EnteroVirus D68” ( also known as ) “EV-D68” that has now very

recently been sweeping school children across America away from

elementary schools and into quarantine.

Ebola Cousin Viruses Onset Like “Common Cold” Or “Flu” Influenza

After only 5-days to 10-days ( ‘virus incubation period’ ), diseased

people suddenly experience:

– Headache;

– Fever;

– Chills; and,

– Muscle Pain ( Myalgia ).

On September 28, 2014, Uganda Ministry of Health Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye

said, in a statement, that a 30-year old Radiography X-Ray Technician

( Radiographer ) died working at Mengo Hospital ( Kampala, Uganda )

where only 10-days earlier he started feeling ill; his condition kept

deteriorating – complaining of ‘headache’, ‘abdominal pain’, ‘vomiting

blood’ and ‘diarrhea’. The man died in Kampala, Uganda after an

outbreak of the Marburg virus, a highly infectious hemorrhagic fever

similar to Ebola, authorities said on October 5, 2014; adding, a total

of eighty ( 80 ) people who came into contact with him were


Marburg virus starts with a ‘severe headache’ followed by

hemorrhaging, and in 80% ( + or ‘more’ ) leads to death in 9-days.

The Marburg virus, is from the same family of viruses as Ebola, which

recently continues killing thousands monthly in West Africa.

There is ‘no vaccine’ and ‘no specific treatment’ for the Marburg virus.

Marburg virus is claimed transmitted through saliva, blood,

perspiration or “handling wild animals,” e.g. African Green Monkey (

AGM ) also known as Chlorocebus Aethiops, infected with such’, which

is a ‘favorite claim’ used by U.S. government officials on Americans

whom ‘rarely’ “handle wild animals, but ‘no mention’ is ever

officially broadcasted to people by government even touching on their

own facts about Ebola transmission also being by ‘male semen: ( sperm

), ‘female breast milk’ ( when lactating ), and ‘tears’ too.

Government Witholding “Type Of Virus” Patient ‘Strain Details’

Samples taken and tested at the Uganda Virus Research Institute where

his test results with no specificity, confirming only, a: “Type of

Marburg Virus.”

One ( 1 ) of the people this X-Ray technician came in contact with,

Doctors said, was his brother who developed similar symptoms and was

consequently quarantined along with a group of eighty ( 80 ) others;

sixty ( 60 ) of whom are all ‘healthcare workers’.

Those quarantined, came into contact with either the victim ( in

Kampala ) or his ‘place of burial’ ( Kasese, a district in western

Uganda bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ).

Marburg virus has an incubation period of 14-days or less, compared

with Ebola’s 21-days.

The current outbreak of Ebola, the deadliest on record so far, has

killed more than 3,400 people in four ( 4 ) West Africa countries.

In the past, Uganda, struck by several outbreaks of Marburg and Ebola

but contained the outbreaks quickly, thereby limiting fatalities.

Uganda’s ‘worst occurrence’, of “hemorrhagic fever,” occurred in 2000

when four-hundred twenty-five ( 425 ) people contracted Ebola, killing

greater than 50% of them.

The last outbreak of the “Filo virus,” known as the “Marburg virus” (

in Uganda ) took place in 2012 where some 20 people were sickened and

9 died due to this ‘cousin’ of the Ebola virus.

Dr. Tumwesigye explained, “eighty ( 80 ) cases are suspected and

identified,” as:

– Thirty-eight ( 38 ) infected workers at Mengo Hospital;

– Twenty-two ( 22 ) infected at Mpigi Health Center Four; plus,

– Twenty ( 20 ) infected from Mukunyu village ( District of Kasese )

where ‘dead were buried’.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) provided technical and

logistical support for containing the disease.

Marburg, ‘hemorrhagic fever’, is a ‘rare’ and ‘severe type’ of

contagen affecting both ‘human’ and ‘non-human’ primates.

The virus is ’caused by’ a “genetically unique zoonotic” – (

‘animal-borne’ ) “RNA virus” of the “FiloVirus” ‘family’; recognition

of the “Marburg Virus” ‘hemorrhagic virus’ led to that ‘virus family

creation’ named “Filoviridae” that the “Ebola Virus” is also a member

of too. So, what the government has done here is create a ‘family

virus name’ in-addition to a ‘sub-category family name’ making it

extremely difficult for lay people  to fathom let alone follow

professional terminologies when broadcasted by mainstream news reports

to many folks are ‘not’ “academics.” Hence, common people just sit and

stare at television screens with their eyes glazed-over by foggy

information that makes absolutely no sense for common comprehension.

And, the government already ‘knows this’ too. If government really

cared, about masses of people, this would not continually be allowed

to happen to populations, but it ‘does’.

Unknown ( or, ‘publicly untold’ ) is, ‘how’ the ‘host’ ( “source” ) of

the deadly virus initially transmits even Marburg virus to human

beings. Government officials claim they and others “do not know” or

are “unsure.” So, maybe who’s claiming such doesn’t, but what about

other officials and professionals who “may know” or “do know” but are

just simply ‘not saying’ because of fear from reprisals? No one really

knows without hard  ( physical ) evidence ‘documenting’ unequivocal

“proof” – usually kept out-of reach so as to not create ‘panic’ or

‘chaos’ and consequential ‘civil unrest’.

Recent scientific studies point to the “Egyptian Fruit Bat” ( also

known as ) “Rousettus Aegyptiacus,” a ‘sighted bat’ ( found dwelling

in many Africa caves ), as the Marburg virus reservoir host, however

‘Marburg virus infected fruit bats do not show signs of illness’.

Humans, including primate animals, can become infected with the

Marburg virus progressing to a highly fatal serious disease.

Ebola Marburg Virus Latter Symptoms

Near the ‘fifth ( 5th ) day’, a ‘maculopapular’ “rash” may develop

primarily on the human chest, back, stomach ( trunk of the human body


Chest pain, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and

diarrhea may then appear.

Symptoms become increasingly severe and may include jaundice,

inflammation of the pancreas, severe weight loss, delirium, shock,

liver failure, massive hemorrhaging, and multi-organ dysfunction.

Marburg virus hemorrhagic fever case fatality rates have soared up to

88% from 23% whom died earlier.

America’s 46 States Now Stricken With Deadly “EnteroVirus D68” (aka) “EV-D68”

Mid-August 2014 began the “new wave” of especially deadly “EnteroVirus

D68,” a viral strain rendering ‘severe respiratory illness’ with ‘more

than 1,000 confirmed cases’ circulating quickly throughout forty-six (

46 ) U.S. states where ‘currently there is no relief in sight’,

according to the U.S. federal government Center for Disease Control

Studies & Prevention ( CDC / CDC&P ), which is just now seeing ‘thirty

( 30 ) brand new EnteroVirus D68 cases every day’. Doing the math,

equals 900 new cases every month but grown exponentially as a highly

infectious communicable disease means that when combined with the

spreading Ebola contagen in America today, people just might want to

pay close attention to this report for what is coming into your

immediate environment very soon.

American Societal Breakdown Begins –

EnteroVirus D68 Now Killing U.S. School Children

Researchers first ( 1st ) identified the “EnteroVirus D68” strain in

California, and during the 1960s when only a small number of cases

were only able to be ‘defined’ and then ‘reported’ as such, however

since then many-more EnteroVirus D68 cases are now believed to have

gone either ‘unreported’ or ‘misreported’ annually; primary government

excuse being – “Doctors do not regularly [ normally ] test for the

EnteroVirus D68 viral strain.” The fact ‘today’, is: EnteroVirus 68 is

already out-of-control and corporate-led government is doing all it

can to ‘minimize information about what EnteroVirus D68 is doing while

growing in elementary school classroom students today’.

Government health officials first ( 1st ) noticed this wave in August

2014 when hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois saw

greater numbers of children with severe breathing illnesses than they

ever saw before.

Experts are ‘not sure why this “EnteroVirus D68 strain” ‘wave’ has

become greater than in previous years.

State of Arizona government health officials said ( 22OCT14 ) U.S.

federal government CDC laboratory tests confirmed Arizona’s first (

1st ) “EnteroVirus D68” case as a ‘trigger to severe respiratory


Arizona Department of Health Services officials would not comment on

pending tests for EnteroVirus D68 strains in two ( 2 ) children

victims whom died ( i.e. a Peoria, Arizona 1st grade student and a

Phoenix, Arizona infant ) after recent reports about “respiratory


“EnteroVirus,” a common virus with a variety of more than one hundred

( 100 ) strains, circulates in America during Summer and Fall, however

State of Arizona Department of Health Services ( DHS ) officials only

tested twenty-seven ( 27 ) samples, confirming:

– One ( 1 ) “EnteroVirus D68”;

– Six ( 6 ) “EnteroVirus”; plus,

– Six ( 6 ) “RhinoVirus.”

Arizona hospitals administered even more tests, however those were

claimed “less precise,” according to U.S. federal government CDC

officials saying ‘those’ [ tests ] “do not distinguish between

“EnteroVirus” and “RhinoVirus.”

Government officials refused to publicly release the ‘total number of

samples taken from all State of Arizona hospitals’, only publicly

claiming “fourteen ( 14 ) samples ( examined ) did ‘not point to

either of those viruses’, and no further public comment as-to ‘what

type of viral strain’ those fourteen ( 14 ) possessed.

There remains an additional seventeen ( 17 ) ‘other Arizona samples

pending examinations’ at the federal government U.S. Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC&P ).

Laura Oxley, spokeswoman for the State of Arizona Department of Health

Services, indicates the State laboratory does not have sensitive

enough capabilities to test for the “EnteroVirus D68 strain,” but is

working toward achieving it.

Only “U.S. government CDC laboratories” are providing confirmations

of, samples taken from the State of Arizona for, “EnteroVirus D68.”

October 10, 2014, Lancen Kendall ( Phoenix, Arizona ), a 5-month old

infant, died after becoming severely sick with a respiratory illness

when his family set him down for a nap and shortly later noticed he

wasn’t breathing. He was rushed by ambulance to Banner Thunderbird

Medical Center in Glendale, Arizona ( a suburb area of Phoenix,

Arizona ) where he died 5-days later, according to his family.

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center hospital preliminary test showed

Lancen Kendall had ‘both’ “EnteroVirus” and “RhinoVirus,” which are

normally associated with the “Common Cold.”

Kathleen Kendall ( Lancen Kendall’s mother ) said, she was told (

October 22, 2014 ) by State of Arizona government health officials,

that tests run on her son ( Lancen Kendall ) were “not completed.”

“They [ State of Arizona government health officials ] told us our

test is still pending. We still don’t know whether it has been

confirmed,” Kendall said.

Peoria 1st grade student John Lucas Smith ( also known as ) Luke Smith

died last week after only becoming ill with a “respiratory illness.”

Test results are not being made public where within only one ( 1 )

day, after school officials informed parents of the death of Lucas

Smith, eighty percent ( 80% ) of Vistancia Elementary School students

were officially counted “absent” when they could not attend that


The ‘school’ disinfected by only ‘wiping desk surfaces’ ( in

classrooms ) and other areas.

School teachers urge ‘hand washing’, a practice experts encourage all

parents to enforce among children, to ‘reduce spreading contagious


“No American Government Transparency” On “U.S. Contagious Epidemics”

Test results are still not being made public.

“Parents have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, we don’t have a

diagnosis to tell them right now,” said Peoria Unified School District

spokesperson Erin Dunsey.

“Enterovirus D68” is just one ( 1 ) strain out-of one-hundred 100 )

known global “Non-Polio EnteroViruses,” according to FOX News

contributor, practicing intern Dr. Marc Siegel.

“EnteroVirus” cases, cause upwards of 15,000,000 million infections

every year, ranging from symptoms of the Common Cold up to severity

levels of Meningitis.

Although many such cases reside in human Gastro-Intestinal ( GI )

digestive tracts, government health officials continue claiming

“symptoms vary depending on the strain of virus,” global facts point

more and more to people not being told patient-virus details.

Contagious Disease Intelligence Negligence

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) knew the level of Ebola contagen

presented to America when America’s official federal U.S. Center for

Disease Control And Prevention ( CDC&P ) national security breach

first ( 1st ) occurred.

Subsequent to the first ( 1st ) ‘known’ foreign traveller patient

Ebola death, under America’s quarantine facility, a hospital facility

‘healthcare worker’ actually became the first ( 1st ) U.S. domestic

soil Ebola patient recently.

Now, that same hospital worker’s ‘civilian friend’ has also been

locked-up in quarantine by the U.S. government under its ‘official

term’ “Pro-Active Isolation” albeit ‘interment’, ‘detention’,

‘imprisonment’, or by any other word concocted to describe people’s

‘loss of freedom of movement’ is a government act that cannot be

allowed to be explained-away without public transparency.

Officials must be held to answer public questions, as-to:

“What specific ‘ProActive’ measures are underway to locate ‘other

unwitting victims’ ( i.e. ‘friends of the friend’ of the ‘healthcare

hospital worker, ‘hospital facility cafeteria patrons’, et. al.”

No ‘official logical answer’ can from U.S. government officials whom

allowed this contagious outbreak into the United States.

Simply put, the CDC&P did not institute proper national security

precautions for U.S. residents.

Someone must take responsibility for U.S. Citizen Health and Safety,

if not the people for their own health and safety.

– –



– –

To-date, in West Africa, greater than four-hundred forty ( 440 )

healthcare workers have contracted Ebola from which more than

two-hundred ( 200 ) have died.

The world need only review simple global information provided by ‘main

stream news’ ( MSN ) reports to simply comprehend the level of sheer

wanton negligence committed by the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA

) against the best interests of all American residents, as the

following news ( below ) had been publicly providing all along, but

with ‘no public broadcasting any news analysis’ until now:

– –

Ebola Spread By Clinic Staff Causing Riots In Nzerekore ( Nzérékoré ),

New Guinea

August 29, 2014



– –

Only 2-weeks later, from Africa to America, people saw viruses hitting

healthcare workers in the United States where Ebola, Ebola Cousin

Viruses, and ‘other viruses’ ( named only by the authority of U.S.

federal government health officials ) are now sweeping the Nation


– –

2nd TX Healthcare Worker OH Travel


Prospects for a quick end to the contagion diminished as the World

Health Organization ( WHO ) predicted that, the three ( 3 ) worst hit

countries ( i.e. Republic of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea ),

could produce as many as 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week by early

December ( 2014 ).


– –

U.S. Center For Disease Control Studies And Prevention ( CDC ) ‘Knew’

More than 6-Months ago, U.S. federal government health officials were

advised of the Ebola contagen, and did absolutely ‘nothing’ to prevent

it from being brought into America by members of the organization

“Doctors Without Borders.” Why were American government intelligence

officials so shy about not briefing the U.S. President on ‘this’

“Threat To National Security”? Well, the American people now have the

inalienable right for their own “Need To Know” ‘why’.

– –

Ebola Spread Confirmed In Guinea

by, Xavier B.R.

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April 20, 2014

Guinea’s government raised the death toll in the Ebola epidemic raging

through its southern forests to 59.

The health ministry told the AFP news agency workers battling to

contain the outbreak in the border region had added a further 25

deaths to the toll of 34 given earlier on Saturday, with a total of 80

cases registered.

“The Ebola fever epidemic raging in southern Guinea, including the

prefectures of Gueckedou and Macenta, since February 9 has left at

least 59 dead out of 80 cases identified by our services on the

ground,” said Sakoba Keita, the ministry’s chief disease prevention


“We are overwhelmed in the field, we are fighting against this

epidemic with all the means we have at our disposal with the help of

our partners but it is difficult. But we will get there,” he told AFP.

No vaccine

To date, no treatment or vaccine is available for Ebola, which kills

between 25 and 90 percent of those who fall sick, depending on the

strain of the virus, according to the World Health Organization ( WHO


The disease is transmitted by direct contact with blood, faeces or

sweat, or by sexual contact or unprotected handling of contaminated


Medical aid group Doctors Without Borders ( MSF ) said in a statement

it would strengthen its team of 24 doctors, nurses, logisticians and

experts in hygiene and sanitation already in Guinea.

MSF has set up isolation units for suspected cases in the southern

region of Nzerekore and is looking for people who may have had contact

with the infected.

“Highly contagious”

These structures are essential to prevent the spread of the disease,

which is highly contagious,” said MSF tropical medicine adviser Esther

Sterk said. “Specialized staff are providing care to patients showing

signs of infection.”

MSF said it was sending around 33 tons of medicines and isolation,

sanitation and protective equipment in two planes leaving from Belgium

and France.

Ebola, one of the world’s most virulent diseases, was first discovered

in the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ) in 1976 and the country

has had eight ( 8 ) outbreaks.

The most recent epidemic, in the DRC, infected 62 people and left 34

dead between May and November 2012, according to the country’s health


There are fears it could be used in a biological weapons attack.

According to researchers, the virus multiplies quickly, overwhelming

the immune system’s ability to fight the infection.

A medic in Monrovia told AFP on condition of anonymity that Liberia

was at considerable risk from the disease.

“We have a 90% chance of having cases in Monrovia because about 80% of

‘goods’ on the Republic of Liberia market ‘come from’ Guinea,” he



– –


As of October 1, 2014 the cumulative total number of ‘reported’ Ebola

cases – across only three ( 3 ) countries ( i.e. Guinea, Liberia, and

Sierra Leone ) reached 7,470 ( including the deaths of 3,431 people ),

however the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention ( CDCP )

estimates 60% of ebola cases have ‘not been reported’ in two ( 2 )

countries, i.e. Liberia and Sierra Leone, out-of three ( 3 ).

Many of the 3,700 parentless children, having lost parents to Ebola,

are rejected because other people fear being infected by those


People’s insecurity and social tensions are growing.

– –

Virus Mutation Speed

Alot of unknowns about ‘deadly viruses’ can easily be determined by

‘lay people’ ( not just government scientific experts! ) by simply

learning if the “speed” by which viruses mutate is ‘slow’ or ‘fast’

according to.highly complex pathogenic microbial details discovered

only by government laboratory technical analysis that may vary –

dependent on what virus is being studied from patient samples

obtained, and once ‘that information is compared to other patient

samples’, the ‘final analysis’ provides precisely what type of

contagen is being reviewed; either a man-made microbial variant

potential pandemic or a natural occurring contagen that usually can be

halted rather swiftly by vaccine. In the case of the former discovery

instance ( ‘pandemic ), people will ‘not hear any details broadcasted’

but they ‘will hear alot of commotion broadcasted about government

activities’ being performed to ‘fight’ a disease, which means a

‘global pandemic war’ is actually underway causing billions of

people’s hard-earned income tax monies to be spent and looted ( stolen

) on far more than people will ever know.

Big Corporation’s Closest Allie

Government, not “Of the People,” but rather “Against the People” (

i.e. “Unemployed Worthless Eaters” of ‘valuable’ and ‘very limited’

“natural commodity resources” ).

Corporate-Government Profit Pictures

Wars, albeit “combat battles” ( for ‘big corporate profit’ ) or

“pandemic preventives” ( for big corporate profit ) see ‘both’ involve

alot of innocent people being killed and monies spent.

Untold Socio-Economic Worldview

If big corporations see a personnel ‘people glut’ ( i.e. “unemployment

market” ); today ‘rarely used’ for ‘personnel replacements’ because of

‘already in-place ample amounts of ‘secure’ and ‘competent’ corporate

personnel; ‘if’ they have ‘properly fine-tuned their business’


Under-Employed people are defined in America by those having one ( 1 )

or more jobs, which as a result of ‘big corporations’ granting ‘few

employment work hours at low wages’ provides only an ‘inadequate

income stream’ that ‘cannot sustain any normal American life’, i.e.

“Basic Living Expenses” to pay, for: Residential Dwelling, Utilities,

Food, Medicine, Hygiene Supplies, and Transportation ).

Under-employed people are forced into constant living “Alternative

High-Risk Lifestyles” promoting ‘unhealthy ( physical & mental )

situations in ‘unsafe environments’ where socialization with similar

people or worse promotes severe depression leading to.commission of

crimes; a life-position from which there is no escape – without

‘considerable assistance’ in-addition to ‘adequate employment’ for

which currently is non-existent in America since 2007.

Under-employed, means “Poor,” living ‘beneath’ “normal” – in America.

Under-employed is, however, people whom typically occupy occupations

in the “Service Industry,” and are primarily laborers whom ‘primarily

serve’ “normal living Americans” whom occupy either “Government”

employment, “Corporate Manufacturing” employment, or “Self-Employment”

work positions where ‘adequate hours and wages’ are paid to sustain

“Adequate Living” in America.

Under-employed, should not be confused with “Sub-Culture Lifestyles”,

which in America consists of two ( 2 ) ‘Socio-Economic Classes”

‘beneath “Poor” ‘labelled’ by corporate-led government, as people who

are either:

1. “Vehicular Homeless:” or,

2. “Street Homeless.”

The only thing remaining between a ‘Vehicular Homeless’ person and a

‘Street Homeless’ person us a ‘vehicle’ to ‘sleep’ inside so, if for

whatever reason that ‘vehicle-shelter’ stops running, gets towed-away

and impounded by government police will render that person ‘Street

Homeless’. If those people are either elderly and / or

handicapped.they instantly become ‘health and safety victims’.

Corporations and Government ‘do control individual lives’ of ‘people’,

whether anyone cares to admit that factual awakening or not. If you

don’t believe that, see how you fair if you ‘lose everything’ near and

dear to you’.

If a country of people, is ‘already suffering a global financial

melt-down’ where people are ‘losing everything’, and that national

government had already flooded the same nation for the previous years

with 50,000,000 million people from foreign countries, what do you

think the chances are for people to survive in that country where

‘government-regulated’ “Standard of Living” ‘laws’ and

‘corporate-induced’ “Cost of Living” do ‘not provide enough

humanitarian support for three ( 3 ) economic classes of people –

totalling 25,000,000 million people living continually in ‘poverty’,

would it surprise anyone to know why the “Us versus Them” mentality is

growing ‘more vociferous’ so-much-so and to the extent that numerous

bouts from “road rage” to “civil unrest” and “domestic murders” and

“prison populations” are now greater in America than anywhere else in

the world?

Corporate Situations “Win-Win” Government Solutions

Big Corporate-Government decisionmakers have teamed for generations to

render vast numbers of ‘under-employed’ and ‘unemployed’ people are

‘predatory consumers of ‘valuable’ and ‘very limited’ “natural

commodity resources” ( i.e. ‘food’ and ‘fresh water’ ); now, an

ever-growing ‘corporate threat” evident against existing personnel

consequently demanding ‘more expenditures of corporate profits’ spent

for ‘higher wages’ because of ‘greater shortages’ driving upward the

“cost of living” resulting in corporate consequently ‘cutting its

financial losses’ or face being ‘driven out-of business’ by a

‘competitor business’. One way or another, after big corporations

reach a point where ‘they decide no other choice exists’, their

“business consultants” – acting as ‘safe intermediaries’ – contact

government officials arranging a ‘secret’ but “profitable solution,”

of which government has warehouses of ideas for “business solutions”

at-hand because people’s hard-earned income tax monies pay for them,

and the government stockpile is always looking to draw from because

‘it knows’ that public ( ‘government ) private ( corporate )

partnerships for ‘people’ means ‘even-more’ hard-earned income “tax

monies / revenues” will be funneled into the National Treasury for

“advanced program projects” capable of strengthening even-more its

global position to ‘reduce competing superpower controls over

‘developing nations’ and ‘underdeveloped nations’ too.

Enter The Global Pandemic Axe: Ebola Propaganda

Corporations To Government: Why Pay People If They’re Going To Die Anyway?

SOURCE: Associated Press

Nurse Who Had Ebola Being Released From Hospital

October 27, 2014


“Getting more ‘volunteers’ [ ‘people-life risk-takers’ ] to the ‘front

lines’ [ ‘virus war’ ] is the only way [ ‘corporate-government’ ] to

keep the virus from infecting people around the world, ‘experts’ say.

It’s ‘still spreading faster’ than the response [ prevention health

workers ], killing nearly half [ 50% ] of the more than [ ten thousand

] 10,000 people it has infected in West Africa.”



[ UPDATE ( 31OCT14 ): Only 4-Days Later, The WHO Now Sees 13,703

Confirmed Cases Of The Deadly Ebola Virus ]

Liberia national, Thomas Duncan, developed Ebola within the “United

States,” which leaves open the officially ‘unanswered question’, of:

“Within the United States, earlier, has ‘manufactured-spreading’ of

this ‘curious Ebola-like strain’ ( labelled only by U.S. federal

government officials as “Ebola” ) been accurately reported?”

Facts of ‘this particular Dallas, Texas, American contagen

contractually demonstrated in Liberia ‘unusually rapid rates of

multiple mutations of Ebola’ never in-history.with


Intelligence officials understand ‘double deadly combined

characteristics viruses’ as being either ‘man-made’ ( “Variant Virus”

) or ‘natural rare occurrence’ ( “Cousin Virus” ), both of which are

design-manufactured to mimic microbial pathogenic properties’ of

‘Ebola’ yet incorporate others like “Ebola Zaire” or from some other

origin albeit from America to Liberia national Thomas Duncan or


– –

SOURCE: Reuter’s News Wire Service

Investigators Rush To Find Out How Ebola Struck Dallas Nurse

by, Lisa Maria Garza and Terry Wade

October 13, 2014 12:09 p.m. EDT )

DALLAS – Health investigators were racing on Monday to figure out how

a nurse in Texas contracted Ebola even though she used protective

equipment when treating a Liberian who died of the disease in Dallas

last week.

The inquiry, reported by the Dallas Morning News, underscores the

increased scrutiny hospital officials face over whether safety

precautions taken by medical staff are sufficient and as nurses groups

demand better training to avoid becoming infected with the deadly


The newspaper, which did not name the public agency leading the

inquiry, said the nurse whose infection was reported on October 12,

2014 ) could have been exposed to Ebola as two ( 2 ) invasive

procedures were performed ( i.e. kidney dialysis and intubation to

help him breathe – to try keeping Thomas Eric Duncan alive ) where

‘both procedures’ have a ‘high risk of causing transmission’ of ebola.

Officials said the worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (

Dallas, Texas, USA ) used protective gear ( recommended by the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / CDCP ) during his (

Duncan’s ) treatment, which included:

– gowns;

– gloves;

– masks; and,

– shields.

Meanwhile, the State of Louisiana top law enforcement official said he

would file a ‘temporary restraining order’ preventing personal items

of Duncan ( who died on Wednesday ) from being buried in a local

landfill, even after being incinerated.

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said material collected from

Duncan and the Dallas apartment where he was staying was taken to Port

Arthur, Texas on Friday to be processed at the Veolia Environmental

Services incinerator, and from there that incinerated material would

go to a hazardous waste landfill in Louisiana. “There are too many

unknowns at this point, and it is absurd to transport potentially

hazardous Ebola waste across state lines,” Caldwell said in a


The infected worker, a woman who officials have not named, is the

first ( 1st ) person to contract the disease in the United States; she

had close and frequent contact with Duncan during his 11-day treatment


The current Ebola outbreak is the worst outbreak on record and has

killed more than 4,000 people, mostly in West Africa’s Liberia, Sierra

Leone and Guinea.

Duncan, a Liberia national,  was exposed to Ebola in his home country,

and ‘then developed the disease while visiting the United States’.

The new case prompted President Barack Obama to order federal

authorities to take additional steps to ensure the American medical

system is prepared to follow correct protocols in dealing with Ebola,

the White House said on October 12, 2014.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDCP ) said on Sunday

the nurse’s illness indicated a professional lapse that may have

caused other health workers at the hospital to be infected as well.


– –

Still remaining in America are, too many ‘officially unanswered’

public questions for all American residents; as well as the rest of

the world.

I find it ‘most curious’, that no other organization – other than the

United States Center For Disease Control Studies And Prevention ( CDC

) – has taken any leading role at publicly releasing any of their own

independent research study findings to-date. Does that strike anyone’s

curiosity up; even a ‘little’?

As more people in America succumb to death – as a result of government

negligence and lack of information transparency for the people –

social unrest within the United States is likely imminent.

Outbreaks of multiple contagious viruses on this global scale may stem

from only one ( 1 ) primary microbial infection, which in multiple

cases spreads as fast as smallpox did throughout Europe centuries ago.

Global Government Virus War –

Shrinking Populations & Death Penalties

It’s ‘not’ as though the U.S. government Intelligence Community ( IC )

didn’t know many months in-advance ( Author’s Note: During February

2014, I personally learned the deadly viral Ebola disease was going

global when it began being spread from Sierra Leone marketplaces

shipping 80% of ‘infected’ “monkey meat” to the Republic Of Liberia )

of the contagious disease virus spreading globally, and yet within

2-weeks began allowing clinician members of “Doctors Without Borders”

to freely travel from having left the three ( 3 ) primary infectious

countries in Africa into the United States, which U.S. Health And

Human Services Agency ( HHSA ) leadership ‘did’. So, how on Earth can

the American people continue trusting such leadership that ‘purposely

hides’ health and safety issues for every man, woman, and child in

America today?

Still believing what the ‘official talking heads’ on cable television

are telling you?

Think for yourself and loved ones because your ‘corporate led

government’ won’t because they ‘both’ are trying to drum-up more of

your tax monies to apply in grant subsidies to make pharmaceutical

companies richer and more powerful against the people by sucking your

savings dry.

Promoting the spread of a highly contagious fatal disease, without

preventing any international transportation restrictions on ‘untested’

people – those whom may be ‘carriers’ ( people, unsuspecting or

otherwise, infected with a specific microbial pathogen ‘without

visible symptoms’ of carrying such deadly substance ‘on or inside

their body’ ) of a either a ‘temporary dormant’ or ‘active’ deadly

virus – sees the U.S. government in-essence sentencing unsuspecting

innocent people ( e.g. men, women, and children ) to death; not due

primarily to government bureaucratic ‘incompetence’ or dunderhead

‘oversight’, but rather now obvious ‘wanton and malicious negligence’

interalia ‘blatant disregard for public health and safety’ of people


Such official misbehavior under color of law by authority, is far

worse than just ‘unconscionable negligence’ for it rings of ‘blatant’

“murder” of the people by their elected government decisionmakers.

How People Punish Government Decisionmakers

Not long ago, in the Republic Of Liberia where heads of state

quadrupled ( 4X more expensive ) the price of its national staple food

( ‘rice’ ) product, saw people take back that country when one ( 1 )

early morning twenty-two ( 22 ) members of the Liberian government had

all their heads chopped off by people whom were starving to

death.because of American corporate-led government official’s greed.

So, what do people do today when their government leadership continues

allowing emerging deadly infectious communicable disease carriers to

infect the homeland population? Begin long impeachment proceedings?

File a class action lawsuit against them in a court of law?

In the Middle East, and Republic Of The Philippines, people simply get

a rope and string up their government decisionmakers to the top of a

pole in the center of a highly public place for all to see what

happens to those who kill innocent people.

The U.S. government is not done killing U.S. citizens at home because

decisionmakers have instituted another hair-brained ‘official

humanitarian sounding’ devious scheme.

U.S. Military Troops On Suicide Mission Deploy Even More To EbolaLand

The U.S. is sending even more thousands of American military soldiers

to fight against people rioting ( ‘civil unrest’ ) inside the Republic

Of Liberia; already the out-of-control center of the Ebola Virus

Outbreak in Africa where many U.S. troops will either die of Ebola,

Marburg, EbolaPox, or Variant U viruses or return home to America

where they will unknowingly spread these virus strains to all their

loved ones who will carry deadly diseases to American supermarkets and

schools far and wide.

U.S. President Orders Even More Americans In-To EbolaLand ( West Africa )

SOURCE: USA Today News

… [ Edited-Out For Brevity ] …

“The new deployment includes soldiers from U.S. Army posts around the

Country, and include:

– Engineers;

– Logistics;

– Civil Affairs Experts; and,

– Military Police Officers.”

… [ Edited-Out For Brevity ] …


But Wait – There’s More!

American people whom were in EbolaLand are coming home to roost, and

there are shifts of more Americans going to EbolaLand as

‘replacements’ for the scores of Americans trying to return home to

America but were quarantined for only 21-days ( 3-weeks ) when they

should have been ‘properly quarantined’ for “84-days” ( 12-weeks );

nearly 3-months – but were ‘not’!

U.S. National Guard Bureau ( NGB ) ‘reserve soldiers’ ( U.S. domestic

homeland troops ) were recently ordered into Ebola virus territory (

Republic Of Liberia ) by the U.S. President.


There’s Even More!

The U.S. Department.of Defense ( DOD ) is also opening a supply

logistics base in Senegal, the same country that closed its borders,

where American personnel and relief supplies will be ‘transported by

American personnel into neighboring countries.that have been struck

hardest by the Ebola virus.

American personnel will also be constructing seventeen ( 17 ) Ebola

virus patient treatment centers in the Republic of Liberia, plus

establish a healthcare training facility for thousands of local area

residents to become health caregivers whom will be assigned to

infected people with the Ebola virus.

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Inside

Predictive intelligence analyst advisors for several U.S. government

intelligence agencies already knows that ‘even-greater outbreaks of

mass civil unrest’ will undoubtedly occur surrounding American

personnel trying to direct Liberian citizens to come anywhere close to

an infected Ebola virus patient. Why?

For several reasons, the least of which is because out-of 181 health

caregivers – treating Ebola patients in Liberia – nearly 50% ( 84 )

died after contracting the highly-contagious Ebola virus, in-addition

to Liberians also already knowing what happened precisely in Dallas,

Texas at a U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC )

approved quarantine facility of a hospital trying to save the life of

the ‘Ebola infected in America’ foreign patient Thomas Duncan whose

quarantine area healthcare worker also died recently in America ‘after

following U.S. CDC caregiving protection instructions’, which

obviously did ‘not save her life’ either, and last but ‘not least’ the

‘primary reason’ Liberians will.( for the most part ) refuse to treat

anymore Ebola virus infected patients is because they know better than

to trust anything the CDC provides in such patient cases.

More innocent lives will die, including Americans, worldwide because

of big corporate-led government insanity.

DOD Just Alerted All Personnel To “Get Vaccinated”!

The U.S. government believes its “operational readiness may be at

risk” so, today the U.S. Department Of Defense ( DOD ) issued an alert

to all personnel in an effort to stave-off what it believes killed

50,000,000 people in America.during a short period of time; a highly

contagious virus the CDC just determined ( 2005 ) that what the CDC

‘thought’ was just the influenza “Flu” was actually the contagen “H1N1

Virus.” So, what with the multiple deadly ‘influenza’ and

‘respiratory’ viruses circulating throughout America since “August

2014″ through ‘today’, why do you suppose “U.S. National Operational

Readiness” is “at risk” ‘now’?

SOURCE: U.S. Department Of Defense

October 27, 2014


American Family Right To Life, Not Genocide!

This U.S. government military insanity must be halted now by

conscientiously objecting to importing more possibly contagious

carrier people with deadly viruses that are killing more innocent

people at home or abroad. Stop corporate-led government virus murders

today before they kill you or someone you know next.

Bottomline: Close International Borders To People Travelling Away-From

Deadly Contagious Outbreak Countries Until Government Reveals WTF Is

Exactly Happening To People Before It’s Too Late.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



Additional References;jsessionid=ECB2D7F00D9198C5FAE4A35825D6AEC0.tdx2?sequence=2

– –

Research References ( Other )

Courtesy: Kentron Intellect Research


– –

Courtesy: Kentron Intellect Research


In RE: AGM, mAb ( antibody ), and m102.4


– –

In ENGLISH ( via Google Translate ):

Ebola – Outbreak in Liberia

The seventy-eight ( 78 ) people killed in Guinea, is “unprecedented,”

a charity said.

An official with Médecins Sans Frontières ( MSF ) said the spreading

of the Ebola virus across the Republic Of Liberia made it very

difficult to control. The West African nation is facing a battle to

contain the virus outbreak, after Ebola cases were reported in areas

hundreds of miles apart. Ebola is spread through close contact and

kills between 25% to 90% of victims.

“We are facing an unprecedented epidemic of a magnitude seen in

relation to the distribution of cases,” Mariano Lugli, the coordinator

in Guinea said for the charity.

“This geographic distribution is worrying, because it is strongly

tasking organizations, making it more difficult to bring the Ebola

epidemic under control,” Mr. Lugli added.

The outbreak of Ebola centered around the remote South Eastern Region

of Nzerekore, Guinea but took authorities 1-1/2 months just to

identify the disease as Ebola.

Ebola has now spread to Sierra Leone’s neighbor, Liberia, in-addition

to the New Guinea capital Conakry; a population of 2,000,000 million


The numbers overnight, that the New Guinea Ministry of Health

published showed 78 people died out-of 122 people suspected of

contracting the Ebola virus. Since January 2014, from those seventy (

70 ) people there were twenty-two ( 22 ) people with

laboratory-confirmed cases of Ebola, the ministry said.

Liberia has taken a total of seven ( 7 ) suspected and confirmed Ebola

cases of people including four ( 4 ) people who died, the World Health

Organization ( WHO ) said.

On Monday, Liberia Health Minister Walter Gwenigale warned that

because more people are spreading the virus through sex by exchanging

body fluids, plus the existing advisory to ‘stop kissing other

people’, plus stop ‘shaking other people’s hands.

BBC News representative Jonathan Paye-Layleh ( in Monrovia, capital of

Liberia ) says Liberian residents are increasingly concerned and many

supermarket workers are with gloves as a precaution.

The first ( 1st ) two ( 2 ) Liberian people whom.had confirmed cases

of Ebola whom died.were ‘sisters’ whom recently returned from New


Sierra Leone also reported five ( 5 ) suspected cases, none of which

were not yet confirmed.

Senegal has closed its border with New Guinea, after Senegal singer

Youssou Ndour cancelled a concert appearance in Conakry, New Guinea on

Saturday due to the Ebola outbreak, after already travelling to

Conakry, and told BBC News it would ‘not be a good idea to bring

hundreds or thousands of people into a confined area’ [ for a concert



– –

Geographie von Guinea : 12 Städte in Guinea mit dem Ebola- Virus

by, Facts and Fun

April 1, 2014

Geographie von Guinea: 12 Städte in Guinea mit dem Ebola- Virus Spiel:


– – – –



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