HFSE Magnetic Secrets (Parts 1-3)


HFSE Magnetic Secrets ( Part 1 of 3 )






North American Anomaly

by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

June 24, 2014 10:42:22 ( PST )

LOS ANGELES – June 24, 2014 – Upon the conclusion of this three ( 3 ) part report, you’ll realize why I topped the ‘primary title’ adding three ( 3 ) different ‘subtitle, which were rather difficult to select from rather than simply naming them:

1. “Surf City USA”

2. “What Does It All Mean”

3. “The Snowden Assignment”

Filled with “secrets,” I can assure everyone. But, then again, are not ‘secrets’ simply “information” the greater majority of people have yet to figure-out without being handed the ‘key’ to unlocking a government puzzle palace?

For all audiences, this report provides three ( 3 ) uniquely different from the other so, if readers try incorrect sequences using one ( 1 ) or two ( 2 ) ‘keys’ they will be unable to unlock ‘all three ( 3 ) governments’ and ‘all three ( 3 ) puzzle palaces’ too. Hence, it is recommended that while ‘only some information’ will find reviews asking, “What the heck does ‘that’ have to do with anything ‘secret’?”- I can assure you now that by reading these three ( 3 ) reports fully in proper 1 – 2 – 3 sequence that you will conduct all your socio-economic planning and personal affairs much differently when it finally dawns on you just how a ‘large a scope and spectrum of combined secrets’ can be without anyone realizing, which for many people will instantly ‘disprove’ a “theory” that “government cannot keep a ‘global secret'” while at the same time ‘proving’ the “counter-theory” that “government conspiracies” simply ‘exist’ when ‘multi-spectral reading glasses’ are produced for people to see clearly through ‘global government smoke screens.

Now here’s the first ( 1st ) “key”:

Do not miss reviewing ( at-least, ‘cursorily’ ) the “References” ( located at the bottom of ‘each report’.

Tasking what Russia has over North America for the past several weeks now, may only be described by what I refer to as the “North American Anomaly.”

Others ( e.g. Asia, North America, and Europe ) carefully refer to the ‘same region anomaly’ but only ‘publicly define it in-part’ as the “North American Anomaly.”

Wherein the ‘latter two’ – specifically, America and Germany – focus the ‘public’ on ‘limited information releases’ by only mentioning ‘geographical magnetic’ ( “geomagnetic” ) influences on Earth, which would ( if governments would permit ) lead in-to ‘several ( clearly relative ) subjects of far more importance’, which will ‘absolutely not be combined by other stories the government embedded news media to report on too, because by ‘simply combining facts’ spells “C.H.A.O.S.” – and so, that is where mainstream news media leaves the entire.human race – swinging from a rope.

One ( 1 ) of the “clearly relative” subjects ( to, the: “North American Anomaly” ) that ‘both’ “mainstream news media” and “alternative news media” covered ( 2012 ) became shocking to most of the world, while yet familiar to only but a few, was the ‘sudden increased speed’ by which Earth’s ‘internal magnetic’ “Pole Shift” began being headlined. What was ‘not covered’ by mainstream news was, Pole Shift ‘continued’ and actually ‘continued speeding-up’; and ( by the way ) ‘this fact’ is indeed ‘still ongoing today’. So?

Even though ‘that particular subject’ has not been any topic seen broadcasted by the mainstream news media since’ ( “2012” ), and although something most forgot about, it remained a secret partial-priority, amongst even-more relative ‘key-critical subjects’, except for “Asia” ( especially, “Russia” and “China” plus a few others ) ‘not geographically situated’ atop the “North America Anomaly.” Besides a few government and private sector contractors, only a handful of individuals came to focus their attentions as well ( ‘myself’, included ).

What we ( the ‘latter few’ ) are ‘more importantly monitoring’ are “extragalactic influential circumstantial events” ( we can ‘not’ change! ) in-addition to ‘causal effects within terra firma’ ( “Earth” ) whereby “geoastrophysical” ‘event circumstance ( e.g. ‘extragalactic’, ‘atmospheric’, ‘magnetic’, ‘volcanic’, ‘seismic’ and ‘waterway’ ) subjects’ are continuing to unfold worldwide where ‘all inter-relatives were tallied-up’ for the ‘only logical conclusion’ whereby ‘all leaves extremely few alternatives’ for consideration.

One ( 1 ) ‘primary alternative’ is ‘technologically dependent’, which only government and a few super-entrepreneurs might afford “evolved relocationabilities” ( ‘transportations – 3 ) where only one ( 1 ) is but ‘temporarily adjacent’ to the ‘secondary alternative that just so happens to be ‘ours’ too; evacuation away-from the “North American Bulge” – before ‘it evacuates us’.

Facts, ‘official’, although ‘hidden in plain sight’ ( if one data mines while applying comparatives reaching a ‘life-logical conclusion’ ) is difficult ( at best ) to ascertain by research alone. Hence, and at ‘that point’, is where we are all supposed to exercise ‘good common sense’; something most ( at points in our life ) ‘toss ( along with ‘caution’ ) into the wind – now may just be the time to consider remedial protective action by moving. Fact-is, after you’re gone, you won’t need it anyway.

In the time it takes to locate, read, analyze and finally ‘digest’ what is ‘actually occurring inside Earth from outside’, time will expire for nearly 70% of what we realize as the North American population today, and while “doomsday” ‘picture-painting’ may do absolutely nothing for most, some “in the know” while balancing extreme apprehensiveness toward making any ‘radical life course correction’ decidedly came-in from the cold rather quickly after sensibly weighing ‘their’ “life alternatives”: Look stupid to others or.die stupidly knowing you should have acted.

Simple decisionmaking choices people can now begin taking for themself, over mistakenly allowing government doing ‘absolutely everything’ to end your life ahead of your time.

For the ‘few living today’ with a “better safe than sorry” ‘life tomorrow’, appears most wise especially in-lieu of government pressing the ‘fast-forward’ ( terminal option ) button on ‘our collective soul’s blink of a eye’ or by ‘government willful failure to notify its citizenry of any man-made or ‘natural grave danger’; the latter of which was ( 2013 ) just executed by U.S. Executive Order ( E.O. ) ammending the U.S. “National Emergency Act” to ‘prevent any’ “Early Warning.”

Don’t believe it? Read it for your self and loved ones whom were never asked to “vote” on such, which ‘all federally elected officials did’ “against every U.S. citizen” already.

Time is shrinking faster than you may be realizing.

Nearing the conclusion of my research ( a few short weeks ago ) I ‘immediately spit-out my coffee’ when I heard Russia’s President Putin ( amidst speaking on the subject of U.S. government foreign involvement with Ukraine ) when he sharply quipped “the United States should tend to its domestic affairs where ‘we ( Asia ) are not amidst’ a “geographically unstable region.”

Seeking answers for what ‘he meant’ by “geographically unstable,” Russian Federation ( RF ) President Putin sharply.replied, “Ask the American President,” and looked away – was when my mouth sprayed coffee all over my news screen.

Later, U.S. government-embedded mainstream news media broadcasted, “Putin was was only whimsically referring to seismic swarms of earthquakes near Yellowstone National Park.” Wrong, way wrong!

Putin was actually referring to what prompted two ( 2 ) Russia military aircraft to escort two ( 2 ) other Russian aircraft where one ( 1 ) plane remained orbiting ( as a aerial data satellite relay station ) for the ‘other Russia aircraft’ that was missioned to fly ( within 50-miles offshore the State of California coastal 3-mile limit ) carrying an emerging technology ( presumably, from: China ) component-laden air-to-ground deep thermal radar mapping imaging sensor system to specifically measure America’s :global economy driver state’s ( “California’s” ) outer rim’ where the “North American bulge” ‘magnetic activity heat signature’ begins ‘inland’ ( at approximately: Barstow, California ).

The U.S. government military ‘publicized response’ came belting out from a swashbuckling military general ( missioned in “Alaska” ) telling American news that the June 4, 2014 “four ( 4 ) Russia military aircraft presence near California” was nothing more than Russia leadership saber rattling a “bomb test run,” the likes of which he never saw happen even amidst even the Cold War, and that ‘this’ was only in-response to U.S. ( earlier ) involvement with Ukraine national stability problematic affairs.

9-months ago, Cal-Tech Seismological Laboratory – at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL – Pasadena, California ) notified southern California residents over one ( 1 ) single AM radio frequency band news channel ( “KNX” ) broadcasting the U.S. federal government ‘official announcement’, that its U.S. westcoast regional earthquake center for years’ issued previous public reports based upon “faulty computer modelling software” ‘reporting inaccurate information to seismologists specifically regarding Alaska earthquake tsunami potential impacts by North Pacific Ocean tsunami directions to all up and down North America’s westcoast; specifically “Southern California.”

California Institute of Technology ( Cal-Tech ) Seismology Lab spokeswoman ( from behind dainty horn-rimmed spectacles supporting a wonderfully short haircut ) apologized ( on behalf of the U.S. government ) softly cooing, “Well, we were wrong. There ‘is’ a strong-likelihood that should-ever a 9.1 ( the word “magnitude” was left-out of her cooing! ) earthquake come-along in Alaska, that such could easily create a ‘tsunami’ where ‘our ( the word “California’ was also dropped too! ) northwest-facing coastal territories’ would be impacted by flooding, and so that’s why the signs were put up along the beaches.”

That soft helpful tone of what initially sounded like the kind-hearted government girl’s voice that Southern Californians have grown old ( now, ‘decades older’ ) and familiar with, which ( by the way ) almost put me to sleep with her news statement – except for the first ( 1st ) little thing almost slipped right past me, which woke me up real fast and made me want to scream into my receiver: “You sly government girl ! Pretty clever government approach too, but by ‘recalling the actual design of just how geography really is’ versus ‘what most of us see on a flat map’, hard-core factual awakening, sees: The ‘vast majority’ of the ‘entire North American west coast’ is “northwest-facing” ( not just all of Southern California too! ), which actually is in a direct line with the “Aleutian Islands” ( she ‘never bothered mentioning’ either! ) ‘chain’ included with the State of Alaska ( per-se ).” Ah-ha!

“Ah-Ha!” Moments Continue

Cal-Tech Seismological Lab spokesperson additionally confessed by revealing even-more shocking revelations ( September 2013 – References Below ) weakly pointing to were ‘politically-oriented late justifications’ for State of California ‘pride’, heralding in the fact of ‘considerable labor’ having been applied for the sake of “Public Safety” but only with one ( 1 ).small ‘catch’:

The designing, manufacturing, painting, drilling, installing of all materials purchased plus ‘transportation’, ‘fuel’ and ‘other ancillary expenses’ ( like Program plus Project directors, assistant directors plus Staff and ‘office supplies’ plus ‘telephones’ and ‘government cars issued’ ) so the entire U.S. westcoast would be able to just ‘quite simply’ “see” ‘tens of thousands of holes drilled plus concrete poured as “signs” were planted ‘squarely to the ground’ issued was the government’s ‘only’ ‘Early Warning’ proclamation; like recalling something out-of the 1960s that perhaps even Rod Serling ( now late-host of the American television series “Twighlight Zone” ) might have ‘off-stage’ quipped: “But, what’s ‘this’!? Up-ahead in-the-road? Why, there’s a ‘sign’ that reads: “Tsunami Zone!”

While well-grounded signs appeared ‘straight talk’ ( along ‘southern California beaches ) unfortunately the ‘vast majority of beach-going residents’ were ( as.’usual’ ) ‘not paying attention to ‘standard text signs’ before entering any ‘beach’ … makes a person want to turn on and crank up some ’60s era music … “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, blocking up the scenery … ( and, ‘yes’, definitely! ) … blowing ‘their’ minds’ – somehow came to justify ‘this all’ having ‘actually been accomplished’ during the ‘previous year or two’ ( 2011 – 2012 ) when ‘no information was publicly broadcasted’ but instead ‘kept secret’ until ‘late’ the ‘following year’ ( September 2013 ) when Cal-Tech Labs made their debut announcement.

Astroparticles Excite Earth Core Magmatic High Field Strength Element ( Niobium ) Magnetics Through Volcanic Lava Tubes Upsetting Shakers Into Wave Makers

Southern California ( and along the entire westcoast of North America ) may now have a serious problem coming in waves if ‘recent swarms of very powerful earthquakes in Alaska’ do ‘not settle down’ ( here ):

– Little Sitkin Island, Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands ( Aleutian Spiral ), Alaska, USA; and,

– Kiska Volcano ( under the Bering Sea – just west of Attu and Little Sitkin Island ).

North America may indeed have a problem because throughout yesterday ( July 23. 2014 ) afternoon, into that evening ( as I write: 9:00 p.m. PST ), and now ‘again’ “today” ( July 24, 2014 ) swarms of significantly strong earthquakes ( ‘all epicenters’ registering approximately 70-miles beneath the surface of the Bering Sea and Kiska Sea seafloor where this still ongoing very repetitively even throughout June 26th and 27th ( today ).

In-lieu of the aforementioned combined research facts, a few more self-evident ‘U.S. government mysterious activity nationwide’ become much clearer, now:

1. U.S. government key defense equipment and defense contract manufacturer repositionings ‘150-miles inland’ and to the same within ‘reassignments’ to U.S. Gulf coastal states;

2. U.S. government Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ) audits mentioning readying “COOP” ‘underground command posts’ in-keeping with ‘current’ “U.S. Executive Branch” mandates ( Executive Orders ) as applicable to U.S. “National Emergency Act” ‘ammendments’ clearly placing ‘overall America command authority out-of all chains of command’ now ( as of 2013 ) with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) in natural and / or man-made disasters where the U.S. President or his successive chains of command ate unable to properly function; and,

3. Unusually high-quantity and unusual items of supplies – with unspoken.justification to America citizen general public audiences – were recently ( 2012 ) ‘ordered’, ‘paid for by U.S. taxpayers’, ‘received’ into warehouses’, and then ‘shipped-out to secret warehouses underground ( e.g. “Deep Underground Military Base” / “D.U.M.B.” facilities holding armed guards and signs warning “No Photography Of Any Kind.”

My research concluded in-favor of something even-more important’; beating the government to its ‘only remaining temporary alternative’:

Southern hemisphere; country-of-choice with cooperative agreements secretly in-place.

While, to ‘most’, geographic relocation may initially sound like ravings of a madman, others know-well the difference between ‘sheep being led to slaughter’ and the ‘only smart alternative’ ( e.g. just ‘how fast a pregnant fox can run right out-of a forest fire. ) to save their life and family’.

[ END PART 1 OF 3 ]

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



References ( Research Links Below ):

High Field Strength Elements ( HFSE ) – Part 3:

Secret HFSE Properties Part 3

Pacific Ocean Volcanic Outer Subcrustal Magma HFSE Niobium Harvesting Performed By Several Various UFO ( e.g. Airborne Multi-Spectral Craft Filmed Jumping In And Out Of An Extragalactic Space-Time Continuum Portal Less Than 1-Mile From Tidal Beaches ) Where From An ‘Official’ ( In-Service ) “Long Beach Police Department” Airborne Helicopter Using U.S. Military Grade Quality “Forward-Looking Infra-Red ( FLIR ) A Video Camera Recording Was Performed In-Flight, Plus People ( Local Residents and Tourists Capturing Color Video Recordings Of Similar Airborne UFO / USO Craft Off The Southern California West Coast of The City Of Venice ( Beach ), California Near Santa Monica, California Where These Crafts Are ‘Dripping’ “Molten Superconducting HFSE ( Pure ) “Niobium” Magma:

NonReferenceable Objects ( NRO )

Geophysical Event Reports:

Earth Event Alerts

Alaska Defense Command General:


Alaska Earthquake Tsunami To North America:


Southern California Tsunami Impacts From Alaska Earthquake:


Alaska Earthquake Tsunami Impact Area Of Southern California:

Report: Balboa Island, Long Beach Businesses At Risk In Tsunami Event

U.S. Government – Tsunami Awareness:


D.U.M.B. ( e.g. SubTropolis – Kansas City, Missouri, USA ):

Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) Command ( USA ) Authority Under U.S. Presidential Executive Order As The “National Guard Bureau” ( NGB ) Assigned To Initially Corral-Up All U.S. Citizens Whom Are To Be Deposited Into Regional FEMA Camps Managed By The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security ( DHS ) – This Provides Lead Protocol Round-Up Information On All Military Commands, Decision-Makers, and Computer Network Systems And Locations:

Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI )

Japan Earthquakes America Red Alert:




HFSE Magnetic Secrets ( Part 2 of 3 )

Multimessengers Invade Earth

by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

June 25, 2014 23:42:22 ( PST )

LOS ANGELES – June 25, 2014 – Aeromagnetic surveys use highly sophisticated magnetometers onboard aircraft flying over large regional areas.

Dependent on survey operating obstacles magnetometers may employ various spectrums of technologies including, amongst others, ‘camera lens optics’.

“Optical” magnetometer ‘devices’ and ‘systems’ employing ‘digital image recording can either be stored or relayed from ‘aircraft’, ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ ( UAV ), and ‘space-based platforms’ ( satellites ) for government contract use.

For ‘government contract use’, ‘stand-alone’ type ‘optic device systems’ were ‘drastically reduced’ to roles if ‘scanning only’ when that function was decidedly incorporated by combination with ‘multiple other technology devices and systems’.

MagnetoTellurics ( MT )

Magnetotellurics measures subterranean Earth field magnetics by geophysical remote-sensing imagery methods developed by Russia and France the 1950s.

Major advances in Magnetotellurics instrumentation and technique include the advent of:

– Remote referencing;

– 3D data acquisition;

– 3D data processing; and,

– GPS time-based synchronizing;

Today’s advances in instruments, sensors, data processing and computer modeling enhancements with Magnetotellurics became one of the most important global academic disciplines in deep Earth research tools, for:

– Geomagnetic field surveys;

– Plate Tectonic long-period deep crustal movements and formations;

– Geothermal ( Volcano ) precursor event research;

– Geoseismic ( Earthquake ) precursor event research;

– Geoclimactic ( Ice Age ) precursor event research;

– Groundwater montoring;

– Mineral Mining exploration;

– Petroleum ( Oil ), Shale Oil, Shale Gas, and Natual Gas exploration;

– Hydrocarbon monitoring; and,

– More.

MT depth ranges from 300 meters underground ( by recording higher frequencies ) down to 10,000 meters or ‘deeper’ ( long-period sound frequencies ).

Late 1970 Era Emerging Technology

Advanced materials science studied certain crystal ( telluride, etc. ) and quasicrystal structures, ‘redesigning natural architectures’ to ‘manipulate energy power management’ – automatically incorporating ‘miniaturization’ – in later production of “thin-film crystalline power management circuits,” and by later “layering” methodologies of the 1980s secretly introduced Charged-Coupled Devices” ( CCD ) for governments that went even further to employ “Staring-Plane Mosaic” technology “long-range optical scanning guidance sensor” technology ‘drastically extending capabilities’, of:

– Tracking ( remote – ground-to-air, air-to-ground, ground-to-space, space-to-ground, space-to-galactic, galactic-to-space, and galactic-to-extragalactic – locations );

– Data ( astroparticle element spectral resolution to digital data for ground-based and space-based processing ); and,

– Relay ( remote – ground-to-air, air-to-ground, ground-to-space, space-to-ground, space-to-galactic, galactic-to-space, and galactic-to-extragalactic – locations ).

“High-Energy” ( HE ) technologies combined with ‘other devices and systems’ enhancing ‘long-range’ ( LR ) deep-scanning ( DS ) radar are yet ‘even-other technologies’ much of which remains categorically secure according to classification, for:

– Surface-Penetrating / Ground-Penetrating High-Energy Radar ( ground-to-air; air-to-ground limited; ground-to-space; space-to-ground limited; space-to-galactic limited, galactic-to-space; space-to-extragalactic limited; and, ground-to-extragalactic ) .

All platforms ( ground-based, air, and space-based ) capturing ‘data’ usually require “real-time” ‘imaging’ – especially amidst ’emergency situations’ – that ‘easily’ may or sometimes ‘instantly’ ( on ‘rare’ occasions ) be ‘disrupted due to external force interferences’, by such examples, of:

– Extragalactic Astroparticles ( e.g. “Cherenkov Muon Radiation” multimessenger ‘Absolute Total Earth-Penetrating – ground and water inclusive’ Thompson Scatter arrays of “Tau Air-Showers” );

– Extragalactic Astroparticles ( e.g. “Cherenkov Light Radiation” ‘ground-penetrating and ‘waterway-bed penetrating to approximately 1-mile’ Tau Air-Shower arrays of Thompson Scatter );

– Atmospheric Thermal Lightning Storms ( e.g. “Sprint” and / or “Elf” Air-Shower arrays of Thompson Scatter ‘air-to-ground penetrating lightning’ or Reverse Thompson Scatter – ‘ground-to-air lightning’ exhibitions’ );

– Solar Energetic Particle ( SEP ) “Geomagnetic Storms” ( derived from “Solar Flares” interalia “Solar Winds” );

– Aurora ( Stratospheric “Northern Lights” );

– Auroral Current Mist ( ‘Ground-Surface Travelling Electron Clouds’ – ‘translucent green’ in-color );

– Thermal Lightning Storms ( “Sprint” and “Elf” – Thompson Reverse Scattering ‘Ground-to-Air Showers’ or Thompson Scattering ‘Air-to-Ground Showers’ );

– Atmospheric Electrical Lightning Storms ( ‘conventional air-to-ground’ and ‘horizontal lightning’ ); and,

– High Field Strength Element ( HFSE ) Magnetic Pyroclastic Clouds & Particle Mists ( Volcanic.); and,

– Atmospheric Thermal Clouds ( ‘conventional oriented’, ‘marine layers’, ‘waterway mists’, ‘thermal mists’ – fog ).

Ground-penetrating radar mapping geophysical magnetic anomalies captured using high-energy ( nuclear resonance ) magnetic imaging ( NMR ) particle data identification resolutions can ‘optically capture’ specifically targeted areas ‘long-range’ either via ‘line-of-sight’ or by utilizing a specially designed Panoramic lens, the latter of which both the U.S. and Russia still.employ; classic rule being – ‘closer proximities net best sensing’.

Although in June 2014, the Russia plane tested an ‘extremely advanced technology form-of’ “ground-penetrating radar” from 50-miles off the west coast of California just outside territorial waters, however – and for decades – “joint agreements” continue being ‘held and updated’ between the United States and Russian Federation.

Monitoring measurements of Earth’s superconducting magmatic core generating magnetic temporal field line magnetic oscillations extending from below to as far away as the Magnetosphere has always been excited by “Cosmic Rays” ( “Cherenkov Muon Light Radiation” ).

Although passing through our Sun, the actual “point of origin” for “all Cosmic Rays” was recently determined.

Astroparticle Cosmic Rays, first began emanating ‘billions of lightyears’ ago out-of the constellation Virgo A – where five ( 5 ) “Blue Galaxies” exist – but there is from only one ( 1 ) specific Blue Galaxy where “Centaurus A” ( “Cen-A” ) was born; created from two ( 2 ) galaxies colliding for their incredibly explosive “Supernovae” forming a “Super-massive Black-Hole ( “SmBH” ) wherein its Accretion Disk began streaming-out an ‘unfathomable hot’ and ‘powerfully intense blue-white colored “Cherenkov muon light radiation” – its “Whole Jet” ‘still the diameter size of the Solar System of Earth’.

In Italy, during Earth’s 16th century, the Cen-A Whole Jet ( also known as ) “Gamma-Ray Burst” ( “GRB” ) was first ( 1st ) recorded as a new discovery.

By the year 2000, the Cen-A Whole Jet stream GRB continued extending out-of the center of its Supermassive Black-Hole Accretion Disk to a length of more than 2,000 lightyears long.

By June 12, 2012 another more startling discovery was made. The Cen-A GRB possessed ‘advancing scout astroparticles’ wherein an anomaly existed; ‘astroparticles combined’ ( both ‘sub-atomic’ neutrino “muons” with ‘atomic’ photon “Cherenkov light radiation” ) – identified as “multimessengers.”

Within only 1-month, during July 2012, “multimessenger” ( ‘combined sub-atomic and atomic astroparticles’ ) were discovered moving at “Superluminescent” speeds.

In this case instance, these multimessenger astroparticle Cosmic Rays coming from the Cen-A GRB moving at Superluminescent speeds were somehow calculated ‘up-to’ ( initially ) “6 times faster than the speed of light.”

Something secretly occurred because within a few months this Cen-A GRB Cherenkov muon case instance saw these particular combinatoric multimessenger astroparticle Superluminesent speed calculations ‘suddenly revised.jumping up considerably’ ( in 2013 ) to “45 times faster than lightspeed.”

What happened?

Many things began being discovered, including the fact that Cherenkov light radiation ( alone ) was indeed, a:

“Planetary Oxygen Killer” Gamma-Ray Burst From Cen-A

“Cherenkov light radiation photons” ( by ‘itself’ ) ‘burns-up’ “all oxygen molecules” ( “ozone” ) it ‘contacts’, which is bad enough, but when combinatorically linked ( ‘somehow’ ( geoastrophysicists still cannot say ‘how’ ) to neutrino “muon” astroparticles that ‘do not stop’ ( 1-mile deep underground ) and are easily capable of penetrating the entire Earth, now ‘that is’ a ‘serious global problemmatic event’.

As a brief aside, many people are even unaware that, simple “rain” ‘removes’ “oxygen” molecules out-of Earth’s atmosphere; but not like what happened within 48-hours on December 26, 2004.

By 2013, it was discovered that the “point of origin” for “all Cosmic Ray astroparticles” indeed stemmed from out-of the “Centaurus A” ( CenA ) ‘event’ billions of years ago.

Furthermore, Cen-A GRB advancing scout-like “multimessenger” astroparticles were discovered to have actually begun arriving on Earth within 48-hours of December 26, 2004 when two ( 2 ) Earth events occurred:

1. Above the Indian Ocean, advance scout arrivals of Cen-A originating Cherenkov muon light radiation astroparticles burned the World’s largest hole straight through Earth’s “ozone layer;” and,

2. Upset magnetic niobium elements within Earth’s subcrustal magnetic magmatic tubes that created the 9.1 magnitude Andaman-Sumatra ( Indonesia ) earthquake under the Andaman Sea revolting in an oceanic waterway tsunami that killed 350,000 people throughout 13 nations in just 1-day.

Additionally discovered was there continues being an “ever-increasing” Earth bombardment of these same “Cherenkov muon light radiation astroparticles” to this very day, according to several Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatories located primarily on Earth’s “Southern Hemisphere.”

What The World “Needs-To-Know” ‘Before’ “I” ‘Go’

1. Within 1,000 lightyears from the ‘very tip’ of this Virgo A constellation Centaurus A Supermassive Black-Hole emanating Whole Jet emitting Gamma-Ray Burst carrying Cherenkov light radiation combined with neutrino muon multimessenger astroparticles highly-directionalized out from its point of origin on its highly-directionalized 31-degree trajectory angle aimed to pass northeast of the solar system of Earth ‘all’ atmospheric and planetary oxygen molecules’ will be extinguished until it passes.

2. Exoplanetary research in America only began with a U.S. government Executive Order that was approved by the U.S. Congress mandating it under then-President George Bush and carried forward through the current U.S. Presidential Administration to-date;

3. In 1999, the Vatican Papal Administration began teaming its own Telescope Observatories in a joint effort with the United States between MIT and Steward Observatory in-addition to Germany as well as several other countries; and,

4. While initial discovery of only a tiny streak of bright light in Earth’s Southern Hemisphere dark sky was during the 16th century that once thought ti be ‘little bit of information’ laid ‘dormant’ until the Vatican Papal Administration decidedly brought it to the attention of another government during the 1940s. In 1947, the U.S. government turned its information over to MIT that began rigorous research from the basement of one of its buildings where the director assigned ( directly under his authority ) another man as the Program chief investigator who worked on that task all the rest of the days of his life, and while his even further discoveries began yet a myriad of ‘global’ Programs and Projects in other countries, ‘few knew the core reason’ behind ‘why’ so much labor time, money, and materials continued being spent by so many people for decades; even past the global economic meltdown of 2007 – over 50-years.

A point of interest for my having worked this particular research project for the past 4-years ( since 2010 ) was that halfway through 2012 I learned that the man from down in that MIT building basement had just died shortly after I learned what you now know today.

Before any more people ask me the “When?” ‘date’ question, my research was halted; one could say I was stopped by ‘chance’ – I’ll tell you right now, though it ‘was’ strictly by ‘circumstance’.

Earth Exit Survivability Options May No Longer Available

Worldwide, from between ( at-least ) 2010 through 2012, people began experiencing an unfamiliar sense of ‘dred’ and / or ‘doom’, often-times heightened fot no apparent reason other than ‘fearing’ an ‘unknown’ “catistrophic event.” Some people believe human beings are reacting as though they had unknowingly been exposed to abnormal levels of energy directing them oddly, there ‘may’ be a simple answer to this that may cause problems for other members of humanity.

Many people are unaware of ‘flying birds’ possessing a special ‘chemical’ ( found within the ‘bone’ of their ‘beaks’ ) that ‘automatically’ “senses-out’ “geomagnetic field lines” ( floating invisibly from the ground in-to the air ) plus, the ‘bird-beak chemical’ provides the flying bird with continous “navigation.” People possess a special chemical within our “nose bone”

[ END PART 2 OF 3 ]

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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High Field Strength Elements ( HFSE ) – Part 2

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Magnetic Secrets ( Part 3 of 3 )

Pole Dancing To Armageddon

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

June 27, 2014 09:42:22 ( PST )

LOS ANGELES – June 27, 2014 – The study of “geomagnetism” is one of the oldest geophysical sciences observing and using geomagnetic fields since ‘ancient times’.

Modern uses of ‘geomagnetic data’ include, amongst other geophysicals, ‘magnetic navigation’.

In 2005, as St. Petersburg, Russia Federation government Ninth Annual Economic Conference aligned additional ‘new global business network partnerships’ for joint China-Russia ‘new shipping lanes’, because they correctly understood ( all together too well ) just how failed U.S. computer predictions napping on Arctic Sea Ice melt predictions to ‘noticeably begin’ in “2030” was extremely inaccurate; it would actually begin in “2013.”

More than 25-years ahead of the United States government, the China-Russia joint economic pact was their own ‘secret hidden in plain sight’, a ‘global economic blockbuster’ would cut the U.S. Dollar tied-to Petro Dollar by Arctic sealane transportation of petroleum from the northeast coast of China and Russia.

China and Russia ‘supplying all’ of “Canada” ( perhaps to-become a ‘former Middle East petroleum trade partner of the U.S. ) in-addition to “Europe” because of ‘drastic reductions’ in “shipping transportation costs” for both “petroleum” ( e.g. ‘heating fuel’, ‘diesel’, ‘benzene’, ‘petroleum in plastics and synthetics’, etc. ) plus “other goods” based upon Arctic Ocean transportation route shipping cost benefits quickly seen.

Russia-China 1 – 2 Punch On U.S. Dollar Global Economics

Geographically, ‘shipping distance becomes considerablly shorter’, thereby ‘demonstrably reducing costs’, by:

1. Ships ( transporting ‘petroleum’ and ‘other goods’ ) will ‘expend less fuel to and from their destinations’; and,

2. Ships ( transporting ‘petroleum’ and ‘other goods’ ) will ‘expend less time to and from their destinations’ thereby ‘automatically and drastically cutting insurance costs assessed per barrel ( each 50-gallons )’, and on ‘other products’.

Insurance costs ( alone ) ‘per barrel of petroleum’ – transported via ship – sees “risks” based upon the ‘volatility of product shipped’, ‘regional political volatilities’, and ‘sea travel time’.

EXAMPLE ( with ‘no’ “regional political volatilities ):

Insurance ‘high risk’ costs nearly $28 ( U.S. Dollars ) ‘per barrel’ of oil included on market price of $60 ( U.S. Dollars ) ‘per barrel’.

Since at-least 1970, a then “Top Secret” CIA intelligence satellite imaging report revealed ( unknowingly to China ) that China’s furthest ‘northeast region’ ( although then “climately” and “geologically” ‘both’ “frozen” ) held a ‘subterranean secret natural reserve yield of trillions of tonnes of petroleum’.

While CIA intelligence officials laughed at the fact China did not produce high-technology oil drilling equipment capable of extracting oil from a frozen tundra landscape, HALLIBURTON ‘did’.

With CIA U.S. intelligence having already notified U.S. President Richard M. Nixon of this Top Secret, shockingly and with total disregard on August 29, 1972 President Nixon began selling U.S. high-technology oil drilling equipment to China.

Were consultants of HALLIBURTON or any of its affiliates ‘profitably involved’, and / or did HALLIBURTON ‘direct profit’ become involved?

All that’s left to reveal now is, I ‘officially’ and ‘honorably’ left my decorated National Defense Service full-time employment as a U.S. government intelligence CIA attache by the end of the day ( August 29, 1972 ) when I was informed while still holding a commensurate security clearance. Some ask ‘why’ – at nearly 21-years old – I relinquished a full-time job in U.S. government intelligence, my security clearance, and in 1986 my U.S. citizenship. You just might want to remember: In this crazy world, people ‘do not take drastic measures’ for ‘simply no other reason’ a revolutionary would.

While China natural reserves of trillions of tonnes of petroleum oil, for ‘now remains front-and-center for Russia’ – unless Superpowers Russia and China commit ‘nuclear hari-kari’ as is biblically foretold by decipher ) – U.S. Dollars will cease linkage to Petro Dollars as America slips to become an economic Third World nation misfit, just as another Russian with the American-based International Strategic Studies predicted a few years ago.

Can You Spell ‘Edward Joseph Snowden’?

China secretly agreed since “2005” St. Petersburg, Russia was such a ‘great global business networking’ “Marketing Director,” China would supply all the high-technology essentials to make Russia its “Director Of Operations” over Arctic Ocean “sealane shipping traffic management” too.

In 2011, Russia launched its first ( 1st ) ‘advanced technology satellite to become part if a ‘satellite constellation system network’ much like the U.S. National Security Agency – NSA satellite constellation system network.

Magnetic North Pole Shift

In 2012, Earth Pole Shift began moving faster, people started awakening, bur people fell back asleep when mainstream news broadcasts discontinued. People never realized that a far-greater problem existed; Earth’s Pole Shift continued – speeding even faster as it does today.

Marked Map ( Above ) and Legend References ( Below )

– ‘Black square’ ( marked on map ) references the ‘magnetic’ “North Pole” – where the magnetic field is straight down;

– ‘White dot’ ( marked on map ) references the ‘geomagnetic’ “North Pole” – where the axis of the best fitting dipole pierces the surface;

– ‘Red star’ ( marked on map ) references the ‘geographic’ “North Pole.”

[ Courtesy: Kentron Intellect Research. Note: Google Earth.used seafloor topography by D. Sandwell supplied to D. Staudigel for Google Earth. ]

– –

Geomagnetic fields ( of interest by paleomagnetists ) are generated by ‘magma convection currents’ within the outer core of Earth ( composed of iron, nickel and some unknown lighter components ).

Magmatic ( iron, nickel, etc. ) convection energy source for certain remains unknown, but believed in-part from core cooling Earth and bouyancy of ‘outer core magma’ cooled out-of a ‘pure iron magma’ inner core.

Magnetic conductive outer core magmatic bouyancy tidal motions are influenced by Earth’s axial rotation including non-linear magnetic conductance interaction with the Magnetosphere of Earth.

While solving geomagentohydrodynamic ( GMHD ) fluid movement and resultant magnetic field equations is a high-performance supercomputer task, recent numerical models show MagnetoHydroDynamic ( MHD ) systems produce self-generating.gigantic external magnetic fields.

While global magnetic field declinations, inclinations and intensities throughout different areas, such is not performed in real-time.

Behind Mainstream News Distractions

Global magnetic field declinations, inclinations and intensities throughout different areas, such is not performed in real-time.

The National Geophysical Data Center develops and distributes models of the geomagnetic field and maintains archives of geomagnetic data to further the understanding of Earth magnetism and the Sun-Earth environment.

Earth Climactic Events Are Really A ‘No Brainer’

Geomagnetic fields ( of “paleomagnetist” interest ) are generated by Earth outer core ‘magma convection currents’.

Magnetic conductive ‘outer core’ magmatic bouyancy tidal motions are claimed by some to be in-part influenced by Earth’s axial rotation including non-linear magnetic conductance interaction with the Magnetosphere of Earth.

Resolving GeoMagnetoHydroDynamic ( GMHD ) fluid movement and resultant magnetic field equations is a task for high-performance supercomputers.

The Bottomline

Recent numerical models show MagnetoHydroDynamic ( MHD ) systems produce self-generating.gigantic external magnetic field.

Earth’s outer core magma ( iron, nickel, etc. ) “energy” ‘point of origin’ ( for ‘certain’ ) remains unknown, but believed originating from an ‘inner core’ High Field Strength Element ( HFSE ) magma so ‘pure energy intense’ that any ‘eventual outside influence’ ( ‘neutrino’ family of other sub-atomic foreign astroparticle invaders ) injection of ‘foreign sub-atomic particles’ creates a chain reaction of ‘far-far less-pure iron HFSE magma’, which essentially, as an impurity permeating the magma by tainting it, causing instantaneous expulsion from an unknown ‘explosive light.energy rejection process’ forcing impurities emitting temperature signatures far-far cooler ( “frozen” in-comparison ) consequently oozed-up into outer core chamber pockets where over time that magma cools and rises toward Earth’s surface through “lava tubes” for even-further expulsion out-of volcanoes ( under-sea, in-sea, and on-land.

The greater extragalactic Cosmic Ray ( CR ) energy astroparticle multimessengers bombard Earth to its central dynamo core processing these violent reactions consequently increase subsurface grophysical activities.

Become news focsed on “what you need most to survive” rather than distracted by any ‘government’ twisted “future” where officials have become high-paid well-benefited security guards’ taking ‘your hard-earned tax dollars’ supporting Corporate pocket-filling sales and marketing promotion artists building while providing services for global military industrial complexes designed to surely injure, maim and kill-off people like you who believe they’re all being “served and protected.”

Homeland Preparedness

A 1930s image, of what “preparedness” used to mean in the “homeland” of ‘Anerica’, saves a thousand words while still saving lives but for only a few nowadays. ( Click Image Link Below )

Good luck.

[ END PART 3 OF 3 ]

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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Secret HFSE Properties Part 3

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