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by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – July 28, 2014 – We’ve all heard of our Whistleblower “White Hats,” fighting “The Enterprise” of Big Brother ( NSA, CIA, et. al. ) against “The People” whom are living the experience of the U.S. Constitution being re-written out-of existence surrepticiously and continuously by U.S. Presidential Executive Orders ( E.O. ) secretly mandated by the U.S. Congress into law ‘without approval or knowledge’ directed by The White House, which has been secretly controlled ( since at-least 1968 ) by an organization known as “The Club Of Rome” that has been writing “U.S. Foreign Policy” ‘verbatim’ and ‘in-advance’.

Understanding The “Intelligence Community” ( IC )

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) and U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) infiltrations throughout global ‘private-sector’ companies, universities, and others since the turn of the 21st century was reported 13-years ago in my 2001 reports ( 2 ), here:

Corporate Government News For People Untrusting Government

For those ‘unaware’, you just might want to read this ‘new’ report ( herein ) to learn about both ‘old’ and ‘new’ matters that have been going on behind your back for decades that are continuing to operate under ‘new names’ for corporate-led government operations still blatantly throwing people into economic turmoil while population noses become even more pressed to the grindstone at work; an incredibly successful tactic used on the public programmed by perpetuating as much as possible to the ‘contrary’ by mainstream news media government-embedded journalists and reporters broadcasting ‘false news propaganda’ notifying people that their ‘future is secure’ when that is ‘not quite true’.


Corporate-led U.S. government-embedded ‘publicly familiar and trusted broadcaster faces of persona’ were recruited and trained by the U.S. Intelligence Community ( IC ) with one ( 1 ) objective: Corporate Government News For People Untrusting Government.

It is of primary importance for corporate-led government:embedded mainstream news to distract large populations by refocusing people’s attention away-from what is ‘really attacking people covertly’, and the only way the U.S. Intelligence Community ( IC )can successfully do this is through ‘clandestine and subversive negative programming’, which ‘unwarrantedly raises population anxiety levels around the world’; and, in so-doing kills more people by ‘stress’ related deaths while simultaneously driving ‘sane’ people ‘crazy’ to such levels of ‘heightened anxiety’ they are rendered stark-raving lunatics seen.going on rampages; from multiple daily “road rage” incidents on highways to ‘shooting rampages’, ‘family member murderous slaughters of innocent people’ in America where skyrocketing other serious crimes callously driving up ‘national crime statistics.


2014 –

Bypassing Vigilantism America Heads For Revolution Today

Corporate-led ‘price hikes’ on concert with government ‘tax increases’ crossed the last line of attacking The People now sparked in-to nowhere else to go but rage for a New America creating ‘splinter opposition groups’ beginning ‘nationwide national revolutionary movements’; all of which corporate-led government will ‘purposely use to justify increasing taxpayer funded government law enforcement security budgets for what can now be seen all across America by its ‘militarized local police forces equipped with more and more militarized vehicles and armaments’ where higher taxes serves to automatically remove even-more of The People’s otherwise ‘spendable income’ formerly used for ‘quality recreation entertainment’ to ‘preserve family unity’ and ‘bolster community moral fiber’, which now continues being attacked by corporations continuing to ‘raise family entertainment’; from movie theatres to entertainment theme parks such as Disneyland and Disney World where general admission entrance fees costs more than $100 ‘per person’ where thousands if these large corporations have ‘not increased entertainment but restricted entertainment by raising prices to The People’ who are now fed-up and not going to take anymore of the Big Corporate America “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”!

The insidiousness by which populations are surreptitiously forced by corporate-led government to ‘destroy people and their family unity from stress’ is sheer murderous lunacy that can only be ‘safely halted’ by ‘wide-scale corporate shopping boycotts and picket lines led by grass roots citizen movements’ sending a clear and convincing message:

“The People ‘customer numbers’ will ‘suddenly decline’ consequently sharply reducing corporate profiteering and shareholder revenues’ by ‘boycotting products and services’ marketed and sold to the American public and the rest of the world. There are avenues of improvisation pretexts a ‘non-violent war plan operation atmosphere’ could easily be ‘will be reigned-in by The People’; one way or the other – taxpayer profits fed by government grants and subsidies to the corporatcy ‘will be cut-back drastically soon’.”

Understanding “The Enterprise” SysPlan Black Hat CIA Arm

Black Hat was established in 1997 at the same time SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION ( SYSPLAN ) took the covert role as “The Enterprise” managing the now infamous ‘military industrial complex’, which decades earlier, former U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower ‘eerily warned the American public about the dangers thereof, which later in January 2012 sprang a U.S. Department of State announcement about Public Private Partnerships worldwide involving the “private-sector” of humanity.

Black Hat sprang-up suddenly with staff from within the labyrinth of the U.S. Central Intelligence Directorate missioned to slow, steal, and curb foreign emerging high-technology beginning with communist China and its digital computing research, developments, applications, and mass production manufacturing of products and services in Automatic Test Equipment ( ATE ) too; incorporated into both devices and systems for strategic, tactical, and defense that included space-based platforming of surveillance spacecrafts ( satellites ) and space-based weaponry; then highly secret ‘anti-satellite’ “Directed High-Energy Weapons” ( DEW ).

It is a ‘historical intelligence fact’ that the U.S. government Intelligence Community ( IC ) has always been pushed ( by hook or crook ) to become a global Superpower nation under the direction of the “U.S. global military industrial complex,” long ago ( 1947 ) comprised of large industrial corporations.


Today, while that focus remains well-entrenched, an even-larger more powerful “U.S. global military complex” spawned its ‘evil twin brother’ within the ‘high technology labyrinth’ of Science & Technology because it ‘attracts far greater revenue’ from “The People” whose insatiable psychological thirst to ‘spend more money needlessly just to have the latest greatest technological gadget’ sees the CIA and NSA ‘preying upon’ “The People” emotionally handicapped by ‘greed’, ‘avarice’, and ‘blind ambition’.

Pity the fools whose pocketbooks are emptied like clockwork every “6-months” by ‘cleverly designed’ so-called “news announcements” that are only “advertising for Big Corporate America” programming The People to “SAVE, Save, save” by ‘spending’ “MORE, More, more” while ‘simultaneously increasing prices’.

Times, They Are A Changin’ !

Although emerging ( i.e. future ) new slim-line decorative wearable widgets’ ( e.g. Android Wear Smartphones, etc. ) will undoubtedly catch your eye and ( along with those ) your pocketbook too, corporate-led government-embedded mainstream news media broadcasts ‘will’ make ‘sure’ you are ‘distracted’, ‘attracted’ and ‘convinced’ ( conned ) in-to buying one ( 1 ) or ‘more’ that before you realize what you were just ‘programmed to do’, you’ll have just ended-up feeding that Big Corporate Monster’ with ‘even-more’ of ‘your money’ to another Big Corporation that already received ‘government contract funds’ originating ‘from out-of your own hard-earned tax monies’ The People were ‘never even informed’ about.

‘Enough’ Is ‘Enough’, And ‘Now It’s Way Too Much’ !

Why ‘do this’ to ‘yourself’ and ‘lived ones’? Can you ‘really afford’ to shoot your hard-earned money out-of both your pant legs just to buy a corporate executive another mansion in the south of France ( Monaco ) or send another corporate executive’s son to Harvard or Oxford University? Do ‘not allow’ such for ‘your own economic peril’, for Big Corporate ‘profits’ are ‘ingeniously designed’ to ‘drain your economic future dry’.

Cutting Off Your Head ? In Spite Of Your Fate ?

Watch how ‘easily’ this transpires ‘against’ “You” ( The People ):

Instead of ‘donating directly to help support humanity’ ( “The People” – including “Yourself” ), Corporations with Government have The People’s ‘old mentality pegged’ by their own ‘Intelligence Internet In The Sky’ that has already forecasted:

This year ( 2014 ), around the ‘holidays’, you are going to be convinced ( conned and pressured ) by a whole host and variety of ‘bubbling personalities’ whom are going to ‘greet you with big smiles’ ( retail sales clerks ) and ‘claim to be’ “in-the-know” about “what you need,” which you do ‘not’ “need”!

You are foolishly going to ‘walk in to to the ‘largest economic trap ever set in the world’ by Big Globalist Corporations who you will in-essence ‘buying’ while ‘paying’ for being ‘given the privileged of using’ one ( 1 ) – or more – of their “new products” for only a period of between ‘6-months’ up-to ‘1-year’; before it breaks down – you will “own” the ‘new widget’ and its ‘big problems’ too. And, by the way, you may even be “congratulated” on your ‘new ownership’ too!

‘What’ Will ‘Steal You Blind’ & ‘Give You Headaches’ – This Year & Next

Your very own ‘brand new’ “NSA technology device,” of course!.What?

It is called a “Wearable Smartphone” and it looks like a wide ‘designer bracelet’ you can choose to have “morph” to ‘display’ ( its “flexible display screen” ) any ‘combination of colors and designs’ ( e.g. business logo, favorite rock group, simulated Gucci decorative designs, or motion picture film ).

Pay Any Price? There’s More!

If you have more money left to spend, wait only 1-year ‘more’, for you may then buy the latest “Morphing Wearable Smartphone” that you can change ( using ‘1 hand’ ! ) from a ‘bracelet and lapel-pin smartphone’ style ( this year ) to next years ( 2015 ) ‘moldable’ “Morphing Convertible Wearable Smartphone” converting the “old” ( 2014 ) ‘bracelet and lapel pin smartphone’ into an ‘elongated tablet smartphone’ quickly moldable by you ( using ‘1 hand’ ! ) back into a ‘bracelet lapel pin smartphone’ when you’re ready to leave Starbuck’s to do your ‘shopping’ or drive on the interstate highway’ for that destination ( bank, finance company, or tax accountancy < grin > ) you need to see about obtaining other financing or to cancel that family vacation.

Corporations already realized that ‘women’ have ‘more retail store spendable money’ than do ‘men’ so, Big Corporations are purposely ‘ ‘targeting’ “women” ‘this year’ and will bring “men” in by clever yet more “manly” marketing ‘next year’ ( 2015 ) when “UniSex” is going to be ‘re-introduced’ ( with a ‘twist’ ! ) accentuating more of the ‘lapel pin’ while camoflaging the ‘bracelet’ portion of “Morphing Convertible Wearable Smartphones” that ‘will become the latest rage’ amongst ‘young and old adults’, which will be cleverly marketed by placing this ’emerging trend’ squarely into government-embedded mainstream news media broadcasts to even-further program The People as-to the “Health & Safety” ‘optional features’ ( e.g. basic airborne particulate measurement sensors that can detect air quality and smog levels, radiation levels, harmful bacteria in water, poisonous food, monitor heart rate and blood pressure, record crimes and emergencies, etc. ) will “improve lifestyles” and “quality of life” so The People fit right in to the Big Corporations ‘next’ “Master Plan”: “Human Body Smartphone Implants” that ‘cannot be stolen’. < wink > Why not have your ‘credit cards’ “implanted” in that same microsmartphone too? < wink >

The People ‘really’ “Need To Know” where they are heading by blowing their money on ‘pumping-up corporate profits’ and thereby ‘increasing Big Corporation bottom-line ‘sales’ and ‘services’ enabling those same.’untouchable executives’ to ‘continue instructing your government’ that: “America corporations require even-more sophisticated security systems’ “to protect the National Infrastructure,” which you’re elected official lawmakers’ will immediately slide right through ‘another secret session’ of the U.S. Congress continuing Big Corporations to ‘raise prices higher’ and thereby “government annual budgets” funding ‘more tax monies’ into ‘federal contracts’ building ‘even-more controls’ paid-for in-full by The People’s ‘hard-earned tax monies’ once ‘again’, and this is ‘precisely Big Corporation.thinking’ – The People are about to be even-more convinced ( “conned” ) once ‘again’ ( at Christmastime 2014 – 2015 ) in-to ‘BUYING, Buying, buying” ‘more’! But, ‘will’ they?

What Government Intelligence ‘Never Forecasted’ For Big Corporations!

Besides this report, what government intelligence ( NSA ) coupled with all the so-called “Minds Of MINOLTA” ( old American advertising expression ) within the Big System Planning Corporation could ‘not’ “predict” ‘accurately’ was just what The People ( in “America” ) have ‘secretly forged en-masse all on their own’; a “New Trend” to ‘curb their own stupid spending habits’ by simply “Not Buying” from “Big Corporations” that ‘continue raising retail prices’. In-fact, America youth is actually going “Retro Deactive” because The People ‘are’ becoming simultaneously ‘quicker’ ( to ‘react’ ) and by-far ‘smarter’ as-to what Big Corporations have been doing to socio-economically to all The People ( Brothers & Sisters ) whom amidst ‘high prices’ also saw government high-technology intrusions attack them’ when the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) took control of FACEBOOK and GOOGLE PlayStore apps. Those ‘news breaks’ began a ‘downward spiral’ of “Social Media” ‘adventures’, and consequently the ‘beginning of the end’ to Big Corporate Profits that actually ‘slumped the government pump’ that has only forced Big Corporations to begin their “Tomorrow Shelves” ‘experimental prototype developer models’ now being ‘hurried’ with legitimate mass exchange ( combined Big Corporation experimentals ) into ’90-day production runs’ of “not fully beta tested for bugs & glitches” products ( already secretly warehoused ) awaiting advertising hypes beginning September 2014 promotions whereupon by October 2014 ‘regional distribution’ will begin for late November 2014 retail store releases. If you thought last year’s 2013 retail sales dipped to all-time ‘lows’, you haven’t seen anything crash like Big Corporate sales will this year ( 2014 ) and next ( 2015 ). Now, is the time to dump all your stock holdings on ‘high-technology electronics’, ‘consumer electronics’, and ‘security related industries’ because the global market shockwave The People will be sending shall serve to set Big Corporate Profits ‘back’ for up-to 5-years while Corporations institute an ‘unusually new’ yet creative “negative propaganda” ‘tool’ in an attempt to once again mislead The People into believing they’re “falling behind progress.” Unique approach to stimulating sales of the previous year’s technology products collecting dust on shelves like a museum displaying ancient artifacts.

Out Of The Mouth If Babes

Especially ‘young people’, whom are ‘far more awake’ to what Big Corporations are doing against ‘them’, and because ‘they’ are not only ‘more’ “network sensitive'” ( ‘smarter’ ), their ‘quick reflexes’ make drastically ‘quicker maneuvers’ ( balanced ) better able to defeat oppositions placed in their own pathway to a free and successful life as their forefathers bestowed upon each if their ‘citizenry birthright’ as set forth within the “U.S. Constitution” and “Bill of Rights” youth is ‘unwilling to accept any waivers away-from’.

The younger generation is ‘not’ as “ignorant” as Big Corporations and Government-embedded mainstream news media ‘thinks’; no matter the amount of out-right blatant “propaganda” online.


The People’s Revolutionary Party Has Begun!

In-essence, the ‘roles’ both Big Corporation ‘products’ and Government ‘sales tax’ on those products are ‘really playing’, already has American youth realizing ‘government officials’ are nothing more than ‘high-paid’ “security guards” – committing ‘covert theft’ by looting The People’s Treasury ( once filled with hard-earned ‘taxpayer funds ) over ‘federal contracts’ funding Big Corporation ‘profits’ while spending The People’s stolen monies on “Public Private Partnership” ‘slave masters’ driving them straight into ‘work enslavement’ simultaneously.”hiving” ‘population centers around the world’ like a ‘global worker ant farm’ The People ‘refuse to remain members of any longer’.

Understanding “Public Private Partnerships” ‘Control Over The People’

Orwellian doublespeak is learned by reading the 1948 book entitled “1984” by George Orwell who was a true visionary predicting what The People of today are actually right in the midst of ‘experiencing today’, and just as Orwell ‘perfectly predicted’ ( 1948 ), the ‘vast majority of populations’ would ‘not even realize’ what had already been done to them.

Confident, as The People of today ‘are’, they are walking around believing they know what us going on in ‘their own personal world’ because ‘everything they want or need seems right in place for them’. There’s my favorite store, here’s my smartphone in front of me, my husband is at work, the kids will be hone from school soon, traffic doesn’t’t seem bad, this weekend is already planned, and I still have time to go drop-off and pick-up a few things before I need to get back. Everything is just normal. Right? Wrong! You missed alot! What did I miss?

You missed what most everyone else did, unless you already read the book “1984” and watched the American film entitled “The Stepford Wives” so you ‘would have already known what you missed’!

“Public Private Partnerships” must first be broken down to ‘know’ what ‘each word really means’.

First ( 1st ), “Public” does ‘not’ mean “You”!

“Public,” in this ‘government phrase instance’ ( Orwellian “doublespeak” ) means:


Second ( 2nd ), “Private” does ‘not’ mean “You” either!

“Private,” in this ‘government phrase instance’ ( Orwellian “doublespeak” ) means:

‘Private-Sector Companies’ that are non-governmental independent consumer product designers and producers plus service-related fields of work endeavors ( e.g. devices, systems, textiles, food, beverage, and certain accomodations ), ‘Private-Sector Institutions’ ( e.g. educational, clinical, research );

‘Private-Sector Organizations’ ( e.g. alternative scientific, alchemical, geologic sonic flocculations, elemental energetics, geoastronomicals, agrosynthesis, biosynthesis, behavorials, emerging technologicals, developmental research, intellectual media properties, etc. ); and,

‘Private-Sector Academics’ ( e.g. professors, and students ).

Third ( 3rd ), “Partnerships” does ‘not’ mean ‘personal togetherness’!

“Partnerships,” in this ‘government phrase instance’ ( Orwellian “doublespeak” ) means:

“Government Qualified Eligibles” to be ‘recruited’ or ‘otherwise brought into’ various but ‘certain categoric fields of business work-product enterprises’ placed “under U.S. taxpayer federally funded government contract business agreements” accompanied with “government security non-disclosure agreements.”

Capturing more government contracts, in-essence ‘captures more taxpayer monies’, and for any company advertising their being able to arrange such ‘before public official announcements’ from the U.S. government demonstrates confirmation of ‘corporate-led government corruption’ against The People.


In-essence, “Public Private Partnerships” is a “Corporate-led Government global grab of ‘both’ existing and emerging:

1. Independently ‘talented companies’ ( “small selectively grouped brains” );

2. Independently ‘talented organizations’ ( “large collectively grouped brains” ); and,

3. Independently ‘talented human beings’ ( “individual brains” ).

Corporate-led government-qualified ‘human brain consumption by absorption and consumption’ into America’s System Planning Corporation “Borg” already charted the course of global populations where both ‘individualism’ and ‘free will’ of “The People” cease to exist, saving only “The Collective.”

The ingenuity of it all secretly began when the U.S. Central Intelligence Directorate when its Director of Central Intelligence ( DCI ) formed a ‘think tank’ for its corporate-led “military industrial complex,” which to only the U.S. Intelligence Community ( IC ) became affectionately known as “The Enterprise” ( in ‘public’ ), but it was actually named SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION ( also known as ) SYSPLAN.

Edward Joseph Snowden was the ‘first’ ( 1st ) publicly-known known “Network Administrator” who the U.S. government claims “defected,” but ‘what the world was never told’, was:

Edward Joseph Snowden was a United States ‘federal employee’ of the “U.S. Department Of Defense ( DOD ) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA )” where his ‘title’ as only a “Network Administrator” held the ‘accurate position’ as a “Commissar” interalia “Gatekeeper” of a remotely located high-performance supercomputer chain linked between the ‘gateway entry access point’ hidden under the SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION “Teaming Division” into DARPA, which the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) uses to ‘link-up’ all its “business clients” worldwide.


In 1999, I wrote a comprehensive introductory report on the first ( 1st ) ‘openly publicized’ C.I.A. ‘wholly-owned’ ( non-publicly transparent accountable ) and operated ( secretly using U.S. citizen tax-paid government security oversight ) ‘private-sector’ high-technology venture capital ‘enterprise’ named “IN-Q-TEL,” and that rare report of mine has withstood the test of time for 15-years still remaining published online ( 2014 ) for review, at:

Secret IT Directorate

One ( 1 ) Of The Black Hats

The Black Hat Review Board provides a cursory glance at some names but only a few of the previous occupational titles and employers held by its Board, not limited to, and including Robert J. Stratton III.

Bob Stratton is a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur, technologist and researcher” specializing in:

– Emerging Security Technology Developments For Big Corporations;

– Future National Network Technology Security Policy Underwriting For International Corporations; and,

– Corporation Management Innovation Strategies.

Stratton is also the General Partner of MACH37, a Virginia ( USA ) ‘start-up accelerator’ entity supporting ‘Corporate Security of New Information Gathering’.

Stratton was previously Chief Strategy & Security Officer at WITOPIA.

Stratton was ‘Director of Government Research’ at SYMANTEC Research Laboratories ( Norton Security computer internet software ).

Stratton was one of the co-founders and Chief Technical Officer for STACKSAFE ( a start-up entity specializing in “Self-Healing Software” and “Automated Security Assurance” programs.

And, last but ‘not least’ Robert Stratton was the In-Q-Tel Corporation first ( 1st ) Director of Technology Assessment, a private venture capital firm investing for the benefit of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Mr. Stratton co-founded and was Chief Technologist at SECURITY DESIGN INTERNATIONAL ( SDI – ‘not’ “Strategic Defense Initiative” ), a firm specializing in ‘Critical Infrastructure Network Security And International Services’.

Before founding SDI, Stratton established something trademarked “Security Posture Assessment™” – a practice at WHEELGROUP CORP. as well as at another ‘security organization’ entity known as UUNET, one of the first ( 1st ) “Tier 1” Internet Service Providers ( ISP ).


There are ‘more’ “Black Hats” than ‘white’ or ‘grey’ combined, and these new age “Black Hats” are much stronger today than they were decades ago. They’re rarely discussed in public because general public viewing audiences of government embedded mainstream media news do ‘not’ broadcast anything about them or their clandestine schemes, which continue to remain classified as “Secret-Sensitive.” These covert operations are only whispered about amongst those in the hallowed hallway of certain members of the Intelligence Community ( IC ).

Alex Stamos is a featured speaker at top corporate industrial conferences of Black Hat and InfraGard, in-addition to the CIA, NSA, plus other entities, he addresses computer and internet hackers ( which many Black Hats were and still are ) working ‘both sides’ of corporate and government fences worldwide. His roles for not only Black Hat but InfraGard are.public eye-openers so you might want to really pay close attention while you review the following three ( 3 ) video clip adventures ( immediately below ):

1. InfraGard ( Whistleblower – Video Clip ):

2. NSA Chief Alexander ( Black Hat Hacker’s Conference – Video Clip ):

3. Alex Stamos ( Corporate-Government’s Intelligence Hackers – Video Clip ):

Black Hat popped-up out-of the Intelligence Community ( IC ) secret rabbit hole to once again ‘promote’, ‘market’, and ‘sell’ more if their dirty little secret schemes that global investment brokers have ‘no real clue about’; other than they’re all armed to the teeth with U.S. government federal taxpayer funded contracts pumping-up their “good ole boy” spit-swapping mentality ‘private-sector’ “little brothers” being supported by big brother” corporate giants; prominently-named as supporters thereof.

Black Hat high-technology investment schemes are indirectly supported by federal government taxpayer funds, used by these Black Hat supporters:

– MICROSOFT ( Software – Chief Security Advisor );

– BOEING CORPORATION – ( Defense – Application Pen Tester );

– LOCKHEED MARTIN ( Defense – Chief Security Officer );

– SIEMENS ( Defense – Healthcare Diagnostics – Chief Product Security Officer );

– COMCAST ( Telecommunications – Senior Manager, Information Security );

– JP MORGAN CHASE ( Banking – Mobile Application Security Lead );

– AMERICAN EXPRESS ( Credit – Senior IT Security Specialist );

– EXXON MOBIL CORP. ( Petroleum – Security Principal );

– MOZILLA CORP. ( Software – Security Program Manager );

– SONY ( Music – VP, IT Security );

– ACCENTURE ( Senior Manager – Information Security );

– KELLOGG ( Chief Information Security Officer );

SALESFORCE.COM ( Senior Information Security Engineer );

– U.S. Department Of State ( Government – Cyber Analyst );

– U.S. Department of Justice ( Government – Chief Systems Security Officer );

Plus, the following foreign governments and private-sector enterprises:

– Council Of The European Union ( Government – Special Cybersecurity Advisor );

– European Parliament ( Government – IT Security );

– Council Of Europe ( Government – Chief Information Security Officer );

– Ministry Of Foreign Affairs ( Government – IT Engineer );

– Saudi Arabia Royal Air Force ( Government – “Enterprise Information Security Architect” );

– Netherlands Forensic Institute ( Forensic Examiner );

– RABOBANK International ( Banking – Global Head Security Operations );

– ING BANK ( Banking – Teamlead Risk Management );

– TRIODIS BANK ( Banking – Technical Security Officer );

– GENWORTH FINANCIAL ( Security Architect );

– AVG TECHNOLOGIES ( Software – Director of Security Engineering );

– VODAFONE Group Services GmbH ( Telecommunications : Security Engineer );

– PIRELLI ( Tires – CISO );

– BOADREE INNOVATIONS KFT. ( Chief Technology Officer ); plus,

– More [ Click Here: ]

Final Analysis Of The Black Hats

The Black Hat organization hides in the shadows under the cloaked skirt of government as nothing more than just another clever C.I.A. and N.S.A. ‘business intelligence investment money, academia brains and proprietary secrets grab scheme’ purposely established by design to ‘lure unsuspecting private-sector stockholder funds’ for funneling into yet another infamous government financial blackhole that always turns out to be just another “High-Yield Investment Program” ( HYIP – pronounced: ‘hype’ ) as so many other times ‘before’.

History reveals investors whom suffered ‘economic harm’ as examples, and one ( 1 ) of many case instances people likely never heard-of, read, or told anything about because it was swept under dirty little carpets infested with officially indoctrinated federal government-embedded mainstream news media broadcasters, newspapers and magazine journalists ( alike ):

When the U.S. National Security Agency ( N.S.A. ) opened their ‘secret office’ in the United Kingdom ( UK ) named TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LTD. ( a Bermuda registered entity with a State of Washington address in the USA ) with one of its directors Craig McCaw who worked for the NSA. TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LIMITED ( also known as ) TELEDESIC LLC. ( also known as ) EAGLE RIVER INVESTMENTS LLC.( and other entity names ) – via NSA – used one of its ‘NSA intelligence business clients’ MICROSOFT together with its founder Bill Gates ‘names’ to globally promote, market and garner investor’s monies’ in a High-Yield Investment Program ( HYIP ) ‘global trading and money-laundering investment scheme’ involving an international trader, Republic Of Ireland national Gabriel Francis MacEnroe ( resident of Sussex, UK and St. Gallen, Switzerland ), who was licensed by the NSA to promote the sale of out-dated yet “Highly Sensitive” surveillance satellites ( totalling 52 in all ) within the NSA constellation system known as “Celestri” involving MOTOROLA and others. Gabriel F. MacEnroe was actually a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) intelligence operative assigned to the Middle East where he was the key to the Kuwait Royal Family whose other Arab member investors monies were laundered through Cypress banks to Zurich, Switzerland for what the NSA allowed Bill Gates to ‘name’ as being ‘his own brainchild’ he nicknamed “Internet-In-The-Sky” that was nothing more than a ‘fraudulent global investment scheme’ claimed by its second ( 2nd ) chief promoter BOEING CORPORATION ( and others ) to be a ‘sensational new internet system’ idea of Bill Gates’, which it was ‘not’ because the NSA sought secret Black Budget funds through this ‘phony investment program project’ to ‘secretly build, launch and maintain the brand new NSA satellite constellation surveillance system’ that would ‘secretly add U.S. taxpayer funds to it through U.S. federal contracts’ using BOEING CORP., RAYTHEON CORP. and the team from ORBITAL SCIENCES to ‘secretly build, launch, and maintain’ what today is known as Boeing Satellite Systems.

There remains very little accurate information ( if any ) about the entire history of this, which was kept out-of general public viewing audiences except for simple mainstream news media article in TIME Magazine announcing NSA’s Craig McCaw running TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LTD. in England.


Internet-In-The-Sky had secured global investor’s monies in what was nothing more than “space junk;” an ‘out-dated’ old Earth launched secret that was in all reality ‘already falling out-of Earth orbit’ – a U.S. ‘intelligence surveillance system constellation’ of fifty-two ( 52 ) satellites’ used by the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) that used billions of U.S. citizen taxpayer funds paying to built, launch, and maintain secretly for ‘decades its global “Spies In The Sky” on both ‘friend and foe’, including U.S. citizen residents inside America too.

These facts were detailed in my online reports more than 10-years ago, long before Edward Joseph Snowden worked for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) and specially trained near Switzerland.

The Black Hat organization holds conferences around the world, much like the “1888 Club” did by targeting wealthy high net worth business entrepreneur investors conned into wild schemes claimed backed by certain government organizations I reported about 7-years ago ( 2008 ) and updated in 2010, here:

Today, banks and financial investment houses use their household security term, “Know Your Customer” ( also known in their vernacular parlance nickname “KYC” ) requiring ‘client financial transparency’, however just as TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LIMITED flushed global investor’s ‘monies’ and ‘other resources’ down the tube into another U.S. intelligence black-hole scheme we’ll likely see from Black Hat since it is actually a

clandestinel cover driven by the same group of CIA and NSA Black Hat operatives.

To be even wiser than all the Arab nation sheikhs who lost well over $1,000,000,000 billion in U.S. dollar value invested in the NSA MICROSOFT Bill Gates “Internet In The Sky” – that amounted to what official U.S. federal law enforcement calls “Blue Sky Investment Schemes” when seemingly professionally credentialed international fraudsters and promoters of fraud pass themself off as legitimate business people promising return profits claiming the “sky is the limit” on their investments.

Important to keep your eyes wide open on investment deals so when you look ‘up’ remember seeing the same blackhole where hard earned investment monies disappeared for other investors while at the same time your hard earned tax monies are right now as government looks down their its intrusive snoopy nose at you after’ve done for your country.

Once upon a time, America ‘use-to belong to The People’, which today sees corporate big business having you ( The People ) continue paying the bills for services you never receive.

U.S. Social Security citizen’s retirement funds were raided ( stolen ) decades ago by the same C.I.A. for earlier Black Projects, and that is ‘why’ Social Security does ‘not cash-out U.S. citizens upon their retirement’ – unlike Third World countries that ‘do’! So, you might want to ask yourself ‘why’ all the cloak and dagger secrecy building more and more layers of security for ‘federal government official use’ that will only hide from the people.

Now be sure to continue paying more of your money into your government do they can turn right around and hand your funds over to some big corporation that official government employees ( especially military Generals and Admirals ) will be working for when they complete their ‘service’ to you, The People of America.

Remember how boycotts work. Supporting those Mom and Pop stores isn’t such a bad idea by spending your hard-earned money away-from those corporations supporting CIA Black Hats.

Boycotting Corporate High Prices Has Begun!

By starting off small, selectively targeting regional area big corporate chain retail stores boycotts have now begun in America where boycotts were started by thousands of The People’s ‘workers’ for The People living on the United States eastcoast bringing corporate-led government-subsidized wealthy farmers in addition to Corporate America to its knees for a ‘real’ “change”!


Keep boycotts trending in America where you will be surprised at just how fast The People can lower high food price profits of Big Corporations.

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The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

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