America_Homeless_Counts.jpgJudging Public-Private Perceptions

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

June 22, 2014 Updated ( June 20, 2014 10:42 )

LOS ANGELES – June 22, 2014 – Having first stirred-up Corporate-Government last year ( 2013 ) from Project Camelot Forum Kerry’s Blog “Confirmed Breaking News” lead message post ( “References” below ) by a ‘new poster’ ( “Unwanted Publicity Intelligence” ), the same guy ( Paul Collin ) saw Project Camelot grant the ‘special news’ column “The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy Blog” where ‘certain follow-ups’ – a second ( 2nd ) and third ( 3rd ) report ( “References” below ) – finally saw America residents recently awaken to a ‘mainstream news media’ ( The Los Angeles Times – newspaper) front-page headline story ( below ).

Exposed was Corporate-America alongside residents therein seething over a June 19, 2014 federal United States Court Of Appeals panel where ‘all three ( 3 ) federal judges ruled unanimously’ in-favor of the the ‘new America’ “homeless-class” entitlement to ‘certain inalienable’ U.S. Civil Rights.

Human rights infringed upon revealed ‘wild-eyed law enforcement interpretation of new civic ordinances’ began ‘unlawfully tasking jointly’ corporate business and residents wantonly roadblocking the ‘human existence of’ an entire “subpopulation” of ‘our own humanity’ over recent years ( since 2008 ) ‘silently targeted for elimination’ demonstrating ‘clandestine tactical degrees of treacherous force’ applying- ‘without any judicial oversight whatsoever’ – muscle-flexing “Public-Private Partnership” ‘power’ to ‘unconscionably and systematically smite the homeless segment ( nationally estimated: 25,000,000 million people ) of America’s own population’ nearly ‘police blotted out-of existence’ into sheer ‘oblivion’.

Federal Judges ‘all agreed’ the “homeless-class” of people’s “Civil Rights” ‘mercilessly being trampled upon’ were by City of Los Angeles Police Department policies and practices of unlawful “selective law enforcement” citing “City Of Los Angeles ( local law ) ‘ordinance’ “vagueries” wrongfully armed ‘official tactical commands’ for Police to ‘harass’ and ‘arrest’ “homeless people” ( ‘men and women regardless of age or disabilities’ ) in-addition to ‘destroy’ and ‘remove’ “homeless personal properties ( vehicles, etc. )” as ‘officers saw fit to perform’ while ‘raiding streets and vacant lots’ where they ‘corral-style rounded-up’ “homeless people” by the ‘thousands’ based on ‘Corporate America business owners begging residents to file complaints against homeless people’.


While Corporate America ‘business owners’, behind the scenes clandestinely posed as “Neighborhood Watch” committee representatives, ‘Police complaints’ began being filed by what appeared to be “residents” with ‘lynch mob mentalities’ rationalizing ‘something be done’ about the ‘ever-growing’ “unsightly” population ‘swarms of homeless people” detracting customers from neighborhoods, amongst other claims, for the sake of “neighborhood appearances.”

As Corporate-led local government lawyers were confronted by ‘federal judicial citations of multiple instances’ of “violations of U.S. Constitutional rights” against ‘homeless’ “U.S. citizens” and “selective targeting” of the American ‘homeless-class citizens’, City of Los Angeles lawyers representing local government and police business residents counter-argued that ‘homeless vagrants’ were “Health & Safety” ‘problems for the greater majority of population residents and business owners’ whom Police were only trying to “protect.”

1st Stage: Control Over Local Populations

While far more of ‘this very dirty iceberg’ lays buried beneath mainstream news media information, details alongside homeless people continue falling into oblivion, sadly the ‘public is left viewing only the tip’ of Corporate-led government socio-economics ‘hastening the unravelling of the very fabric of America’ begins staging ‘local police state’ running amuck – without proper chart or course – so Americans will unwittingly welcome ‘government police taking control’.

2nd Stage: Local Police Federalized

For the past 2-years now, America ‘local civic leaders’ have been ‘softly introducing’ members of the “U.S. National Guard ( NGB )” – America’s ‘brand-new military addition’ to the U.S. President’s “Joint Chiefs of Staff ( JCS )” – whom have been ‘flooding’ “YouTube.Com” with ‘carefully produced’ videos ‘colorfully entertaining’ local ‘adventures with local Community Center citizens’ showing populations just ‘how friendly and helpful’ members of the NGB can be in ‘local communities’.

Some readily recognize where the NGB is taking local populations today for future understandings that ‘federalizing local law enforcement’ is only ‘just now being founded publicly’.

Primarily, U.S. government-embedded mainstream news media simply reported U.S. ‘federal judicial findings of local government police incompetence over large populations’.

Secondly, by ‘publicly exposing reasons cemented justifications that such be necessitated’.

American population hard-earned tax dollars funding a federally talented nationwide police force clearly demonstrates ‘public ingenuity’ ( i.e. Corporate Government Intelligence ) hard at work, which – unfortunately for the rest of populations – really comes as no great surprise but for those reviewing more than most ever have time to perform because of so many ‘distractions purposely laid in their daily life paths’.


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SOURCE: The Los Angeles Times ( newspaper – Los Angeles, California, USA )

Court Strikes Down L.A. Ban On Living In Cars; ( early title ) and ( later ),

Appeals Court Panel Ends L.A. Ban On Homeless Living In Vehicles

by, Maura Dolan ( San Francisco, CA ) and Gale Holland ( Los Angeles, CA )

June 20, 2014

For the second ( 2nd ) time in 2-years, a federal appeals court has ‘struck down’ a ‘key enforcement tool’ in the ‘City of Los Angeles’ – efforts to deal with burgeoning ‘homelessness’ – ‘declaring a ban on living in vehicles’ an invitation to ‘discriminate against the poor’.

A 3 judge federal panel of the U.S. Ninth ( 9th ) Circuit Court of Appeals ‘unanimously decided’ ( June 19, 2014 ) Thursday that a “City of Los Angeles” [ only ] ‘ordinance prohibiting people from living in vehicles was unconstitutionally vague’.

That ruling followed a 9th Circuit federal court decision in 2012 that ‘prevented’ the “City of Los Angeles” [ only ] from ‘confiscating and destroying possessions that homeless people leave temporarily’ on “sidewalks.”

Both [ 2012 & 2014 ] ‘ordinances had been’ enforced – along with other policies – to help cope with a ‘homeless population in the “City of Los Angeles” [ only ] now estimated at 36,000 to 54,000.

“The City of Los Angeles has many options at its disposal, to ‘alleviate the plight and suffering of its homeless citizens’,” wrote federal Judge Harry Pregerson, who was appointed by U.S. President Carter.

“‘Selectively preventing the homeless and the poor’ from ‘using their vehicles for activities’ many ‘other citizens also conduct in their cars’ should not be one of those options.”

Calling the City of Los Angeles [ only ] law “broad and cryptic,” the federal court said the ‘ban’ “criminalizes innocent behavior, making it impossible for citizens to know how to keep their conduct within the pale [ normal ].”

City of Los Angeles Attorney Mike Feuer said ‘he would not appeal the ruling’, but would work with other City [ L.A. only ] ‘figures’ to ‘write a new ordinance’ that “respects both the ‘rights and needs of homeless’ individuals and ‘protects the quality of life in our neighborhoods’.”

“We need to make a break from the past … and commit ourselves to grappling with the issues that create homelessness in the first place,” Feuer said in a statement.

Experts on homelessness said the federal court decisions showed the City of Los Angeles policies had failed.

“The City has ‘adopted a negative, anti-homeless agenda to make the problem less visible’, as opposed to making homeless people homes,” said retired University of California at Lis Angeles ( UCLA ) law professor Gary Blasi, who has studied City of Los Angeles [ only ] policies.

Mark Ryavec, head of the City of Venice Stakeholders Association said that the federal decision reflected the experiences of judges “who don’t have to live with the problem,” and that ‘it [ federal ruling ] should be appealed’. “It leaves people who are mentally ill, criminally-inclined or lethal [ ‘murderous’ ] on your doorstep and removes any possibility the Police can do anything about it,” said Ryavec, who ‘led a neighborhood effort’ that ‘cleared [ City of ] Venice [ only ] streets of ‘250 cars and recreational vehicles’ in which ‘homeless people were living’.

“The ‘numbers are starting to creep back up’,” he said.

Advocates for the homeless said Thursday’s [ June 19, 2014 ] federal ruling would ‘probably’ stem a rise in ‘similar laws banning vehicle habitation’, in the State of California and elsewhere [ other states ].

They said at least two ( 2 ) other California cities ( e.g. City of El Cajon and Union City ) had also ‘adopted bans’ [ against ‘vehicular homeless’ ].

The City of Palo Alto City Council voted in December [ 2013 ] to hold-off enforcement of a “Car Camping Ban” that was to have taken effect in March [ 2014 ].

Unlike ‘cities’ that ‘bar overnight parking’ or ‘sleeping in vehicles’, the City of Los Angeles ‘prohibited people from using a vehicle parked on a city street or parking lot ( owned by the City or the County Department of Beaches and Harbors’ as “living quarters” both ‘overnight’ and “day-by-day or otherwise.”

The 9th Circuit [ federal appellate court ] said ‘the law failed to define’ “living quarters” or ‘specify’ what “otherwise” meant.

Enacted in 1983, the [ City ] ‘ordinance attracted attention in 2010’ when a ‘special’ “City of Los Angeles Police Task Force” began ‘citing and arresting homeless people’ in Venice ‘in-response to citizen complaints’.

A ‘group of homeless car dwellers sued the City [ Venice ] in 2011, but ‘lost in federal U.S. District Court’; the ‘homeless appealed’.

The plaintiffs included an artist who took to ‘sleeping on the sidewalk’ after Police said he could not sleep in his car. Police ‘arrested the artist for sitting in his car to get protection from the rain’ and ‘had his car impounded’, the court said.

In overturning the lower [ U.S. District ] court, the 9th Circuit [ Court of Appeals ] panel said the City’s ‘ban resulted’ in “arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement.”

The law “is broad enough to cover ‘any driver in Los Angeles who eats food or transports personal belongings in his or her vehicle'” and ‘can be violated even if somebody is not found sleeping in a car’ or ‘if the vehicle is not filled with personal possessions’, the court said.

“It appears to be ‘applied only to the homeless’,” Pregerson wrote.

Despite ‘attempts by homeless people to comply with the law’, “there appears to be ‘nothing they can do to avoid violating the statute’ short of ‘discarding all of their possessions or their vehicles’, or ‘leaving Los Angeles’,” the federal court said.

The City of Los Angeles had argued that the ‘law was being enforced’ to “protect Health and Safety,” not to ‘target the homeless’.

City of Los Angeles officials have said Police were trying to stop the illegal dumping of trash and human waste on City streets’ and to ‘Protect those who were living in cars with pets and garbage’.

But the federal court said ‘different police officers interpreted the law in various ways’, making it “incompatible with the concept of an evenhanded administration of the law ‘to the poor’, and ‘to the rich that is fundamental’ to a democratic society.”

Judge Harry Pregerson was joined by federal Judges Marsha S. Berzon and Morgan Christen, who were appointed by Presidents Clinton and Obama, respectively.

Police and ‘business leaders have complained’ the ‘2012 federal ruling prohibiting police from taking the belongings of homeless people’ has ‘hamstrung their efforts to clean up skid row and other homeless encampments’.

Tristia Bauman, senior attorney at the Washington, D.C. based National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, said the ruling would affect ‘any city in the State of California’ with a “vague” ‘ban similar’ to Los Angeles’.

“We’re seeing a dramatic up-tick in these type of laws,” Bauman said. “Cities have a ‘goal of reducing visible homelessness’ rather than ‘taking constructive actions’.”

Civil Rights attorney Carol Sobel, who represented the homeless people, said it was past time for the City to try new strategies.

“Honestly,” Sobel said, “these policies are bad.”


– – – –

So, while the City of Los Angeles ‘Board of Advisors’ ( Corporate America think-tank legal consultants ) prepare “new local ordinances” with accompanying “new local law enforcement tactical strategies” ‘continuing to more-so strategically target’ “homeless human beings” they will blame ‘raising local taxes’ on “building homeless housing programs” that Corporate America business will simply rationalize by raising ( and ‘overinflating’ ) its ‘prices consumers will end-up paying plenty more for’.

Corporate-led Government has ‘always’ used “Other People’s Money ( OPM )” so, while the public once again sees ‘corporate profits and salaries’ go ‘up’, so-too will ‘higher and new reasons to add new taxes pay for bureaucrat salaries’, which means ‘less and less government services for the public’.

Some ‘group of people are going to be required to pay’ because ‘neither corporate heirarchy or Government bureaucrats are ever going to cut their own exorbitant lifestyle salaries’.

So, while you, The People, have less and less money for you and your loved ones, ‘you’ might want to begin ‘asking yourself’: “Why Corporate-Government is continuing to cause this trickle-down economic meltdown on you and your loved ones?”

And while the ‘rich become richer’ ( taking more and more money away ) from the poor becoming ‘homeless’, you might just want to think about why so ‘many populations are dissenting with revolutionary new ideas on how to combat their own problems’, and ‘not by working harder together’ but by ‘splitting-up and thinking smarter on your own’. Besides, who ‘really needs’ “Corporate-Government” leading you into a deeper ditch?

Begin by ‘seriously boycotting’ “Corporate America” ‘retail businesses’, and by beginning to “trend smartly” you’ll starve ‘them to death’ because, if you don’t do it to them you’re begging ‘them to starve you and your lived ones to death’ instead.

What’s it gonna be? ‘You’ or ‘Them’? Well?

Awakening population masses to ‘unbiased factually reporting news around the world’ begins with “free speech,” and ‘that’ “liberty” ( for ‘all human beings: upper-class, middle-class, lower-class, ‘poor-class’, and now the “homeless-class” )’ – is the “duty and responsibility” of ‘all human beings’ to “protect” – for without ‘allowances for freedom of knowledge’ we may just-as-well sign ourselves back over to being ignorant subjects under miscreant Dark Age authoritarian control.

As citizen taxpayers of ‘government service’ “We The People” were granted and guaranteed – by our national “Constitution” and “Bill Of Rights” ‘inalienable’ decencies of “human rights” to be “free” over any and all ‘wanton’ government leadership.

We are either ‘people whose homes are their own castles’, or ‘mice running lock-step in police-rotated cages’, and while ‘both’ are ‘relatively amusing to observe in their own habitats’, I have only one ( 1 ) remaining question:

“While focusing only on ‘inside a cage or castle’ where for the future do they expect to go except to yet another ( at best )?”

Think outside the box and therefore be no longer trapped within.

This is all about remembering how to ‘exercise’ something called “freedom.”

Even ‘today’ ( right ‘now’ ) “freedom” is ‘still your choice’.

But, hey, guess what? It’s ‘almost too late’!

So, what’s it gonna be.for ‘you’? Freedom? or Slavery?

This time around, at-least choose ‘wisely’, because as your changing environment begins to speed-up even faster, you’ll likely ‘not have another chance to even ‘think’.

If you read this whole report, chances are you’re already pretty darn ‘smart’. Now all you have to do is ‘shopping smarter than ever before’. How? Start a ‘garden’, plant a tree’, read a ‘book of knowledge’, and stay-away from “brand-name retail chain stores.”

While you may initially grumble about all this, you’ll really be ‘incredibly surprised’ at just ‘how good and fast you’ll stabilize a positive feeling of difference’ in ‘your life’, ‘your loved ones’, and ‘other fellow human beings’ too.

Becoming happy with yourself for having made a difference to others in this world is ‘your true purpose in life’ so, go on now and enjoying ‘your creative new life’.

Sky’s the limit.

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPtess.Com



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