U.S. War On Compassion Criminalized: Feeding Homeless


by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy – E-MAIL:

UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com )

June 17, 2014 00:22 ( PST )

USA, California, Los Angeles – June 17, 2014 – If one were to write a

book – on the subject ( below ) – publishers would demand authors

label it “fiction” because no one would believe what is now occurring

within United States borders ( today ).

No, this has nothing to do with the now-legacy American

science-fiction television series “Deep Space 9 ( DS9 ), The Dominion

War, Jem’Hadar soldiers, or their Power Booster fix Slurpee tube of

“Ketracel White” ( ‘The White” ).

Since we got beyond Deep Space 9 TV and ‘now live in the 21st

century’, we’re beginning to see our own DS9 form of ‘war’ with “The

Dominion” ( also known as ) the “U.S. government” having decided to

use U.S. tax dollate to have the ‘federal military’ train “Storm

Tropper” ‘local police in our neighborhoods’ that have our

“Neighborhood Watch” ‘committee members’ feeding information about

‘neighbors’ to ‘police’. Actually? I didn’t particularly ‘like’ “Bill

the Barber” so, if he’s drug out-of his house and ‘criminalized’ for

giving ‘terrible hair-cuts’, few neighbors will complain ( grin ).

This brief report, however, is a ‘serious matter’ because of our

government having actually ‘criminalized’ “decentralized” ‘civilian

groups’ for feeding “The Homeless.”

The ‘larger problem’ will eventually ‘backfire’ ( if allowed to

persist ) on the ‘non-Homeless’ ( ‘you’ ), which is why this brief

report was written.

The Impacts On You And Your’s –

This will come home to roost like ‘Freddy’s Worst Nightmare’ on ‘Angry

Birds Street’ and for those politicians who can’t seem to want to stop

‘fiddling with freedom’ these days.

When it comes to ‘millions of homeless ( people without their own

subsidized housing ) in America’, many will find this of tremendous


You’re now going to see just how ‘corporate-led government’ (

“Public-Private Partnership” ) and ‘cronism’ treats ‘economically

disadvantaged people’ ( “The Homeless,” for ‘starters! ).

Tying to ‘support yourself and / or loved ones’ amidst a bleak future

( at best ) filled with a ‘job loss’, an ‘ever-swelling population of

foreign migrants and children’, ‘dwindling natural resources’,

‘problematic climate change’impacting ‘food suppy’, ‘ground water

contaminations impacting fresh drinking water’, ‘pharmaceutical

manufacturing supply shortages’, plus ‘petroleum resource cappings and

secret export sell-offs’ driving-up ‘marketplace distribution delivery

fuel costs’ further, just look around at how ‘government-ruled

organizations’ are already in full-swing mistreating America’s new and

ever-growing multi-million ‘sub-culture’ population of human beings;

the “economically disadvantaged’ ( “The Homeless” ).

Those whom are ‘not’ “homeless” ( ‘yet’ ) or for those whom think whey

will ‘not be impacted by the homeless’, just might want to ‘really pay

attention to this report’ because it was ‘specifically written to

alert you and your loved ones’ whom are ‘very much going to be

impacted’ sooner than you might think.

How the homeless are being “dealt with” ‘behind thet scenes’ only

began about 6-months ago, and since this is an ’emerging intelligence

warning’ based on ‘alot of research’ plus ‘inside information’ it will

be to your personal advantage.

This is only a ‘brief report’, and based on far-far more information

than anyone should ever uncomfortably be forced to live-through (

in-field while researching ) much less read. Furthermore, it is

well-understood most have not the patience nor time to read alot; save

for an ‘already eell-reviewed’ New York best-seller so, with that

in-mind please enjoy this brief with reference links ( below ) if

anyone’s so inclined for more details.

Privately-run independent groups, randomly feeding the homeless ( in

various venues, e.g. settlement camps, metropolitan downtown

districts’, ‘alley-ways’, ‘highway underbridges’, ‘building structure

cubby-holes’, ‘parking lots’, ‘drainage ditches’, ‘dumpsters / rubbish

bins’, and ‘automotive vehicles’ ) are examples of “decentralized”

high-risk domestic ( U.S. based ) ‘humanitarian effortings’ of

“compassion” – seeing to ‘basic human survival needs’ of

‘socio-economic outcasts’ living on the streets today.

Government decisionmakers hate “decentralization” ( independent

humanitarian groups of people working together in local communities )

so, politicians ‘very intentionally’ corral-up ‘homeless’ into the

government system’s “centralized” taxpayer-funded bureaucracy

channels’, overwhich government operates ‘total control through law

enforcement’ iron fists.

Reassigning police, by taking them ‘off their city street patrols’,

just to perform ‘social service tasks’ with guns and nightsticks is

absolutely ‘counterproductive’ to ‘taxpayer purpose’ because police

were originally put in-place by the people “To Protect People” – ‘not

harm people’.

Currently, there is a ‘nationwide situation’ already ‘out-of-control’

for the past 6-months, and ‘contrary to what government-embedded

mainstream news media publicly indicates’ this is ‘not merely’ a

“humanitarian issue.”

What we’re talking about now, is:

1. A ‘nationwide array ( tens of thousands ) of ‘fox-holed

encampments’ where ‘millions of human being residents’ ( in or around

homeless settlement camps ) are being subjected to harm ( by law

enforcement ) by armed assaults when they are ‘amidst sleep’:

– ‘startled by encroachement’;

– ‘verbally abused’;

– ‘physically dehumanized’ ( ‘forced to urinate in their clothes’ );

– ‘physically manhandled’ ( ‘drug through broken glass on the ground’ );

– ‘possessions destroyed’ ( ‘stepped’on, kicked, and thrown’ ):

– ‘violently uprooted’ ( ‘not told where they are being taken’,

‘driven-away in hand-cuffs’ and then ‘dropped-off in gang

neighborhoods’ after sirens are used to awaken gang members in their

homes’ );

– ‘placed under criminal arrest’;

– ‘imprisoned ( for 1-2 weeks )’;

– ‘institutionalized’ ( ‘for 90-days’ and / or,

– ‘forced to walk the streets when too tired’; and,

– ‘more’.

Indeed these raids on homeless people have them even more at a

disadvantaged where they’re without ‘protection’ and positioned quite

squarely on ‘The Front Lines’ of an ‘entirely new domestic war

secretly being waged’.

At taxpayer expense, use of heavy-handed Gestapo-like militarized

police ply such tactical maneuvers upon a poor civilian population

suffering as government socio-economic street-bound human misfits;

essentially like ‘lab-rat experiments’ as troops yell:

– “Do exactly as you’re told anf you won’t get hurt!”

– “You have ‘NO rights’!”

– “You’re ‘tresspassing’!”

– “You’re committing a ‘crime’!”

– “You’re all under arrest!”

– “Freeze Or We’ll Shoot!”

2. The military “National Guard Bureau ( NGB )” ‘have been quietly

training’ ( 2011 – 2014 ) “Urban Warfate” to ‘all local law

enforcement officers’ led by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

( DHS ).

Exercises include ‘sweeping outskirts of local neigjborhoods’ by

‘corraling-up millions of economically disadvantaged human beings’ (

“The Homeless” ); a ‘voicelesd society’ whom remain publicly-unheard,

abandonded and defenseless to battle America’s ‘dirty little domestic

secret war’.

If you do nothing, you too will be led like sheep to “Freedom

Slaughter Houses” as many homeless have been the first half of this

year ( 2014 ).

Back Lash Spill-Over Coming

Think law enforcement is on ‘your side’?

When law enforcement displace homeless people from settlement camps,

where do you think these people are going to be?

They are going to be walking up and down ‘your local streets’ where

‘your children go to school’, and ‘your local shopping centers’.

What was the U.S. federal government ‘thinking’?

How to commit a criminal act by ‘starting a senseless civil war’ near you?

Law enforcement, your government, needs to ‘start thinking’, about:

– You;

– Your loved ones;

– Your neighborhoods, and,

– Your local shopping areas too!

If the government won’t listen to you, they’ll probably start hearing

from ‘other people’ whom will get their attention ‘real fast’!

As soon as ‘homeless veterans” begin being ‘armed’, this ‘dirty little

secret war’ will ‘first begin’ overflowing in-to ‘your local shopping


Surely everyone has noticed by now ( July 2014 ) it’s ‘not’

“Christmastime,” yet did you ever ask yourself “Why are more around

the clock armed security guards patrolling shopping centers?”

‘Corporate America’ is beefing-up security at all ‘shopping centers’

because the government secretly knows its new militarized police

forces are exerting heavy-handed pressure on a segment of a

sub-culture population they knew nothing about before.

Clandestine government domestic law enforcement  militarized terror

tactics on the public is a ‘psychological brand face-spanking new

plan’ designed to ‘breed i

New Urban Jungle Law

A. Smart people do not roust and beat animals in their wild habitat

because maddened animals bite on their way to a ‘new home’ and

‘marketplace to feed’;

B. Smart people do not forget to feed animals either;

C. Homeless human beings deserve even better wisdom. Why?

Humans are more like sharks, not content devouring one ( 1 ) but

cleverly leveling an entire playing field by ‘exercising simplified

multiple distractive hard bumps’; unbalancing a group – spilling an

entire contents of a big boat.

By the way, do you ‘know where.the homeless went’?

Those tens of thousands of fox-holed front-liners who the raid scattered?

They all in a ‘good mood’ about what just happened to them?

Mysteriously Disappearing Homeless

“Decentralization versus Centralization,” a topic few understand;

that-is – until ‘they or their loved ones become the next victims’.

Law enforcement just expanded the war zone to you.

Don’t think so? Hide and watch then. Or, do something!

Is there any hope of changing America laws against the homeless?

America Criminal Law Against Homeless Human Beings

The National Coalition for the Homeless reports there is a ‘growing

trend’ in American ‘resident dwellers’ to ‘criminalize the homeless

state of adult human beings’, and those ‘favoring homeless punishment’

believe ‘punitive measures’ ( ‘punishment’ ) will ‘deter people’ (

bums ) from “choosing to be homeless.”

To this end, municipal governments ( local cities and counties )

across America are ‘continuing to outlaw ( criminalize )’ in ‘public

places’, such as the following:

– Vehicles ( ‘all’, including: ‘vans’, ‘truck campers’ and

‘motorhomes’ when ‘parked’ on ‘public streets’ and ‘parking lots’ );

– Parks ( ‘public’ or ‘private’ );

– Rivers ( ” ” ” );

– Lakes ( ” ” ” );

– Mountains ( ” ” ” );

– Beaches ( ” ” ” );

– Fields ( ” ” ” );

– Highway overpasses and bridges ( ‘public’ );

– Sidewalks ( ‘public place’ );

– Alleys ( ‘private place’ );

– Refuse / Rubbish Containers ( ‘private’ or ‘public’ );

– Parking structures and lots;

– Streets ( ‘public’ or ‘private’ );

– Building lobbies ( ‘public’ or ‘private’ );

– Book stores ( ‘private property’ );

– Libraries ( ‘public place’ );

– Restaurants ( ‘private’ );

– Municipal buildings, e.g. ‘public’ or ‘private’ transportation

facility stations and / or benches for buses, airpplanes and / or


Whereupon at these aforementioned public locations, adult homeless

human beings are found, simply:

– Sleeping ( ‘laying’ or ‘sitting’ );

– Sitting ( ‘awake’ );

– Eating; and / or,

– Begging ( “Pan-Handling ).

Depending on municipal ordonances ( ‘local city or county laws’ )

‘criminal arrests of homeless people’ are ‘selectively enforced’ by

law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement departmental eddicts, may vary from one  jurisdiction

to another.

On most all cases, ‘departmental instructions’ permit ‘individual

officer judgement’ thereupon structured on individual preference, of

either issuing:

– Warning ( ‘verbal’ );

– Warning ( ‘written citation with monetary fine’ ); or,

– Arrest and Citation ( ‘taken into custody / jail’ plus ‘written

citation with monetary fine’ ).

In ‘citation cases’, law enforcement departmental policy instructs,

“neutral offense local laws” ( e.g. ‘Loitering’ or ‘Trespassing ) be

‘cited in-writing as applicable’ against ‘all adult homeless human


Homeless violators, of such laws, are typically ‘court Ordered to pay

criminal penalty fines’ and / or ‘incarceration’ ( ‘more time to serve

in jail’ or ‘credit for jail time already served before criminal

sentencing is pronounced by the judge assigned to the court’ ).

In the State of California court case “Jones v. City of Los Angeles,”

the United States ‘federal’ Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

held  the Eighth ( 8th ) Amendment prohibits the City from punishing

only ‘involuntary sitting’, ‘involuntary lying’, or ‘involuntary

sleeping’ on ‘public sidewalks’ and that ‘such involuntary activities

are an unavoidable consequence of being human and homeless without

shelter’ in the City of Los Angeles, however …

Important to note, is:

On October 15, 2007 the ‘federal Court vacated ( abandoned ) its

Opinion’ ( ‘position’ ) – ‘after the case was settled outside the four

walls of the court’.

So, that ‘previous federal court ruling’ holds no weighted legal

grounds for other homeless human beings in America.

Respectfully submitted for commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( homeless )

Paul Collin

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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