by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

May 24, 2014

LOS ANGELES – May 24, 2014 – Los Angeles County Sherriff is rapidly

depleting U.S. taxpayer funded federal, State of California, Los

Angeles County and multiple unincorporated city resources by random

round-ups of ‘thousands’ of “economically displaced people.”

Homeless People Vanishing

Were it not for the incredibly boisterous inhumane treatment by law

enforcement muscle flexing these budget crippling monthly homeless

sweeps, such might’ve gone unnoticed.

After midnight “raids,” into “homeless settlement camps and parking

lots,” expose ‘demeaning language, personal insults and fowl language

used by ‘officers if the law’ introduced by too many officer’s

‘initial encounters with homeless having nothing but grief just trying

to exist surviving on Earth.

Purposely ‘heightening frustrations suffering from malnourishment’,

food- starved homeless are yelled at to “freeze,” to witness their few

belongings ‘ripped or broken apart’, ‘verbally and physically abused’,

and then ‘arrested’ for “Obstructing A Police Officer’s Duty” when

only speaking out against this official ( “under color of law” )

‘wanton abuse of the poorest of poor’.

This on-the-ground scene is unfolding, often beneath an ‘incredibly

expensive’ ( ‘fancy design graphics’ painted ) Sherriff surveillance

helicopter ( orbiting-away expensive aircraft fuel ) to lead even-more

officers ( pulled-away from protecting citizens elsewhere of more

importance, e.g. neighborhood streets and businesses ) to this ‘new

duty’; fraternally nicknamed “Garbage Collection.”

America Ranks Dirtiest Backyard In World

Actually far-more ‘dangerous reasons why’ American tax dollars

continue dwindling so rapidly is by nationwide ‘human street sweeping’

where now more ‘homeless go missing’ by officer kidnapping, releasing

them sinisterly onto streets in rival gang territories where

“homeless” whom dionot cooperate with law enfircement demands are

brutally raped, mamed, killed, or die because of having suffered for

so long in such weakened health conditions they simply can no longer

survive in America under the hands of such criminal elements allowed

to fester in the United States of American secrets.

Independently and thoroughly researched, with in-field ( on ‘the

streets’ ) investigative interviews, was a once obsecure report

published online at – by what the U.S. government-embedded Wikipedia

website cited as “The World Socialist News Website” – IndyMedia.Org

World Reports, a ‘domestic ( U.S. ) secret work-product’ of “The

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy” ( Paul Collin ) was seen prior to

his voluntary ‘column’ ( “Guest Blog” ) at Project Camelot


This first ‘secret’ Disclosure report ( above ) surrounding

“Mycobacterium Tuberculosis” ( MT ) and ‘several secrets’.

In-particular, nowhere else in the world, ‘except’ the “County of Los

Angeles” was selected as ‘ground-zero’ for a ‘drug resistant strain’

of “MT” found via ‘DNA fingerprints’.

Revealing more ( link below ), it becomes truly ‘fitting’, that a good

portion of this ‘exclusive humanitarian story’ enlighten global

audiences, about the ever-growing police State of America against

“citizens” now being ‘replaced’.

SOURCE: IndyMedia.Org

Tuberculosis Outbreak U.S. Civil Detention Plan No Longer Secret

by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

February 28, 2013 Updated: March 4, 2013

Another’ “first’ now in the field of “investigative journalism,”

more-so clandestinely hidden behind the scenes, is that ‘I’ am

actually ‘homeless while reporting the news’, for people to learn

about what’s happening now.

This ‘particularly important report’ ( others at Project Camelot )

sheds light on ‘why’ Project Camelot producer ( Kerry Cassidy ) asked

for audience support of “The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy”

needing ‘humanitarian support’ while ‘simultaneously volunteering his

in-field high-risk research reports’.

In-lieu of numerous personally perilous incidents ( wrought by hands

of roaming ‘street gangs’ ) never-endingly is produced ‘global

intelligence reports’ for the greater good of enlightening a global

population nearing extinction; wrought by chemically-laden hands of

profit-taking globalist Big Corporations ( “Corporatcy” ) leading only

‘greed serving industries’ furthering more economic detriment and

ruination of tradtional family fabrics that once blanketed peace

across nations now undergoing civil war unrest that ‘citizens did not


An Ex-CIA attache foreign war plans operations specialist ( “The

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy” ), now crippled on a cane, was

left out-in-the-cold to die by U.S. government intelligence in 2006

landing on the streets of Los Angeles, California.

Trying to avoid expanding gang-ridden street territories in Southern

California while simultaneously fighting unruly clandestine government

policies of conduct in ‘privacy intrusion’ surveillance of ‘human

behavior studies’, criminalization of a socio-economic stressed

population exercising natural human activity suppressed by legislative

enactments surreptitiously passing ‘unconscionable laws’,

plus.expressionless allowance of heavy-handed Gestapo leadership of

brow-beating RoboCops ‘taught in-field exercises’ of ‘inhumane abuse

on unfortunately displaced human beings already near death’ so, ‘war

on public ignorance was declared’ via public Disclosure.

Difficult ( at best ) to report while living in this ‘urban civil war zone’.

Homeless Plea: “Where Can We Just Go To Sleep?”

Sleep depravation is ‘unconscionable terrorism’ promoted by

insensitive public servant peace officers, especially in the wake of a

‘global economic meltdown’ and ‘continuing depression’, locally

enforce legislated ‘new’ “codes” ‘laws’ that ‘automatically created

new crimes’ against millions of “homeless” ‘arrestable’, for:

1. “Loitering” – Sleeping at an ‘uncommon residence’ ( e.g. land lot,

alley-way, bus bench, bushes, crawl spaces between buildings, and – if

one is so lucky – their own vehicle ( if it’s operable, covering

public damage and public liability by insurance, plus current on

license and registration, etc. ).

2. “Trespassing” – Searching inside ‘trash receptacles not belonging to them’;

3. “Theft” – Removing ‘anything’ ( e.g. cardboard, cans, bottles,

food, clothing, etc. ) inside ‘trash receptacles not belonging to


County and city ‘governnent contractor’ “Reclamation Companies”

cleverly obtained ‘union paid lobbyists’ offering ‘greater re-election

donations’ and ‘other more quiet favoritisms” to garner ‘key

politician swing votes’ arranging ‘quick and quiet ( no Main Stream

News media broadcasts ) enactment and enforcement’ of new criminal

laws against ‘millions’ of “economically displaced persons” ( also

known as ) “homeless.”

American human beings whom ‘lost their home’ because-of  nationwide

‘job loss’ due-to Big Corporation ( plus others, ‘en-masse’ )

‘overindulgent high-risk high-yield global market program shady

investment practices’ causing ‘global economic bubble popping losses’,

which consequently saw stock-holders demand Big Corporations institute

“economic cut-backs” and ‘new government incentives’ ushering-in

‘millions’ of “migrant laborers” ‘hired for less money’ by utilizing

‘underworld gang members’.

In the Greater Los Angeles Area, ‘eastern european gang members’

control all ‘identity document counterfeiting operations’, however

documents are actually design-produced by ‘oriental gang members’,

then only ‘distributed-by latino gang members’; the latter of whom are

only allowed control over ‘all major illicit narcotic distribution’ –

‘not’ “manufacturing” ( except smaller independents eventually

becoming too popular either end-up ‘dead’ or ‘arrested’ – ‘reciprocal

favors’ gleefully conducted by ‘under color of law officers’ “serving

protection” for ‘well-paying drug trade business activities allowed to


What went on in the background now sees light shinning down

spotlighting one of the American government’s ‘best kept domestic


Truly a ‘first in-field report’, bringing insider news faster to the

attention of the global public’, from an ( ‘always underfunded’ )

“alternative news media” organization – Project Camelot spearheading

news delivery straight through the cyber heart world of Main Stream

News ( MSN ) media.

Mobile Spy ‘Drive-By Human DNA Scanners’

If people thought they weren’t safe from Big Brother ( DOD, CIA, NSA,

CSS, FBI, DHS Cybersecurity ) surveillance of mobile computing devices

( laptops, netbooks, tablets,  smartphones, plus ’emerging technology’

“wearables” ), wait until you read about the ‘new’ U.S. government

“Team” ( See, e.g. “Your Next NSA Mobile Device” by The Unwanted

Publicity Guy, Project Camelot ).

Mobile Scanning ‘DNA Fingerprints’ For Civil Disease Quarantine

A few have seen the ‘octogon ( 8 sided ) shaped mobile scanner’ (

operated for “Google Maps – Street View” recording ) affixed atop

vehicle roof-tops ( cameras behind smoke-tinted glass ).

Mobile Radiographic Screening “Homeless”

U.S. Health and Human Services ( HHS ) and U.S. Center for Disease

Control and Prevention ( formerly, “CDC” ) reviewed scanning

technologies for ‘portably mobile scanners’ combining X-Ray detection

of ‘human DNA fingerprints’ revealing drug-resistant strains of

“Tuberculosis” in “homeless.”

In October 2013, DHS vehicles began scanning around me, and I wondered, “Why?”

As parts of society seek to sanitize other human beings aound them who

fell from lofty graces so, now everyone might just want to polish

their crystal ball telling if the same misfortune will not happen to

them while living amidst so many unstable global factors because one

‘never knows’ what type of camp they may be faced to survive in.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin


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