Your Next NSA Mobile Device

by, Paul Collin ( Thw Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

May 23, 2014

LOS ANGELES – May 23, 2014 – U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA )

‘public information extraction’ “mandate” may only ‘appear’ to

change, but far-more is coming via the next new mobile devices you’ll

be purchasing as soon as next year ( 2015 ) when you might’ve even

forgotten reading this report.

Americans buying their next newly designed architecture mobile

computing device ( e.g. smartphone, tablet, etc. ) may likely be

automatically agreeing to operate their new mobile device with

“emerging technologies” built-in ( “embedded” ) to ‘hardware

component-level parts’ ( chips, bubbles ) for your ‘equally new’

device software ‘operating system’ configured to command new operating

instructions be given to new ‘software applications’ ( “apps” )

utilizing new ‘Cloud memory remote storage’ of far-more of your

personally private information, internet behavior habits and data onto

what the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) selects are its

private-sector “Trusted Internet Connection ( TIC )” ‘clients’

lightening the NSA burden of having to clandestinely “extract”

information violative of whatever remains left of your right to

privacy  and freedom away-from intrusive government.

What the NSA could ‘not ( nor ever does ) openly in the American

public limelight’, ‘it did in yet another more traitorous way

(sneakily ) against the American people’.

NSA, using private-sector clients of its National Information Systems

Security ( NISS ) global audience consortium, roguely tempted its

global Big Corporation ‘client greed’ to extract even-more money

out-of the global public, as discovered in-part here.

The rest of this story will follow but ‘cannot be all contained in this report’.

Without saying “Edward Joseph Snowden,” updated May 1, 2014, the

Federal Information Security Management Act ( FISMA ) quietly gave its

‘heads-up’ to several, including, “John D. Rockefeller IV”:


“While departments and agencies made some progress – in improving the

security of ‘Classified’ networks – during the last reporting period,

‘recent events involving ‘insider threats’ [ you know who ] reinforce

the need to continue the work begun under U.S. Presidential Executive

Order 13587:

‘Structural Reforms To Improve The Security Of Classified Networks And

The Responsible Sharing And Safeguarding Of Classified Information’.

The Senior Information Sharing and Safeguarding Steering Committee (

SISSC ) [ pronounced: “Sis Sick” ], under EO 13587, established clear

consensus-based goals measuring ‘sharing and safeguarding progress

plans’ on ‘Classified information’.

In 2013, SISSC continued overseeing department and agency

implementation of ‘initial priorities’ and ‘developed plans’,


– Emerging Vulnerabilities Of ‘Classified Systems’.

Those actions continue improving security, of ‘Classified’

information’ and ‘Classified systems’, enhancing support of our

‘critical’ National Security missions while promoting ‘responsible

sharing’ of ‘Classified information’.

SISSC continued efforts, advance priority areas improving security, by:

– Strengthening ‘identification’ on individuals accessing ‘Classified systems’;

– Limiting access on individual’s “need-to-know,” via ‘technical controls’;

– Reduce information removal opportunities, from secure environments;

– Effort improvements against ‘insider threats’; and,

– Audit capability improvements.

Considerable work still remains in aread of ‘three ( 3 ) priorities’

within “The Enterprise”:

– ‘Audit’;

– ‘Control Over Accesses’; and,

– Reduction Of ‘Anonymous Accesses’.

While the above-mentioned initiatives are on ‘essentially protecting

‘existing systems’, addded attention must be paid to ‘maintaining

information security’ as new innovative technologies are being

utilized’ to ‘improve deliveries’ of  ‘information service’ and

‘access deliveries.

To this end, ‘the Federal Government’ is amidst  ‘harnessing’ (

ring-fencing ) “emerging technology transformative powers,” in:

– Wireless Platforms;

– Mobile Technology; and,

– Cloud Computing

Efficiently and effectively providing the American public with

‘Federal employee access to information’ services and resources, in

order to ‘seamlessly integrate “emerging technology transformative

powers” into government operations’, the government has engaged the

following initiatives, facilitating:

– “FedRAMP”;

– ‘Cloud National Security’ ( CNS ) Adoption of safe and secure

Trusted Identities in Cyberspace [ Trusted Internet Connections ( TIC

) ]; and,

– Mobile Security.

Through those initiatives ( above ), ‘the Government reaps the

benefits of technological advances’ while ‘managing information’ and

‘systems risk’.

The state of each of those [ aforementioned ] efforts, is to:

The ‘secure’ “Adoption” [ take control over ] and ‘use-of’ “new

technologies” is being led by the ‘Interagency Team’, consisting of


– U.S. Department Of Defense ( DOD ), Defense Advanced Research

Projects Agency ( DARPA ) Advanced Technical Office ( ATO );

– U.S. Departnent Of Homeland Security ( DHS ), CyberSecurity ( CS ); and,

– U. S. National Institute Of Standards And Testing ( NIST ).

This official federal government Triad impliments “new development”

being currently incorporated into the “Mobile Computing” arena areas,


– New Hardware ( ‘Component’ – internal parts level ) “Design

Architecture References” ( embedding new types of privacy and security

features );

– New Software ( ‘Cloud’ – external access level ) “Framework Decisions”; and,

– New Operating Format ( embedding security requirements ) “Baseline Standard.”


Targeted by NIST ( see, document download link immediately below ), was:

“Guidelines on Hardware Rooted Security in Mobile Devices”

On May 18, 2014 Elite Academic Essays appeared online tasking NSA NIST

reported interest in ‘work-arounds’ as-to a ‘global public favorite’:

“rooted” ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’.

In 2013, the Triad teaming U.S. government initiative “FedRAMP”

shifted into ‘full operational capability, and is ‘currently underway’

helping ‘agencies accelerate’ “Adoption” [ control ] over ‘securing [

“harnessing” ] the ubiquitous “Cloud” through solutions of

‘substantially lowering their [ mobile computing OEM ( Original

Equipment Manufacturer ) ] costs incorporating new standardizations’ [

i.e. new emerging technologies embedded within more expensive

component parts ] permitting security and  assessment processes with


By June 2014, ‘all cloud services’ – across government – must be

“FedRAMP Compliant,” a requirement led by DHS, DOD, and NIST ‘helping

federal agencies meet via ‘outreach, education and direct assistance’

their goals, to:

Complexly manipulate ( beyond the comprehension of all U.S.

Congressional members, their constituent delegates, and the voting and

taxpaying public ) more revenue fed into ‘private-sector’

manufacturer’s ever-growing profitablity’ by extracting through public

promotional advertising more money out-of taxpaying public pocketbooks

for what will be sold commercially as so-calledly ‘newly designed and

enhanced mobile computing devices’.

As Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management ( ICAM )

‘roadmap’ continues guiding Federal efforts, NSTIC ( off-of ICAM

principle activities ) will broadly build ‘ICAM framework into public

private global efforts’.

The Federal Cloud Credential Exchange ( FCCX ) program will go live in FY 2014.

In October 2013, the Office of Personnel Management ( OPM ) initiated

use of ‘Data Element Identification Codes’ ( DEIC ) for ‘cybersecurity

positions’ within ‘The Enterprise’ database of ‘Human Resources

Integration’ ( HRI ), clarifiying further action capabilities composed

of responsibilities executing the Federal IT [ Information Technology

] civilian workforce.

FISMA metrics were built to select the highest impact area for

government-wide application.

For those metrics, corresponding to the ‘broader initiative’ [

influencing the global public ( ICAM activities, as aforementioned )

], appropriate subsections are noted by further reference ( below ),

amongst other federal organizations, including these:

– National Science Foundation;


– Social Security Admibistration; plus,

– More.

DHS Cybersecurity confidently believes it can now stop breaches in

NSA, and other federal organizations, intelligence secrets being

hyjacked by others committing similar Ed Snowden activities, by the



Unconscionable CyberBrain Or Coincidence?

“The Enterprise” SYSPLAN client NSA ‘psycho-cybernetic brain half

hemisphere’ of its “Human Resources Integration Database” might’nt

have modelled one ( 1 ) possibly ‘curious coincidence’ by someone

‘playing the “What-If” game with it.

What if, a ‘combined cyber intelligence threat’ came in-to existence’, whereby:

One ( or ‘more ‘ ) internal partnerships developed between a “Teaming”

member of DHS Cybersecurity with a SYSPLAN ‘network administrator’ of

DARPA ( DOD ) linked-in and back-planed out of NSA’s brain being

sucked up and out like an alligator sucking swamp water through a

flavor straw – Possible?

NSA brainiacs might be surprised ( if it bothers checking ) to discover, that:

Still in-place ( and you will ‘not believe this’ ) there is a SYSTEM

PLANNING CORPORATION Teaming Division ‘network administrator’ (

credentialed as-in “What if” above ) with the last name “Snowden”

Connection, Coincidence, or NSA “Oops!”

Submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

WWW: KentronIntellectResearchVault.WordPress.Com



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