America Supervolcano Imminent Eruptions

America Supervolcano Imminent Eruptions

by, Paul Collin ( Unwanted Publicity Intelligence )

April 16, 2014  (publishing of this report delayed due to communication problems while Kerry was traveling..) 


IDAHO, Challis – April 16, 2014 – American citizens used to be warned

about pending “National Emergency” disasters, until 2013.

In 2013, a U.S. Presidential Executive Order revised “The National

Emergency Act” and the U.S. Executive Office Power was in-fact decided

to be ‘ceded’ ( in cases where for whatever reason the President of

the United States ‘could not act in a timely fashion’ ) over to the

‘U.S. Department Of Homeland Security ( DHS )” agreeing that ‘the U.S.

government will not provide beforehand public early warning

disclosure’, when an:

“National Emergency of ‘grave danger’ involves ‘man-made’, ‘natural’

and / or ‘other’ attack on American soil exists as ‘imminent’.”

The three ( 3 ) basic, but wide-reaching, principle qualifying parameters, are:

1. ‘Man-Made’ ( e.g. explosives, not limited to but including:

biological, chemical, radiological and / or other materials including

ground-to-air falling objects, spaceborne falling objects, etc. );

2. ‘Natural’ ( e.g. geological volcanic eruptions, seismic ruptures,

water-way innundation tsunamis, meteors, solar flares, gamna-ray

bursts, extragalactic shockwaves, etc. ); and / or,

3. ‘Other’ ( e.g. terrestrial and / or exterrestrial mechanisms, not

limited to biological and bio-synthetic entities, materials, and / or

communication frequencies, etc. ).

The bottomline, for ‘all residents in America’, is:

“You’ll never receive any ‘official early warning service’ from ‘your

tax paid U.S. federal, state, county or city governments’ until

‘after’ a “National Emergency” has occurred.

The only ’emergency deadline’ citizens have to be worried about now

is, their very own up close and personal ‘National Post Aftermath


American voters were not told and not allowed to vote on ‘this’; with

‘their own fate’ – staked.

America main-stream news media was ‘not allowed to publically

broadcast this information’ either.

Now, that information ( alone ), came from my 1-day of  research, and

it is at-least one ( 1 ) very good reason ‘why’ everyone can be proud

they learned about it while being a member of the ‘alternative news

media public service’ audience of Project Camelot Productions.

People whom step ‘away from’ U.S. government embedded America

mainstrean news’ let others know what the U.S. government would ‘not

let its own taxpaying citizens know’ so, you might just eant to thank

them for tuning-in to Project Camelot ‘for you’!

Until just now, many never knew this 2013 U.S. Presidential Executive

Order ( E.O. ) was mandated by ‘elected members’ of the U.S. Congress

secretly ushering-in such an ‘unconscionable and unhumanitarian

threatening imposition hidden behind the backs of everyone including

foreign residents in America regardless of their ‘age’, sex, creed,

and religious belief.

Today, Russia began broadcasting a ‘global public service warning’

about ‘pending imminent volcano eruptions with resultant strong

earthquakes in the State of Idaho in the United States of America.


Since March 30, 2014 hundreds of earthquakes struck Idaho, puzzling

U.S. geologists.

According to Russia, rupture foretells a much larger earthquake to

come from “Supervolcano” magma looking for a weak spot to punch

through from.

A warning today was issued by the Russia Federal Civil Defense

Ministry out of its “Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of

Natural Disasters” ( EMERCOM ) office.

Russia’s EMERCOM advised the “World Organization of Volcano

Observatories” ( WOVO ) that a “Red Alert” level status was now

posted, for:

North America at the United States inside the State of Idaho atop the

mountain peak of Borah as being warranted in the upcoming weeks due-to

‘heightened volcanic seismic activity’ detected by spaceborne

observation platforms linked through the International Space Station (

ISS ) in-addition to ground-based detector observatories.

In 2014 ( alone ) this the EMERCOM second ( 2nd ) warning following

its previous warning elsewhere in the world on January 24, 2014 when

its prediction involved the earthquake strike with ensuing tsunami off

the Sakhalin island southwest coast; north of where the previous

August 2, 2007 earthquake magnitude 6.2 epicenter  – in the town of

Nevelsk – successfully predicted by Russian scientists once again.

New techniques predicting volcano eruptions and violent earthquakes

are being globally led by Russians now rather than Westerners.

Unlike Western counterparts, EMERCOM Russian scientists suggest four (

4 ) ‘new techniques’ for long-range predictions, of earthquakes and

volcanic eruptions, now with universal applications to all regions on


Forecasts apply a “Phase Trajectory” technique, ‘without’ any “psychic

predictor” aspects, but involves a simultaneous analysis of periodic

and quasi-periodic ‘space rhythmics’ involving factors having major

effects on horrendous formations, such as, but not limited to:

– Lunar Tides; and,

– Solar Cycles.

State of Idaho Borah Peak Mountain ( the ‘largest’ in Idaho ) “Red

Alert” report statement forecast, was:

“An ‘immenent volcano eruption’ will likely produce ‘significant ash

emissions into the atmosphere’.”

Supervolcano Eruption Triggerings

March 30, 2014 aroused EMERCOM initial concerns, about the Idaho Borah

Peak Mountain, when the U.S. Yellowstone National Park Supervolcano

‘caldera’ rocked this region with its ‘largest earthquake’ ( magnitude

4.8 ) in nearly 30-years.

The March 30, 2014 earthquake did not stop but continued with its

‘earthquake swarm’ of subsequent earthquakes with Idaho experiencing a

‘near simultaneous earthquake’ magnitude 3.1 near the mountain peak of

Borah the same day ( 30MAR14 ).

EMERCOM was prompted to issue its warning, on Borah Peak to WOVO,

where the report read:

Yesterday’s ( April 12, 2014 ) earthquake ( magnitude 4.9 ) in central

Idaho ( near the city of Challis, Idaho ) which October 28, 1983

suffered a 6.9 magnitude earthquake ( killing 2 children ).

Critical to note about Borah Peak Mountain and central Idaho, this

report says, it is a part of what is called the Internmountain Seismic

Belt ( ISB ) extending from ‘Southern California’ connecting many of

the Western Regional United States; most particularly ‘ the U.S.

Yellowstone Park volcano caldera overdue for a global catastrophic

volcanic eruption event.

As to how seismically violent this region is, EMERCOM in their report

further notes, the 1983 Borah Peak Mountain earthquake ranks as one of

the most powerful earthquakes in the 20th century that occurred within

the lower 48 states of the Continental United Stayes ( CONUS ), and

also produced a 21-mile long scarp raised at points as much as

14-feet; still visible today.

Of greatest concern to EMERCOM scientists regarding Idaho’s Borah Peak

Mountain volcanic activity, this report says, are the:

“Growing number of fracking operations currently being allowed in the

ISB regions which are now at the very edge of the U.S. Yellowstone

National Park volcano caldera, including its two ( 2 ) most

seismically active U.S. states, Nevada and Idaho.”

Most perplexing, this report says, are that:

“These fracking operations in the the ISB volcanic zone are being

allowed to continue by the current U.D. Presidential Administration in

spite of the U.S. government expert’s findings and recommendations,

especially from this past weeks ( April 2014 ) report from the U.D.

government Mid-West Region which in-part, states:

“Ohio geologists have found a probable connection between fracking and

a sudden burst of mild earthquakes last month in a region that ‘had

never experienced an earthquake ( temblor ) until recently, according

to the state report.

The quake report coincided with State of Ohio’s announcement, where

some of the strictest limits on ‘fracking near earthquake faults’ is

in the United States, marked the strongest link to-date between

nerve-rattling shakes and ‘hydraulic fracturing’; the process of

firing water, sand and chemicals deep into the Earth to ‘eject oil’

and ‘natural gas’ out of ‘ancient rock’ ( ‘oil shale’ – U.S. natural

reserves ).

In March 2014, the State of Ohio indefinitely shutdown the HILCORP

ENERGY fracking operation near the Staye of Pennsylvania border after

five ( 5 ) earthquakes, including a State of Ohio earthquake magnitude

3.0 awakening many residents from their sleep.”

As for space rhythmics, lunar tides and solar cycle analysis prompting

this “Red Alert” volcano warning for Borah Peak Mountain, this EMERCOM

report concludes, they are partly based upon the coming Blood Moon

Tetrad Cycle due to begin this week on April 15, 2014 and conclude on

September 28, 2015.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Guy

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

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