Government Reverse Disclosures


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Have four ( 4 ) other reports I’ve been cramming to complete. Please
know the one current report ( attached hereto ) took 1-day and all
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Unfortunately, my standard cellphone was disconnected due to lack of
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Last month, I had all my clothes, sleeping bag, and other
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I’m often kicked but I’m not going down that easy.

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Government Reverse Disclosures

by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Guy )

May 18, 2014 02:15:42 ( PST )

LOS ANGELES – May 18, 2014 – Disclosing U.S. government private-sector

secret activities in Nevada at Test Range Site ( TRS ) “Restricted

Area 51″ ( RA-51 ) 24-years ago Robert Lazar ( also known as ) Bob

Lazar ( formerly known as “Dennis” ) was a married man at that time

working for “LOCKHEED AERO” out-of Los Alamos, New Mexico ( USA ) on a

project ‘back-engineering’ ( “reverse-engineering” ) what he described

as a couple of advanced “Unidentified Flying Objects” ( UFO ).

At that time in history, Nevada ‘radio and television’ broadcaster

George Knapp, was along millions of people, pondering how Bob Lazar

could remain out-of of U.S. government custody after revealing so many

believed secret details about advanced program black projects funded

by U.S. taxpayers.

For decades, now, many recall hearing Bob Lazar ‘talk about’, ‘produce

sketches of’, and ‘publicly offer creative artist renditions of’, but

‘never display any photographs of Area 51 ( near Papoose Lake, Nevada

) ‘re-engineering activities’ of what were up-to nine ( 8 )

“Extra-Terrestrial ( ‘ET’ ) spacecraft” ( Unidentified Flying Objects

– UFO ) – still claimed recently by Lazar during his May 2014 CBS News

affiliate Channel 8 ( Las Vegas, Nevada ) broadcast.

News of Bob Lazar’s resurfacing to speak of his RA-51 experience

again, is going viral online, but ‘that’ is not the only thing being

publicly disclosed as the U.S. government clandestinely seeks to exact

its own revenge against him again.

When it comes to the U.S. government perpetrating “dirty tricks” on

opponents The White House Administrations ( for the past several

decades ) have aired people’s dirty-laundry life going as far as to

exhume skeletons laid to rest in private closets so, it’s important to

know ‘what happened to Bob Lazar’.

No different than decades ago, except now the U.S. government uses its

high-tech 2-edge ‘social media internet sword’,  “YouTube.Com,” and

misuse thereof is known by many to cause the deaths of a growing

number of people.

The U.S. government is no stranger to “YouTube.Com,” which is

specifically being used ‘this time’ where its “Privacy Policy” was

shoved aside by the U.S. government military industrial complex ( e.g.

SYSPLAN, LOCKHEED, BOEING, et. al. ) using a ‘new weapon tactic’

against whistleblowers supporting “Disclosure” of ‘global influences

against the public’.

Nick-named “Reverse Disclosure,” government is fighting back against

Bob Lazar, and it’s now plain to see this will no longer be a 1-way

street tactic specifically designed to puncture holes in people’s

credibility; a ‘character assassination weapon’ that is ‘not always


Missing ET UFO Flight Log-Book?

Were those Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ( UAV ) ‘drone’ crafts, that Bob

Lazar publicly pointed at being UFOs “back-engineered,” really from

‘outer space’? Any specific ‘documentation’ revealing ‘where’? How

would one really know precise points of origin from where one ( 1 ) –

let alone –  nine ( 9 ) UFO spacecraft came from? Were these UFOs

linked to materials found only in certain star systems or galaxies far

far-away from Earth?

Partnering, with the U.S. government, Steward Observatory alongside

the Vatican Advanced Telescope Observatory ( perched, like 2 birds in

a tree, atop Mount Graham in Arizona ) ‘might’ – although highly

‘unlikely’ – track UFOs inbound from extragalactic reaches of the

Universe where they ‘do track Earth hazardous Cherenkov muon

multi-messenger astroparticles’ that have continued upsetting Earth

core operating dynamics since December 26, 2004 when the only

tell-tale signs were over the Coral Sea where the largest hole in our

atmosphere oxygen molecules ( “ozone” ) were – extinguished by a

Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) from Centaurus A ( “Cen-A” ) – plus the Boxer

Day 9.3 magnitude earthquake causing the Andaman-Sumatra ( Andaman Sea

) Indonesia tsunamis killing nearly 350,000 people in just 1-day

throughout several nations including those adjacent the Indian Ocean.

While the latter, might explain the past 3-years of steadily

increasing frequencies of ‘geoastrophysical’ ( extragalactic affects

on Earth and what is hidden below ) experiences we’ve been warned are

just “climate change” ( e.g. air, water, and ice ), that is about all

the general public can handle without going into utter chaos.

Okay. just because we’ve been seeing ( as I witnessed on 2 occasions –

1972 and 2011 ) “nonreferenceable” aerial vehicles up in Earth’s

atmosphere, does that mean they’re all from off-Earth locations? Not


Could ‘nine ( 9 ) captured UFOs have an ‘even-more secret point of

origin’? Perhaps, ‘elsewhere more terrestrial’ ( e.g. ‘suboceanic’ or

‘subterranean’ )?

Radar mapping, ‘looking beneath certain oceanic ridges and mountains,

will likely reveal.’molten Earth geo secrets’ perhaps,

‘geotransdimensional’ ( e.g. ‘intratransdimensional’ and / or

‘space-time continuum’ folds straight out-of Earth’s core?

The fact is, people are unwilling to be fed any more government lies

via any broadcast medium, especially as people not only ‘see’ but

even-better ‘sense’ a certain uneasiness amongst us on Earth where

more and more Earth beings are experiencing far more demonstrative

evidences of radical ‘geophysical transformations’ continuing as Earth

flux dynamics rapidily changes, harmonic frequencies are naturally

heightening our senses as instinctive as birds, animals and mammals

whose behavior patterns become erratic when naturally stimulated by

P-waves and S-waves prior to earthquake.occurrences when gigantic

earthen plates initially crush together beneath us.

Some metaphysicals believe most all core environment dynamics are

naturally awakening many of us; some, nearing completion, swifter than


Mother Earth may very well be providing our only “Early Warning”

In 2013, the U.S. government was ‘legally relieved’ of  no longer

providing any early warning’ to residents of America’ upon any

“imminent grave danger” ’emergency event’; man-made or natural – based

on a Presidential Executive Order ( E.O. ) quietly passed by U.S.

Congressional ‘mandate’. Why?

Many studying geoastrophysical patterns for years have been noticing

over the past 3-years, greater explosivity numbers growing within far

too many ‘volcano’ eruptions worldwide.

Smoke signals from Mother Earth?

Earthquakes are occurring in odd regions ( e.g. Oklahoma, Yellowstone

Park, Washington D.C., including Arctic regions ) as Earth ‘magnetic

reversal’ ( pole shift ) continues speeding up.

Mysterious ‘multiple severings over miles of public utility lines on

multiple streets’ where the Los Angeles Department If Water And Power

( DWP ) scrambled work crews to fix electrical power and telephone

lines that were somehow ‘cut instantly’ and left ‘dangling between

poles’; the local police called-in the FBI ( perhaps, Scully & Mulder

from X-Files? ) who ‘could not explain how so many cuts – precisely

in-between poles – over such a large geographic area ( periods of

‘miles’ ) and on ‘multiple streets’ ( north and south, as well as east

and west ) have ever occurred ( 2014 ).

Quick research found it also occured in San Diego, California but upon

each occurrence the U.S. government is called in and Main-Stream News

( MSN ) reports are hushed into ‘no public follow-up reports’.

Could something ‘invisible’ be leaving beneath the surface of the

Earth, or could something ‘invisible’ be radiating down into Earth so

as to shear power and telephone lines with razor-like heat?

What is actually being witheld is an ‘unbelievably odd’ but closely

guarded secret of Earth being bombarded harder than ever before, by:

‘invisible Cherenkov light radiation multi-messenger astroparticle

showers’ known as “Tau Air-Showers” exciting Earth core dynamics.

Governments are ‘so good at getting so many angry’ that, just for

’emotional relief’, they do anything to forget by ‘buying into

unnecessary costly and often risky distractions’ most would not

otherwise normally seek-out.

In the State of Nevada, Bob Lazar was arrested for committing felony

sex acts with prostitutes at one ( 1 ) of two ( 2 ) casinos ( SAHARA

and / or HACIENDA ) where surveillance videos recorded the activity.

Bob Lazar’s defense claimed multiple emotional disturbances driving

him psychotically seek expensive and risky distractions, which he was

found guilty of committing for which he was sentenced.

In open court, the judge concurrred that Lazar was undoubtedly

disturbed although such crimes ( not detailed ) warranted a

significant sentence.

After having been ‘convicted of a felony’, Bob Lazar was on August 20,

1990 sentenced to a ‘3-year prison term’, further ordered to serve a

‘term of formal probation’, and surrender his passport for the

duration of his sentence.

Had U.S. President Richard M. Nixon come straight out publicly

admitting he made some serious mistakes, instead it was the Watergate

hotel C.I.A. burglary ‘cover-up’, which got him impeached from his

position having failed the public by lacking ‘Disclosure’.

Bob Lazar went public with his Disclosure about Area 51 in public

radio and television interviews conducted by George Knapp ‘after being

arrested’ and both ‘prior to and even after his criminal court

sentencing in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 20, 1990 as has only now

been first documented publicly for Disclosure so, left open for

Disclosure remains the hard question someone has to ask on behalf of

the public, and that is:

“What were your motivational thoughts, amidst such troublesome

personal times in your case instance at that time, which would cause

you to risk your life even more-so by coming forward so publicly

detailing such cosmic-sensitive classified information surrounding

advanced civilization spacecraft U.S. government project work at Area


Thank you for allowing me to present facts only discovered through

what was found limitedly available for research, and if there is more

to your dedication for public Disclosure there the world would now

certainly like to see you set the record straight knowing what may

otherwise have prompted your arrest and departure away-from your

assignment at Area 51 for LOCKHEED AERO.

– –

Research References:

– –

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com




– – – –


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