Hello People,

Research over decades, surrounding legacy era international bank

high-value bonds and other certificated financial instruments, were

only known but to a few, and those positioned behind globally

distributing such remained ghosts without names except to a few who

tracked them and become familiar many foreign nationals and American

citizens handling such curious valuables, and until recently ( 30

March 2014 ) little to no one recognized certain names of

‘international master fraudsters’ ( Zvonko Berdik, et. al. ) because

often times they were not really crooks but clandestine Non-Official

Cover ( NOC ) foreign government intelligence operatives working both

sides of that global muddy fence where often times the ‘left hand of

the law’ cannot be publicly recognized by its right.

Vatican Bank Federal Reserve System ( IOR ) came into public view

recently where at-least two ( 2 ) gentlemen ( America citizen: Owen

Thomas Lennon ) and resident of The Netherlands and Malaysia ( Austria

citizen: Zvonko Berdik ), were reportedly handling such curious

high-value financial instruments worth trillions the mainstream media

failed to describe any further details about, until the following

Italy report discovered more.

Dating from 1929 through World War II Germany until 1945, two thousand

( 2,000 ) America U.S. Bonds involving Korea and China ( HongKong ),


$866,000,000,000 Billion ( USD );

$366,000,000 Million ( EURO ); PLUS,

United Nations ( UN ) Diplomatic Immunity papers instructing that

those so named were allowed to operate as such without interference.

This time, however, the discovery also found Canada entitled credit

cards – worth $1,000,000,000 Billion ( USD ) – issued by Bank of China

( BOC ), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ( ICBC ), and Banco

Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria ( BBVA of Spain / Espana ).

One might ponder ‘why’ two ( 2 ) men, with all the aforementioned

material would check in to the Hotel Michaelangelo for the purposes of

doing business with The Vatican. Neither were stupid men, but actually

rather brilliant in their field of endeavors, which begs at-least

three ( 3 ) questions:

“Who called these men to Rome?”

“Why were these men called to Rome?”

“What was to be acquired by this operation?”

Between English and Italian language translated webpage links ( below

), more to the story may be extrapolated:

In ENGLISH ( via Google Translate ):


In ITALIAN ( source ):


Unwanted Publicity Intelligence database file archives include a

special dossier on Zvonko Berdik, of BEDFORD INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL

GROUP ( Canada ), and associateds.





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