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hta alien1

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – January 15, 2014 – Doubting differences between species of life-forms and ExtraTerrestrial ( ET ) aliens, a new science may very well unlock secret codes to far longer human lifespans on Earth.

Digressing, for a moment, a brief introduction to reveal new

Disclosure Project report – along the archeo-human history lines of

this report please note, that:

Archeo-Asian ( China ) ‘keepers’ of certain ‘archeorecords’ and

“archeotechnologicals,” already knew they were a ‘secret endangered

species’ on Earth, but those highly-guarded secrets are about to be

exposed through a treasure trove cache of image documents that will be

released relatively soon.

There are less than a half-dozen people I personally know whom are

somewhat familiar with my research last year ( 2013 ) near Area 51 in

the Nevada desert, but had it not been for my conversation with one (1 )

man holding White House ties with China  and its archeohistoricals

I would never have understood the value and risk of what I

accidentally discovered.

What I was looking at, with the my human naked-eye, only became

visible on computer magnification after high-resolution scanning very

old image documents of a United States Bank within a rare custom made

book brought from China, along with several sealed dark brown burlap

folded bundles of documents transported by nine ( 9 ) agents from

Korea to the United States where for a short time all was deposited

into the basement vault of “The Legacy” building.

Although the sealed burlap bundled documents were later transported

back to the Far East, the accompanying rare custom book along with

highly specific instructions – for ‘how to specifically arrange the

documents for viewing to verify’ content imageries – was accidentally

left behind.

Shortly before, the building was abandoned, all the remaining

documents were inconspiciously transported to a remote ranch where

they were locked-up in a 53-foot long roll-on/roll-off ( ro-ro )

shipping container where they remained sealed in plastic containers

for almost 15-years until I opened all of them up and began my

research on the entire remaining vault file contents.

Details of precisely all that I researched and later discovered even

more about will eventually be revealed in one of several of my

upcoming Disclosure Project reports at Project Camelot exclusively.

Now back to my current report on secet archaic human lifespan sciences

( herein ):

Secretly, since at-least 2012, superpower governments recently

increased efforts to capture at ‘any cost’ what are seriously believed

“archeo-technical artifacts.”

Did extratettestrial ( ET ) aliens, from other worlds, land on

early-Earth spawning the Denisova ‘archaic human lifeform’ race of

beings we’ve been evolving from?


You probably read about the ancient gene paleontology performed on a

little girl recently or perhaps other mind boggling genome

breakthroughs that will soon have us rethinking our lifespans on Earth

as we once knew them to be.


Highly-learned Stanford University Nolan Laboratory professor Dr.

Garry P. Nolan is highly respected around the world, and he not only

believes in ExtraTerrestrials ( ET ) and UFOs.

Garry Nolan used some of his own newly developed science to determine

even-more about what the director of the SIRIUS Disclosure Project and

SETI Dr. Steven Greer claimed was the discovery of a so-called six

inch ( 6-in. ) extratertestrial ( ET ) alien skeleton found on Earth.

Dr. Nolan was later consulted at great length for his expertise

determining the origin of the so-called 6-inch ET alien skeleton

found, that was later determined to be an ‘archeohuman being lifeform’

related to a race of bipeds known as “Denisovans.”


Most interesting of all, Dr. Nolan – in-addition to others – are

focusing on certain specific fields of research so, ‘we can prolong

our lifespan’ by, altering genetic DNA code arrangements to ‘vastly

enhance auto-immune systems in humans’ of ‘today’ through researching

“archaic human” lifeforms of ‘long-long ago’.

Secret keys to unlocking a far greater length of human life will have

a significant impact on global ‘sustainability’ issues if both ‘food’

and ‘fresh drinking water’ shortages are actually on the

not-to-distant horizon as warned by The Club Of Rome organization

Committee of 300 whom have been advising world governments for the

past several decades now.

Be sure to read more ( below ).

Thank you.

Cotdially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

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Research Notes –

Nolan Laboratory

Stanford University



Professor: Dr. Garry P. Nolan, Ph.D. ( E-MAIL: )

– BAXTER ( Pharmaceuticals ) Laboratory in Genetic Pharmacology

– Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Nolan, company founder, of:

– RIGEL PHARMA ( a publicly traded company ); and,


Other References –

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List Of Nolan Audio Interviews:

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